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Extra Clothing

Parents, please keep in mind

that we do not have extra
clothes available. If your child
has frequent accidents, please
provide us with an extra outfit
that we can keep at the school
with their name on it.
Appropriate Shoes
Please be sure your child
wears appropriate shoes to
school. Flip-flops and sandals
break easily, and high heels
are not comfortable for the
students. We do not have any
extra shoes if a student needs
to change.
Fitness Club
Scipio will have a Fitness Club
for Grades 4 6 each Tuesday
until Fall Break. The dates are
Sept. 16, 23, 30, and Oct. 7.
Fitness Club will be after
school until 4:45. If your child
participates please pick him/
er up at the usual student
pick-up area by 5 PM. Infor-
mation and permission forms
have been sent home. We
hope to have lots of partici-
Good News Club
Good News Club will not
start until after Fall Break.
Title 1 Night
Come join us!!!!
Title I parent-
student night is
from 6-7pm on
September 18th. The theme
will be "If You Give a Mouse
a Cookie..." Cookies, milk
and tea will be provided.
Monday B Mini Cinnis, Fruit
Choice, Milk L Chicken Fajitas,
Corn or Steamed Broccoli,
Baked Cheetos Puffs, Fruit
Choice, Milk
Tuesday B Bacon, Egg &
Cheese Eggstravaganza, Toast,
Fruit Choice, Milk L Pizza, Baby
Carrots W/ Ranch or Green
Beans, Fruit Choice, Elf Grahams,
Wednesday B French Toast
Stix, Syrup Cup, Fruit Choice, Milk
L Nachos W/ Chili Supreme W/
Cheese Sauce & Baked Scoops,
Mixed Green Salad or Steamed
Green Peas, Fruit Choice, Cookie,
Thursday B Muffin, Yogurt
Cup, Fruit Choice, Milk L Mini
Burgers on Bun, Baked Curly Fries
or Baked Beans, Fruit Choice,
Cookie, Milk
Friday B Managers Choice L
Shrimp Poppers, Baked Crinkle
Fries or Coleslaw, Fruit Choice,
**Cereal is available at Breakfast
**Uncrustables PB&J are available
at Lunch daily.
**Student Salads are available
daily for grades 3-6.
Menu: September 15-19
There will also be a power
point about Title I and a few
fun activities for students and
parents to do together.
Mobile Dentist
The mobile dentist
will be at Scipio
Elementary on Friday, Septem-
ber 19th.
Student Council
Congratulations to the follow-
ing students for winning the
Student Council election:
5th Grade Arissa Green, Halle
Boardman, Brianna Hines,
Brandon Adrian, Kylee Board-
man & Nicole Beavers
6th Grade Sydney Carson,
Caleb Boccia, Shelby Wilson,
Megan Henney, Cejay Tillet &
Trista Fields.

S E P T E M B E R 1 2 , 2 0 1 4
9/16 Fitness Club After school
until 4:45
9/17 4th Grade Ag Day
9/18 Title 1 Parent Night 6-
9/19- Mobile Dentist
9/23 Fitness Club After school
until 4:45
9/24 Kindergarten Grandpar-
ents Day
9/25 PTO Meeting at 6:00
9/30 Fitness Club After school
until 4:45
Balances are as of
Thursday after
+ ________________
- _________________
Please note: September
15th lunch menu changed
from chicken nuggets to
chicken fajitas
Study Buddies is for all
school age kids to come &
work on homework to-
gether & get help from
other students. There will
be a math tutor available
by appointment that can
help with all grades of
Math. This will be every
Tuesday & Thursday dur-
ing the school year from 5
-9 PM in Conference
Room 1 at the Library.
For more information or
to make an appointment
call Amanda Kingswell at
346-2901 EXT 1276.