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Every year over two thousand men and women apply to the U.S. Air Force to become airplane pilots.
Applicants are eligible only if they satisfy three conditions: they must have 20-20 vision with glasses or
contact lenses; they must have no allergies requiring medication; and they must not get altitude sickness
when flying.

This year exactly 2000 people applied, and of those:
570 did not have 20-20 vision
798 had allergies
65 had altitude sickness
120 did not have 20-20 vision and had allergies
32 did not have 20-20 vision and had altitude sickness
45 had allergies and altitude sickness
25 had all three disqualifiers

To receive credit, you must answer the following three questions correctly:

1.How many applicants actually qualified?
2.How many applicants only had allergies?
3.How many applicants had exactly two disqualifiers?

For full credit, you must do the following:

1. Show all the steps you used to solve the problem. If you used a calculator or did some of the
work in your head, you must write a description of the steps that you followed.

2. Write an explanation stating the mathematical reason(s) why you chose each of your steps.

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