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the World Famous

Monday, May 27, 2013
10 am Devotional Lunch served after Devo
Delectable Deep-Pit
Barbecue Beef
Classic Camp Beans
Savory Garden Salad
Buttery French Bread
Perfect Pies from
Friends of YBC

Donations to YBC gratefully accepted
of Ladies Retreats
o you remember 1974? That year, Happy Days
began an11- year run on TV; The Way We Were
was the #1 song; Dorothy Hamill won the U.S. womens
Figure Skating championship; the Miami Dolphins beat
the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl VIII; the average
price of gasoline (leaded) was 53 cents; and on Dec. 31,
Popular Electronics displayed the Altair 8800 computer.
But nobody you knew owned a computer.
The year 1974 was also the year that the ladies of
Visalias Noble Avenue congregation felt the need for an
area-wide ladies retreat. The theme they planned was
Glorifying God in Todays World. They asked Helen
Young and Gloria Sanders to speak, and invited all area
women to come to YBC. That first retreat began a Sep-
tember tradition that has continued until now, hosted by
a different group each year. Countless women have been
spiritually renewed and refreshed on Gods Mountain.
The 2012 retreat, The Blessings of Being a Daughter
of God, was hosted by the Modesto area ladies, and was
energized by speaker Becky Blackmon.
This years retreat will be Sept. 6-8,
2013. It will be hosted
by women of the Madera
and Oakhurst congrega-
tions who have chosen
the theme,
Virtuous Heart.
Janelle Williams will
be the speaker.
In addition to the
speaker, there will be vari-
ous classes offered, as well as a craft opportunity and free
time. Our men will be cooking up delicious meals for us.
This promises to be a terrific weekend! If youve never
been to a retreat, our ruby anniversary celebration year
is a great time to come see what its all about! Registra-
tion information has been sent to area congregations.
Printed by Nelson Press, Oakhurst 559.683.4595
Editor Phyllis Green Staff Angi Santymire, Donna Boyd
The YODEL is published twice yearly by Friends of YBC to share
news of the people, projects, and plans of Yosemite Bible Camp. Copies are
distributed free to congregations of the church of Christ and to individuals.
To submit news or to be added to the mailing list, send an email to
yodel @yosemi
Back issues may be viewed on the camps website,


ello, Friends!
The Memori-
al Day BBQ is
coming up on
Mon., May 27.
We need lots of
your fabulous pies,
cookies and cakes
to auction and sell. Please encourage
the ladies in your congregation to do
some baking to help out YBC!
Friends of YBC and the Board mem-
bers are asking each congregation if you
would please consider taking on ONE
project at camp, as we continue to
need repairs in some of the cabins. If
you would like to help, please ask a
Board member about any projects that
need to get done.
Our camp is a great mission work
and I hope you will encourage your
children and children of friends and
family to attend camp this summer.
The Holiday Luncheon-Boutique
will be Sat., Nov. 30, at the Yosemi-
te Falls Cafe on West Ashlan in Fresno.
We had a wonderful turnout last
December! Wed love to see you there
along with
your beauti-
ful crafs,
girfts, and
jams, jellies
and baked goods!
Hope to see you at the Memorial
Day BBQ! Dont forget the Friends of
YBC meeting after lunch!
Donna Boyd, Friends of YBC President
friends of
A BRI GHT Future for YBC
hanks to a combination of YBC funds and a generous
donation by Mark Haven of Western Light Source who
attends the Woodward Park church, a majority of the lights
at camp have been updated
with new T-8 technology.
What does this mean? Well,
campers will be excited to no-
tice that most rooms and areas
are significantly brighter and
lights turn on faster. The bene-
fit to camp will be significantly
reduced electrical costs as well
as ease of replacement, since all
light ballasts now require the
same 4-ft. bulb.
A very big THANK YOU
to Mark, to the YBC Board,
and to all the volunteers who
came up for the April 6
Electric Retrofit Workday and spent their Saturday in-
stalling the new lighting system!
Mike Avedikian and Alex
Aguirre secure the ladder as
Brent Boyd installs a new

ur Ray and Margaret Martin wear other hats be-
sides those of YBC caretakers. For 14 years they
have spent time traveling and working with volunteer
Sojourners are a group of mostly retired Christians who own RVs.
Their goal is national evangelism. Upon request, the Sojourners travel
to smaller congregations of the churches of Christ to help them grow
spiritually and physically...National Evangelism With Sojourners of the
Church of Christ is established for the purpose of working with con-
gregations to strengthen the church, to encourage, instruct, teach,
edify, and evangelize.
Ray and Mar-
garet made a
request, and five
Sojourner cou-
ples pulled into
camp on March
30 to help out
until April 12.
What they
removed two
large oak trees
near BBQ pit;
removed and cut
leaning and small
trees between lower house and road, and between Arts &
Crafts and road; on north storage box installed a walk-
through door, constructed
storage shelves inside, and
painted outside; on south
(Friends of YBC) storage box
repaired a leaking hole on top
and painted outside; and con-
structed storage shelves inside
the lower house garage.
The ladies sanitized all
mattresses from camper
dorms and cabins; cleaned and weeded flower beds near
kitchen, dining hall, and lower house;
swept floors and cleaned bathrooms in
Arts & Crafts, Registration, Ramada, and
Nurses Station; and deep-cleaned the en-
tire kitchen, including floors, ovens,
shelves, and exhaust hood.
A huge THANK YOU is due these
servants of the Lord, who gave so much of
their time helping to improve YBC for all
who come to Gods Mountain.
The Sojourners took time for a photo: (L-R)
Ray and Margaret Martin, Rich and Shirley
Hames, Fran and Del Ray, Helen and Norm
Maw. Not pictured are Pete and Pat Rawlins
and Dave and Charlotte Grall.
Fran Ray deep-
cleans the oven.
Rich Hames and Norm Maw
with a load of brush.
News from the YBC Board
e had a work day in early March. We had to remove
some trees near Cabin 10 due to damage they were
causing to the building. The beloved oak tree near the ping
pong tables also had to be removed, due to disease and
unsafe conditions for campers. [See related story below.]
In addition to the April lighting upgrades and the work-
ing visit of the Sojourners, projects include the blacktop
which is scheduled for resealing on April 27 just in time
for summer use.
Ed Aguirre, YBC Board President
Wood you believe it?
Ten cords of solid oak
arrived at YBC on March 9, 2013, to the sound of
screaming chain saws, the high-pitched hum of a wood
chipper, the cracking
sound of a wood splitter
and a great number of
people, like a mound of
ants, around two fallen
oak trees.
There were men,
women, boys and girls
there (about 28 in all),
cutting and splitting logs,
chipping, cleaning up
brush, hauling brush and
stacking fireplace wood
(about 10 cords).
There were food preparers in Seagraves Hall, preparing
hot dogs, tri-tip sandwiches and all the trimmings. Everyone
there was invited to this awesome lunch.
Last but not least, the caretakers, four trustees, and one
alternate trustee were there working with the others. It was
great seeing so many working on one project and complet-
ing it in one day.
It is a pleasure to recognize Tim Jolly for organizing the
work party in numbers, in trade skills and with appropriate
It was truly a party, an intense party, a party that lasted
about 8 hours. Everyone won a prize. The prize was for
the fulfillment and accomplishment of a job well done. The
prize was for making YBC an ideal place conducive for
teaching young people about the saving grace of God and
Jesus as Lord and Savior.
It was my pleasure to attend this party.
Grady Billington, YBC Board
Not one, not two, but TEN cords
this size were stacked. A cord of
wood measures 4 x 4 x 8. YBC
campers will stay warm this winter!
50869 Sky Ranch Road 632
Oakhurst, CA 93644
Jason and Angi Santymire
Ray and Margaret Martin

Telephone 559.683.7006


Spring Spring Summer 2013 Summer 2013

May 17-19 Lemoore Spanish All-valley
Family Retreat
May 24-25 Work Days
May 27 Memorial Day Barbecue
Jun. 8-15 Westside Bakersfield Camp
Jun. 15-22 Modesto Camp
Jun. 22-29 Woodward Park Fresno Camp
Jun. 29-Jul. 6 West Visalia Camp
Jul. 6-13 Madera Camp
Jul. 13-20 Tulare/College Camp
Jul. 20-27 Merced Camp
Jul. 27-Aug. 3 Porterville Camp
Aug. 3-10 Hanford Camp
Aug.10-14 Torrance Spanish Retreat
Aug. 25-31 Wells Family Reunion
Sep. 6-8 40th Annual All-area Ladies Retreat
Oct 4-6 Turlock Retreat
Oct. 11-13 Visalia Community
Mens Retreat

Pres. Ed Aguirre W Visalia Joel Coppinger Tulare Jon Holland Merced Pres. Donna Boyd Livingston
V.P. Brent Boyd Livingston Vernon Garretson Lemoore Tim Jolly Sanger V.P. Sylvia White WP Fresno
Sec. Tim Davis Turlock Jerry Mize Whitmore Modesto Rick Wall Porterville Sec. Lynda Martin Lemoore
Treas. Jim Minor WP Fresno Steve Reeves Hanford Don Bigelow Oakdale Treas. Joy Hendrix NW Fresno
Prsnl. Grady Billington Madera Larry Cowger College Fresno Jeff Williams W Bakersfield
YBC BOARD OF TRUSTEES and Congregations Represented FRIENDS OF YBC Officers
Please share stuff about your great camps ~ themes/Bible
study topics, photos (with captions), good ideas, spiritual
highlights, camper stories like Why I Love YBC, etc.
Email to:
Camp yearbooks also welcome-snail mail to:
Yodel, PO Box 1907, Oakhurst, CA 93644. Thank you!
Honor Faithful Servants
Honor Faithful Servants

onor faithful servants of the Lord and help Yosemite
Bible Camp at the same time. GIVE A GIFT in
honor or in memory, and the names of your honoree(s)
will be engraved on our Forest of Faithful Servants
plaques in McNeely Dining Hall.
Designated gift levels are:
Acorn $ 50
Oak $ 100
Ponderosa $ 250
Cedar $ 500
Sequoia $1,000 and above

For more information, email Friends of YBC President
Donna Boyd,
or call the camp at (559) 683-7006.

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