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Yosemite Falls Caf
4278 Ashlan Ave, Fresno (near Hwy. 99)

Sat., November 30!
9:30 Setup 11-2 Boutique 11:30 Lunch
Dont miss it!

Its time for jams and time for jellies!
Nuts and goodies to fill our bellies!

Time for crafts and for dcor
To deck from ceiling to the floor.

Time to share some Christmas joy
With loved ones ~ every girl and boy.

Time to think of YBC ~
Camp always needs your help, you see ~

To offer to kids of ages galore
Gods Mountain, Christs love,
new friends and more!

So come along and be a part
Of our display of craft and art!

Chat with friends, enjoy yummy lunch
We know youll be as pleased as punch!

Youll be blessed ~ and a blessing youll be ~
Along with the FRIENDS OF YBC!
Will YOU win our
t-shirt design contest?
he FRIENDS OF YBC need your help!
We need a design for our next t-shirt
order! To encourage young people to submit
their original artwork to be considered, we are
having a contest!
The designer of
the winning entry
will receive a
scholarship for
their 2014 sum-
mer camp tuition
and a free shirt
featuring their de-
sign! Two runners
-up will also re-
ceive a free shirt
with the winning
A flyer containing submission guidelines and
information will be sent out soon. Also watch
Facebook for contest news!

Chicken Cordon Bleu
Rice Pilaf
Soft drinks

$15 tickets
from Friends of YBC
Printed by Nelson Press, Oakhurst 559.683.4595
Editor Phyllis Green Staff Angi Santymire, Donna Boyd
The YODEL is published twice yearly by Friends of YBC to share
news of the people, projects, and plans of Yosemite Bible Camp. Copies are
distributed free to congregations of the church of Christ and to individuals.
To submit news or to be added to the mailing list, send an email to
yodel @yosemi
Back issues may be viewed on the camps website,

Marjorie Blaylock
ur beloved Marjory Blay-
lock passed away on June
24, 2013. She had been in fail-
ing health for several months and
we all knew she was so ready to
meet her Savior. Marge was born
on August 25, 1925, and lived
her whole life in California.
Eutra and Marge moved to
Oakhurst during the summer of 1985, leaving Lemoore
and the Lemoore church of Christ, where Eutra had
served as an elder for many years. Eutra became the YBC
caretaker with Marge right by his side. They worked day
and night to improve YBC.
On April 12, 1986, Marge started Friends of Yo-
semite Bible Camp. There were 23 ladies present at the
first meeting. The ladies set up by-laws with the blessing
of the YBC Board of Trustees. Marge was our president
for several years, and since that day in 1986 we have
raised almost $200,000 for improvements at camp. She
had a vision for camp and made it happen.
Marge moved back to Hanford after Eutra passed
away in 1987. She continued to work for Friends of YBC
up to the time of her death.
We in Lemoore miss Marge and her smiling face and
pleasant personality. Every worship service someone will
mention Marge and how much they miss her.
The Friends of Yosemite Bible Camp are working on a
memorial to Marge and several ideas have come up. If
you know of something special that we can do at camp in
honor of Marge, please let our President Donna Boyd
by Shirley Garretson, Past President, Friends of YBC

f you havent found us on Facebook yet, be sure to
add Yosemite Bible Camp.
Also, to stay informed of all the latest happenings such as
work days, events, fundraisers, etc., please like our sister
page, Friends of Yosemite Bible Camp FYBC
Add Friend Yosemite Bible Camp

Like Friends of Yosemite Bible Camp - FYBC

YBC Trustees request help:
upcoming projects for area
congregations to adopt
Boys upper bathroom re-pipe
Boys Cabin 6 and Boys Cabin 7 swamp cool-
Pool bath-house roof
Flooring: Ramada, A&C, V.I.P., Cooks Cabin
and Registration
Lighting poles and electrical work at upper RV
spots (three poles and lights are needed)
Available dates for these projects include:
Nov. 16, 23, 30; Dec. 14, 21; Jan. 11; Feb. 1, 8,
22; Mar. 1, 8, 22, 29; Apr. 5, 12, 19; May 3,10
Please share stuff about your great camps
with everybody else ~ theme/Bible study topics, photos
(with captions), good ideas, spiritual highlights,
camper stories like Why I Love YBC, etc.
Email to: yodel@yosemitebiblecamp. org
Camp Yearbooks also welcome-snail mail to:
Yodel, PO Box 1907, Oakhurst, CA 93644
Thank you!
By Angi Santymire
YBC Our Mission Field
here is your mission field? It is not only missionar-
ies who have mission fields. Are you a teen or a
child in school? You are not too young to have a mission
Are you a teacher? Your mission field may be the
teachers lounge or the school campus. Are you a busi-
ness person? Your mission field may be your office. Are
you a stay at home mom? Maybe you inspire others and
reflect Jesus through a blog or
social media.
We are called to be the light of
the world. As YBC caretakers, we
are here to serve you when you
call or come to camp. We strive
to be an example to our neigh-
bors and in our community. YBC
is our mission field.
No matter where we are in life,
as Christians we should always be aware that right now,
todayTHIS is our mission field. Our friends, peers,
teachers and even strangers should notice that how we
speak, act and dress is different from the world. What
are you doing today to be the light in your mission field?
We talk about how kids are the church of tomorrow, but
theyre really the church of today, said Phil Thompson, director
of Hardings Center for Preaching. We want to serve the church
by teaching young people and sending them home more prepared
to lead.
Suit-and-tie camping, The Christian Chronicle, p. 24, Octo-
ber, 2013.
From childrens homes to Christian universities, ministries
associated with Churches of Christ do a tremendous amount of
good often while struggling financially. Many Christians trace
their faith to heart-changing weeks spent at Christian
camps such as Yamhill in Oregon and Gander Brook in
Maine. Nonprofits such as the Missions Resource Net-
work and Great Cities Missions help equip churches for ministry
and church planting around the globe, while others such as Eastern
European Mission, World Bible School and In Search of the
Lords Way work directly with evangelism. (The ministries men-
tioned are just examples, and I know Im leaving out many im-
portant ones.)
Top 10 list: Salt, light and inspiring headlines in Churches of
Christ, 9. Parachurch Ministries, The Christian Chronicle News Blog,
Bobby Ross, Jr., May 9, 2013.
Damaging trees must
be removed at camp
hree trees were recently removed because they were
causing structural and plumbing damage. One was a
big pine, growing near the water heaters for the Dining
Hall. The professionals who removed it estimated it to be
over 130 years old! The other
two trees removed were behind
the boys' lower cabins.
Before: Professionals in pro-
cess of removing 130-year-
old pine.
After: Caretakers daughter shows
off the rings of 130-year-old pine.
After: Wood from the two trees
behind the boys lower cabins
ready to be stacked.
Before: Two trees behind the
boys lower cabins to be
Honor Faithful Servants Honor Faithful Servants
onor faithful servants of the Lord and help Yosemite
Bible Camp at the same time. GIVE A GIFT in
honor or in memory of a loved one, and the name of
your honoree will be engraved on our Forest of Faith-
ful Servants plaques in McNeely Dining Hall.

Designated gift levels are:
Acorn $ 50
Oak $ 100
Ponderosa $ 250
Cedar $ 500
Sequoia $1,000 and above

For more information, email Friends of YBC President
Donna Boyd,
or call the camp at (559) 683-7006.
50869 Sky Ranch Road 632
Oakhurst, CA 93644
Jason and Angi Santymire
Ray and Margaret Martin

Telephone 559.683.7006


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Jan. 3-5 Visalia Comm. Winter Youth Retreat
Jan. 17-19 Woodward Park Winter Youth Retreat
Jan. 24-26 College Winter Retreat
Feb. 14-16 Madera Young Peoples Winter Retreat
Mar. 14-16 Ashlan Avenue Couples Retreat
Mar. 29-Apr.13 Sojourners
Apr. 25-27 Martinez Annual Ladies Day Retreat
May 16-18 Lemoore Spanish Couples Retreat
May 23-25 Work Camp: Memorial Day Preparation
Jun. 7-14 Bakersfield Camp
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Jul. 26-Aug. 2 Porterville Camp
Aug. 2-9 Hanford Camp
Aug. 13-17 Torrance Spanish Retreat

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Sec. Tim Davis Turlock Jerry Mize Whitmore Modesto Rick Wall Porterville Sec. Lynda Martyn Lemoore
Treas. Jim Minor WP Fresno Steve Reeves Hanford Don Bigelow Oakdale Treas. Joy Hendrix NW Fresno
Prsnl. Grady Billington Madera Larry Cowger College Fresno Jeff Williams W Bakersfield
YBC BOARD OF TRUSTEES and Congregations Represented FRIENDS OF YBC Officers
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and laser cartridges
can help us raise
money for YBC!
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