December 8.

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MLPA South Coast Project - December 9 & 10 Commission Meeting

Members, California Fish and Game Commission: Recreational Boaters of California [RBOC] joins the Southern California Yachting Association [SCYA] in urging that the California Fish and Game Commission select Proposal #2 as its recommended preferred proposal. RBOC is a nonprofit boater advocacy organization that works to protect and enhance the interests of the state’s recreational boaters before the legislative and executive branches of state and local government. RBOC is in its 41st year as a statewide organization promoting the enjoyment, protection, and responsible use of our waterways. Proposal #2 provides a practical plan that accomplishes the goal of balancing habitat protection with recreational fishing opportunities. The proposal attains the most reasonable balance between meeting achievable scientific guidelines, and avoiding unacceptable negative socio-economic impacts to the cultural and financial well-being of our harbor communities. The volunteer stakeholders of Proposal #2 are to be commended for their willingness to make the difficult compromises necessary to craft this plan. Only Proposal #2 rises to the level necessary to earn the support of the broad boating interests represented within SCYA. RBOC recommends that Proposal #2 be selected as the Commission’s preferred alternative at the Commission’s December 9 meeting. It is understood that other study regions may find it necessary to further “integrate” proposals at the BRTF level. However, Proposal #2 was designed as a coordinated system, which already benefits from well-considered balances and compromises. We recommend acceptance of Proposal #2 in its entirety, rejecting the BRTF's Integrated Preferred Alternative (IPA). In the event that the Commission decides that the IPA should be pursued, we recommend that there be specific improvements to the IPA including preservation of Proposal #2 parameters for Palos Verdes, modest improvements at Catalina at Long Point and Port Dume, and improvements at Laguna and La Jolla. Thank you for the opportunity to provide our comments and for your many hours of volunteer time to protect our ocean. Sincerely,

Dave Breninger
David Breninger, President C: RBOC Board of Directors Peter Patman, Commodore, Southern California Yachting Association
Rboc/2009/MLPA/RBOC MLPA Comments 12-8-09

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