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Mowing the Grass: The Ugly Truth About Israeli Eugenics

Eugenics, a highly controversial branch of science riding on the back of Charles Darwins
Theory of Human Evolution, is a field of study involving the promotion of growth of certain classes of
people, deemed to be of superior genetic breeding. It seeks, in scientific terms, to aim or direct the
supposed path of human evolution. On the darker side of the coin, it seeks to prevent the spread of
undesirable genetic characteristics to future generations of humans; in other words, to inhibit the
growth of inferior races. Eugenics is, behind its elaborate faade of pseudo-scientific lies and
misconceptions, nothing more than racism at its worse.
Conceptual eugenics, in its current form, was developed by a European, Francis Galton, as
early as 1883. It was readily accepted by many European scientists, particularly those involved in the
fields of genetics and evolution. Universities all over Europe began offering courses in the instruction
of eugenics. It was thus that the eugenics model spread throughout the world, leading to the
creation of such racially bigoted groups as the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), amongst many others.
Perhaps the most infamous example of the application of eugenic policies was Adolf Hitlers
Nazi Germany. Under Hitler, the Nazi Party used the idea of Aryan nationality and superiority to
undertake a mission to eradicate the inferior races, including the Gypsies, Slavs and Jews. The
Jewish population was targeted particularly, leading to the cold-blooded murder of around six
million Jews, and the expulsion of thousands of others, in the space of a mere twelve years. It must
be clarified, at this point, that Jews were not targeted as a result of their religion, but rather because
of their racial characteristics.
Another example of eugenics in action was the Apartheid government of South Africa. The
methodical application of racism, or eugenics, was imported to South Africa by Hendrik Verwoerd,
who studied Eugenics and Social Darwinism in Germany. Verwoerds various eugenicist views were
translated into numerous discriminatory laws, including, amongst others, the Population
Registration Act, the Bantu Education Act, and the Bantu Homelands Citizenship Act. Needless to
say, the Apartheid system used the idea of Afrikaner nationalism and superiority to carry out its
objectives, which were severely oppressive and suppressive of the native (and other non-white)
populations of South Africa.
The most recent and contemporary example of eugenics in motion is that of the illegal,
illegitimate, colonial, Neo-Nazi Apartheid State of Israel. Despite the Jewish people having been on
the receiving end of Nazi Germanys eugenic policies, the Zionist movement has used the idea of
Jewish nationality and racial supremacy to create a new state, based on the principles of racial
prejudice and discrimination. This discrimination is supremely all-encompassing, incorporating
aspects of both Nazi Germany and Apartheid South Africa, as well as many other white supremacy
groups, such as the KKK.
From its very inception, Israel has embodied the very worst of eugenics. On the Second of
November 1917, the Balfour Declaration was signed, granting to the Zionist movement a land that
belonged neither to the Jews, nor the British. This opened the way for the expulsion of the native
Palestinian population, the overwhelming majority of whom were Arab Muslims. By the 1930s, plans
for the ethnic cleansing had been put in place, to be orchestrated by the various Zionist forces,
under the leadership of figures such as Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir, and Moshe Allon.
The Zionist expansionist ideology which permitted the rapid and cancerous growth of Israel
was fuelled by the underlying belief that the Jewish race was superior. This errant belief was
supported by countless rabbis, who did not hesitate to preach that the Jews were the Chosen
People of God and were set above the rest of humankind. This created a twisted mentality amongst
Zionist settlers in the newly-declared land of Israel: that Jewish life held more value than other life.
The wholesale slaughter and massacre of the People of Palestine was thus justified in the eyes of
Zionism, as is illustrated by the fact that no Israeli soldier or military commander was ever held
accountable for the use of disproportionate force, despite the commonality of incidents such as the
Deir Yassin Massacre of April 1948.
As little ago as 2013, tales have been emerging from Israel about the on-going eugenics
program which it has been fanatically following. Israel is home to a large Jewish Ethiopian
community, numbering well over 100 000. However, over the past few years, this groups birth rate
has decreased by around twenty percent. It has been alleged that this is due to the racist Apartheid
Israeli government forcibly sterilising Ethiopian women, often without their knowledge, let alone
consent, in a manner reminiscent of Nazi Germanys forced sterilisation of Jewish women. These
allegations have not been denied by the Israeli government and its Health Ministry.
Furthermore, the Israeli administration regularly approves major land grabs, which result in
an ever-shrinking Palestine and an ever-engorging Israel. This has left the Palestinian land deeply
stratified, with isolated pockets of land left to the Palestinian People. Looking at the Palestinian map
alongside the Apartheid South African map, it is practically impossible not to notice the similarity
between Israels isolation of Palestinian-inhabited zones and the Bantu Homelands system of
Apartheid. Furthermore, as with Apartheid South Africa, the Freedom of Movement of the native
population is denied; Israel prohibits Palestinians from crossing from one area to another, much the
same way as Africans in South Africa were prohibited from leaving their designated areas without
the infamous Dompas.
The recent Gaza-Israel Conflict has, once again, exposed Israels total lack of respect for
human life. In a period of only fifty days, Israel took the lives of over two thousand Palestinians, over
seventy percent of whom were civilians. Hundreds of those Martyred were women, while hundreds
more were young children. Israel takes part in, in the militarys own words, Mowing the lawn, or
cutting down the size of the Palestinian population. This total lack of respect for human life is
brought about by the Zionist eugenicist ideology that Jewish lives are superior, while other lives are
The similarities do not, by any means, end here. Many more incidents are available to
illustrate the so-called State of Israels eugenicist, racist, Euro-centric ideologies and practices. A full
comparison would require not a single article, but an entire book. My plea to you, respected reader,
is to educate yourself with regards to Palestine. Countless sources of information are available, on
the internet, in libraries and on YouTube in particular. Everybody is capable of raising awareness, on
his or her own level. The battle is in our hands. Together, we can put an end to Israeli aggression.
Together, we can liberate Palestine.