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Play as Jack T. Ladd
Space thief Jack T. Ladd is minding his own business when he is arrested by a be
autiful, intelligent cop called Ysanne Andropath for hijacking a jersey cow. He
is placed in a jail sail aboard the Relentless. In this game, you can play two cha
racters: Ysanne or Jack.
For this walkthrough, we will focus on completing the game as Jack, who is throw
n into a prison cell as Ysanne sorts out some problems.
Use the light switch next to your cell door until you break it. When the droid p
asses you, talk to it about the broken light. After Jack gets out of his cell, t
ake the food pellet and funnel. Next, go to the reactor and get the fire extingu
isher. Return to your cell and take the first door on the left. Take the middle
door until you arrive at the airlock. Get the coat-hanger and use it to get the
twisted wire. Go to the reactor again and use the fire extinguisher on the therm
ostatic shield. Talk to the robot. She will go to Ysanne and warn her about the
hyper-drive. Return to the cells and go to the bridge/cockpit.
Get the cuddly toy and the pass card. Return to the reactor and take the panel t
hat Ysanne has left open. (The panel is actually the hyper-drive.) Use the food
pellet. Jack will chew it for a few seconds, then spit it out. Go back to the ai
rlock and use the pass card on the control panel. Now place the hyper-drive into
the airlock and follow the sequence. Use the elevator platform to beam down to
the planet and follow the sequence. Beam up into the ship again and go through t
he left door to reach the cockpit. Here, talk to Booba, the ship's computer. Go
to the reactor and get the gas canister. Beam down to the planet again.
Get the broken fuel can and use the chewed pellet on it to fix it. Use the funne
l on the now repaired fuel can. Go east and enter the temple. Get the air pipe (
hose) and go outside again. Go west. Look at the snowplough. It has a fuel pipe.
Use the hose on the fuel pipe to fill up the fuel can with the fuel. Go inside
the temple again and go through the first door on the left. Take the key by the
computer and return to the snowplough. Open the panel on it and get the tool rac
k. You will find a screwdriver inside. Return to the computer. There is an unexp
loded missile next to the computer. Use the screwdriver on the missile, then use
it to deactivate the warhead. Take the warhead and exit the room.
Go east until you reach an elevator. Use it to go down. When you have reach the
bottom, go east. You will arrive in a room with a rock slide. Place the warhead
on it and use the warhead. After the explosion, return to the room. A drilling r
ig has been revealed. Use the fuel on the refueling tank to fill it with fuel. P
lace the key in the keyhole. Finally, use the gas canister on the gas outlet. Re
turn to the ship and go to the reactor. Place the full gas cylinder back into th
e canister holder and talk to Ysanne. Follow the sequence about the alien invasi
Go to the elevator room and beam down to the planet. After the sequence, go east
and talk to the colonel. Go to the scooter and hot-wire it using the twisted wi
re. Use the scooter. Now talk to Ysanne, who tells Jack that he needs to steel b
ack the gyro. Return to the colonel and look inside the small tent nearby. You w
ill find a guy rope. Take it and return to the scooter. Use the guy rope on the
grille, then with the scooter. Use the rope to have it connected to the scooter.
Go back to the ship where the scooter was, and get the spanner located on the s
tairs. Use the spanner on the grille to loosen the bolts, and use the scooter. G
o inside and take the gyro. Go outside and head east from here.
Click on the tank and pay attention to the sequence. Go through to the ammo cham
bers, which are located next to the left door. Then go upwards until you find th
e control chamber. Use it and Jack will put it into the on position. Watch the seq
uence, then go east. You will find a beacon here. Use the beacon and go back ins
ide the Relentless. There, go to the reactor and use the gyroscope on the naviga
tion core. Talk to Ysanne and follow the sequence. The Relentless lands on Gelt,
but Ysanne wants you to stay on board. Once she disappears, talk to Booba and s
ay that Ysanne is in great danger. Booba will grant you permission to leave the
ship. Use the elevator to beam down to the planet.
On the planet, talk to the hostess, who refuses to let you in. Talk to the man p
assing by to find out about the colleagues. When you have entered your conversat
ion with him, quickly click on the exit. If you are successful at this, Jack wil
l tell the hostess that he is with the guy. Inside the building, go up to the fi
rst floor and enter the door on the right to arrive at the casino. Here, talk to
the second croupier to join in the game. Jack will gamble away his ship, and wi
ll have to help the chef in the kitchen. On the table is the chef's hat. Take it
and mix the ingredients in this order: sweet broth, sour puree, bitter mix. The
se ingredients can be found in the small jug, large jug, and spices, respectivel
Then give the result to the chef. Have a chat with the talk to the concierge and
ask him about the etiquette some more. Go outside and head up to the top floor.
Once there, talk to Miss Fjord, the receptionist, and keep talking to her until
she grants you access to the office. Go on though. Here, talk to Tennant about
the love life. Talk to Ruthie. Talk to Tennant again. Go outside and talk to Rut
hie. Ask her to do you a favor of returning back the ship. Talk to Miss Fjord ag
ain, and go back inside. Talk to Tennant, followed by Ruthie. Go outside.
Enter the casino again and talk to the gambler on the second table. When you hav
e finished, snatch the credit chips from his pocket. Talk to the croupier and us
e the credit chips on him to play the game. Win the game, then talk to the gambl
er and he will tell you the rules of the game. Return to the top floor, through
reception, and to Tennant's office. Give the credits to Tennant and Jack will be
given the Relentless back. Head to the ship and talk to Ysanne. Jack will be to
ld that a distress call is originating from Lowe's Planet. When Ysanne has taken
you there, go to the elevator room and beam down to the planet.
Here, your good friend Narm N'Palm will appear. Talk to him and watch the sequen
ce. Talk to the colonist's leader. He will tell you that the caves are infested
with aliens. Follow Narm to the front of the cave, past the tents. Take the boot
s. Use the cuddly toy on the BitePuppy. Take the boots again to get a pair of so
cks. Enter the caves until you come up with Narm and the Eggs. (This could take
a long time). Talk to Narm and take an Egg. Go back to the leader and give the e
gg to him. Return to the Relentless. Talk to Ysanne (x2) and head down to the pl
Follow the sequence and go through the first door. Go through the middle door an
d talk to the High Priest. Now go outside and talk to Ysanne. Take the door on t
op of the screen until you come to the chapel. Snatch the sacrificial offerings
from the table. After being arrested and thrown in jail, climb through the windo
w to escape. Go east (x2) Go to the right again and get the bag of yeast. Go wes
t until you reach the monk. Use the bag of yeast on the vat of wine.
Follow the monk outside. He will be swimming in the water. Take the monk's robe,
then wear it. Go to Ysanne and talk to her (x2). Return to the monk and get the
flower. Use it and Jack will pick out the five petals from it. Starting from th
e spot where Jack is standing, put a petal on the floor. Repeat this in every ro
om that you pass until you reach Ysanne. Go back outside and follow the sequence
. Head back for the ship. Go to the cockpit and talk to Booba. The Relentless wi
ll travel to the Corrupticon. Beam down to the planet using the docking-door ins
tead of the elevator.
Enter through the door that has the red light on top. Head sound and get the dir
ectory, then use it to search for the Narm's I.X.M.F. number. Go west and enter
the room on the upper-left. Talk to P'PauD'P'Pau. Go west and talk to Ysanne. Go
back to the ground floor where Jack got the directory. Search for a console, th
en use it. Go through the door on the right. Narm will appear. Talk to him to re
ceive the transatron shard. Go south and west. Go a little south and enter throu
gh the door at the lower-right. There should be a broken crystal and the shard o
n the floor. Take both of them, and combine the two to form a complete transatro
n. Use the Transatron on the Dimensional Anomaly.
Game over
Play as Ysanne Andropath
Space thief Jack T. Ladd is minding his own business when he is arrested by a be
autiful, intelligent cop called Ysanne Andropath for hijacking a jersey cow. He
is placed in a jail sail aboard the Relentless. In this game, you can play two cha
racters: Ysanne or Jack.
For this walkthrough, we will focus on completing the game as Ysanne. She finds
out that Jack has tampered with the ship's hyper-drive, and they are forced to u
se Impulse Power but they have one problem... fuel shortage.
You begin on the bridge/cockpit. There is a medical kit and lunchbox. Take them
both and open the lunch box. Take the knife and fork inside. Open the medical ki
t and get the syringe. Now talk to Booba, the ship's computer. She will tell Ysa
nne that the Relentless is near a planet registered as a mining colony. Use the
console. When you get it up, press the button marked Survey. You will discover a p
lanet called Lixa. Press Land to land on the planet (duh). Talk to Booba again to
be told there are no readouts from the planet. After Ysanne gets a diagnostic ca
rtridge, leave the bridge through the door on the left, and in the hallway, go t
hrough the middle door. In this room, use the control panel to open it, and stan
d on the elevator in the center.
On Lixa, walk east until you are in the temple. Inside, go through the left door
to arrive in a room with a computer. Remove the disk out of the first disk driv
e, and leave. Go through the door on the right and stand on the elevator in the
center. Once you have reached the bottom, go east. Take the pickaxe from this ro
om and leave again. Take the elevator to the top level and talk to Jack. Say to
him 'I need you to go down in that elevator'. Now use the knife and cut the rope
twice (x2) to obtain its cable. Talk to the elevator shaft to make Jack return.
Get the cable and use it on the pickaxe to create a grappling hook. Go down the
elevator again and head west. Attach the grappling hook to the roof, then use i
t to swing yourself to the other side. Go west.
Examine the dead corpse in the center of this room to find an ID card from a Min
ing Colony's Executive officer. Leave the room and swing yourself back to where
you came from. Go up the elevator and head for the room with the computer. Here,
insert the ID card into the PCMMMMXCIA slot, then search the secondary computer
to find a working circuit board. Insert the board into the main computer, then
place the empty disk in the disk drive to the left. Use the console and a messag
e will appear on the monitor that says that the log is being transferred to the
disk. If it does not, then you did something wrong.
Return to the Relentless and take the disk to Booba in the cockpit Talk to her a
nd say Can you read this disk... She will tell Ysanne that there was an invasion o
f aliens from another dimension and that she must close the portal before it is
too late. Talk to her again, choosing 'We must stop this alien invasion. Booba tel
ls her that she can track down the source of the invasion, and she will add two
planets to the console: Gelt and Broygus. Click on the first planet and select Ta
ke Off. Select Land. Go to where the elevator is and beam down to the planet.
You end up outside the Lucky Star Casino. There is a hostess near the entrance.
Try to go in, but the hostess will stop you. Talk to her, and when some choices
appear, choose 'about this Xanvier Zeb...', followed by 'I'm actually his wife..
.' You can now go in. Inside, go through the door on your left to go up to the s
econd floor. Here, talk to the concierge about all subjects, especially the clea
ning company. You must continue talking to him until you find out that the windo
w cleaning company is called SMEAR 'N' CLEAR. Go downstairs.
Enter the door on your right to arrive on the third floor. Talk to the reception
ist, asking to see the boss about your gambling authorization. Your ship will be
impounded for the aliens as a business deal with Tennant. In the meantime, Ysan
ne will get full access to all facilities. Leave the office, and go down to the
first floor (door on the right).
Ysanne arrives in the casino. Talk to the croupier at the blackjack table, then
talk to the gambler, and say 'Keep on talking babe...'. Now ask for some chips t
o be given some. Play the game and ask for as much chips as you want... Ysanne i
s given information about suspicious cheating. During the game, steal 2 identica
l cards. With these, return to the receptionist and tell her that you have evide
nce of cheating in the casino. She will let you in to see Tennant. In his office
, talk to Tennant to get your ship back. He refuses to tell you the location of
the beacon.
Return to your ship. You realize that you are going to find the beacon, so go ba
ck to the receptionist and tell her that you work for SMEAR 'N' CLEAR. Ysanne wi
ll receive the key to the window. Go inside Tennant's office and use the console
to find out the whereabouts of the beacon. Use the key on the window to walk ou
tside. Walk on the ledge until you are on top of the building where the beacon i
s. Use the beacon and go back inside. Now return to the ship.
Go back to the cockpit and use the console, then choose Data" to display the plan
ets. Clck on Coordinates and enter the six-digit number that you found on Gelt (60
3704). Select Takeoff and select Broygus as your next destination. Go back to the el
evator and beam down.
After the animated sequence. Go east until you reach the Colonel with his whiteb
oard. Talk to him. Get the stick from the ground, then use the flagpole to get t
he flag. Head east to arrive at an oasis. Use the stick on the fruit in the tree
, then use the empty syringe on the fruit to inject it with lethal juice. Go wes
t (x2) to return to the starting point, then go underground. Go east and use the
flag on the oil drum as a wick. Now return to the colonel and pay close attenti
on. Once in a while, he takes his spectacles off and puts them down. When he doe
s this, quickly snatch them. Go back to the oil drum and use the spectacles on i
t. The guard standing by the tank will investigate the explosion. While he is go
ne, use the full syringe on the cup of coffee. The guard will come back, drink f
rom his cup, and faint.
Now would be a good time to hijack the tank. Inside, use the console (fire syste
m) to notice that the safety switch is still on. Look out the window to see Jack
deal with the safety switch. Use the console again. On the monitor that appears
, there is a red triangle which represents the enemy tank. Destroy the tank by w
aiting until the triangle is inside the green square, then press the arrow in th
e middle to fire at the tank and destroy it. When you have destroyed it, use the
door again. After the soldiers thank you, go east to arrive at the second beaco
n. Use it to retrieve the second set of co-ordinates, then get back to the Relen
Go to the ship's cockpit and use the console. Select Survey. Select Data and enter t
he co-ordinates (25681). Select Takeoff. Booba will tell Ysanne that she has recei
ved a distres call from colonists, and places the data on the console. Use the c
onsole and choose Survey. Pick the fourth planet, which is called Lowe's Planet. L
and there, and exit the ship.
On the planet, talk to Narm N'Palm, particularly about the I.X.M.F. After you de
al with him, talk to the colonist's leader. He tells you that a huge alien has i
nfested the caves, and its offspring are scattered about. Go west (x2) and get t
he pack of flares, the automatic rifle, and the ammunition clip. Talk to Jack La
dd again about the caves then talk to Narm. Now enter the caves and search them
until you find the spawner. When you have found it, arm the rifle and shoot all
the limbs, followed by its head. (Lighting a flare awards you with more points.)
When you have killed it, go back outside and head back to your ship.
Use the console and select Takeoff. Use the console again and select Triangulate to
find a new planet. Talk to Booba. Soon, she will become infected by a virus, so
you must land on the nearest planet to give her time to reboot. Go to the room w
ith the elevator and use the airlock control panel. Insert the fork into the pan
el to get access to the airlock. Go through to land in space. Fly to the panel l
ocated below the radar and above the cockpit. Use the panel and Ysanne will deac
tivate Booba. Return to the ship's cockpit and use the console. Choose Survey and
choose the new planet, Haven, to land at. Choose Land. Go to the elevator room and
beam down to the planet.
Go east and enter the ruins. Go through the middle door on the right until you c
ome to a high priest. Talk to him about all subjects. Go west to arrive outside,
then go east. Stand on the strange platform to fall down into a holy chamber. J
ack will go to the sacrifice table and eat all the sacrifices, and both you and
him will be in jail. In jail, walk to the window. After you have jumped out, go
east (x2), passing the wine cellar along the way. Get the bag of yeast on the fl
oor then go back to the wine cellar. Use the bag of yeast on the vat. The yeast
will explode, ruining the monk's clothes. When he leaves the room, follow him.
The monk will take his robe off and go for a swim. When he does this, get his ro
be then wear it. Take the flower and go east (x2). Go north and take the first d
oor at the top. Enter the room and talk to Jack. Ysanne tells him that she will
create a diversion. Use the flower to retrieve five petals from it. Talk to Jack
about a trail of diversion. Return to the swimming monk and place a petal on th
e ground. Go east and repeat placing petals on the ground until you reach Jack's
cell. Enter the cell then immediately leave. Jack will be captured by the other
monks and make him jump into the light. Return to the Relentless.
Go to the cockpit and talk to Booba again. After the sequence, head for the elev
ator and enter the docking station. This is your final destination. Go through t
he door that has a red light above it, then head downwards. Get the plug then he
ad west. Talk to P'PauD'P'Pau to receive a shattered transatron. Get the electri
cal cord and use it on the plug. Now go west and talk to Jack. Take the electric
al cord, then use the cord with the other one you have to produce a long extensi
on. Go to where the rubble is (in front of the exit) and go down below. Use the
long extension on the electromagnet to clear the rubble. Enter through the door
and get the shard laying on the floor, then use the shard on the shattered trans
atron. Finally, use the now operational transatron on the Dimensional Anomaly.
Game Over