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Jinxter - Magnetic Scrolls/Rainbird

Solution by Sue Medley

You start on a bus carrying a keyring and a ticket and wearing
trousers and a shirt. The ticket says your destination is
Neverending Lane. A bus inspector boards the bus. When he comes
up to you, give him the ticket. He tells you you want the second
stop so after the bus goes past one stop, press the button. Leave
the bus.
The inspector throws your keys after you. As you bend to pick
them up, a roaring fills the air as a bus bears down on you. You
can't do anything but don't worry because after 2 moves, the
guardian saves you and gives you the document. Read it.
Go into your house using the iron key. Collect the harmonica from
the case in your bedroom, look under the bed and get the sock and
open the wardrobe and get the tap-dancing shoes from inside. In
the kitchen, examine the table and get the tin opener. As you
go to the conservatory, the phone rings in the library. Go and
answer it - it's your friend Xam and it sounds as though he's in
trouble. Go back to the conservatory, examine the table and get
the tablecloth. Use the iron key to unlock the back door and
outside, collect the gloves and secateurs.
When you see the bull, wave the tablecloth at him, then throw it.
It wraps round his horns so he can't see. Go to Xam's house and
let yourself in using the rusty key.
In the dining room, examine the table and get the candle and
matches. As you go into the herb garden, you hear a noise which
is the postman trying to deliver something. In the mailbox, you
find a postal note. Read it, it tells you to dial 300 to arrange
for redelivery. Go to the study and use the telephone to arrange
this. The postman locks the parcel in the mailbox. To open it, go
into the house and melt the plastic key with the lit candle until
you're told it doesn't look like the same key (2 moves). Then
unlock the mailbox with the key. Inside is a parcel. Open it to
find a letter and the walrus charm.
Go back to the herb garden and under the holly bush. Listen to
the magpie there. It gives you a pair of spectacles. Wear these
to see in the dark.
Get the trap from the boathouse. Open the trapdoor in Xam's
kitchen and go down into the cellar to get the cheese. Go up. Put
cheese on trap, set trap, drop it. Go out of the room and wait.
Eventually, you'll catch a mouse.
Get the plastic bottle (which contains water and oil) from the
spring, open the fridge and put it in there. After a while, the
ice freezes so empty the milkbottle and get oil. The oil is now
in the milkbottle. Go to the sliding door. Oil the runner with
the oil. Open the door and go south. The gardener runs off but
leaves his sack. In it is the amethyst charm.
Examine the boat to find a a bung. Put the bung in the sock and
put the sock in the hole. Push the canoe into the water. Go to
the pagoda. Climb onto the pile of dirt there, open the can of
worms with the tin opener, drop the worms. They burrow into the
earth. Dig dirt to dig a passage east.
Get the aqualung, suit, flippers and mask. Go to the lagoon, drop
shirt and trousers and wear the other items. Go north, down,
northwest, north. Open the hatch, go down and close the hatch.
There is only a certain amount of air in the aqualung. Press the
left button to flush the chamber. Turn the wheel and open the
airlock door. Go and open the red door. Go back, and press the
right button to flood the room.
Wait in the Green Lodge till the room is full of water. Go up and
examine the chandelier. Get the charm. On the way back, get the
notecase, there's a one ferg coin in it. Go back and open the
hatch and reverse your directions to get back. Change your
clothes back.
In the bakery, ask the baker about the job. Go down, open the
sack, sieve the flour with the sieve. You find the pelican charm.
Put it in the baking tin. Open oven, put tin in oven. Press
button, the bread cooks. Press button to cook the bread a second
time. Open oven, get tin. Go up, give bread to baker. He bites
into it but it's burnt. He throws you and the bread out. Break
bread to find the charm.
Go to the watchmakers shop. Knock on the door, he goes to answer
it. You have one move. Throw the secateurs at the lamp; he opens
the door and runs off to escape the fire.
At the carousel, doofer the unicorn, it drops a saddle. Doofer
the fire engine, it leaves its ladder behind.
Go to the pub. Get the two ferg coin from the well. Go to the
post office and post the saddle, pay the charge with the coin
from the well. Show the postmistress the dead mouse to scare her
Open the safe; all the handles point up, you want them all to
point down. Turn top right handle, turn bottom right handle three
times, turn top left handle. You hear a click from within the
safe. Open safe, get dragon charm. Then go back into the pub and
oojimy the fire to get some ash. Then go to the watchmakers and
oojimy the stool.
Go to the clock tower. If you examine the ladder, you'll see it
has some rungs missing at one end. Lean ladder against girder;
the space is at the bottom. Drop stool, get on it, climb the
ladder (it falls) and jump north. You're on the platform in the
weather clock.
What to do in the clock - if it's sunny, the rain weatherman will
be on your end of the beam. If not, cast thingy to make the sun
come out. Get on the beam, get the umbrella. Then cast doodah and
the beam swings out. Get the hat. A friendly cloud is here. Jump
onto cloud. It says if it felt more animated, it'd take you for a
spin so doofer it. It gradually loses water so you eventually end
up in a puddle outside the station.
A ticket costs 2 fergs and you only have one. Before you enter
the station (as this section is too closely timed) wear the shoes
and put the one ferg coin in the hat. Go to the postal depot and
get the saddle, then back to the ticket office.
Drop hat, doofer shoes, play harmonica. A tourist drops a silver
coin into your hat. Get hat, buy ticket with one ferg coin. The
station master won't sell it. Play harmonica till he gives in and
says he'll sell you one for half-price. Buy ticket with one ferg
coin. It blows onto the platform. Follow it as far as the tracks.
The train starts to leave so chase train, twice if necessary. On
the train, show your ticket to the guard when he asks.
When you find the unicorn, put saddle on unicorn, it turns back
to wood. Get on unicorn, doofer it. It flies you to the castle.
Go past the gaoler into Xam's cell. Then wake Xam. He shouts and
wakes the gaoler, Xam is carted off to Jannedor and you're locked
in. To escape from the dungeon, tie the rope to the manacles
(this opens the hatch), put candle in hat, put hat under rope and
light candle with match. Then climb through the hatch and wait.
The candle burns through the rope, the inner hatch slams down and
the outer one opens.
To get the bracelet from under the dome, examine the blocks, then
slide them so the pattern goes from
1 8 5 6 1 8
6 9 to 7 5 3
7 2 3 4 2 9 4
ie slide 5, slide 8, slide 1, slide 6, slide 7, slide 2, slide 9,
slide 5, slide 3, slide 4. The dome shatters. Wear the gloves so
you don't get cut and get the bracelet. Put charms on bracelet.
Go up to outside Jannedor's room. If you listen, you hear
Jannedor and Xam arguing. Open either right or left door and go
north. Get the ball from the table, go to the hall.
Put ash on hearth, up. You're now in the chimney. Examine ball
and you see Jannedor searching the hall for the ball, looking at
the chairs, table, painting and finally the fireplace.
Keep examining the ball till she looks at the fireplace, then
doofer ball, you get a feeling of foreknowledge. Wait and after
a few moves, Jannedor's claw gropes up the chimney. Put bracelet
on claw. The castle seems to collapse and you find yourself, as
the guardian, about to be struck by a bus. You can't do anything,
you get killed, and that's the end.

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