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"The Christian life demands not merely the acknowledgment of Christ's significance but our willingness to join Christ in carrying out His mission." - Charles Colson
Advent...Last week started the season of Advent. The season leading up to Christmas in which we anticipate the coming of the One who turned the world upside down. Life has been turned upside down for me in seeking God’s will for my life in the harvest rich field of Cambodia. Below is just a few experiences from my recent confirming trip there.!

December Update

Wading Deeper Into The Water:

As I walked through the flooding community God blessed me to be a part of I had a realization that the next time this happened to me it would be more personal. I couldn’t help but think it will be my clothes that are wet and smelling of the mixture of garbage and filthy water. That it will be my struggle to keep back the ever-rising water level from invading my slum shack even further. It wasn’t until I put myself in my neighbor’s shoes that I felt compassion finally invade my heart. It invaded beyond my own selfishness and made me realize that God was inviting me into my neighbors’ lives…the good, the bad, and the ugly. The intimacy of “suffering with others” is how God is calling me to share His love and hope to those most in need. It won’t be MY struggle in the daily heartaches of living life in such squalor but OUR mutual struggle as we live life together. Next time I wade through these flooded walkways, my well-being will be intertwined with their well-being.!

Kevin’s December Update

The Journey:

As I watched this lone child maneuvering his boat through the lake, the pole more than three times his size, I couldn’t help but wonder how far did he travel? How long did it take him? Where is his family? Where did he come from?

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You see he wasn’t just paddling anywhere. He was on his way to a floating church out on the Tonle Sap lake. He was on his way to hear the Word of God. He was on a journey that will 67,8*(74#2( take him farther than that stick or that boat. He is on a journey that will take Him into the presence of the King of Kings. Does He realize yet what he started when he picked up that paddle…that it has eternal ramifications on his life. It made me wonder: Do I know how far this journey will take me? Do I know the ramifications to which picking up my cross will entail? Do I even need to know? 9&#*8(#&#('*17,( I choose to trust in Him.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” ~ Proverbs 3:5-6
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Kevin’s December Update

The Unseen:
At first glance the classroom looks like many around the world. Kids in their grade school making signs at the camera and smiling away. What is missing? This class isn’t a particular grade...what is missing is any girls above 12 years old. Their families have sold them into sex trafficking to support the rest of their siblings. The orange in the children’s hair is a recognizable sign of malnutrition and not the latest hairstyle. These children have a chance; they are being shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ and given an opportunity for education to break the cycles of poverty that overwhelm their daily lives. Let us pray together that none of the children pictured above or any in the same situation feel the necessity to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their family. Let us as the Body of Christ say enough is enough and encourage those brothers and sisters on the frontlines, like Kim their pastor and teacher...who enters into this darkness daily and brings the heart of Christ to those there.

Prayer Requests:
• That more children in Cambodia will come to know Jesus. That the children will bring the Gospel to their homes and communities through the light of Christ shining in them. That my trust in God to provide everything I need strengthens through every hardship. As I leave family and friends behind, pray that God will extend my family through the growth of the Body of Christ in Cambodia!

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