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Script for Olympic competition

Opening sence: Bach Khoa Logo, Youth Union Logo and Title The 8
Competition for non-specialized students
Clip: 096
The pioneering voluntary movements of youth have become one of the most
honorable traditions. The effects of these campaigns spread through many
generations of students and nowadays, that play a major role in teenager social
activities. A multitude of students have contributed all their souls and spirit to the
Clip: 107. Khi c! "#i lm bi$u t%&ng XO, chn thm hnh XO, sau " cho n bi'n
And today, we are gathering here as a team to participate in The 8
English competition for non-specialized students hosted by Vietnam National
University, Hanoi. The main topic this year is about pioneering movements of
youth. All we bring to this contest are our enthusiasm and spirit to learn new
things. Hope the competition will be successful
Clip: 030, 032. Pic 130
Introduction of Truong. Sau khi c!nh quay c(a Tr%)ng k't thc, cho n "ng b*ng
l+i. Cho hnh ch,p xu-t hi.n v cho n bay vo 1 trong 7 khung v/i tn Tr%)ng 0
Clip: 034. Pic 137
Introduction of Trang. Like above
Clip: 041. Pic 133
Inetroduction of Tung. Like above
Clip: 001. Pic 128
Introduction of Thuy. Like above
Clip: Toan. Pic 125
Introduction of Toan. Like above
Clip: 114. Pic 138
Introduction of Ha. Like above
Clip: 020. Pic 134
Introduction of Linh. Like above
Clip: 043. Make a popup of 1957, Phu Tho National Center of Technology
Established in 1957, the precursor of this university is Phu Tho National Center of
Technology. Its mission was to produce high quality engineers for the Southern
Clip: 014. Make a popup of 1976, HCMUT and 5 majors
19 years later, in 1976, after the national reunification, the university was renamed
as Ho Chi Minh City University Of Technology including 5 majors: Electrical and
Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical
Engineering and Maritime Engineering.
Clip: 004. Make a popup of 2 campuses 1
campus: Distric 10, 2
campus: Binh
Duong Province. Bus no 50 and no 8
Up to now, our university has 11 faculties and 4 training centers. We have 2
campuses. The first campus is located in the inner of the city in District 10 and the
other one is in the outskirts of the city, Thu Duc district. Students in our university
usually take the bus number 8 or 50 to travel between 2 campuses.
Make a popup: Facts of HCMUT
Clip: 111
In 2002, HCMC University of Technology is proudly to be the first
champion of The Asia-Pacific Robot Contest ABU Robocon. Till now,
we have won the championship three times in 2002, 2004 and 2006
respectively. (make a popup ABU Robocon)
In 2014, the academic program of Faculty of Computer Science and
Engineering at UT is the first and the only program accredited by ABET in
Vietnam. ABET - the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology
has accredited over 3300 programs at over 680 universities in 25 nations.
(pop up: ABET - the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology)
UT has the largest campus in HCMC urban areas. It has an area of 14.8 ha.
UTs campus 2 is located in Thu Duc District with an area of 26 ha which
is still under construction (popup: largest campus in HCM city urban areas)
Do you know that all the blocks in our university start with the letters from
B.A.C.H K.H.O.A? K and O are coming soon (popup: B A C H, then K and
O coming soon)
Clip: 045, popup: XO
Our team is called XO
Clip: 039 (popup: Yes No, Right Wrong, With Without, Kiss and Hug)
X and O can be YES or NO, RIGHT or WRONG, WITH or WITHOUT, but they
also stand for KISS and HUG
Clip: 078
X and O may look different standing alone, but it would be great with we can
bring them together
Clip 038
We are not here just to make friends, we are here to build connections and
Clip: 092
Joining this competition, we hope that you with understand more about us the
representatives from HCMUT
Clip: 027
We appreciate this opportunity and we hope to create nice memory and networks
Clip: 120
In the end, there will be no Right or Wrong, just Hugs and Kisses
Clip: 121
X and O. XO
Team picture for about 10 second, then CHALLENGE ACCEPTED with the
big sound