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Pages: 520
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This textbook, now in its third edition, continues to provide a compre-hensive coverage of the
different aspects of materials management in a student-friendly manner. The book gives a clear
introduction to materials management, and discusses topics such as classification, codification,
specifications and standardization of materials, which aid in effective purchasing. In view of their
economic importance, materials planning and budgeting too have been covered in sufficient detail.
Besides explaining the fundamental principles of stores management and materials handling, the text
gives an in-depth analysis of inventory control with several illustrative examples. It also highlights the
principles of purchasing, nature of purchasing process, value analysis and quality assurance.
Intended primarily for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of production
engineering/industrial management and engineering, and postgraduate students of management,
this book would also be useful to the practising managers.
New to this edition
Incorporates two new chapters on:
Supply Chain Management covering practically all the aspects of SCM
Customer Relationship Management
Includes four new case studies pertaining to inventory control applied to supply chain management
Preface to the First Edition
1. Materials Management
2. Integrated Materials Management
3. Classification and Codification of Materials
4. Specifications in Materials Management
5. Standardization and Variety Reduction
6. Materials Planning
7. Budgeting and Material Planning
8. Stores and Store Keeping
9. Storage Equipment
10. Principles of Materials Handling
11. Inventory Control
12. Inventory Management Models
13. Selective Inventory Control
14. The Purchasing Cycle
15. Principles of Purchasing
16. The Nature of Purchasing Process and Vendor Rating
17. Value Analysis
18. Quality Control in Materials Management
19. Make or Buy Decisions
20. Buyer-seller Relationship
21. Negotiation
22. Disposal of Surplus, Obsolete and Scrap
23. Performance Appraisal of Materials Department
24. Some Legal Aspects of Purchasing
25. Purchasing of Capital Equipment
26. Public Buying
27. International Purchasing
28. Import Substitution
29. Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution Management
30. Supply Chain Management
31. Customer Relationship Management
32. Case Studies and Solved Problems
Appendices References Index
A.K. Chitale, Ph.D., is former Director and Academic Advisor, GSIMR, Indore. Dr. Chitale has more than
four decades of teaching and research experience in Mechanical Engineering and Production
Engineering. He has authored a number of books on these subjects. Of these, Product Design and
Manufacturing, Materials Management: Text and Cases, Product Policy and Brand Management and
Organizational Behaviour: Text and Cases have been published by PHI Learning, Delhi.
R.C. GUPTA, PhD, is Professor and Head, Department of Industrial and Production Engineering, SGSITS,
Indore. He is also a Fellow member of the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants (ICWA), Kolkata,
and the member of Institution of Engineers (India). He is the co-author of Materials Management: Text
and Cases and Product Design and Manufacturing, 6th ed., published by PHI Learning, Delhi.

2014 / 520pp. / 17.8 23.5 cm / ISBN-978-81-203-4841-7 / Rs.425.00

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