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Charu Mazumdar

Pakistan Forum, Vol. 2, No. 12. (Sep., 1972), p. 20.

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Page 20
Paki s t an Forum September 1972
Crackdown of t h e bKP
Taki ng advant age of t h e Ce nt r a l Gov-
e r n me n t ? ~ d i f f i c u l t i e s i n ne got i a t i ng
s et t l ement wi t h I ndi a and r e s t o r i n g peace
i n t h e Si ndh pr ovi nce, t h e Nat i onal Awami
Part y-Jami at u l Ulema e I s l am c o a l i t i o n
Government i n t h e Sarhad pr ovi nce has
decl ar ed v i r t u a l i ndependence from Paki -
s t a n and has deci ded t o wi pe out i n one
s t r oke t h e mi l i t a n t peasant movement--
t h e s t aunches t a n t i - s e c e s s i o n i s t f o r c e
i n t h e pr ovi nce.
A s a pa r t of i t s a n n i h i l a t i o n cam-
pai gn t h e Sarhad Government rounded up
more t ha n 50 l e a de r s and workers of t h e
Mazdoor-Kisan Pa r t y a l l over t h e prov-
i nce and banned t h e e nt r y o f i t s promin-
ent l e a d e r s , I shaque Mohammad, Afz a l
Bangash and Sher A l i Yacha, i n t o t h e
d i s t r i c t s of Dera I s ma i l Khan and Bannu.
Lat er on or der s of a r r e s t were i s s ued
a ga i ns t 3angash and Bacha who happened
t o be i n Punj ab. The Sarhad Government
coul d not i s s u e a n a r r e s t war r ant f o r
I shaque because he i s not a r e s i de nt of
The o f f i c e s o f t h e MKP and t h e hones
of i t s l e a de r s were r ai ded and t h e i r
e f f e c t s l oot ed. Thousands of peas ant s
sympat het i c t o t h e pa r t y have been i mpl i -
cat ed i n f a l s e cas es or t hrown i n t o t h e
gaol .
B r e i g n of t e r r o r e x i s t s i n t h e Sar -
had pr ovi nce where l a ndl or ds and t h e i r
pr i va t e ar mi es , pr ot ect ed by t h e a r n s of
t h e s t a t e , have gone on a rampage t o k i l l ,
beat up, e v i c t and l o o t t h e t e na nt s . The
pol i c e , t h e Fr ont i e r Const abul ar y and t h e
NAP 7 s par a- mi l i t ar y arm, t h e Pakht un
Zalme, a r e bei ng used f r e e l y t o t e r r o r i z e
t h e peas ant s i n t o submi ssi on.
What happened i n Chakdra on J u l y 26
i s t y p i c a l of t h e happeni ngs a l l over
t h e pr ovi nce. 500 armed goondas hi r e d
by t h e l a ndl or ds of t h e r egi on put t o
t h e t or c h Chakdra' s Sa r ka r i Bazaar and
t h e nearby v i l l a g e of A l i Mast , a s a
r e s u l t of which s e ve r a l shops and homes
were gut t e d, two peas ant s , Ha j i I r a q and
Shr i Mul l a, were k i l l e d and a number of
peopl e wounded. Thi s a c t of ar s on and
murder t ook pl ace bef or e t h e eyes of t h e
Cent r al Government-appoi nt ed o f f i c i a l s
who dar ed not i n t e r f e r e wi t h t h e campaign
of t h e Pr ovi nc i a l Government.
(Cont i nued on page 5)
On J u l y 16, 1972- t he I ndi an p o l i c e a r r e s t e d Charu
Mazumdar, l e a de r of t h e Communist Pa r t y of I ndi a (M-L),
a f t e r a t h r e e ye a r s ' unr el ent ed hunt f o r t h e "Naxal i t e"
l e a de r . Twelve days l a t e r t h e I ndi an Government announced
t h a t he had di ed i n a h o s p i t a l whi l e in cus t ody. The
excer pt r e p r i n t e d below i s t aken from h i s " ~ e t t e r t o a
Comrade," wr i t t e n on J ul y 23, 1971 and publ i s hed i n
Li be r a t i on. -.--
sincewhenwespeakof anationwemeanthepeasants,workersandother
has said:"Withregardtothequestionof worldwar,therearebuttwo
revolution will prevent the war."
Thesloganofnationalself-defenseisabourgeoisslogan.By raisingitthe
bourgeoisieseekstosuppressthejust rightof workers,peasantsandpetty-
bourgeoistoilerstoexistandtriestoutilizealltheresourcesof thenationinits
be wagedonlyintheformof people'swar.Todeveloppeople'swaritis
necessarytomakethepeasants-the basicforceof thisrevolutionarywar-
the basisof classstruggleandaclassline.
Our responsibilityistobeunitedwiththatsectionof thebourgeoisiewhich
desirestobeunitedwithusontheissueof nationalindependence.And onthe
questionofunikation alsotwothingshavetoberemembered:(1)thepartywill
havetheright toconduct warindependentlyand(2)theinitiativeinregardto
thestrugglewillbeinthehandsof theparty.Thesetwoconditionsarein-
divisibleandonlyonthebasisof thesetwoconditionsisitpossibletobuildsuch
nationalindependence.So, youcanunderstandthattheideatheyare
spreadingtocreateconfusioninthenameof thegreat Chinesepartyisopposed
toMaoTsetungThoughtandisonlyaneweditionof theWangMing-LiuShao-
chi line of tailing after the bourgeoisie.
If abourgeoisstatebecomesapartnerinajustwar,thentheChineseparty
bourgeoisie.At thetimeof WorldWarI1ChiangKai-shekgotthesupportof the
SovietUnionandonthepretextof thatsupport,heandhisassociates
Chairman Maounderstoodtheneedforunity,soalsoherealizedthenecessity
of independentworkandinitiativeanddidnotmakecompromisesinany sphere.
afterhavingadmittedthenecessityof unity,gaveacallfortakinguparmswith
almostall countriestooktothepathof revisionismbut,underChairmanMao's
leadership,theChineseCommunistparty could,thmughasuccessful
revolution,raisethebannerof Marxism-Leninismhigherstillandreachthe
stage of Mao TsetungThought.
Therefore,therevisionistpathisthepathof tailismandthosewhotodayare
talkingof supportingYahyaKhanhavetakentohispathoftailismandfallen
deepintothemireof revisionism.If youhavelearnttohaterevisionism,then
youwilllearntohatethisKhruschevthesisof thenationalbourgeoisieseizlng
off thisthesis,asaresultof which therehasbeenanewhlghtideinthe
countryandthisisbeingdoneinthenameof ChairmanMao.Thisiscalled
opposingMaoTsetunginthenameof MaoTsetung,opposingtheredflaginthe
nameof theredflag,opposingrevolutioninthenameof revolution.In our
countrytheCPIandtheCPI-Mhavedirectlytakenthepathof class
mask, theothers aretalkingof s u~~or t i nn Yahvaonthebasisof thesame
theory.Therefore,this'leftGt'sloganof theirsiBinrealityanother
manifestation of revisionism.