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cells for measurements with ultimate accuracy

broad frequency range from DC to 2 GHz

wide temperature range from -200 C to +500 C
measures low loss materials with extremely high
input impedance
modular system : all cells fit in one
common cryostat
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Sample Cells
Measurements on
BDS 1200 Connection Head
This is the standard sample cell
for the low frequency range
from DC to 3 MHz including a
temperature sensor.
The temperature range is from
-200C to 450 C (optional
500C). The sample cell can be
operated with the NOVOCON-
Cryosystems or the NOVOTHERM
temperature control system.
The sample material is prepared
between two additional
external electrodes as a
sandwich capacitor.
External Electrodes
Sample Material
Silica Spacers
ound gold plated electrodes
are available with 20/30/40 mm
diameter. After the preparation,
the sandwich capacitor is
mounted between the elec-
trodes of the BDS 1200 sample
BDC-S Active Sample Cell
This is a special version of the
BDS 1200 standard sample cell
with optimised high frequency
performance. It allows to
perform dielectric, conductivity
or impedance measurements
from 10 Hz up to 10 MHz.
In contrast to the BDS 1200 sam-
ple cell, the BDC-S active sam-
ple cell is not connected to the
impedance analyzer by BNC-
cables, limiting the performance
at high frequencies. Instead, an
active impedance converter
mounted on top of the sample
cell is used and the connection
to sample is done by rigid air
insulated RF-lines.
The temperature range and
other features correspond to the
BDS 1200 sample cell.
BDS 1308 Sample Cell for
Liquids with Low Viscosity
For some low viscosity liquids
with low partial pressure, sample
material may evaporate out of
the standard sandwich
capacitor and the
measurement accuracy may
decrease. In order to prevent
evaporation, the sample cell
BDS 1309 can be used.
In the open state, the cell
closing plate and upper
electrode are removed from the
cell, and the sample material
covers the the lower electrode.
The electrode gap is adjusted
by silica spacers. In the closed
state, the upper electrode is
pressed by the cell closing plate
ans the spring to the spacers.
Liquid sample material, which
does not fit between the
electrodes, can flow around the
upper electrode. The two seal
rings attached to the Teflon
isolation prevent evaporation of
sample material out of the cell.
The BDS 1309 is mounted in the
same way as the standard
sandwich capacitor between
the electrodes of the BDS 1200
or BDS-S active sample cell.
BDS 1101 Sample Cell for
High Conductive Materials
This is a special version of the
BDS 1200 sample cell for con-
ductive materials like metals or
super conductors. The sample
geometry should be a thin cyl-
inder or wire. The measurement
is done in the normal 4 wire ar-
rangement. Two wires are used
to insert the current into the
sample. The other two wires are
used to measure the voltage in
the sample. This cell allows to
measure impedance down to
the range, but is not suited
for dielectric samples.
The temperature range and
other features correspond to the
BDS 1200 sample cell.
Interdigit Comb Electrodes
In this arrangement, the sample
material (generally a liquid)
covers the surface of a comb
micro structure electrode. The
interdigit electrodes may be
used in combination with the
BDS 1200 connection head for
temperature dependent meas-
urements or direct connected to
the impedance converter.
Compared to the BDS 1309
sample cell, the interdigit elec-
trodes are less accurate but
easier to handle.
BDS 2200 Coaxial
RF Sample Cell
is for Dielectric, Conductivity
and Impedance measurements
from 1 MHz to 1.8 GHz. This cell
can be connected to a RF
impedance reflectometer (e. g.
Hewlett Packard 4291 or 4191).
The sample is prepared
between two sandwich
electrodes building a sample
capacitor similar to the BDS 1200
sample cell. Sample capacitor
electrodes are available from 3
.. 12 mm diameter. Electrode
spacing may be selected
between 10 m and 5 mm. The
sample capacitor terminates
the coaxial measurement input
of the analyzer. The reflection,
depending on the sample
impedance is measured.
For temperature depend-
ent measurements,
the BDS 2201 RF extension line is
recommended. This is a high
temperature stable, low loss
precision line with two APC-7
connectors. It is mounted be-
tween the impedance input of
the reflectometer and the sam-
ple cell for thermal isolation. This
combination (sample cell and
extension line ) can be
operated in the temperature
range from
-200 C to 450 C.
BDS 2300 RF Mounting Rack
This is a complete high fre-
quency extension for RF meas-
urements and temperature con-
trol for the QUATRO Cryosystem.
It contains a BDS 2200 coaxial
sample cell, a BDS 2201 RF ex-
tension line and a mounting
rack which connects the test
station (impedance input) of the
HP 4291 analyzer, the extension
line, the sample cell and the
QUATRO Cryosystem to a turn
key system. The mounting rack
allows to move the sample cell
in and out of the cryostat by
special mechanics.
The HP 4291 analyzer, the
Cryostat BDS 1100 and the
QUATRO Cryosystem are not
included in BDS 2300.