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For the fulfillment of the requirement for the Award of the
Degree of Masters of Business Administration
Submitted To Submitted by
Mr. Sandeep Sharma Ritesh Kumar Gupta
School of Management Studies M! " #$ Sem
M#M%& Gr. 'oida Roll ( 05)52700*+
M!'G!,M!- #'S%#%.%/ 01 M!'!G/M/'% 2 %/34'0,0G-
GR/!%/R '0#5!
I declare that the Research Report entitled R!'5 M!'!G/M/'%
6!M.,7 submitted by me for the degree of Masters in Business
Administration (MBA) is the record of work carried out by me under the
guidance of Mr. Sandeep Sharma and has not formed the basis for the award
of any degree, diploma in this or any other Uniersity or other similar
institution of !igher learning"
%ate$ &ignature of the 'andidate
%!,/ 01 30'%/'%S
Sno %opic

#'%R05.3%#0' %0 %4/ R!'5
("( +!A, I& A BRA-%
(") +!. BRA-%I-/
("* &#0'IA1 IM#2R,A-'0 23 BRA-%& 32R 3M'/
("4 !2+ BRA-%& AR0 'R0A,0%
("5 BUI1%I-/ A BRA-%
("6 ,.#0& 23 BRA-%
("7 +!. BU&I-0&& &!2U1% ,R. ,2BUI1% ,!0IR
,#%/R!%.R/ R/$#/:
R!'5#'G S%R!%/G#/S
)"( I-%I8I%UA1 BRA-%& 8& UMBR011A BRA-%&
)") BRA-% 09,0-&I2-
)"* MU1,I BRA-%&
)"4 +!. BRA-% 09,0-&I2-
)"5 -0/A,I80 IM#A', 23 BRA-% 09,0-&I2- 2-
#AR0-, BRA-%
)"6 R08I0+
)"7 -0+ BRA-% 80R&U& BRA-% 09,0-&I2-
)": +!A,& IM#2R,A-, ,2 'U&,2M0R&
)"; !2+ ,2 '2-%U', BRA-% 09,0-&I2-
)"(< BRA-% &,R0,'!I-/
)"(( BRA-% 0=UI,.
)"() BRA-% IMA/0
)"(* A''2U-,I-/ 32R BRA-% 09#0-&0&
R/S/!R34 M/%4050,0G- !'5 !'!,-S#S
*"( R0&0AR'! M0,!2%212/. %03I-0%
*") R0&0AR'! 2B>0',I80
*"* R0&0AR'! %0&I/-
*"4 M0,!2%212/.

4" !'!,-S#S

5" !M., %4/ 0RG!'#;!%#0'
5"( 280R8I0+
5") I-,R2%U',I2-
5"* #?s MAR@0,I-/
BRA-% 09,0-&I2-
&U''0&& 2R 3AI1UR0
BRA-% 0=UI,.
R0'0-, A%80R,I&0M0-,
<. #,#0GR!=4-
7. !''/>.R/S
7.) ,#%/R!%.R/ R/$#/:
7.2 3!S/ S%.5-
I would like to concede the contribution of a number of people
without whose co-operation & support this report wouldnt
have taken the current form. I deeply appreciate their
valuable contribution.
I am particularly grateful to Mr. Sandeep Sharma without
whose co-operation this report would have been stuck in the
wilderness. He has given me a perspective on how to go
about this project. I also thank him for the initial stimulating
ideas for going about this project.
I am very grateful for the assistance of the friends and
colleagues along with the respondents who assisted me in
getting this dissertation completed.
Ritesh @umar /upta
MBAA I8 &emester