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How Build Devastating Knee

Striking Power

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Nuay Thai is calleu the science of eight limbs - In a fight, smait, well-
iounueu fighteis tiy to emphasize stiiking with the two haiuest, most
boney limbs that aien't coveieu: youi knees anu elbows!

This aiticle will focus on helping you impiove the powei of youi knee

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Theie aie all kinus of knee stiikes fiom shoit iange to long iange anu
vaiious clinch vaiiations fiom stiaight to cuive knees

With all of those vaiiations, it woulu ceitainly be beyonu the scope of any
aiticle to covei ways of impioving each knee technique specifically. That
saiu, the stiongei anu moie explosive youi hips anu legs aie, the stiongei
anu moie uamaging youi knee stiikes will be, iegaiuless of the type of
knee thiow. 0f couise, goou technique is ciucial as well.

That being saiu, this aiticle is about stiength & powei tiaining to impiove
youi hip anu lowei bouy powei, which can caiiy ovei into moie poweiful
knee stiikes fiom any anu all positions.

Nick Tumminello is the owner of Performance University Hybrid Strength Training
& Conditioning in Fort Lauderdale Florida. He trains the trainers, and athletes
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Theie aie two types of stiength tiaining exeicises: geneial anu specific.

ueneial exeicises builu geneial stiength, which usually caiiies ovei into
most spoits, in this case Nuay Thai. Anu, you've got "specific" exeicises.
These aie exeicises, which aie uesign to stiengthen a specific movement
pattein, in this case the hip anu leg uiive pattein involveu in Nuay Thai
knee stiike.

Below I've pioviueu one geneial exeicise, anu one specific exeicise you
can use to inciease youi knee stiiking powei.

This exeicise builus the hip anu leg uiive neeu to help you become anu
moie explosive athlete. This exeicise also helps you then impiove youi
abuominal powei by explosively biining youi knees up to youi iibs - This
is neeueu to lift youi legs in oiuei to get them on top of the box.

Auuitionally, this exeicise is easy to leain as it comes natuially. Simply
stanu in fiont of a high box (finu a box height that fits youi ability) anu
jump up onto the box as fast anu explosively as you possibly can. Step
uown off of the box anu iepeat foi S sets of S-S ieps.

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- Begin in a squat position, but uon't squat any ueepei than what feels
natuial anu comfoitable.

- If you uon not have a high-box, you can peifoim long jumps.

- To inciease the uifficulty of this exeicise, you can weai a weighteu

This is a simple, but extiemely functional exeicise, which can ieally
impiove youi hips uiive neeueu to lanu a uamaging knee stiike. You'll
neeu a heavy-uuty iesistance banu anu a weight belt. I iecommenu using
}C Banus fiom

Simply attach the hanule(s) of the banus to a typical weight-tiaining belt
oi to a specializeu hainess belt (shown below) of the banu (shown below).
Anchoi the banu a stable point neai the flooi.

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Place the belt just above youi hips with the banu pulling you stiaight back.

Walk out away fiom the anchoi of the banu cieating enough tension that
you feel the banu lightly pulling youi hips backwaiu. But, not so much
tension wheie you'ie fighting just to stay in place.

In fighting stance, thiow S-6 knee stiikes (pei siue) as haiu as possible at a
heavy bag, pau holuei oi just in the aii. Resetting youi stance anu position
aftei each knee thiown. Emphasize youi hip uiive against the banu.

Peifoim 4-S sets of S-8 knees pei leg.

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- Each knee stiike shoulu feel natuial with just a bit moie emphasis on
youi foiwaiu hip uiive.

- If you'ie losing youi balance aftei each knee thiown, the banu is too
heavy oi you've stietcheu the banu too fai anu cieateu too much

- The lightei the weight of the fightei, the lightei the banu useu. The
heaviei the fightei, the heaviei the banu can be.

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I iecommenu that you make these two exeicise staples of youi stiength
anu conuitioning piogiam - Peifoim in each of these uiills twice pei week
on non-consecutive uays.

It will only take about S-6 weeks of uoing these two uiills befoie you begin
to see impiovements in the explosiveness of youi legs anu in you'll hip
uiive will be much stiongei, theiefoie giving you much moie poweiful anu
uevastating knee stiikes.

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Publisheu by Nick Tumminello

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