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October 15

Are you looking for an activity to include in your Global Handwashing Day event? Here is
a list of activities that have been done in the past. They are listed in two categorieslocal
and nationalbut can be adapted for either context.
Local Activities
y Public handwashing pledges
y Host a competition for local children
Soap wrapper design
Poster design
Handwashing station design or decoration
y Schoolyard games and activities
y Make tippy tap handwashing stations and
liquid soap dispensers
y Demonstrations of good handwashing, using
Germ Glo to show how soap removes germs
from hands
y Good handwashing demonstration by health
ofcial or community leader
y Stamp childrens hands with ink to
demonstrate how soap is necessary
to remove germs
y Coordinate a school WASH club to train
peers in good handwashing behavior
y Host a handwashing parade with signs and
chants about the importance of handwashing
with soap

y Put on a puppet show demonstrating what
happens when someone doesnt wash their
hands (they get sick)
y Soap distribution
y Demonstration of how to create soapy water.
National Activities
y Launch events and celebrity events
y Information events for journalists, health
professionals, and policymakers
y Guinness World Record attempts
y Television and radio spots
y Text messaging campaigns
y Handwashing ash mob
y Including handwashing messages in popular
media, such as soap operas or radio dramas
y WASH media awards contest for journalists
cover water, sanitation, and hygiene stories
y Press conference by government ofcial
y Introduction of new initiative to improve
access to handwashing stations
y Government declaration of renewed
commitment to water, sanitation, and hygiene
y Develop a special handwashing postage stamp
y Take over a large venue such as a stadium or
theme park and decorate with handwashing
Activity List