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Childrens laws

1. Special Protection of children

2. Anti-trafficking Law
3. Anti-Lewd Look Law
4. Anti-Bullying Law

Who is a child?
anyone below 18 years old
anyone over 18 years old who is unable and cannot
take care of himself/herself because of a physical or
mental disability.

Anti child-abuse
(RA 7610, Special Protection of Children Against Abuse,
Exploitation and Discrimination Act, as amended by RA 7658 and
RA 9231)

child abuse - an act which causes physical, psychological
pain, cruelty or neglect, sexual abuse, or exploitation
of a child

*cruelty - words or actions which belittles the dignity of
a child as a human being.

*child neglect - failure of financially able parent or
guardian to provide adequate food, clothing, shelter,
education or medical care which seriously endangers
the child

*child exploitation - hiring, employment, persuasion,
inducement, or coercion of child to perform in lewd
exhibitions and shows, whether live, on video or film,
or to pose or act as a model in lewd or pornographic
materials, or to sell or distribute these.

Anti-Trafficking Law
(RA 10364, Expanded Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2012)

Trafficking in persons- refers to the act of recruiting,
obtaining, hiring, providing, offering, transportation,
harboring or receipts of persons with or without the
victims consent or knowledge, within or across
national borders by means of threat, or use of force or
other forms of coercion, abduction, fraud, deception,
abuse of power or of position, taking advantage of the
vulnerability of the person, or the giving or receiving
of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a
person having control over another person for the
purpose of exploitation which includes at a minimum,
the exploitation or the prostitution of others, or other
forms of sexual exploitation, forced labor, or services,
slavery, servitude or the removal or sale of organs.

*prostitution- the use of a person by another for sexual
or lewd conduct in exchange for money or something

*forced labor- when work or service is taken from a
person through enticement, violence, deception,
intimidation or threat, force or coercion.

Anti-Lewd Look Law
(RA 9995, Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009)

Purpose of the law: to prevent the increase of
scandals and to punish those acts that destroy the
honor, integrity, and dignity of a person.

Prohibited acts:
taking of photos or videos of persons performing
sexual acts or similar activities including images or
private parts.
copying or reproduction of the image or video.
sale, distribution, publication, exhibition of the image
or video through DVD, internet, celphones, or other
similar means.

Anti-Bullying Law
(RA 10627, Anti-Bullying Act of 2012)

bullying - any harsh or repeated use of a written, verbal,
or electronic expression, or physical act or gesture, or
combination, directed at another which causes fear of
physical or emotional harm or damage to property.
actions that create a hostile environment at school for
the other students.

Types/ Forms:
Physical - when a bully punches, shoves, kicks, slaps,
tickles, headlocks, pulls pranks, teases, fights, and
uses available objects as weapons in fights.

Verbal - when a bully uses foul language, bad words,
name-calls, and torments others based on looks,
clothes or body.

Cyber-bullying - bullying through the use of
technology such as social media: facebook, twitter,

mom, dad, siblings, guardians
aunts or uncles
*abuse offenses are public crimes and may be reported
by any citizen having personal knowledge of the
circumstances of the crime.


imprisonment, fine plus civil liability

rehabilitation program for the bully