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*Voice over: Prayer and National Anthem and also introducing for the emcees.

(Opening spill)
Jo: Beauty
Kelvin: Looks
Jo: Brain
Kelvin: and talent
Jo: 8 good-looking and gorgeous partners for tonight that will compete for one title.
Kelvin: who will standout? And who will get the crown for title of
Both: Mr. and Ms. BTM 2014
Jo: hello kelvin!
Kelvin: hello Jo!
Jo: Good evening everyone!
Kelvin: Yes! Good evening BTM!!
Jo: looks like are nights will be a great one because were back on stage to witness our good-looking and
gorgeous candidates in our course.
Kelvin: thats right partner, it only explain that were not just good in class but we have this beauty and
looks that everyone should be witness.
Jo: that right. So everyone, are you ready?
Kelvin: we cant hear you? Are you ready to see them?
Jo: ladies and gentlemen please welcome
Both: our candidates!!!
(Production number and introduce one by one)

(Criteria and Casual wear)
Kelvin: whoa. Thats was just the introduction but everyone are standing in their feet to support their
Jo: thats right, Im sure everyone are very energetic to cheer up their bets.
Kelvin: yeah, but before anything else, in order to win this pageant, they have to pass for the criteria for
Jo: so the criteria for judging are:
(Present the criteria)
Kelvin: next is our board of judges. Lets start w/ judge no.1 (info for judge #1)
Jo: next, judge no.2 (info for judge #2)
Kelvin: and last but not the least judge no.3 (info for judge #3)
Jo: good evening judges!
Kelvin; good evening judges, so partner, looks like their ready for their next ramp.
Jo: I also see that, so let welcome again our candidates in their fabulous Casual Wear!

(Intermission #1)
Kelvin: wow. Looks like they are very prepared for this competition.
Jo: yeah thats right, from what weve seen their outfits are well prepared and just suits to their good
looking and gorgeous faces.
Kelvin: but just to break the silence. We will have an ice breaker that will also come from our
schoolmate. Give it up for.. (Group no#1 intermission)

(Creative theme wear)
Jo: what a nice performance from (name of group)
Kelvin: yeah. Thank you for that energetic performance.
Jo: so lets move on, now well see their creative dress that they made.
Kelvin: I wonder what theyre wearing. Hmmm.
Jo: so btm, are you ready to see again your classmates wearing their creative dress?
Kelvin: so what are we waiting for, lets welcome again our candidates!!

(Intermission #2)
Jo: wow. Our candidates are very good in their creative theme wear,
Kelvin: yeah, and we see to their faces that theyre very ready in this competition.
Jo: whoa, this is a very competitive night for everyone.
Kelvin: but hold on partner, just to catch your excitement for next ramp. Well be having again an
intermission number from yours truly,
Jo: really partner? So what are we waiting for? Give up for BTM 4-1 band! Let give them a round of

(Long Gown/Formal Wear)
Jo: wow partner. Ang galing galing naman.
Kelvin: thank you. So lets move on, Im sure everyone are waiting for this portion.
Jo: why partner? What will be their next dress to wear?
Kelvin: of course the long gown and formal wear.
Jo: I see, yeah among these 3 wearing dress code, Im sure this is the very important one, because this
also the time they will move to Q&A portion. So with no further ado, our candidate in their formal

(Q&A interview by the emcees impromptu)

(Awarding of all winners)
Kelvin: so thats it partner. Were done with the Q&A portion, and were just waiting for the result. They
will just tabulate and total the points of our candidates.
Jo: well, while were waiting for the result. Lets award first the winner of the BTM Amazing Race
Challenge and also the winner/s in t-shirt design making contest
Kelvin: to present the award and certificates for the winner of BTM amazing race challenge may we
call on stage our judges.
Jo: congratulations guys, next, for the winner of t-shirt making contest

(Final awards and winner of the pageant)
Kelvin: so for the moment that we were all waiting for. We have the result of the winners.
*Best in blah.blah.blah
*Runner-ups and the Champion
(Closing remark)
Jo: to finally close this event may we call on our chairman Mr. John Darylle Valmores for some final few
Kelvin: so again, thank you everyone and congratulation to all our winners. You did all a great job guys.
Jo: so again im jonalyn salon
Kelvin: and im john kelvin garlitos
Both: and were the masters of ceremony! Goodnight guys!

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