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Writ Petition(s)(Civil) No(s).!"#$%%&
'OLUNTAR( )EALT) ASS. OF PUN*A+ Petitioner(s)
UNION OF INDIA , ORS. Res-on.ent(s)
(/it0 1--ln. (s) 2or 3l1ri2i31tion 1n. e4e5-tion 2ro5 2ilin6 O.T.
1n. 27rt0er .ire3tion 1n. -er5ission 1n. o22i3e re-ort)
(For Fin1l Dis-os1l)
SLP(Crl) No. 88%%#$%9
(Wit0 O22i3e Re-ort)
W.P.(C) No. 8:8#$%9!
(Wit0 O22i3e Re-ort)

D1te ; 9&#%"#$%9! T0is -etition /1s 31lle. on 2or 0e1rin6 to.1<.
For Petitioner(s) Mr. Colin Gons1lves? Sr. A.v.
Ms. A@0iti G7-t1? A.v.
Ms. *<oti Men.ir1tt1?A.v.

Mr. S1nAeev P1riB0? A.v.
Ms. Anit1 S0eno<? A.v.
Ms. Ne01 Sin60? A.v.
Ms. Pr130i Ar<1? A.v.
Ms. M15t1 S14en1? A.v.
Mr. Rit/iB P1riB0? A.v.
Mr. A.N. Sin60? A.v.
Ms. R730i >o0li?A.v.
Mr.>1-il *os0i? A.v.
Ms. M1nA7 *etle<?A.v.
For Res-on.ent(s) Mr. Neer1A >is01n >17l? ASG
Ms. +in7 T15t1? A.v.
Mr. S01.51n Ali? A.v.
Ms. S7nit1 S01r51? A.v.
Digitally signed by
Gulshan Kumar Arora
Date: 2014.09.16
16:35:46 IST
Signature Not Verified
Mr. S. W1si5 A. C1.ri? A.v.
Mr. D1i. Ali? A.v.
Mr. D.S. M10r1? A.v.
Ms. Atre<i C01tterAee? A.v.
Mr. S01Eeel A051.? A.v.
Mr. >751r? A.v.
Mr. Ar301n1 Sin60? A.v.
Mr. A@0ist0 >751r?A.v.
Mr. Anil >751r *01?A.v.
Mr. Anil S0riv1st1v?A.v.
Mr. Rit7r1A +is/1s? A.v.
Mr. Ani- S130t0e<?A.v.
Mr. S11B11r S1r.1n1? A.v.
Ms. +1ns7ri S/1r1A? A.v.
Mr. Annir7.0 S01r51? A.v.
Ms. As01 Go-1l1n N1ir? A.v.
Mr. Anir7..01 P. M1<ee?A.v.

Mr. Ar7n >. Sin01?A.v.
Mr. Arvin. >751r S01r51?A.v.
Mr. S1-15 +is/1Ait Meitei? A.v.
Mr. As0oB >751r Sin60?A.v.
Mr. AviAit +01tt1301rAee?A.v.
Mrs. >. En1toli Se51? A.v.
Mr. A5it >751r Sin60? A.v.
Mr. +1l1Ai Sriniv1s1n?A.v.
Mr. +. +1l1Ai?A.v.
Mr. R. D1ves0 S01r51? A.v.
Mr. S. An1n.? A.v.
Mr. R. S01se? A.v.
Mr. +. S. +1nt0i1?A.v.
Mr. D. M10es0 +1@7?A.v.
Mr. G17r1v >eAri/1l?A.v.
Mr. Go-1l Sin60?A.v.
Mr. C01n.1n >715r? A.v.
Mr. Rit7r1A +is/1s? A.v.
Mr. M7Bes0 'er51? A.v.
Mr. * >751r +01ti1?A.v.
Mr. Nitin LonB1r? A.v.
Mr. S0rir15 P. Pin6le? A.v.
Mr. *1< >is0or Sin60?A.v.
Mr. Milin. >751r?A.v.
Mr. P. N. G7-t1?A.v.
Mr. P. '. Dines0?A.v.
Mr. Pr16<1n S01r51? A.v.
Mr. P. '. (o6es/1r1n?A.v.
Mr. )es07 >1<in1? A.v.
Mr. R1Aes0 Sriv1st1v1?A.v.
Mrs. +. S7nit1 R1o?A.v.
Mr. S0i@1s0is0 Misr1?A.v.
Mr. S0rir15 P. Pin6le?A.v.
Mr. S7nil
Mr. T. )1ris0 >751r?A.v.
Mr. T. '. Geor6e?A.v.
Mr. '. G. Pr161s15?A.v.
Mr. S.*. Aristotle? A.v.
Mr. Pr1@7 R151s7@r151ni1n? A.v.
Mr. '. N. R1607-1t0<?A.v.
Ms. Anit01 S0eno<?A.v.
Ms. C. >. S7301rit1?A.v.
Ms. '1rtiB1 S1r1< W1li1? A.v.
For M#s Cor-or1te L1/ Gro7-?A.v.
Ms. )e51ntiB1 W10i?A.v.
Ms. *es1l? A.v.
Ms. P7A1 Sin60? A.v.
Ms. Preeti +01r./1A? A.v.
Ms. >15ini *1is/1l?A.v.
Mr. S7r<1n1r1<1n1 Sin60? AAG
Ms. Pr161ti NeeB0r1?A.v.
Ms. R1301n1 Sriv1st1v1?A.v.
Mr. S.S. S015s0er<? AAG
Mr. A5it S01r51? A.v.
Ms. R730i >o0li?A.v.
Ms. S7s051 S7ri?A.v.

Mr. +016/1ti Pr1s1.? Sr. A.v.
Mr. Sin60? A.v.
Mr. )i51ns07 Sin60 D0illon? A.v.
Mr. Mer7s161r S151nt1r1<?A.v.
Mr. A. M1ri1r-7t015? AAG SiBBi5
Mrs. Ar7n1 M1t07r? A.v.
Mr. (o7s72 >01n? A.v.
Mr. S. U.1<1 >751r S161r? A.v.
Mr. Pr1t1- 'en76o-1l? A.v.
Mr. P.>. *01? A.v.
Ms. Ni01riB1? A.v.
Mr. G.M. >1/oos1? A.v.
Mr. As0oB M1t07r? A.v.
Mr. >.'. *16.is0v1r1n? A.v.
Mrs. G. In.ir1? A.v.
Mr. M1nAit Sin60? AAG
Mrs. N7-7r C0o7.01r<? A.v.
Mrs. 'iveBt1 Sin60? A.v.
Mr. >151l Mo01n G7-t1? A.v.
Mr. AA1< +1ns1l? AAG
Mr. >7l.i- Sin60? A.v.
Mr. G17r1v (1.1v1? A.v.
UPON 0e1rin6 t0e 3o7nsel t0e Co7rt 51.e t0e 2ollo/in6

T0is Co7rt on !
M1r30? $%9 01. .elivere. t0e A7.65ent in
Voluntary Health Association of Punjab vs. Union of India & Ors.
F($%9) ! SCC 9G? e4-ressin6 its 3on3ern 1@o7t 2e51le 2oeti3i.e
1n. t0e re.73tion o2 se4 r1tio 1n. 27rt0er 0o/ t0e -ersons /0o 1re
reE7ire. to involve in s730 1/1reness 2or sto--in6 o2 2e51le
2oeti3i.e s0o7l. eE7i- t0e5selves? 1n. in t01t 3onte4t 01. iss7e.
n75@er o2 .ire3tions. A2ter en75er1tin6 t0e .ire3tions? t0e Co7rt
.ire3te. 1ll t0e St1te Govern5ents to 2ile 1 st1t7s re-ort /it0in
1 -erio. o2 t0ree 5ont0s.
In -1r16r1-0s 1n. !? in 1 3on37rrin6 o-inion? it 01. @een
o@serve. t07s ;
HIt is .i22i37lt to -re3isel< st1te 0o/ 1n
1/1reness 315- is to @e 3on.73te.. It /ill
.e-en. 7-on /01t Bin. 1n. str1t1 o2 -eo-le 1re
@ein6 1..resse. to. T0e -ersons involve. in s730
1/1reness 315-1i6n 1re reE7ire. to eE7i-
t0e5selves /it0 3onstit7tion1l 3on3e-ts? 37lt7re?
-0iloso-0<? reli6ion? s3ri-t7r1l 3o551n.s 1n.
inA7n3tions? t0e 51n.1te o2 t0e l1/ 1s en6r12te. t0e A3t 1n. 1@ove 1ll t0e .evelo-5ent o2
5o.ern s3ien3e. It nee.s no s-e3i1l e5-01sis to
st1te t01t in 1/1reness 315-s /0ile t0e .eterrent
213ets o2 l1/ 1re reE7ire. to @e 133ent71te.
7-on? si57lt1neo7sl< t0e .esir1@ilit< o2 l1/ to
@e 2ollo/e. /it0 s-irit71l o@eis1n3e? re61r.
@ein6 01. to t0e -7r-ose o2 t0e A3t? 01s to @e
stresse. 7-on. T0e see5l< s<n30roniI1tion s01ll
@rin6 t0e reE7ire. e22e3t. T01t 1-1rt?
.o375ent1r< 2il5s 31n @e s0o/n to 0i60li60t t0e
nee.J 1n. instil t0e i.e1 in t0e 5in. o2 t0e
-7@li3 1t l1r6e? 2or /0en t0e 5in. @e3o5es
stron6? 5o7nt1ins .o 5elt.
!. T0e -eo-le involve. in t0e 1/1reness
315-1i6ns s0o7l. 01ve @ol.ness 1n. 3o7r16e.
T0ere s0o7l. not @e 1n< iot1 o2 3on27sion or
-er-le4it< in t0eir t0o760t or 13tion. T0e<
s0o7l. tre1t it 1s 1 -ro@le5 1n. t0inB t01t 1
-ro@le5 01s to @e 7n.erstoo. in 1 -ro-er 51nner
to 122or. 1 sol7tion. T0e< s0o7l. @e1r in 5in.
t01t t0e< 1re reE7ire. to 301n6e t0e 5in.set o2
t0e -eo-le? t0e 6r155er o2 t0e so3iet< 1n.
7n133e-t1@le @elie2s in0erent in t0e -o-7l13e.K
W0en t0e 51tter /1s liste. to.1<? Mr. P1riB0? le1rne. 3o7nsel
1--e1rin6 2or Dr. S1@7 M1t0e/ Geor6e in IA No.99 o2 $%9 In Writ
Petition (Civil) No.!" o2 $%%& 01s s7@5itte. t01t 3ert1in
.ire3tions in -1r16r1-0 "".9 51< reE7ire 3l1ri2i31tion. It is
1lso 3onten.e. @< 0i5 t01t t0e Union o2 In.i1 01s to 1ni51te
itsel2 in 1n 1--ro-ri1te 51nner to see t01t t0e se4 r1tio is
51int1ine. 1n. .oes not re.73e 27rt0er. It is 0is s7@5ission t01t
t0e Centr1l S7-ervision Co55ittee /0i30 is reE7ire. to 5eet to
t1Be sto3B o2 t0e sit71tion 01s not 5et 2or t0e l1st 9! 5ont0s.
It is 1lso 7r6e. t01t t0e N1tion1l Monitorin6 Co55ittee /0o is
reE7ire. to 5onitor 01s 21ile. in its .7t<. T01t 1-1rt? le1rne.
3o7nsel /o7l. s7@5it -ointin6 o7t 2ro5 t0e 122i.1vit 2ile. @<
1--li31nt in IA No.99 o2 $%9 t01t t0e St1te o2 >er1l1 01s 1.o-te.
1 5et0o. 1s 1 3onseE7en3e o2 /0i30 t0e 2e51le 2oeti3i.e 01s
.e3re1se. 1n. se4 r1tio 01s in3re1se.#i5-rove.. )e 01s .r1/n o7r
1ttention to -1r16r1-0s 8 1n. " /0i30 re1. 1s 2ollo/s ;
H8. T0e Sev1n1 /e@site? 133esse. 1t
/// 51int1ine. @< t0e >er1l1
Govern5ent (Lo31l sel2 6overn5ent De-1rt5ent) .et1ils o2 1ll @irt0s 1n. ot0er vit1l
st1tisti3s /0i30 1re ele3troni31ll< re6istere. @<
t0e Lo31l Govern5ents in t0e re6istr1tion 7nits.
>er1l1 /1s t0e 2irst St1te in In.i1 to 01ve 1
3entr1liIe. .1t1@1se o2 3ivil re6istr1tion
re3or.s 2ro5 1ll re6istr1tion 7nits. T0is
initi1tive o2 t0e >er1l1 Govern5ent 01s re3eive.
/i.e 133l1i5. T0ere@< 2ro5 t0e /e@site /e 6et
in2or51tion re61r.in6 t0e n75@er o2 @o<s 1n.
6irls @ein6 @orn.
P7@li3 .is-l1< o2 @irt0 .1t1 se4L/ise
tr1ns-1ren3< 1@o7t t0e -er2or51n3e o2 e130 St1te?
Distri3t 1n. s7@LDistri3t in res-e3t to t0e
13t71l @irt0s 1n. t0ere2ore? 0el-s to 0i60li60t
1n< -otenti1l 51lL-r13ti3e o2 se4 .eter5in1tion.
T0is -7@li3 Bno/le.6e 51< .iss71.e @ot0 t0e
7net0i31l 5e.i31l -ro2ession1ls 1n. t0e 6ener1l
-7@li3 in t0e lon6 r7n 2ro5 3o55ittin6 3ri5es o2
se4 .eter5in1tion 1n. se4 sele3tive 1@ortion. As
no 3o557nit< /o7l. liBe to @e sti651tiIe. in t0e
-7@li3 .o51in <e1r 12ter <e1r 2or 3ri5es o2 se4
.eter5in1tion or se4 sele3tion 3o55itte.
". T01t @elo/ 1re .et1ils o2 so5e o2 t0e
in2or51tion .is-l1<e. on t0e /e@site;
i) T0e @irt0 in2or51tion is s7551rise. 2or t0e
St1te. An. 2or e130 7nit? Distri3t?
M7ni3i-1lit<? Cor-or1tion or Gr15 P1n301<1t
level .1t1 31n @e o@t1ine. @< 3li3Bin6 t0e
ii) Gr1-0s -rovi.e 1 vis71l 3o5-1rison o2 @o<s
1n. 6irls @orn over t0e -1st t0ree <e1rs.
iii) T0is is 1v1il1@le 1t t0e St1te? Distri3t 1n.
ot0er lo31l @o.< levels.K
Mr. P1riB0 01s 1lso .r1/n o7t 1ttention to t0e -roviso to
Se3tion !() o2 t0e A3t /0i30 re1.s 1s 2ollo/s ;
H!. Re67l1tion o2 -reLn1t1l .i16nosti3
te30niE7es.LL On 1n. 2ro5 t0e 3o55en3e5ent o2
t0is A3t?LL
(9) M
($) M
() M
Provi.e. t01t t0e -erson 3on.73tin6
7ltr1sono6r1-0< on 1 -re6n1nt /o51n s01ll Bee-
3o5-lete re3or. t0ereo2 in t0e 3lini3 in s730
51nner? 1s 51< @e -res3ri@e.? 1n. 1n< .e2i3ien3<
or in1337r13< 2o7n. t0erein s01ll 15o7nt to
3ontr1vention o2 t0e -rovisions o2 se3tion 8 1n.
se3tion & 7nless 3ontr1r< is -rove. @< t0e -erson
3on.73tin6 s730 7ltr1sono6r1-0<.K
It is -ro-o7n.e. @< 0i5 t01t t0e 3on3erne. 17t0orities 01ve
not 13te. on t0e @1sis o2 t0e 12ores1i. -rovision in 1ll
serio7sness 1s 1 res7lt o2 /0i30 t0e n1tion is 213in6 t0e .is1ster
o2 2e51le 2oeti3i.e.
Mr. Gons1lves? le1rne. senior 3o7nsel 1--e1rin6 2or t0e /rit
-etitioner 01s .r1/n o7t 1ttention to t0e 122i.1vit 2ile. @< t0e
-etitioner 3onten.in6? inter 1li1? t01t t0e se4 r1tio in 5ost o2
t0e St1tes 01s .e3re1se. 1n. in 3ert1in St1tes? t0ere 01s @een 1
5inor in3re1se? @7t t0e s15e is not liBel< to s7@serve t0e 1i5s
1n. o@Ae3ts o2 t0e PreL3on3e-tion 1n. PreLn1t1l Di16nosti3
Te30niE7es (Pro0i@ition o2 Se4 Sele3tion) A3t? 9""! (t0e A3t).
A2ter re2errin6 to t0e 0istor< o2 t0is liti61tion /0i30 01s @een
3ontin7in6 in t0is Co7rt sin3e lon6? 0e 01s s7@5itte. t01t 3ert1in
.ire3tions 1re reE7ire. to @e iss7e.. We t0inB it 1-t to
re-ro.73e 3ert1in s766estions t01t 01ve @een 51.e in t0e
H1) For 1n .ire3tin6 t0e Centr1l
S7-ervisor< +o1r. to revie/ t0e 27n3tionin6 o2
t0e St1te#UT S7-ervisor< +o1r.s 1n. s7@5it 1
re-ort to t0is Co7rt /it0in one 5ont0.
@) For 1n .ire3tin6 t0e i55e.i1te
re3onstit7tion o2 t0e St1te 1n. Union Territor<
S7-ervisor< +o1r.s in 133or.1n3e /it0 se3tions :
1n. 9&LA? in3l7.in6 t0erein t0ose /0o 1re
Bno/le.6e1@le? 3on3erne.? e4-erien3e. 1n. in 1
-osition to s-en. 1 s7@st1nti1l 15o7nt o2 ti5e to
27ll< i5-le5ent t0e -rovisions o2 t0is A3t.
3) For 1 .ire3tion to 1ll t0e st1te 6overn5ents
1n. 7nion territories 1n. 1ll t0e st1tes#UT
s7-ervisor< @o1r.s to 2ile in t0is Co7rt t0e
5in7tes o2 t0eir 5eetin6s over t0e -1st 8 <e1rs.
.) For 1 .ire3tion to t0e +o1r.s to 5eet
re67l1rl< 1t le1st on3e in ever< si4#2o7r 5ont0s?
1s t0e 31se 51< @e? in 133or.1n3e /it0 t0e
-rovisions o2 t0is A3t.
e) For 1n .ire3tin6 t0e st1te # 7nion
territories to ens7re t01t t0e A.visor<
Co55ittees 1re 3onstit7te. 1n. 1re 27n3tionin6 se3tion 9: o2 t0e A3t in 1ll .istri3ts
/it0in t0ree 5ont0s 2ro5 to.1< 1n. 2or 1
.ire3tion to t0e Distri3t A.visor< Co55ittees to
3on.73t t0eir 5eetin6s 1t le1st on3e in ever< t/o
5ont0s in 133or.1n3e /it0 t0e -rovisions o2 t0e
2) For 1n .ire3tin6 t0e 3entr1l 1n. st1te
s7-ervisor< @o1r.s to s7@5it re-orts in t0is
Co7rt re61r.in6 t0e st1t7s 1n. t0e 27n3tionin6
t0e 1.visor< 3o55ittees t0ro760o7t t0e 3o7ntr<.
6) For 1n .ire3tin6 1ll st1tes 1n. 7nion
territories? 1s /ell 1s t0e st1te s7-ervisor<
@o1r.s to 2ile st1t7s re-orts in t0is Co7rt
re61r.in6 t0e st1t7s 1n. 27n3tionin6 o2 t0e
1--ro-ri1te 17t0orities 6ivin6 27ll .et1ils o2
t0e seiIin6 o2 re3or.s? t0e se1lin6 o2 5130ines?
t0e instit7tin6 o2 le61l -ro3ee.in6s 1n. t0e
res7lts t0ereo2? t0e 31n3ell1tion o2 re6istr1tion
1n. ot0er .et1ils 1s 1re reE7ire..
0) For 1n .ire3tin6 t0e Res-on.ents to
3onstit7te S7@ Distri3t A--ro-ri1te A7t0orities
(AA) /it0in si4 5ont0s 2ro5 to.1< 1n. to ens7re
t01t 1ll t0e 1--ro-ri1te 17t0orities in t0e st1te
01ve in.73te. re-7t1te. in.ivi.71ls#NGOs /0o 1re
-1ssion1tel< intereste. in t0e en2or3e5ent o2 t0e
A3t 1n. 1re /illin6 to s-en. 1.eE71te ti5e 2or
en2or3e5ent 5e1s7res.
i) For 1n .ire3tin6 t0e AAs t0ro760o7t
t0e 3o7ntr< to 13t i55e.i1tel< on in2or51tion
re3eive. rel1tin6 to @re130 o2 t0e -rovisions o2
t0e A3t 1n. R7les @<? inter 1li1? 2ort0/it0
seiIin6 re3or.s? se1lin6 5130ines 1n. instit7tin6
le61l -ro3ee.in6s in 133or.1n3e /it0 l1/ in 1
ti5e @o7n. 51nner.
A) For 1n .ire3tin6 1ll AA=s t0ro760o7t
t0e 3o7ntr< to 5onitor on 1 5ont0l< @1sis t0e
-ro6ress o2 -rose37tion t0is A3t 1n. to
51Be 1 re-ort o2 t0e -ro6ress o2 31ses /it0
s-e3i1l e5-01sis on .el1< 1n. t0e 13E7itt1l o2
1337se. -ersons in3l7.in6 t0e re1sons 2or t0e
B) For 1n .ire3tin6 t0e AA=s to 51Be 1
re-ort to t0e St1te Me.i31l Co7n3ils in res-e3t
o2 301r6es 2r15e. 1n. t0e 3onvi3tion o2 .o3tors t0e A3t? 2or ne3ess1r< 13tion in3l7.in6
s7s-ension o2 t0e re6istr1tion o2 t0e .o3tor 1n.
2or re5ov1l o2 t0e n15e o2 t0e .o3tor 2ro5 t0e
re6ister o2 t0e Co7n3il in 133or.1n3e /it0
se3tion $($) o2 t0e A3t.
l) For 1n .ire3tin6 t0e AAs to 2ort0/it0
investi61te /0et0er t0e o-er1tors o2 t0e 3lini3s
1re E71li2ie. 1n. i2 not to 31n3el t0e
re6istr1tion o2 s730 3lini3s.
5) For 1n .ire3tin6 t0e St1te#Union o2
In.i1 to 6ive 1 3o5-li1n3e re-ort to t0e o2
t0e 3o7rt in t0e 31se o2 Co55ittee 2or Le61l Ai.
1n. Prote3tion vs. Union o2 In.i1 , Ors.
n) For 1n .ire3tin6 1ll AAs t0ro760o7t
t0e 3o7ntr< to 2ort0/it0 investi61te 1n. seiIe
1ll 5130ines /0ere t0e re6istr1tion o2 t0e
3entres 01ve e4-ire. or /0ere t0e 3entres 01ve
not @een v1li.l< re6istere. 1n. t1Be le61l 13tion
in 133or.1n3e /it0 l1/.
o) For 1n .ire3tin6 1ll AAs to 3o5-lete
t0e rene/1l o2 re6istr1tion -ro3ess in ti5e 1n.
on .e217lt @< t0e AAs 2or 1n .ire3tin6 t0e
St1te to -rose37te t0e AAs Se3tion $8 o2
t0e A3t.
-) For 1n .ire3tin6 t0e AAs to 31n3el t0e
re6istr1tion o2 1ll 3entres not sen.in6 re-orts
3o5-lete. in 1ll res-e3ts to t0e AAs @< t0e 2i2t0
.1< o2 t0e 5ont0.
E) For 1n .ire3tin6 t0e AAs to 31n3el t0e
re6istr1tion o2 1ll 3entres not -ro-erl<
51int1inin6 t0e re6isters 1n. re3or.s 1s reE7ire. t0e A3t? -1rti37l1rl< 2ro5 =)= 1n. For5 =F=
1n. -1rti37l1rl< /0en re6isters 1n. re3or.s 1re
not 27ll< 2ille. 7- 1n. not .7l< si6ne..
r) 2or 1n .ire3tin6 1ll AAs to ens7re
t01t 1ll Geneti3 Co7nsellin6 Centres? Geneti3
L1@or1tories 1n. Geneti3 Clini3s In2ertilit<
Clini3s 1n. S31n Centres 7sin6 -re 3on3e-tion 1n.
-re n1t1l .i16nosti3 te30niE7es 1n. -ro3e.7res
51int1in .7-li31te 3o-ies o2 1ll re3or.s 1n. 1ll
2or5s reE7ire. to @e 51int1ine. t0e A3t 1n.
sen. t0e .7-li31te 3o-ies to t0e 3on3erne.
.istri3t AAs on 1 5ont0l< @1sis 1lon6 /it0 t0e
5ont0l< re-ort? in 133or.1n3e /it0 t0e -rovisions
o2 t0e R7le "(8).
s) For 1n .ire3tin6 t0e AAs to ens7re
t01t 1ll 51n7213t7rers 1n. sellers o2 7ltr1so7n.
5130ines et3. not sell 1n< 5130ines to
7nre6istere. 3entres 1s -rovi.e. r7le LA
1n. .is3lose on 1 E71rterl< @1sis to t0e
3on3erne. st1te#UT 1n. t0e Centr1l Govern5ent t0e
lists o2 -ersons to /0o5 t0e 5130ines 01ve @een
sol. in 133or.1n3e /it0 R7le LA($) o2 t0e A3t.
t) For 1n .ire3tin6 t0e AAs to ens7re t0e
re6istr1tion 1n. 5onitorin6 o2 1ll in2ertilit<
Centres 1n. to .ere6ister 1ll s730 3entres 1n.
-rose37te i2 it is 2o7n. t01t t0e re3or.s 1re not
@ein6 51int1ine. 27ll< 1n. 1337r1tel< 1n. t0e
re-orts 1re not @ein6 sent on ti5e in 133or.1n3e
/it0 t0e -rovisions o2 t0is 13t. In -1rti37l1r
to 5onitor t0e in2or51tion re3eive. in 2or5s D? E
1n. G.
7) For 1n .ire3tin6 t0e Res-on.ents to
t1Be .is3i-lin1r< -ro3ee.in6s 161inst t0e 5e5@ers
o2 t0e AAs? CS+? SS+s 1n. NIMC 2or 21ilin6 to .o
t0eir .7t< t0e A3t 1n. to -rose37te s730
o22i3ers Se3tion $8 o2 t0e A3t in 1 ti5e
@o7n. 51nner.
v) For 1n .ire3tin6 t0e Res-on.ents to
t1Be .is3i-lin1r< -ro3ee.in6s 161inst t0e 5e5@ers
o2 t0e AAs? CS+? SS+s 1n. NIMC 1s t0e 31se 51<
@e? /0enever 1 Co5-l1int C1se is
C71s0e.#Dis5isse. on 133o7nt o2 te30ni31l 217lts
or i5-ro-er -1-er/orB.
/) For 1n .ire3tin6 t0e Res-on.ents to
2r15e 1 /itness#vi3ti5 -rote3tion -roto3ol
2ort0/it0 t0is /ill -rovi.e? inter 1li1? 2or
-oli3e -rote3tion 1n. 3o5-ens1tion.
4) For 1n .ire3tin6 t0e Union o2 In.i1 to
l1< .o/n t0e nor5s 2or t0e E71li2i31tion 2or t0e
tr1iners? t0e -l13e o2 tr1inin6 1n. t0e tr1inin6
3ontent 1n. t0e -erio. o2 tr1inin6 2or t0e
tr1iners /0o -rovi.e e4-erien3e 3erti2i31tes to
E71li2ie. .o3tors /0o o-er1te t0e 5130ines.
<) For 1n .ire3tin6 Union o2 In.i1 to
-re-1re 1n. s7@5it to t0e )ono7r1@le Co7rt 1
3o5-re0ensive st1t7s re-ort st1te /ise o2 t0e
tot1l n75@er o2 31ses instit7te. 2ro5 t0e
in3e-tion o2 t0is A3t 1n. t0e o7t3o5e o2 s730
31ses. S730 re-ort s01ll @e -re-1re. 1nn71ll<
1n. -7t on t0e /e@site.
444 444 444
11) For 1n .ire3tin6 t0e Res-on.ents to
set 7- 1n e4tensive /e@site .is-l1<in6 t0ereon
3o5-lete .1t1 re61r.in6 t0e 27n3tionin6 o2 t0e
17t0orities in3l7.in6 t0e 13tivities o2 t0e AAs
.istri3t /ise? t0e St1te A--ro-ri1te A7t0orities?
St1te S7-ervisor< +o1r.s? Centr1l S7-ervisor<
+o1r. 1n. N1tion1l Ins-e3tion 1n. Monitorin6
Co55ittee 1n. t0e St1te Ins-e3tion 1n. Monitorin6
444 444 444
ee) For 1n .ire3tin6 t0e Res-on.ents to
3onstit7te t0e N1tion1l Ins-e3tion 1n. Monitorin6
Co55ittee 1n. t0e St1te Ins-e3tion 1n. Monitorin6
Co55ittees? i2 not so 3onstit7te..
444 444 444
00) For 1n .ire3tin6 MCI#Union o2 In.i1 to
.evelo- 1 37rri37l75 2or 5e.i31l 3o7rses
re61r.in6 t0is A3t in3l7.in6 3on3erns 1n.
ii) For 1n .ire3tin6 1ll 3o7rts /0ere
-ro3ee.in6s t0is A3t 1re instit7te. to 21st
tr13B t0e -ro3ee.in6s to @e 3o5-lete. /it0in &
5ont0s 2ro5 to.1<.K
We 01ve not re2erre. to 1ll t0e s766estions 1s t0e s15e 1re
not to @e res-on.e. @< t0e Union o2 In.i1 @7t 01s to @e 1r67e.
@e2ore t0is Co7rt 1s t0e< 1re in t0e re1l5 o2 -7re E7estions o2
Mr Neer1A >is01n >17l? le1rne. A..ition1l Soli3itor Gener1l?
s01ll 2ile 1n 122i.1vit o2 t0e A..ition1l Se3ret1r< o2 )e1lt0
1n.#or 1n< ot0er 3on3erne. A..ition1l Se3ret1r< /0i30 s01ll re2le3t
t0e res-onse in t0e -ro-er -ers-e3tive. T0e 122i.1vit s01ll
3le1rl< in.i31te /01t ste-s 01ve @een t1Ben 1n. on t0e @1sis o2 t0e
ste-s t1Ben? /01t res7lts 01ve @een 130ieve..
Si5il1rl<? le1rne. 3o7nsel 2or 1ll t0e St1tes s01ll 2ile t0eir
res-onses t0ro760 t0e 3on3erne. )e1lt0 Se3ret1ries. T0e 122i.1vits
s01ll @e 2ile.? 1s .ire3te. 0erein1@ove? /it0in 2o7r /eeBs @1rrin6
t0e St1te o2 *1557 >1s05ir. T0e 3o5-etent 17t0orit< o2 t0e St1te
o2 *1557 1n. >1s05ir s01ll 2ile its 122i.1vit /it0in si4 /eeBs.
We 51< 01sten to 1.. t01t t0e 122i.1vits s01ll @e
3o5-re0ensive 1n. 57st re2le3t sin3erit< 1n. res-onsi@ilit<. It
s0o7l. not @e 1n 122i.1vit in 2or51lit<.
Let t0e 51tters @e liste. on $8.99.$%9!.
(G7ls01n >751r Aror1) (Ren7B1 S1.1n1)
Co7rt M1ster Co7rt M1ster

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