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If you are confronted with explaining what the "UCC 1-207" does here is

your answer.
When you are going to sign a contract dri!ers license" lease" #uying a
auto$o#ile" snow$o#ile" a #uilding per$it" $arriage license" de!oice decree"
or any other docu$ent%.
&'()*' you sign+++ you ha!e the right to draw a fine line through any
thing that is not to your li,ing. It can #e a nu$#er" a letter" a word or a
group of words. -t this ti$e you can add any thing you want in the contract.
-ny changes you ha!e $ade sign your na$e close to it and date it. - contract
is to ha!e all of the contract in full disclosure at the ti$e of signing. If
not the UCC 1-207 will stop you fro$ gi!ing up your rights on the contract
you are a#out to sign and !oid out any part of the contract that you ha!e
not had the opportunity to !iew.
.ow how the UCC 1-207 wor,s.
-fter you put UCC 1-207 where your signature is going to #e. " your
signature" is the last you thing you put on the docu$ent. When you pic, up
your pen fro$ the signed contract it is consu$$ated" you ha!e gi!en up your
right to change the contract. /ere is so$e $ore UCC infor$ation. 0ou can go
to a pu#lic law li#rary for $ore infor$ation.