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Orientation Guide 1 2014 12 Week Year. All rights reserved.
You now have in your possession the most powerful goal achievement system ever created. Just own-
ing it wont do much for you though, you will have to work through it, and apply it. Tis Orientation
Guide will get you started on your way. In conjunction with the Orientation Video, it will provide you
with an overview of the system, processes and tools that will enable you to achieve more in the next 12
weeks than most do in 12 months.
A 12 Week approach that moves beyond training to focus on the critical factors that drive production
and life balance.
1. Vision
2. Planning
3. Process Control
Orientation Guide 2 2014 12 Week Year. All rights reserved.
4. Scorekeeping
5. Time Use
1. Accountability
Accountability is not consequences, its __________________________!

2. Commitment
3. Greatness In Te Moment
You cant build a reputation on what youre going to do. - Henry ford
Life is either a daring adventure . . . Or nothing at all. - Helen Keller
Orientation Guide 3 2014 12 Week Year. All rights reserved.
Troughout the next 12 weeks we will guide, support, coach, and inspire you to accomplish the things
that are most meaningful to you.
Tere is a philosophy and process that all successful people understand and utilize. Te key to high
achievement is to recognize that knowledge and intellect as well as strategy and ideas only matter if you
implement: if you EXECUTE.
Knowledge is only powerful if you act on it. And great ideas are worthless unless they are implemented.
Its not enough to know what to do. Knowing and doing are two very diferent things.
Te 12 Week Year will teach you how to execute and provide you with the structure and tools to achieve
your goals.
Te process begins by you establishing one or more goals and identifying a few key actions to accomplish
each goal. Your goals and plans are then entered into Achieve! on the member site. Achieve! will create a
Weekly Plan for you each week, organizing the tactics (actions) that need to happen that week. Te system
also creates a dashboard that tracks your progress as you check of actions that you complete each week.
Every day you will receive a Challenge Video to keep you on track. Most videos are only 2-3 minutes
in length, but in those few minutes will provide you with the information and inspiration you need to
be successful. Be sure to establish the habit of setting aside a few minutes each day to view the videos.
You will also have the chance to participate in a regular coaching call. Te call is an opportunity for you
to hear directly from the co-authors Brian Moran and Mike Lennington. Youll gain valuable insights
on how to overcome obstacles and make critical game time adjustments.
Te 12 Week Year Challenge provides you with all the resources you need to be successful. From the
Member Site, to Achieve! , to the Daily Videos you have everything you need to achieve your goals in just
12 weeks. Additional resources are available via downloads from the member site.
To get of to a fast start with your 12 Week Year complete the following steps.
Step one Download and print the vision workbook from the resource center, watch the vision
video, and work through the vision workbook.
Step two - Download the High Performance Action Plan document, watch the video and work
through the handout.
Step three enter your goals and plan into Achieve!
Step four Execute your tactics daily.
Watch the daily videos and participate in the weekly coaching calls.
Make a commitment right now to take full advantage of all that Te 12 Week Year has to ofer you and
get ready for a life-changing 12 weeks!
Welcome to the 12 Week Year community!