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The information of fireworks are briefing fully in discussion below. As we know that the
fireworks are harmful substances that affect our health and environmental seriously. In
other words fireworks are environmental disaster.
First of all, fireworks are affect seriously in health. They pose serious risk pasticularly to
people who suffer athma.The metallic particles in the smoke emitted by fireworks pose a
health risk, particularly to people who suffer from asthma. This is the conclusion of a
study led by researchers from the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water
esearch !I"AEA#$%I$&..
As for that, another research also states and confirmed that fireworks give a serious
conse'uences. The smoke from fireworks increases the presence of metallic particles in
the skies (eople who live in cities already inhale significant amounts of contaminant
particles stemming from traffic emissions, chimneys and cigarettes, and the dense smoke
caused by fireworks only worsens this situation,
The best solution is to avoid inhalling it. As for another solution is people should stay
back in a place that cannot be affected by smoke and pay attention to the wind direction.
They also recommend that fireworks displays should be sited in a place that ensures the
plume of smoke will blow away from densely populated areas.
Fireworks also affect a serious problem on environment as they had been known as
environmental disaster. First environment that need to take serious is the noise pollution.
The noise pollution might be e)ceeded the limit. As for further information. There are not
serious studies about this noise pollution.
Then the another pollution is air pollution.The air pollution caused by firework reaction
products is well documented by measurements in %wit*erland and abroad. Fine
particulates are notable in reaching record short#term pollution levels. International
surveys # in more polluted areas # show that susceptible people may be measurably
Another pollution is the pollution of other environmental compartiments and indirect
effects.The firework reaction products that are emitted are deposited and thus enter the
soil, crops and, in the case of fireworks over water, standing waters. This pollution has
not been measured yet. Therefore, the deposition of firework#related elements must be
estimated from model calculations.
+ast pollution is water pollution. ,enerally, %ome -... t additional water pollution are
annually generated by fireworks due to deposition of fireworks related elements is
negligible. The assumed deposition rates should be verified, at a minimum by measuring
barium as a marker in the fallout or in environmental samples such as grass or dust from
sealed areas.