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Umesh Kumar (14A1HP049)

Satyarth Shukla ( 14A1HP052)
Vazir Rehman (14A1HP051)
Pruthviraj Pandya (14A1HP053)
Harini K N (14A1HP046)
Ritika Jha (14A1HP048)
Komal Garg (14A1HP047)
A leader is one who knows the way,
goes the way, and shows the way
John Maxwell
I am passionate about protecting Indias manufacturing
sector and the future of L&T which involves a distributed
leadership model and my strategy is for a leaner L&T,
where the structure of half of the businesses will be
Anil Manibhai Naik is the Group Executive Chairman of Larsen & Toubro
Limited, an Indian engineering conglomerate.
He was awarded the Padma Bhushan, India's 3rd highest civilian award, on
January 26, 2009. Naik was also the recipient of the 'Economic Times Awards-
Business Leader of the Year' award, for the year 2008.
He is currently the chairman of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
Personality Traits
Internal locus of Control
Workaholic; others feel being left out.
Low level of Machiavellianism
L&T has not taken any drastic steps under his leadership.
Very just in decisions taken.
Always considered the organisation over all.
Unconventional ;(interview, merit mantra)
Big five model
Leadership Style
Business acumen
Task oriented.
Long Term vision.
Managerial Grid
Fiedlers Contingency Model
Louis V. Gerstner
The thing I have learned at IBM is
that culture is everything Louis V.
Louis Vincent Gerstner, Jr. is best known for his tenure as chairman of the
board and chief executive officer of IBMfrom April 1993 until 2002 when he
retired as CEO in March and chairman in December.
He is largely credited with turning around IBM's fortunes.
He was formerly CEO of RJR Nabisco, and also held senior positions
at American Express and McKinsey & Company.
He is a graduate of Dartmouth College (1963) and holds an MBAfrom
the Harvard Business School.
Who Says Elephants Can't Dance?: Inside IBM's Historic Turnaround
Personality Traits
Embodiment of most competencies characteristics
High level of Machiavellianism
Noted change agent
Avid observer and excellent problem solver
Leadership Style
I manage by principle, not procedure
Mix of drive, motivation, integrity, business knowledge and emotional
People oriented with focus to end results
Believed in bringing change by motivating and inspiring people
Focus, Execute and Lead Key aspect of leadership for him
Louis V. Gerstner
A.M Naik
He who has never learned to obey
cannot be a good commander