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Liliana Montoya Swim 2015 Mermaids Collection
MIAMI, FL. (July 2014) Liliana Montoya swim Collection 2015 is inspired by the natural beauty of her native Latin
American roots bringing to live a collection called Mermaids, as a legend mermaids are the women of the sea who
emerge from the bottom of the ocean enchanting the sailors around the world.
Montoyas collections celebrate the colors of sprawling ocean hues, coral, tropical fish, seaweed and coastal
landscapes. Her signature gold heart ornament adorns many of her pieces, adding her personal warmth as the
heart is the universal symbol of love and romance.
The appeal of the line can be found in the fine details of the design and its quality materials. Refined fabrics,
ornaments, and brilliant colors and patterns are the essentials for the sophisticated woman seeking the highest
quality in her life and her garments. The brand is comprised of standard and stylized cuts with handcrafted
elements that bare the stamp of the diverse cultures and colors of Latin America. Liliana Montoya is in the
forefront of the bikini evolution. Women evolve and so does fashion. It is this sense of history and feel for time
that Montoya continues to capture and create her line each season. She meets the needs of cultured and
international women worldwide with fun loving, care free swim wear garments, bikinis and one pieces with select
cuts & styles, that showcase the true beauty of todays modern woman.
Mermaids show sponsored by Norwegian Cruise Line
Hair and Make up Under the Styling Artistic direction of Leonardo Rocco by Rocco Donna
About Liliana Montoya
Liliana Montoya is the Creative Director and Founder of LILIANA MONTOYA SWIM. She is based in Miami Beach,
Florida. Born and raised in Medellin, Colombia she was awarded Best Swim Designer and graduated with honors
at the Design University in her town. Lilliana Montoya brought her swim collection to reality in 2006. She initiates
operations under her name, with feminine line offering innovative garments of high quality and embellished
hand work.Fabrics, lycras and accesssories are sourced from Colombia. Her tropical roots and latin based
diversity brings stamps, influenced by her culture reinterpreted in a new version of gaudyand equilibrium textures
adding luxurywithout ostentation. The influence of Latin American fashion can be seen world-wide and is reflected
in the countless details in garments that also generate a strong visual impact. Every garment and detail of Liliana
Montoyas line is created on the search for flirty, romantic, unique bikinis exploring new scenarios combining
pastel colors as well mixing texture and silhouettes. As an Iconic touch when she was a child she replaced the M
from Montoya signature as a heart and it became the trade- mark of the Brand. Each bikini has a gold touched
heart that represents the passion she embraces for every single bikini she creates.As Montoya calls their models
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