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Shri Gajanan Vijay

Shri Gajanan Vijay is the scripture on the life and purpose of the manifestation of Shri.
Gajanan Maharaj of Shegoan, written by Das Ganu, a well known disciple of Sai Baba of
Shirdi. his te!t is widely belie"ed to contain miraculous healing properties# both spiritual as
well a physical. his te!t# called $othi is easily a"ailable in print as well as on the net# %t
comprises of &' (dhyayas.
%t is the e!perience of many de"otees of Shri Gajanan Maharaj, that if on the Dashmi,
)kadashi, Dwadashi ithis* the. '+th,''th and '&th days of the fortnight of the ,indu -unar
Month., if one reads /,/ and 0 (dhyayas *chapters., to make a total of &' chapters# the
answers to ones innermost 1uestions will be re"ealed. Gurupushyamrut 2oga is also
considered as being an auspicious period to commence reading this $othi .
%t is also the first hand e!perience of many that if one keeps reading the 'st (dhayaya, then
all obstacles and problems in life will be resol"ed after &' days. he de"otee will feel a sense
of peace and contentment if he immerses himself in this $othi
Shiv Leela Amrit to remove problems
hose who are troubled and suffering from a "ariety of problem and there seems to be no end
to their problems can read the Shi" -eela (mrit '3 times. he Shi" -eela (mrit consists of
'3 chapters and it is the e!perience of many that successful completion of this Vidhi remo"e
all problems including ones related to black magic, e"il eye and monetary and health
(fter completion of the '3 readings, one has to do 4dhyapan Vidhi. 4dhyapan Vidhi is the
conclusion of lengthy Sadhanas or 5asts. 6ne has to perform a $ooja and offer traditional
food along with sweet items to the deity# in this case Shi"a. (long with this in"iting
Brahmins, friends and relati"es has also been recommended. ,owe"er it is not essential to
perform this Vidhi on a large scale, one can do it as per ones financial position# the only thing
which matters is de"otion.
he Shi" Manas $ooja can also be chanted for '/ days, if you are unable to perform the
abo"e Sadhana. (long with this one can light Dhoop and Beal -ea"es while reading the
Stotra. hen you ha"e to collect the 4dhi *the lefto"er ash of the Dhoop.. he Bael lea"es
should also be collected and stored till they ha"e dried up, and then they ha"e to be
powdered. he 4dhi and the Bael lea"es should be mi!ed and kept in an en"elope and kept
either in your pocket, purse or home# this acts as a beneficial talisman.
Sravana Maasam -(The Holy Month of Festivals)
he month of Sra"ana is the fifth month of the ,indu calender beginning from 7haitra, and is
the most auspicious month of the 7haturmas. 6n $urnima or fullmoon day, or during the
course of the month the star 8 Sra"ana 8 rules the sky, hence the month is called Sra"anam.
his month is spread out with innumerably religious festi"als and ceremonies and almost all
the days of this month are auspicious.
Sra"anam is considered the holiest month of the year. )ach monday of this month,
known as Sra"ana Soma"aram, is a special day in Si"a temples where the dharanatra hangs
o"er the linga or the idol to bathe it with holy water, day and night. De"otees pile the linga
high with Bel 9Bil"a: lea"es and flowers and fast till sunset. he nandadeep 9&; hour lamp:
burns steadily in the temples.
Lord Siva and Sravana Masam
he legend says that when the churning of oceans < Samudra Manthanam <took place in the
month of Sra"anam, fourteen different types of rubies came out. hirteen of these were
distributed amongst the demons, e!cept ,alahal 9poison:.
-ord Si"a drank the ,alahal and stored it in his throat. ,ence the name =eelkantha 9meaning
blue throat: is attributed to Si"a. o reduce the strong effect of poison, -ord Si"a wore the
crescent moon on his head.
(ll the Gods, thereafter started offering the Ganges water to -ord Si"a to make lessen the
effect of poison. Since, this happened in the month of Sra"anam, the Si"a de"otees offer the
Ganges water in this month.%t is considered highly auspicious to wear a rudraksha in Sra"ana
(s, Mondays or Soma"arams of Sra"ana month are specially obser"ed with austerity. (ll
Mondays are de"oted to the worship of Si"a as this day is sacred to -ord Si"a. =o other
Mondays of other months are so greatly honoured. he belief is that in Sra"ana month,
offering milk to -ord Shi"a earns a lot of punya.
Sinifi!an!e of Sravana "ee#days
)ach day in the month of Sra"ana has a special significance and has its own ritual
Monday> is the day of -ord Si"a worship.
T$esday> Gauri is worshipped in e"ery home, by women for the good health of their family.
"ednesday> are dedicated to Vithala, a form of Vishnu or ?rishna.
Th$rsday> are also days for worshipping Buddha and Guru.
Friday> e"ery home worships -akshmi and ulasi.
Sat$rday> are for Saturn 9Sani:. %t is also known as Sra"ana Saturdays with the object of
obtaining wealth. hese days are known as Sampat Sani"ara 9wealth Saturdays:.
S$nday> are meant worshipping the Sun god. Sun worship was general in the Vedic
period and e"en now it is so. )specially in Sra"anam, e"ery Sunday the Sun is
worshipped without fail.
Festivals in Sravana Month
=aga<$anchami, ?alkya"atara ,$utradaikadashi , ,indola or Swinging =arali $urnima
Srra"ani $urnima , $a"itraropana ,@aksha Bandhana Vara -akshmi Vratam ,@ishi $anchami
Go"atsa and Bahula ,Sitala Saptami ,Aanmashtami ,(jaikadasi
%mportan!e of Shravan Masam for Hind$s&
Shra"ana Masam is the fifth month according to the lunar calendar or ,indu calendar. his is
one of the most important and holiest months along with ?arthika Month
Shra"an month also marks the beginning of the auspicious 7haturmas 9; months:. (ll the
spiritual leaders start their austere journey by following 7haturmasya Deeksha in these ;
Forms of 'orship in different parts of %ndia&
Be all are "ery much ac1uainted with Som"ar Vrat dedicated to lord Shi"a. (part from the
usual festi"als, there are special festi"als like Mangal Gouri $uja, Shra"an Shukra"aram,
=aga $anchami, Sri ?irshna Aayanti, Gopala ?ala in Maharashtra, @aksha Bandhan, =arali
$oornima and Vara -akshmi Vratam. )"ery day in Shra"an month is meant for a uni1ue puja
like Monday for Shi"a $uja, uesday for Mangala Gauri $uja, Bednesday for Budh $uja,
hursday for Guru $uja, 5riday for goddess Shakti, Saturday for -ord Venkateshwara or
Shani god and Sunday for sun God.
(ther aspe!ts of Shravan Masam&
,indus a"oid spicy food, non "egetarian foods during Shra"an. Some other sections of
,indus sa"our only one meal per day during all the month of Shra"an. )"en spiritually and in
terms of health, this one time meal is followed to a"oid any diseases as it comes in monsoon
Some of the important and simple practises to be followed in the month of Shra"an are
chanting of Mrityunjaya Mantram in praise of -ord Shi"a, offer Bilwa $atra to Shi"a -inga
and chant mantra using @udraksh.
During Sraa"ana masam, austerities like )ka Bhuktha 9taking one time meals:, =aktha Vratha
9fasting during day time and taking meals at night: are prescribed. Saaka<daana 9Vegetables:
is prescribed on Sra"ana sukla Dwadasi day. Borshipping -ord Vishnu and -ord Shi"a
during Sraa"ana masam is highly meritorious. By obser"ing the prescribed austerities and
worshipping -ord Vishnu, -ord Shi"a, Goddess Sri Maha -akshmi and Goddess Gouri
during Sraa"ana masam one will be bestowed with good health, longe"ity, and prosperity.
(strologically Sra"ana star is regarded as an auspicious star which falls in the Codiac sign of
Makara @aasi 97apricorn: ruled by Saturn. %t is said that when Sun during his transit in
Makara @aasi comes opposite to Sra"ana star the doors of Vaikuntam 9Moksha Dwara: gets
opened. Bhen Sun enters into Makara @aasi, 4ttarayana begins. Sra"ana is considered as a
star of learning and Sraa"ana masam is the auspicious month to begin learning. hat is why
the sacred ritual 4pakarma takes place in the sacred month Sraa"ana masam that marks the
beginning of study of Vedas in olden days. Sra"ana star forms the basis for performing
4pakarma for @ug<Vedis in Sraa"ana masam. -iterally Sra"ana means to listen. Bithout
good listening one cannot be a good learner.
%n Vedic terminology Sraa"ana masam is referred to as =abho<Masam. =abho is a Sanskrit
word meaning (akasa 9Sky: that refers to the celestial nature of Sraa"ana masam and the
Sra"ana star. Sanskrit dictionary also connects the word =abhasa to Sraa"ana masam
meaning the rainy season and =abhas means celestial or hea"enly. During Sraa"ana masam
Sun transits into Simha @aasi 9-eo sign: that is known as Simha Sankramana. Sraa"ana
masam marks the beginning of Varsha @uthu when the monsoon will be acti"e. -ord Sri
Maha Vishnu in the name of Sridhara is the $residing Deity 9Maasa =iyamaka: go"erning
Sraa"ana Masam. Be find a reference to the word Sridhara in sloka D 30 of Sri Vishnu
Sahasranama Stothram. Sri means Goddess Sri Maha -akshmi and Dhara means bearing.
Sridhara means the 6ne who always bears on ,is chest Goddess Sri Maha -akshmi. %n &;
?esa"a =aamaas also we find the word Sridhara as the ninth one.
6ut of the se"en week days that we ha"e, four days "iC. Monday, uesday, 5riday and
Saturday ha"e ac1uired lot of significance in Sraa"ana masam. Mondays for worshipping
-ord Shi"a, uesdays for Goddess Gouri, 5ridays for Goddess Sri Maha -akshmi and
Saturdays for -ord Sri Maha Vishnu in the form of -ord Venkateshwara. %n ,induism, we
ha"e a tradition of worshiping Snakes 9=aagaaraadhana: since time immemorial and Sra"ana
masam is the sacred month that is identified for Snake worship. 5ourth and fifth day of the
bright fortnight in Sraa"ana masam is e!clusi"ely earmarked for Snake worship that is known
as =aaga 7haturthi and =aga $anchami. he festi"al of Garuda $anchami that occurs on the
fifth day of the bright fortnight in Sra"ana Masam is dedicated to -ord Garuda.
5ull Moon day in Sraa"ana masam 9Sraa"ana $ournami: has lot of religious and spiritual
significance as that day is celebrated as 4pakarma, a Vedic ritual. Starting from this day in
olden days people used to resort to study of Vedas by symbolically changing the
2agnopa"eetham. raditionally Sraa"ana $ournami is celebrated as @aakhi or @aksha
Bandhan that symboliCes the unmatched bondage of lo"e, care and respect between a brother
and a sister. Sankasta 7haturthi associated with -ord Vinayaka 9Ganesha: occurring during
Sraa"ana masam is considered as highly sacred day to begin the Sankasta 7haturthi "ratha.
6bser"ing this Vratha on this day is said to yield merits e1ui"alent to obser"ing the same for
the whole year.
$ouranically, Sraa"ana $ournami is the day -ord Sri Maha Vishnu incarnated as ,ayagree"a
9,orse headed: that is commemorated as Sri ,ayagree"a Aayanthi. -ord ,ayagree"a is the
presiding Deity and Supreme God of learning, knowledge, and wisdom. Sraa"ana masam is
the most sacred and celestial month that has gi"en birth to -ord Sri ?rishna the $aripoorna
("athara of -ord SriMan=arayana. -ord Sri ?rishna was born on the /
day 9(shtami: of the
dark fortnight of Sra"ana masam that is celebrated across the country as Sri ?rishna
(t irumala temple a sacred ritual known as $a"ithrotsa"am will be held for three days
during Sraa"ana masam starting from Sukla Dasami which is more or less a purificatory
(araadhana of great Saint and Madh"a philosopher, Guru Saar"abhouma Sri @agha"endra
Swamy 9@ayaru: of Mantralayam takes place during Sraa"ana masam. %t was on the second
day 9Vidiya: of dark fortnight in Sra"ana masam Sri @agha"endra Swamy made Sajee"a
Brunda"ana $ra"esa that is commemorated as Sri @ayara (araadhana.
Ashadam or Ashada Masam
here are numerous fears and doubts regarding (shadam or (shada Masam 9Aune < Auly:
especially for elugu and ?annada speaking people. %n &+'E, (shada Month begins on Auly F
and ends on (ugust 3. Some married couples want to know, is it good for the wife to stay
with husband in the (shad monthG he inauspicious tag attached to (shada month is due to
the fact that the Dakshinayana $unnjaykalam or ?arak Sankranti begins in this month. he
sun changes its courses in this month and ne!t si! months is the night time of De"as 9gods:,
which ends with Makar Sankranti.
here is a tradition among certain communities in (ndhra $radesh and ?arnataka in which
newly married couple does not stay together in (shadamasam. 4sually, the wife stays away
from her husband and returns to her home. %n amil =adu, the tradition is followed in (adi
Masam. his is a sort of precaution, if the wife becomes pregnant in (shada, she will gi"e
birth in March 97haitra:. his is the hottest period in %ndia and it is not suitable for the health
of the mother and child.
here are also many who belie"e that the daughter<in<law and the mother<in<law should not
stay together in this month.
)ote < Beliefs associated with (shada Masam ha"e no scriptural backing < they are not
mentioned in ,indu holy te!ts. (ll these beliefs are manmade and is only followed by a
minority in ,indu community. Majority of ,indu communities ignore such beliefs.
he month in which full moon day coincides with Sra"ana star, that month is denoted as
Sraa"ana Masam. Sra"ana star is considered as Sri ,ari 9Vishnu: =akshathra. Bhile Moon is
the star lord, Sri Maha Vishnu is the Star Deity of Sra"ana nakshathra. %t is said that -ord
Brahma had darshan of Sri Maha Vishnu for the first time at the beginning of the creation in
Sra"ana constellation. Sri Maha VishnuHs Vaamana a"athara had taken place in the
constellation of Sra"ana. %t is also belie"ed that -ord Sri Maha Vishnu 9-ord Srini"asa:
stepped ,is foot on the irumala hills in search of his consort Goddess Sri Maha -akshmi in
Sra"ana constellation. (t irumala temple, the nine day festi"al Brahmotsa"am concludes
e"ery year on the day coinciding with Sra"ana Star.
)avratri - "orshippin *ifferent Forms of Mata on *ifferent *ays
)avratri Festival
=a"ratri festi"al is festi"al of worship of Mother Goddess or Shakti. =a"ratri word is
composed of two words =a"a and @atri. %n Sanskrit language =a"a means =ine and @atri
means =ights. herefore =a"aratri festi"al is a festi"al of nine nights. here are 0 =a"ratris
according to ,indu 7alendar, but only two =a"ratris out of those 0 =a"ratris are celebrated
as festi"al. 6ne =a"ratri 5esti"al is in (shwin month, from 'st day of wa!ing moon to Fth
day of wa!ing moon and the other =a"ratri 5esti"al is in 7haitra month, from 'st day of
wa!ing moon to Fth day of wa!ing moon according to ,indu 7alendar.
he reason of celebrating =a"ratri festi"al is that Mother Goddess $ar"ati went to her fatherLs
house for nine days in (shwin month. 6n the occasion of her arri"al, parents of Goddess
$ar"ati announced celebration in their kingdom. he other reason is the boon of Mother
Goddess to these nine days. -ord Brahma and -ord @am also worshipped Mother Goddess
during F days of =a"ratri to kill @a"ana and succeed.
"hy )avratri Festival is !elebrated+
Significance of why =a"ratri festi"al is celebrated is found in ,indu granth 9epic: Durga
Saptshati and De"i $uran. (ccording to both Durga Saptshati and De"i $uran, Mother
Goddess herself said that de"otees must worship her during =a"ratri. Bho worship her for
nine days of =a"ratri, become free from all bondages, get lo"e in her lotus feet, she remo"es
all obstacles of de"oteeLs life and gi"e all prosperity.
(ccording to one story, Goddess $ar"ati went to her fatherLs house to stay there for few days.
6n this occasion, to e!press lo"e to her, ?ing ,imachal the father of $ar"atiji announced
celebration of her welcome as a festi"al. She started her journey on 'st day of full moon of
(shwin month, and she stayed at fatherLs house for E days, i.e. Jth, /th and Fth day of full
moon of (shwin month. (nd then she returned back. hatLs why last three days of =a"ratri
are most important days for her worship.
)avratri Festival A!!ordin to *evi ,$ran &
(ccording to De"i $uran, during the battle of -ord @am and Demon ?ing @a"ana, -ord
Brahma as a Guru of -ord @am awakened the Mother Goddess during her time of sleeping. %t
was /th day of waning moon of (shwin month. Goddess Durga wake up and stated the
procedure of her worship during =a"ratri. She said that a de"otee should awake her on /th
day 9or ninth day with combination of (rdra =akshatra: of waning moon of (shwin month.
,e has to perform all general worship daily. Bhen =a"ratri starts from 'st day of wa!ing
moon of (shwin month, then he should do special worship for nine days, i.e. upto Fth day of
wa!ing moon of (shwin month. ( de"otee who perform this special worship during nine
days of =a"ratri, and celebrated it as a festi"al, he becomes free from all bondages and gets
all prosperity. %n =a"ratri, -ord @am worshipped her and successfully killed the Demon ?ing
@a"ana on '+th day.
)avratri Festival A!!ordin to *$ra Saptashati &
=a"ratri 5esti"al celebration is described by Goddess Durga in Durga Saptashati Granth.
(fter killing Demon ?ings Shumbh and =ishumbh, all deities praised Goddess Durga.
Goddess Durga pleased and asked Deities to get a boon. Deities said, 86 Mother GoddessM
$lease always remo"e our all obstacles and enemies like this to establish peace e"erywhere.8
Mother Goddess ga"e them this boon and said about her worship during =a"ratri 5esti"al.
She said that, a de"otee must do her annual worship during =a"ratri, i.e. from 'st day of
wa!ing moon of (shwin month to Fth day of wa!ing moon of (shwin month. By doing so,
She please as much as she please with worship for continuous one year, perfectly following
methodology of her worship. By 7elebrating =a"ratri 5esti"al, she is so pleased that she
remo"es all obstacles in life, protects e"erywhere, all enemies gi"e up their enmity, a de"otee
doesnLt has to suffer separation of hisIher lo"ed ones, gets all kinds of prosperity and finally
goes to her adobe after lea"ing body.
6ne more scientific reason behind =a"ratri 5esti"al is that it the new har"esting season. So
farmers pray )arth as Mother Goddess to gi"e good crop for the whole year.
,ratipada *ate -alash sthapana *i'as
%n &+'E, Shardiya =a"ratra is beginning on 0th 6ctober, $ratipada of (shwin Shukla $aksha.
6n the first day of =a"ratra, fast is obser"ed and ?alash is established. (ccording to the
scriptures, establishing ?alash maintains the auspiciousness of the period during the fast.
?alash is said to be a form of -ord Ganesha. (s Ganesha is worshipped first of all the Gods,
the ?alash is established before beginning the fast.
-alash Sthapana Vidhi . -alash /stablishin Method
6n $ratipada date, the place is purified by spraying Ganga Aal and then the ?alash is
established. 7ow dung may also be used for purification. Sand of se"en colours are mi!ed
and a $eeth is prepared at the purified place on which the ?alash is established. %n this $ooja,
all the nine planets, Gods and 2oginis are in"ited and offered to sit in the ?alash. Se"en types
of sands, betel<nut and coins are kept and then it is decorated with fi"e types of lea"es. Se"en
types of Barleys and grains are sown below the ?alash which are har"ested on Dashmi date.
%n this =a"ratri, all the Gods and Goddesses are worshipped for nine days. he idol of
Goddess Durga is established in the middle of the place of worship. 6n the right side, the idol
of Shri Ganesh and Mahalakshami is kept and on the left the idol of ?artikeya and Goddess
Saraswati is kept and worshipped.
%n this way the ?alash Sthapana work on $ratipada date gets completed.
01 "orship Shailp$tri on First *ay of )avratri &
Shailputri is the name of form of Maa Durga when she incarnated as daughter of ?ing of
Mountains ,imachal. Shail means mountain and putri means daughter. ,er -uster is said
e1ual to crores of moons, she rides on a Bull named =andi, her head is adorned with half<
moon, she has a trident in her one hand and "armudra in other hand. Mantra of worship of
Shailputri De"i are >
9 i : 6m De"i Shailputryai =amah 9Do '+/ recitation of this mantra:
9 ii : Vande Vanchhit -aabhaay, 7handrardhkritshekharaam N Vrisharudham Shooldharaam
Shailputriim 2ashaswinim NN
Bhich means, % worship Goddess Shailputri to fulfill my wishes, who is adorned with half
moon on her head, rides on a bull, carry a trident and is illustrious.
21 "orship 3rahm!harini on Se!ond *ay of )avratri &
Brahmcharini is form of Maa Durga when she was incarnated as the daughter of ?ing Daksh.
,er name was sati in this incarnation and her unmarried form is worshipped as Brahmcharini
De"i. She has rosary 9Mala: and ?amandalu in her lotus hands. She gi"es eternal bliss by
knowledge of Supreme Self 9God:. Mantra for worship of De"i Brahmcharini are >
9 i : 6m De"i Brahmcharinyai =amah 9Do '+/ recitation of this mantra:
9 ii : Dadhaanaa ?ar $adaabhyaamakshmala ?amandalu N De"i $rasidati Mayi
Bhich means, 6 Goddess Brahmcharini, who holds rosary and ?amandalu in her hands,
please on me. ( de"otee who is eager to know God, who want knowledge, he should worship
De"i Brahmcharini on the second day of =a"ratri.
41 "orship 5handrahanta on Third *ay of )avratri &
7handraghanta is form of Maa Durga who rides on iger, holds a Gong 9big bell: and
adorned with half moon on head. Mantra for worship of De"i 7handraghanta is as follows >
9 i : 6m De"i 7handraghantayayi =amah 9Do '+/ recitation of this mantra:
9 ii : $indaj $ra"aarudh chandkopastrkairyuta N $rasadam anute Madhyam 7handraghanteti
"ishrutaa NN
Bhich means, 6 Goddess 7handraghanta, who rides on iger, angry on enemies, holds many
weapons in '+ hands, please on me. De"otees who ha"e many enemies and obstacles in their
life, should worship De"i 7handraghanta on third day of =a"ratri. Goddess 7handraghanta
then destroy all obstacles and fears of de"otee and destroy enemies and demons.
61 "orship -$shmanda on Fo$rth *ay of )avratri &
?ushmanda is the form of Goddess Durga which creates uni"erse. Goddess ?ushmanda rides
on -ion, hold weapons in her se"en hands, holds rosary in eighth hand. Mantra for worship of
Goddess ?ushmanda is >
9 i : 6m De"i ?ushmandayayi =amah 9Do '+/ recitation of this mantra:
9 ii : Suraasampoornam ?alasham @udhiraaplutame" 7ha N Dahdana ,astpadmaabhyaam
?ushmanda Shubhdaastu Me NN
Bhich means, Goddess ?ushmanda who holds two pitchers full of Madira and Blood in her
lotus hands, be propitious to me.
Goddess ?ushmanda is Mother of Sun. She creates the entire uni"erse and solar system.
De"otees must worship her in order to get success in her creation. De"otees who has malefic
Sun in their birth chart should worship ?ushmanda De"i.
71 "orship S#andmata on Fifth *ay of )avratri &
Skandmata is the form of Goddess Durga when she take incarnation of $ar"ati and ga"e birth
to -ord Skanda or ?artikeya. She is known by her sons name as Skandmata. Skandamata
rides on -ion with si! faced ?artikeya on her lap. he mantra for worship of Goddess
Skandamata is >
9 i : 6m De"i Skandmatayayi =amah 9Do '+/ recitation of this mantra:
9 ii : Sinhaasangataam =ityam $admaanchit ?ardwayaa N Shubhdaastu Sadaa De"i
Skandmata 2ashaswini NN
Bhich means, Skandmata who rides on -ion with ?artikeya, holds lotus in her two hands
and Varmudra in one hand, be propitious to me.
Skandmata take care of a de"otee as her own child. De"otees must worship Skandamata
specifically if they ha"e may obstacles in life. Skandmata then take care of de"otee as her
own child and remo"e his all obstacles.
81 "orship -atyayani on Si9th *ay of )avratri &
?atyayani is an incarnation of Goddess Durga, when %ndian @ishi ?atyayan meditate on
Goddess to destroy demons. Goddess Durga incarnated in his home as his daughter, named
?atyayani. (ccording to Durga Saptshati, Goddess ?atyayani is Mahasaraswati. Goddess
?atyayani holds weapons in her '+ hands, rides on -ion, ha"e three eyes and adorned with
half moon on head. ?atyayani Mantra for worship in =a"ratri is >
9 i : 6m De"i ?atyayanyayi =amah 9Do '+/ recitation of this mantra:
9 ii : 7handrahaasojj"al ?araa Shaardool"ar"aahanaa N ?atyayani Shubham Dadyaad De"i
Daana"ghatini NN
Bhich means, De"i ?atyayani who holds 7handrahaas Sword and other weapons in her ten
hands, rides on -ion, and destroying demons, be propitious to me.
9 iii : 6m ,rim ?atyayani Swaha 9Do '+/ @ecitation of this ?atyayani Mantra:
:1 "orship -alratri on Seventh *ay of )avratri &
?alratri is incarnation of Goddess in which she remo"ed her golden skin and became lustrous
black colored. She is naked, rides on an ass, holds sword and Varmudra in two right hands,
holds a torch and abhaya mudra in left two hands. She is the Master of ,ypnotism. ?alratri
Mantra for worship during =a"ratri is >
9 i : 6m De"i ?alratryayi Swaha 9Do '+/ @ecittaion of this ?alratri Mantra:
9 ii : )k"eni Aapakarnpoora =agn ?haraasthita N -amboshthi ?arnika karni
ailaabhyaktshariirini NN
Vaam $aadollasallohlata ?antakbhushanaa N Bardhan Moordham Dhwajaa ?rishnaa
?alratribhayankari NN
his is the mantra to meditate on her. his mantra describes her form. She is naked, rides on
ass, long lips, lustrous body, wearing ornaments in legs like lightning, black in color,
unlocked hair, big eyes and ears and "ery dangerous looking. Meditating on this form of
?alratri remo"es all obstacles as well as remo"es all magical effects created by others.
;1 "orship of Mahaa$ri on /ihth *ay of )avratri &
Mahagauri is the '3 years old form of unmarried Goddess $ar"ati. She rides on bull, holds
trident and damru in two hands and ha"e "aramudra and abhayamudra in other two hands,
wears pure white cloths, face is white like moon. Mantra for worship of Mahagauri during
=a"ratri is >
9 i : 6m De"i Mahagauryayi =amah 9Do '+/ @ecitation of Mahagauri Mantra:
9 ii : Shwete Vrishesamarudha Shwetaambardhara Shuchih N Mahagari Shubham
Dadyanmahade" $raodadaa NN
Bhich means, Goddess Mahagauri who rides on white bull, wear pure white clothes, gi"er of
happiness, be propitious to me.
<1 "orship of Siddhidatri on )inth *ay of )avratri &
Siddhidatri is master of eight siddhis and nine nidhis. Siddhidatri is an incarnation of Maa
Durga, when goddess $ar"ati enters in half body of -ord Shi"a. Siddhidatri is Seated on @ed
-otus and She also rides on -ion. She has 7onch, 7hakra, -otus and Gada in her four hands,
De", ,umans, Brahmins, Demons, ?innars are all worshipping her. Siddhidatri Mantra for
worship during =a"ratri is >
9 i : 6m De"i Siddhidatryayi =amah 9Do '+/ @ecititation of Siddhidatri Mantra:
9 ii : Siddha Gandhar"a 2akshdyairasurairamarairapi N Se"yamaanaa Sadabhuyaat Siddhida
Siddhidayini NN
Bhich means, Goddess Siddhidatri who is worshipped by Siddha, Gandhar"a, 2aksh, Gods,
Demons etc., holds 7onch, 7hakra, Gada and -otus in her hands, gi"er of all siddhis and
"ictory all o"er, be propitious to me.
De"otee must worship Goddess Siddhidatri on ninth day of =a"ratri because she gi"es the
results of nine days worship.
)ote & 6n )ighth day you should gi"e in"itation to nine girls of age group of 0 to '& for food
on ninth day. 6n ninth day, prepare food for them. he special menu for this day is ,alwa,
$oori and 7hana. Many people make ?adhi and ?heer also. 5eed the girls with full of lo"e
and de"otion considering them nine form of Goddess. (fter food, gi"e them some dakshina,
i.e. money, gifts, clothes etc. whate"er you wish and with which these girls are pleased.
his way you complete =a" Durga 9Maa Durga: $uja on =a"ratri 5esti"al.
*'itiya *ate - "orshipin 3rahma!harini Form of Mother
6n Dwitiya date, the Brahmacharini 5orm of Mother is worshipped. he look of Mata
Brahmacharini emblematiCes her ascetic look. (ccording to a belief, Goddess Durga resides
on earth during =a"ratri for nine days. antric meditation during these days are considered
most fa"ourable. 6n this day, ,ibiscus and -otus flowers are used to garland Mata
Brahmacharini as Mata likes this two flowers "ery much.
Tritiya *ate - "orshipin of 5handrahanta Form of Mother
6n the third day of Durga $uja, the third form, 7handraghanta, of Mata is worshipped. De"i
7handraghanta remo"es all the problems and hurdles of life. De"i 7handraghanta is called
the Goddess of spiritual and internal power. $erson worshiping Mata 7handraghanta with
faith and de"otion gets the blessings of the mother.
he en"ironment of the place where Mata 7handraghanta is worshipped gets purified and all
the problems are remo"ed from there. %n &+'E, Due to the combination of third and fourth
day, this form of Mata will also be worshipped on 7haturthi Date.
5hat$rthi *ate - -$shmanda Form of Mother
Goddess ?ushmanda is the fourth form of Mother. his form of Mata is worshipped on the
fourth date of (shwin month. Goddess ?ushmanda is ha"ing eight hands and is also called
(shtabhuja De"i. Mata ?ushmanda holds a garland of -otus seeds in her eighth hand. his
flower is said to bring all types of accomplishments to the de"otees. Borshipping this
Goddess with full faith and de"otion remo"es all the problems, diseases and pains of life.
,an!hami Tithi - Goddess S#and Form of Mother
6n this day, Mata Skand, the mother of ?umar ?artikeya is worshipped. ?umar ?artikeya is
also known by the name of Skand ?umar. $erson worshipping this form of mother gets the
motherly affection of Mata Skand. he blessings of De"i fulfills the wishes of the de"otees
and brings peace and prosperity at home.
Shashthi Tithi - -atyayani Form of Mother
he si!th form of mother is known by the name of Mata ?atyayani. Due to her birth at the
house of sage ?atyayan, her name become ?atyayani. Mata ?atyayani killed Mahishashur in
the guise of De"i (mba. She is worshipped on the si!th day of =a"ratra. By worshipping her,
the de"otees attains sal"ation.
Borshipping Goddess selflessly makes the person strong and gets "ictory o"er his enemies.
Saptami *ate - "orshippin Mata -aalratri
6n Saptami date, the se"enth form, Maa ?aalratri, of Mata is worshipped. his form of Mata
blesses with @iddhi Siddhi. his is called auspicious for persons doing antric meditations.
Saptami ithi is holds a place of great importance in Durga $uja. 5rom this day onwards, the
gates of Maa Durga are opened for public "iew and the de"otees gather in large to take her
"iew and worship.
Ashtami Tithi - Mahaa$ri "orship
Mahagauri is the eighth form of Gooddess Durga. (ccording to a belief, after getting defeated
from Shumbh<=ishumbh, the Gods were worshipping Mata Mahagauri on the Bank of ri"er
Ganga to sa"e them from the demons. (fter this worship, Maa Mahagauri appeared and sa"ed
them. here is also a belief that if a woman worship Mata Mahagauri then her husband li"es
long and if any unmarried girl worships then she gets an eligible groom. %n addition, it keeps
the life of all the people, who worship her, happy. Mata Mahagauri blesses her de"otees with
undisintegratable glee and power.
)avami *ate - Goddess Siddhidatri
Goddess appeared in nine forms to bless her de"otees. %n all these, Mata Siddhidatri is the
ninth form of Mata. his Goddess blesses her de"otees with all the @iddhi<Siddhis of the
world. he nine forms of Mata are worshipped not only by the humans but also the Gods,
sages, demons and =aag97obra snake:. Mata Siddhidatri is said to be the remo"er of all the
diseases, "e!ations, and planetary position problems.
3ho (ffered to Goddess *$rin )avratri
3ho offered to Maa Shailp$tri
5irst =a"ratra is celebrated on $ratipada of Shukla $aksha. 6n this day Maa Shailputri is
worshipped. Mata Shailputri is a daughter of ,imalaya and thus is called Shailputri. 6n this
day fast is obser"ed and pur Ghee is offered on the foot of Mother.his blesses the de"otee
with a disease free life.
3ho (ffered to Mata 3rahma!harini
he second form, Mata Brahmacharini, of Mata Durga is worshipped on the Dwitiya of
(shwin month. his form of Goddess is like monastic. Mata $ar"ati meditated to get -ord
Shi"a as husband and due to this she is called Brahmacharini. 6n the second day of =a"ratra,
Mata Brahmacharini is worshipped and fast is obser"ed to get her blessings.
Sugar is offered as Bhog to Goddess Brahmacharini. his increases the longe"ity of the
family members.
3ho (ffered to Mata 5handrahanta
Mata 7handra ghanta is worshipped on the third day on =a"ratra, i.e., ritiya ithi of (shwin
Shukla $aksha. he half form of Moon is e!isting on the head of Mata. Borshipping mata
7handraghanta fulfills all the wishes of the de"otee and gets rid of all the worldly pains.
6n this day, milk, sweets made of milk or ?heer is offered as a bhog to Mata 7handraghanta.
Bhile offerening Bhog to god, Brahmans are also fed and Dakshina is gi"en. 6ffering ?heer
to Mata 7handraghanta frees the person of all his pains and recei"es e!treme joy and
3ho (ffered to Mata -$shmanda
he fourth day of =a"ratra is the day of worshipping Mata ?ushmanda, the fourth form of
Goddess Durga. (ccording to a belief, the uni"erse is formed from the abdomen of Mata
?ushmanda. 6bser"ing fast on this day remo"es all the diseases and pains of the de"otee.
(fter worshipping, Mata ?ushmanda is offered Malpua as Bhog. Distributing this sacrament
in the temples are also considered auspicious. 6ffering Malpua as Bhog pleases the Goddess
and impro"es the intellect and decision makeing ability of the de"otee.
3ho (ffered to Mata S#andmata
Mata Skandmata is worshipped on the fifth date of =a"ratra. Skandmata is the mother of
?umar ?artikeya. Borhsipping this form of Mata fulfills all the wishes of the de"otee.
Banana is offered to the Goddess as Bhog. 6ffering Banana to the goddess keeps the
physi1ue healthy.
Mata -atyayani - 3ho (ffered
Mata ?atyayani is the si!th form of Mata Durga and is worshipped on Shashthi date of
(shwin month. Mata ?atyayani is the daughter of Sage ?atyayan. 6n getting pleased with
the meditation of sage ?atyayan, Mata took birth as his daughter and thus she is called
6n this day, ,oney is offered as Bhog to Maa ?atyayani. his makes the de"otee more
3ho (ffered to Mata -aalratri
mata ?aalratri is worshipped on the saptami date of =a"ratri. his form of Maata Durga is a
remo"er of all the e"il powers and thus is called by the name of ?alratri. 6n this day fast is
obser"ed whole day and then Aaggery is offered as Bhog to the Mata.
his Bhog is also gi"en to Brahman along with Dakshina. Borshipping the Goddess in this
way relie"es the de"otee from all his pains and also reduces the abrupt pains that may arise.
3ho (ffered to Mata Mahaa$ri
6n the day of Durga (shtami, the eighth form of Mata, Mahagauri is worshipped. Due to her
fair comple!ion she was named Mahagauri. Borshipping this form og Goddess pleases her
and blesses the de"otee with success in all his works.
6n this day 7oconut is offered to the Goddess as Bhog. here is also a tradition of donating
7oconut to the Brahmans. Goddess Mahagauri fulfills the wishes of childless couples with
Goddess Siddhidatri - 3ho (ffered
6n the ninth day of =a"ratra, Mata Siddhidatri is worshipped. Mata Siddhidatri is said to
fulfill all types of wishes. She is also called the Goddess of Siddhi9accomplishement:.
6ffering il as a Bhog after obser"ing fast and worshipping, is considered auspicious on this
day. his fast relie"es the person from the fear of death and pre"ents from any unlikely
incident. he nine days of Mata is considered the most auspicious of the year. (s =a"ratra
comes twice a year, so '/ days holds a place of great religious and spiritual importance in
Startin of ,$ja in ,ratipada *ate
During =a"ratra, Aau is kept in any big utensil full of sand to grow in<front of the idol or
image of Goodess to worship. 6n one side, a ?alash full of water is established and a raw
coconut is kept on it. (fter establishing the ?alash, the (khand Ayoti9lamp: of Mata Bhagwati
is burnt. his Ayoti should burn for whole nine days and night.
-ord Ganesh is worshipped first and after that Varun De", -ord Vishnu, Shi", Sun Moon and
the other nine planets are also worshipped.
5hantin ,aath *aily
(fter worshiping the Gods, Mata Bhagwati is worshipped. 5ast is obser"ed daily during
=a"ratra and $aath of Durga Saptasati and De"i is chanted. Mata Durga is known by different
names like> Gyana, ?riya, =itya, Balparda, Shubh, =ishubh harani, Mahishashur Mardani,
7hand<Mund Vinashini, $armeshwari and the one to bless Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. %n
addition, the following Mantra can be recited.
2a De"i Sar"a Bhuteshu Bhuddhi @upen Sansthita =amastubhyam =amastubhyam
=amastubhyam =amo =amah.
,lanet ,a!ifi!ation Method *$rin )avratra
$lanet pacification works are done during the nine days of =a"aratra. 6n $ratipada, worship
is done to pacify Mars, on Dwitiya for @ahu, on ritiya for Aupiter, 7haturthi for Saturn
$anchami for Mercury, Shashthi for ?etu, Saptami for Venus, on (shtami for Sun and
=a"ami for Moon.
Before starting the pacification work, ?alash is established and Mother is worshipped. (fter
worshiping an instrument consisting nine blocks is made on a red cloth. %n the first three
blocks> Mercury, Venus and Moon# in the middle block> Aupiter, Sun and Mars# and in the
lower block> ?etu, Saturn and @ahu is gi"en the place.
(fter this =a"grah Beej Mantra is worshipped, then =a"grah Shanti9$eace: resolutionis taken
and then Mantra of planet is chanted according to the day.
The ,lanet Mantras are as follo's&-
Sun Beej Mantra < 6m ,ram ,rim ,roum Sah Suryay =amah
SMoon Beej Mantra < 6m Shram Shrim Shroum Sah 7handramase =amah
Mars Beej Mantra < 6m ?ram ?rim ?raum Sah Bhaumay =amah
Mercury Beej Mantra < 6m Bram Brim Braum Sah Budhay =amah
Aupiter Beej Mantra < 6m Gram Grim Graum Sah Guru"ey =amah
Venus Beej Mantra < 6m Dram Drim Draum Sah Shukray =amah
Saturn Beej Mantra < 6m $ram $rim $raum Sah Shanaishcharay =amah
@ahu Beej Mantra < 6m Bhram Bhrim Bhraum Sah @ahu"ey =amah
?etu Beej Mantra < 6m Stram Strim Stroum Sah ?et"ey =amah
Durgasaptashati consists of se"en hundred Mahamantras, due to which, it is also known as
Saptashati. Borshiping Saptashati cures many incurable diseases and fulfills all the wishes of
the de"otees.
Thins to be -ept in Mind *$rin )avratri
During =a"ratri the three powers should not be worshipped in the same hose. he Goddess
likes ?aner and fragrant flowers so only these flowers should be used for worshiping. ?alash
should be established in the day and %dol of the Mother should be decorated with red clothes.
he worshiper should sit on a red cloth or warm (asan and worship.
Thins to Avoided by the "orshiper
he person doing =a"ratra should eat righteous food and that too only once in the day.
(lcohols and non<"egetarian foods should be a"oided. %n addition, hair and nail cutting
should also be a"oided. 7elibacy should be maintained. 6n the (shtami and =a"ami of
=a"ratra, F small girls and a boy of age less then ten years are fed and Dakshina should be
Boys are considered the guise of a Bhaira". $erforming ,a"an on a pre"ious night of the day
of feeding the girls and a boy9?anjak: is considered auspicious. (fter feeding them the
germinated Barley and the sands are immersed in the water. Some Barley are pulled out from
the root and should be kept in the almirah or at a place where money is kept. his is brings
prosperity in the house. he ?alash water should be sprayed in the whole house. his
remo"es all the negati"e energies of the house. he coconut is eaten as a sacrament of Mata
5haitra First )avaratri 2=04 *ates
=a" Sam"atsar will start from ''th (pril &+'E. his day is the first =a"ratri of 7haitra
Shukla $aksha and so, ?alash Sthapna is being performed. =ine incarnation of Goddess
Durga are worshipped on these nine days of =a"ratri in a systematic manner. Moreo"er, a
person gets "irtues by performing $uja, meditation, 2agya, donations, fasting etc. in theses
days. his year, the =a"ratri festi"al shall start on hursday in (shwini =akshatra and will be
till 'Fth (pril &+'E.
Lord Ganesha ,$jan
6n the date of $ratipad, before starting =a"rati $uja, ?alash Sthapna or the Ghat Sthapna is
performed. De"i $ujan has a great Mahatmya in the ,indu Dharm. %n this period, F days
fasting is obser"ed. 6n the Fth day, '+ years old girls are worshipped and offered food.
Ghat Sthapna in S$bh m$h$rat
%n e"ery religious pilrimages, Ghat Sthapna is performed during the auspicious muhurat after
sunrise. 6n the first day of =a"ratri, Goddess Durga and -ord Ganesha is worshipped. Seeds
of barley and wheat are sown in soil, placed in a "essel made of mud.
6n the day of ;th (pril, people take the resolution of fast, 2agya, $uja and start worshipping
Goddess. on the first day of =a"ratri, Shailputri incarnation of Mata is worshipped. %t is well
known that Mata Shailputri is the daughter of ,imalaya and is also known as Goddess
$ar"ati. 5ast is obser"ed during =a"ratri in order to please Goddess. (nd, $ath of Maa Durga
is performed at night. ( person get auspicious results of performing Aagran in the nights of
5haitra ,a#sha First )avratri - Ghat Sthapna ,ro!ed$re
Shardiya =a"ratri is begin on $ratipada ithi of (shwin Shukla $aksha by ?alash Sthapna. %n
,indus, ?alash is considered as the form of Mangalmurti Ganesha. ,ence, first of all, ?alash
Sthapna is performed. for this, the ground is made pure and clean by applying a paste of cow
dung and Ganga Aal. (s per the process, J types of soil is taken and a $eeth is prepared. %f J
types of soil is not a"ailable, then soil brought from ri"er is mi!ed with Gangot 9soil of ri"er
Ganga: and ?alash is established on this.
Mata Shailp$tri ,$ajan - *evi ,$jan on First *ay of )avratri
%n ?alash, se"en types of soil 9Saptamatrika:,betel nut,money is offered. (nd ?alash is
adorned with fi"e types of $alla". Beneath the urn, J types of cereals and barley is grown
which is cut on Dashmi ithi. Borshipper and his family get blessings of happiness, wealth,
health by chanting the mantra 8 ,

, 8.
Goddess Stat$e /stablishment
Statue of Goddess Durga is placed in the middle of the worshipping place. 6n the right side
of the statue, idols of De"i Mahalakshmi, Ganesha and a 2ogini named Vijaya are placed. 6n
the left, idols of ?arthikeyan, Mahasaraswati and 2ogini Aaya are placed.
-ord Shi"a is also worshipped as no prayer is considered complete without his $ujan. 6n the
first day, De"i Shailputri is worshipped in the form of Bhagwati Durga Durgati =ashani is
worshipped with flowers, (kshat, @oli, sandalwood. his way Durga $uja is started and
e"ery e"ening, (arti of Goddess Durga is performed. De"otees sign the bhajans OAag Aanani
Aai AaiH and OAai (mbe GoriH, while performing (arti.
)avratri & Grah Shanti
$rocedure of =a" Grah Shanti during =a"ratri are as follows><
6n the day of $ratipada, Mars planet pacification is done.
6n Dwetiya, work related to @ahu planet pacification are performed.
6n ritiya, Aupiter planet pacification works are done.
6n 7haturthi, a person performs Saturn pacification and a"oid the inauspicious effects of
6n $anchami, Mercury planet, on Shashti ithi, ?etu, on Saptami, Venus planet pacification,
on (shtami ithi sun pacification should be performed and on =a"ami, Moon pacification
rituals are performed.
Before beginning the process of Greh Shanti, ?alash Sthapna and Durga Maa $ujan should
be performed. (fter $uja, =a"greh 2antra is drawn on a piece of red cloth. (fter this,
=a"greh mantra is chanted and resolution of =a"greh Shanti is taken.
6n $ratipad, Mars is worshipped as this day, Mars Greh Shanti is performed. (fter $uja, with
the beads of Moonga or @ed (kik or $anchmukhi @udraksha, Mars mantra are chanted for
'+/ times. hen, Mangal ?a"ach and should be read. 5or the @ahu Shanti, @ahu is
worshipped and @ahuHs mantra is chanted '+/ times for auspicious results of @ahu.
God to be 'orshipped in )avratri
-ord @am and ,anuman are also worshipped with Maa Durga during =a"ratri. @eading
Sundarkand, @am 7haritra Manas and @amayan is considered fruitful. 6bstacles through
enemy are remo"ed. Desires are fulfilled. ( person who worship Goddess in a systematic
manner during =a"ratri, all his works are completed and his soul gets peace.
%t is a long tradition that one recites the De"i Mahatmyam P Durga saptashati P during
=a"aratri, to in"oke the blessings of Durga Maa. %t is recommended that the entire De"i
Mahatmya should be read in one sitting. ,owe"er, if one cannot, then the chapters are
di"ided accordingly.
'st Day P 7hapter ' P Madhu kaitabha samhaara
&nd Day P 7hapters &, E and ; P Mahishhasura samhaara
Erd Day P 7hapters 0 Q 3 P Dhuumralochana vadha
;th Day P 7hapter J P Chanda Munda vadha
0th Day P 7hapter / P Rakta biija samhaara
3th Day P 7hapters F and '+ P Shumbha Nishumbha vadha
Jth Day P 7hapter '' P Praise of Narayani
/th Day P 7hapter '& P Phalastuti
Fth Day P 7hapter 'E P Blessings to Suratha and the Merchant
'+th Day P 7hapter '; P Aaradha !shamararthana
=a"ratri Vrat or =a"aratri Vratam is an important fast obser"ed by ,indus during this
festi"al. %t is belie"ed that those de"otees who perform =a"ratri fasting will find happiness on
earth and will recei"e OMokshaH 9sal"ation:. -egend has it that Goddess Durga once narrated
to one of her ardent de"otees as to how to obser"e the =a"ratri Vrat. he Vratam is obser"ed
by both men and women and =a"ratri mantra is repeated during the period.
H(" T( ,/>F(>M )AV>AT>% FAST
R he =a"ratri fast is obser"ed from the first day to the ninth day of (sh"in month. $eople
take bath in the morning and e"ening during this period and some e"en drink water only after
the ritual bath in the morning.
R Most de"otees take only a single meal during the day. =on<"egetarian food is totally
a"oided. Some people confine to milk and fruits during the nine days.
R Some de"otees only obser"e fast during three days i.e., first fast during any one of the first
three days and second fast during any one of the ne!t three and last in any one of final three
R Goddess Durga is worshipped during the first three days, Goddess -akshmi for the ne!t
three days and Goddess Saraswati during the last three days. Some people make clay figures
of the Goddesses during the period.
R ( kalash is prepared at home and the water is changed daily for nine days. he kalash is
placed on grains on raised platform or in the $uja room.
R )ach day fresh flowers and fruits are offered to the Goddess. (rati is performed and
Bhajans are recited.
R De"i Mahatmya 9Durga Saptashati: and Sri -alita Sahasranama are recited during the
period. he important =a"ratri mantra is O(aim hreem kleem chamundayai "ichche.H
R Some de"otees conduct special homage and pujas during the period.
R 6n the ninth day, all books, pens and whate"er implements that a person uses for hisIher
li"elihood is worshipped and is not touched on the day.
R 6n the tenth day, that is the Vijayadashami day in South %ndia, especially in ?erala, young
children are initiated into the world of learning.
R here are no hard and fast rules for any fasting in ,indu religion. here is always scope for
fle!ibility. Some people just abstain from non<"egetarian food during the period. Some
people just "isit temples all the nine days. Some people read Bhaga"ad Gita or other holy
books during the period.
TH/ ST>?5T?>/ (F )AVA>AT>%
he structure of worship throughout =a"ratri is a profound representation of the stages of
e"olution through which we all must pass. 6ne stage naturally leads to the ne!t.
G(**/SS *?>GA (TAMAS G?)A)
During =a"aratri, on the first three days the Mother is adored as power and force, as Durga
the errible. 2ou pray to Mother Durga to destroy all your impurities, your "ices, your
defects. %n the process of Sadhana, what is con1uered and transformed first is amas. hus
Durga, the di"inity behind the amas<Shakti, is worshipped first. Durga is in"oked to help us
con1uer the low animal 1ualities within us. (s the supreme power and force, Durga
represents the destructi"e aspect of the Mother who annihilates all impurities, "ices and
imperfections. hese first three days mark the first stage, or the elimination of impurities,
along with a discerned effort to root out the negati"e tendencies in the mind. hus the first
three days, which mark the first stage or the destruction of impurity and determined effort and
struggle to root out the e"il tendencies in your mind, are set apart for the worship of the
destructi"e aspect of the Mother.
G(**/SS LA-SHM% (>A@AS G?)A)
he worship of -akshmi is performed during the ne!t three days. 6nce you ha"e
accomplished the task on the negati"e side that is of breaking down the cra"ings and old
habits, the ne!t step is to build up a sublime spiritual personality, to ac1uire positi"e 1ualities.
his stage is as important as the pre"ious one. he difference is> the former is a ruthless,
determined annihilation of the lower self# the latter is an orderly, steady and calm effort to
de"elop purity. his pleasanter side of Sadhana is depicted by the worship of -akshmi 9he
Goddess of good fortune:. She bestows on ,er de"otees the ine!haustible di"ine wealth or
Dai"i Sampat. -akshmi is the Sampat<Dayini 9wealth<gi"ing: aspect of God. She is purity
itself. She is also the goddess superintending the force of @ajas, the Guna that must be
o"ercome after amas.
he worship of Saraswati is performed during the ne!t three days. 6nce the aspirant succeeds
in routing out the e"il propensities, and de"elops Sattwic or pure, di"ine 1ualities, he
becomes competent to attain supreme wisdom. (t this stage comes the de"out worship of
Saraswati, who is di"ine knowledge personified, the embodiment of knowledge of the
(bsolute. he sound of her celestial Veena 9lute: awakens the notes of the sublime
maha"akyas 9great statement or profound aphorism, usually referring to the great
proclamations of the 4panishads: and the $rana"a 9mantra (um# primordial sound "ibration:.
She bestows the knowledge of the supreme =ada 9psychic or internal sound: and then gi"es
full atmajnana 9self<knowledge: as represented by her pure and daCCling white apparel. She is
also the Mother in her Sattwa Guna and transcending Sattwa is the last rung of Sadhana.
he tenth day, Vijaya Dashami, marks the triumphant o"ation of the ji"a 9soul: at ha"ing
attained ji"anmukti 9liberation from the cycle of birth and rebirth: through the descent of
knowledge by the grace of Goddess Saraswati. he ji"a rests in his own Supreme Self of Sat<
chit<ananda 9e!istence<knowledge<bliss absolute:. %t marks complete "ictory o"er the
threefold force of the uni"erse. he day celebrates the achie"ement of the goal.
shorter "ersion to get the blessings of Durga Maa. hey e!plain the essence of the longer
"ersion of J++ "erses in Durga Saptashati. %t is said that this Sapta Shloki Durga Stotram was
recited to Bhagwan Shi"a by Durga Mata herself.
-egends ha"e it that, -ord Shi"a appeals Goddess Durga to point the way for de"oteesH
success. ,ow were they to achie"e success in their endea"ours and o"ercome hindrances and
problemsG (pparently Durga Ma referred to the Durga Sapta Shloki. hose reciting these
se"en slokas with faith, de"otion and pointedness of mind would recei"e her blessings. %t is
also a mantra for wealth, health and other blessings for auspicious li"ing. %t pro"ides for good
family life and leads one to knowledge.
V/>S/ 0
Gnaninamapi !hetamsi devi bhaa'atee sadaa
3aladaa #r$shya mohaya mahamayaa praya!h!hathi
Meaning> Most Blessed Goddess, 2ou 7an SeiCe he Minds 6f )"en he Bise (nd Draw
hem %nto he Great %llusion.
V/>S/ 2
*$resmrita harasi mathi mashesha jantho
S'asthai smrita mathi matheeva sh$bhaam dadasi
*aridrya d$#ha bhaya harini #ath'adanya
Sarvopa#ara #aranaya sadarthra !hittha Meaning> 2et Bhen 7alled o Mind %n (
Difficult $ass, 2ou @emo"e 5ear 5or (nyone, (nd Bhen 7alled o Mind By hose %n
,appiness, 2ou Bestow ( Mind Still 5urther $ious. Bho )lse But 2ou, 6 Dispeller 6f
$o"erty, $ain, (nd 5ear, ,as (n )"er Sympathetic ,eart 5or ,elping )"eryoneG
V/>S/ 4
Sarva manala manalye shive sarvartha sadhi#e
Saranye thriyamba#e a$ri narayani namosth$the
Meaning> Salutations 4nto 2ou, 6 )!poser 6f 7onsciousness, 6 2ou Bho (re he Good 6f
(ll Good, 6 (uspicious De"i, Bho (ccomplish )"ery 6bject, he Gi"er 6f @efuge, Mother
6f he hree Borlds, 2ou Bho (re @ays 6f -ightM
V/>S/ 6
Saranaatha deenartha paritrana parayane
Sarvasyarti hare devi narayani namosth$the
Meaning> Salutations 4nto 2ou, 6 )!poser 6f 7onsciousness, 6 2ou Bho (re %ntent 6n
Sa"ing he Dejected (nd Distressed hat ake @efuge %n 2ou, 6 2ou, De"i, Bho @emo"e
he Sufferings 6f (llM
V/>S/ 7
Sarvas'ar$pe sarveshe sarva sha#ti samanvithe
3haye bhyasthrahi no devi d$redevi namosth$the
Meaning> 6 Sueen 6f (ll, 2ou Bho )!ist %n he 5orm 6f (ll, (nd $ossess )"ery Might,
Sa"e 4s 5rom error, 6 De"i, 6 Durga. Salutations 4nto 2ou, 6 De"iM
V/>S/ 8
>oaana seshana pahamsi t$shta r$shta th$ #aamaan sa#alana bheeshtan
Th'ama shrithanam navipanna raanaam th'ama shrithahya shrayatham prayanthi
Meaning> Bhen Satisfied, 2ou Destroy (ll %llnesses (nd (fflictions, But Bhen Displeased
2ou hwart (ll (spirations (nd Desires. =o 7alamity Befalls he Men (nd Bomen Bho
,a"e Sought 2ou> %ndeed, hose Bho ,a"e Sought 2ou Verily Become ( @efuge 5or
V/>S/ :
Sarvabhadaa prashamanam thrailo#yasya a#hilesh'ari
/vameva th'aya #aryamasmath vairi vinashanam
Meaning> 6 Sueen 6f (ll, May 2ou =ow Destroy (ll )nmity, (nd (ll he (fflictions (nd
Miseries 6f he hree BorldsM
)av *$ra (Maa *$ra) ,$ja Vidhi For )avratri
=a" Durga are nine forms of Maa Durga. hese =a" Durga are nine di"ine feminine forces
which creates 9srishti:, maintain 9Sthiti: and destroys 9Sanhar: the creation. hese =a" Durga
are, Shailputri, Brahmcharini, 7handraghanta, ?ushmanda, Skandmata, ?atyayani, ?alratri,
Mahagauri and Siddhidatri. )ach De"i amongst =a" Durga is associated with specific day
9tithi: of =a"ratri. herefore, worship of that Durga on that particular day of =a"ratri gi"es
best results.
Learn Ho' To *o )av *$ra ,$ja *$rin )avratri At Ao$r Home
=a" Durga $uja during =a"ratri is "ery easy. 5irst, you should know which =a" Durga is
associated with which day of =a"ratri. ,ere is the list of =a" Durga associated with
particular day 9tithi: of =a"ratri >
5irst day of =a"ratri & Shailputri
Second Day of
& Brahmcharini
hird Day of =a"ratri & 7handraghanta
5ourth Day of =a"ratri & ?ushmanda
5ifth Day of =a"ratri & Skandmata
Si!th Day of =a"ratri & ?atyayani
Se"enth Day of
& ?alratri
)ighth Day of =a"ratri & Mahagauri
=inth Day of =a"ratri & Siddhidatri
=ow, %f you know basic Ghat Sthapna and General $uja of Maa Durga during =a"ratri
then you are ready to learn =a" Durga $uja.
5irst do general daily puja of Maa Durga as you do, or according to )asy =a"ratri $uja
Vidhi. hen worship specific form of =a" Durga on their respecti"e day with following
Mantras to please them >
>e!ite *$ra Saptashati *$rin )avratri
During =a"ratri, read the holy book Durga Saptashati. Durga Saptashati is the glory of
majesty of Mother Goddess Durga, which she e!pressed in battlefield. Goddess Durga
herself said in Durga Saptashati that, she pleases e1ually with a de"otee, who listen or
remember her story of bra"ery in battlefield during =a"ratri and a de"otee who do
worship for the whole year with full methodology. )"en she please with a de"otee who
worship her without knowing her method of worship. ( de"otee who recite Durga
Saptashati considering her as mother, she remo"es all obstacles in life and also gi"es
spiritual knowledge to become free from all bondages.
"hat yo$ !an do to !elebrate )avratri Festival in yo$r home+
2ou can celebrate =a"ratri festi"al at your home with your family. 6n first day, do Ghat
Sthapna at your home. Get the holy book Durga Saptshati and recite itLs chapters daily for
nine days. /th day in"ite ' to F girls as much as you can for ninth day. 5eed them and gi"e
some gifts.
/asy )avratri ,$ja Vidhi
)asy =a"ratri puja "idhi describes an easy method of worship of Goddess Durga during
=a"ratri 5esti"al. he easy =a"ratri puja in"ol"es "ery common steps of worship. hese
steps are known as $anchopchar. %n =a"ratri, Ghat sthapna is an additional, essential and
important step, which is also "ery easy.
6n =a"ratri, as you decided to do easy =a"ratri puja of Goddess Durga, you ha"e to
follow some "ery basic rules.
The 3asi! >$les to follo' &
'. ?eep $urity of mind, body and place of worship during =a"ratri.
&. Do worship with full de"otion and lo"e in the feet of Mother Goddess during =a"ratri.
E. Borship at a particular time daily 9%f possible:. %t impro"es the results of $ujan.
Thins >eB$ired for /asy )avratri ,$jan &
'. $hoto of %dol of Goddess Durga 9in absence of %dol, a photo in which F Durga are
shown is preferable:
&. "hings re#uired for $hata Sthaana
&.' ( clay pot to sow barley seeds
&.& Soil to pour in clay pot
&.E Barley Seeds
&.; Bater to sprinkle on soil
&.0 ?alash or Ghat 9a kind of small pitcher: made of 7lay with lid
&.3 =aariyal 97oconut:
&.J @ed cloth to wrap coconut.
&./ 5i"e -ea"es of Mango tree or (shoka ree to put in kalash
&.F Mala 9flower garland:
&.'+ 7oins
E. 7howki or a place to put idol or photo of Goddess Durga
;. @ed 7loth to spread on 7howki
0. Sacred hread 9Moli:
3. (kshat 9raw rice:
J. "hings re#uired for Panchochar %
J.' %tra 9Scent:
J.& 5lower, Garland 9Mala:
J.E Dhoop
J.; Deepak or lamp made of clay 9with batti and ghee:
J.0 =ai"edya 95ood to offer, may include fruits, sweets and whate"er you cooked in
your kitchen etc.:
/. @oli for ilak
F. $uja ki hali 9plate:
'+. Bell
''. 5lour of ?utuI@ajgiriISinghada, $otato, fruits for Saagaar.
'&. 7hana, Bheat 5lour, Sugar, Ghee for Fth day food preparation.
Ho' to Start )avratri ,$ja as follo's &
$rere1uisite for =a"ratri $uja >
'. $lace the items of panchopchar at one place in $uja ki hali 9a plate:.
-et us start easy =a"ratri puja. (s you collected all the abo"e things re1uired for puja at
the place of worship, you are ready to start the puja. -et us do =a"ratri puja step by step >
'. 5irst step of =a"ratri $uja is Ghata Sthapana. (t the time of Ghata Sthapana, place a
chowki where you want to put photo or idol of Mother Goddess. Sit peacefully near the
chowki. =ear this chowki put the clay pot to sow barley seeds. $our the clay pot with
layers of barley seeds and soil. Sprinkle water on it. Best, if you do Ghata Sthapana
according to muhurat.
&. ake the ?alash or Ghat. $our it with sacred water of ,oly @i"er Ganga 9or with pure
water if sacred water is not a"ailable:. $ut scent, flower and coins in it. $ut fi"e lea"es of
Mango or (shoka tree on mouth of Ghat. $ut lid on the mouth of Ghat. 5ill the lid with
raw rice. ake coconut and wrap it in a red cloth. ie Moli around it. $lace it on the lid as
shown in picture. 2ou completed the Ghata Sthapana.
E. =ow the second step is, installation and in"oking of Goddess Durga. 5or this, spread the
red cloth on chowki. ie Moli around it. =ow place idol or picture of Goddess Durga on
the chowki.
;. =ow the third step is pray and worship of Goddess and all Gods in Ghat. -it the lamp,
because all kinds of puja starts with lighting a lamp. =ow in"oke 9a"ahan, call: all Gods
and sacred ri"ers in Ghat and pray them to purify water and reside there for nine days,
destroy all obstacles of life and gi"e wisdom. Do worship of ?alash or Ghat with
$anchopchar. $anchopchar means worship of deity with fi"e things, i.e. Scent, 5lower,
Dhoop, Deepak and =ai"edya. 6ffer these fi"e things to deities present in Ghat. DonLt put
these things inside the Ghat, put these fi"e things near Ghat instead.
0. =ow in"oke Goddess Durga in idol or photo. $ray Mother Goddess to come and stay at
your home for nine days of =a"ratri and gi"e lo"e in her lotus feet. (fter praying, do
panchopchar. 6ffer fi"e things to Mother Goddess.
3. =ow Do (arti of Mother Goddess. 5or (arti, stand up at your place. ake $uja ki hali
and bell in hand. Sing the aarti with jingle the bell. (fter you complete aarti, gi"e aarti
first to Goddess Durga, Ghat 9?alash: and deities present in Ghat. (t e"ening 9sandhya:
repeat the aarti.
J. 2ou done first day worship of =a"ratri. Do the aarti in morning and e"ening 9sandhya:
for nine days. 2ou should keep fast for F days. Many people eat only specific food known
as 8Saagaar8 one time 9at night: for nine days.
/. 6n eighth day of =a"ratri, in"ite little girls of age group 0<'& for food on Fth day. 2ou
can in"ite girls in number ' to F as per your capacity.
F. 6n Fth day of =a"ratri, prepare delicious food for girls. Generally the menu for the
ninth day is ,alwa, $oori and 7hana. Many people make ?adhi with pakodi and ?heer
'+. 6n Fth day of =a"ratri, when girls come to your house, feed them with full lo"e and
de"otion, considering that Mother Goddess Durga herself has come to get food on your
in"itation with lo"e. Bhen they finish food, put tilak on their forehead and gi"e some gifts
to them.
''. 6n '+th day of =a"ratri, go to your place of worship. ake some flower and raw rice
in your hand, and pray all Gods present in Ghat, 86 Dear GodsM hank you for coming.
Be surrender our de"otional practice to you, which we done for you for nine days of
=a"ratri. % re1uest you to go back to your homes and come again when we pray.8 6ffer
flower and rice to them. $ick the Ghat and keep aside.
'&. Similarly pray to Mother Goddess, 86 Mother GoddessM hank you for coming. Be
surrender our de"otional practice to you, which we done for you for nine days of =a"ratri.
% re1uest you to go back to your home and come again when we pray.8 $ick photoIidol of
Goddess and put it at itLs permanent place.
'E. =ow collect the offerings on 7howki. ake them as $rasad. @emo"e cloth from the
chowki. urn aside the chowki and lea"e. ake the coconut on Ghat as $rasad, just eat it.
Gi"e raw rice on lid to birds to eat. Sprinkle the sacred water of Ghat in your entire house
and pray it will remo"e all negati"e energies and bring prosperity. 2ou can also drink it
and can take a bath of this sacred water. ake out coins and keep safe along with your
money, they will bring prosperity.
';. 6bser"e the growth of barley. %f they are fresh and sparkling green and in abundance,
then it is sure sign of your prosperity. Search for white Barley sprout. %f you find one, it is
"ery rare and "ery much fortunate. Dig it carefully with root. Surrender it to Goddess
Durga with some green sprouts and keep it at place of puja fore"er. %f you donLt ha"e any
white sprout, then pluck some green sprouts and surrender to Goddess Durga. Search
$eepal ree near your house and put rest of whole sprouts with pot there. DonLt put Ghat
there. ?eep Ghat at your house. 2ou can use it for any purpose.
"hen )avratri Festival is 5elebrated
=a"ratri and =a"ratri 5esti"al, these are two different things. (ccording to ,indu
7alendar, =a"ratri comes 0 times in a year, while two out of those fi"e =a"ratris are
celebrated as festi"als, which comes in (shwin month and 7haitra month. 5i"e =a"ratris
are as follows >
01 5haitra )avratri & 7haitra =a"ratri comes in 7haitra month according to ,indu
7alendar. his =a"ratri is also known as Vasanti =a"ratri because of the season Vasant
9Spring, in month March<(pril:. 7haitra =a"ratri is celebrated from 'st day of wa!ing
moon to Fth day of wa!ing moon of 7haitra Month. his =a"ratri is celebrated as =a"ratri
5esti"al. 6n itLs Fth day, birthday of -ord @am is celebrated. his =a"ratri is also known
as Bodhan =a"ratri, because Goddess is awakened at this time.
21 Ashadi G$pta (Se!ret) )avratri & (shadi =a"ratri is Gupta or Secret =a"ratri in
which saadhak 9de"otee: perform "ery special rituals to attain some siddhi. Generally, this
=a"ratri is not for all common people. (shadi =a"ratri starts from 'st day of wa!ing
moon of (shad month and ends on Fth day of wa!ing moon of (shad month 9Aune<Auly
41 Shardiya )avratri & Shardiya =a"ratri is celebrated as annual festi"al. Shrdiya
=a"ratri comes in (shwin month, Sharad @itu 9(utumn season:. his =a"ratri starts from
'st day of wa!ing moon of (shwin month and ends on Fth day of wa!ing moon of (shwin
Month. %t is also known as Shayan =a"ratri, because this the time of sleeping of Mother
61 ,a$sh )avratri & $aush na"ratri is also known as Shakambhari =a"ratri, dedicated to
Goddess Shakambhari. his =a"ratri starts from /th day of wa!ing moon of $aush month
and ends on '0th day of wa!ing moon 9poornima: of $aush month.
71 Maha G$pta )avratri & Magha =a"ratri is Gupta =a"ratri. his =a"ratri starts from
'st day of wa!ing moon of Magha month and ends on Fth day of wa!ing moon of Magha
month. Similar to (hsadi =a"ratri it is for all. Sadhak do special worship to attain Siddhis.
Ho' )avratri Festival is !elebrated+
7elebration of =a"ratri festi"al is started with Ghat Sthapna, means installing ?alash of
Sacred Bater. 6n =a"ratri, all Durga 9forms of Durga: temples are decorated beautifully
with flowers, petals, lea"es etc and kalash is installed near idol of Goddess Durga. %dols of
Goddess Durga are decorated with beautiful ornaments, flowers etc. Special (artis and
other de"otional songs with lo"e and de"otion are sung by groups of de"otees. 6n
=a"ratri, all people at their home, worship Goddess Durga. (ll people start the =a"ratri
festi"al with Ghat Sthapna at thier homes. hen de"otees offers flowers, lamp, sweets,
sacred water etc. to please Goddess Durga. De"otees keep fast during =a"ratri. hey eat
only one time for nine days. %n na"ratri, the menu is also special for nine days. During
=a"ratri, de"otees gi"e up all kind of food, and eat only things made with flour of ?utu,
@ajgiri or Singhada. $oori, $akodi of flour of ?utu, @ajgiri or Singhada and "agetable of
$otato is speciality of =a"ratri 5esti"al. his kind of food is known as CSaaaarC. Many
de"otees doesnLt eat at all for nine days, they only drink water.
%n =a"ratri, de"otee worship nine form of Goddess for nine days. hese nine Goddesses
according to Durga Saptshati are as follows >
'. 5irst Day & Shailputri
&. Second Day & Brahmcharini
E. hird Day & 7handraghanta
;. 5ourth Day & ?ushmanda
0. 5ifth Day & Skandmata
3. Si!th Day & ?atyayani
J. Se"enth Day & ?alratri
/. )ighth Day & Mahagauri
F. =inth Day & Siddhidatri
(lso, Goddess Mahakali is worshipped for first three days, Goddess Mahalakshmi is
worshipped for second three days and Goddess Mahasaraswati is worshipped for last three
days of =a"ratri 5esti"al. here is a custom of reciting Durga Saptshati during these nine
days of =a"ratri in (shwin month and reciting @amcharitmanas in 7haitra month.
6n the /th day, priests in temples as well as de"otees 9for their home: in"ites nine girls of
age group 0<'& for food on Fth day. hese nine girls are considered as nine forms of
Goddess Durga. $riests, De"otees feed them on Fth day and completes their fast. he
special menu of the Fth day is $oori, ,alwa and 7hana, because mother Goddess "ery
fond of these things. (fter feeding them, they offer some gifts to them and see off. 6n the
'+th day, the ?alash of Sacred Bater is picked up and de"otees see off Mother Goddess.
During nine days of =a"ratri many de"otional programs are arranged at "arious places by
people or groups. Garba and Dandiya dance programs at nights are "ery common
nowadays. %n Garba and Dandiya dance program all de"otees 9males and females: wears
"ery colorful and sparkling traditional dresses and dance with full de"otion on the
de"otional songs of Goddess Durga. Similarly, Aagran programs are also arranged on all
nine nights. During Aagran of Maa Durga, de"otional songs of Maa Durga are sung whole
Vasant =a"ratri, also known as Vasant =a"ratras, begins on (pril '', &+'E. his festi"al of
nine nights in ,induism is dedicated to Goddess Durga, -akshmi and Saraswati. %t is also
known as 7haitra =a"ratras or Spring =a"ratri or Basant =a"ratri. (s this =a"ratra coincides
with @am =a"ami, it also referred as @am =a"ratri. he dates are from (pril '', &+'E to
(pril 'F, &+'E.
Vasant =a"ratri is obser"ed in the ,indu month of 7haitra 9March P (pril:. %t is belie"ed that
Goddess Durga was originally worshipped 9Durga $uja: in the 7haitra month and was also
referred as Basanti $uja. %t was -ord @am who changed the period of Durga $uja.
Vasant )avratri 2=04 dates
Ghatsthapana P =a"ratri Day ' P (pril '', &+'E
Sindhara Dooj, Dwitiya < (pril '&, &+'E
Gaur eej, Saubhagya eej, ritiya < (pril 'E, &+'E
Varad"inayak 7haturthi < (pril ';, &+'E
Sri -a!mi $anchami Vrat, =aag Vrat $ujan < (pril '0, &+'E
Skand Shashthi, 2amuna Aayanti < (pril '3, &+'E
Mahasaptami Vrat, 7haiti 7hath, Vijaya Saptami < (pril 'J, &+'E
Sri Durga Mahaashtami, (nnapurna (shtami < (pril '/, &+'E
Vasant =a"ratri ends P @am =a"ratri Day F P (pril 'F, &+'E
-ord @am wanted to get the blessings of Goddess Durga before beginning the war with
@a"ana. herefore he in"oked Goddess Durga during (shwin 96ctober P =o"ember:. his is
why the Durga $uja during 6ctober is also known as (kal Bodhon or untimely in"ocation.