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Meagan Chetwynd Science Lesson Plan Feb 19, 2014

Position #
Lesson: Motion and
Factors $%%ecting
(sti'ated Lesson
Length: 1)* hors total
+,otentially s,lit o&er
2 classes-
./ecogni0e %actors that a%%ect 'o&e'ent
.(1,lain what ty,e o% sr%ace is o,ti'al %or
'o&e'ent in ter's o% racing
Related SCOs (all subjects):
100-22 describe the 'otion o% an ob!ect in
ter's o% a change in ,osition and orientation
relati&e to other ob!ects
100-25 in&estigate and describe di%%erent
,atterns o% 'o&e'ent and identi%y %actors that
a%%ect 'o&e'ent
200-1 as2 3estions that lead to e1,loration
and in&estigation
200-2 identi%y ,roble's to be sol&ed
200-3 'a2e ,redictions, based on an obser&ed
201-3 se a,,ro,riate tools %or 'ani,lating
and obser&ing 'aterials and in bilding si',le
202-8 co',are and e&alate ,ersonally
constrcted ob!ects with res,ect to their %or'
and %nction
203-2 identi%y co''on ob!ects and e&ents,
sing ter'inology and langage that others
Language Arts
1.1 describe, share, and discss thoghts,
%eelings, and e1,eriences and consider others4
2.1,artici,ate in con&ersation, s'all.gro, and
whole.gro, discssion, nderstanding when
to s,ea2 and when to listen
3.1se basic cortesies and con&entions o%
con&ersation in gro, wor2 and co.o,erati&e
Intrductin (5 !inutes):
.5a&e stdents gather at the %ront o% the
.(1,lain that stdents will be ,ro&ided 647(8
and will ha&e to create a &ehicle to ,artici,ate
in races and ra', and car,et testing)
.5a&e a co,le o% ,ossibilities already ,re.
'ade to show stdents what their &ehicles 'ay
loo2 li2e and de'onstrate how the ra', and
car,et will be sed to assess what 'ay a%%ect
"aterials Re#uired:
.Pre.'ade &ehicles
Meagan Chetwynd Science Lesson Plan Feb 19, 2014
how the &ehicle 'o&es)
$ctivit% (&5 !inutes):
.$llow stdents abot 1* 'intes to create
their &ehicles and test the' to 'a2e sre they
will 'o&e)
.5a&e stdents gather in an area o% the
classroo' where there are %ew or no
obstrctions and ha&e the' %ace o%% two at a
ti'e to race their &ehicles to see which ones go
%rther and which ones go %aster)
.5a&e stdents release their &ehicles on the
ra', and see what the reslts are)
.5a&e stdents rn their &ehicles o&er the
car,et and see how it di%%ers %ro' the nor'al
"aterials Re#uired:
'O(): I* s+littin, lessn int t- classes
st+ at t.e end * t.e activit% and use
discussin and revie- *r secnd class.
$ctivit% Revie- (15-25 !inutes):
.$llow %or so'e discssion abot the acti&ity,
%a&orite ,arts, least %a&orite ,arts, what
changes they wold ha&e 'ade, etc)
.Show stdents the Force and Motion Sheet
.(1,lain that the words on the le%t side o% the
,age 'atch with the ,hrases on the right side
o% the ,age)
.9al2 abot the words listed on the le%t ,ortion
o% the handot +%orce, 'otion, ,ll and ,sh-
and ha&e stdents hel, %ind the ,hrase that
.$s2 stdents the 3estion on the botto'
,ortion o% the ,age +:hat 2ind o% trac2 wold
the racer li2e to ha&e;- and gi&e the' the
o,tions listed +%lat trac2, roc2y trac2, or trac2
with hills- and relate it to the acti&ity with their
&ehicles and the %loor &s) the 'at)
"aterials Re#uired:
.Force and Motion /e&iew Sheet
Clsure (15 !inutes):
.5a&e stdents ta2e Force and Motion re&iew
handot bac2 to their seats and co',lete the
3estions as discssed
.$llow stdents to color the racer a%ter
co',leting the handot i% ti'e ,er'its
"aterials Re#uired:
.Forces and Motion re&iew handot
.Pencils<colored ,encils
.=% so'e stdents 'ay re3ire additional hel,
stdents cold be ,aired , %or e1tra s,,ort)
0tential )1tensins:
. Gi&e stdents the o,tion to draw a ,ictre on
the bac2 o% their handot relating to their
%a&orite ,art o% the acti&ity
.$bility to create a &ehicle that will 'o&e
across the %loor<down the ra',
Meagan Chetwynd Science Lesson Plan Feb 19, 2014
.$bility to correctly 'atch %orce and 'otion
words with their 'eanings
.$bility to correctly identi%y %actors that
contribte to o,ti'al race conditions %ro' the
o,tions gi&en
S(S) Cnnectins:
.nderstand the 'echanics o% a 'o&ing &ehicle
.nderstand 'otion and as,ects that a%%ect
'o&e'ent +rogh sr%ace, %lat sr%ace, ra',s,
.nderstand that there are 'any ways o%
creating a things, none are necessarily right or
wrong, howe&er so'e 'ay %nction better than
others in certain ways, !st li2e the cars we
dri&e e&eryday
Meagan Chetwynd Science Lesson Plan Feb 19, 2014
Force And Motion
Match the words to their meanings.
___Force A. To move something
away from you.
___Motion B. To move or haul
something towards
___Pull C. The action of moving
or changing position.
___ Push D. A push or a pull.
hat !ind of race trac! would the racer li!e to have"
Circle the #est answer.
Flat Trac! $oc!y Trac! Trac! with %ills