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The most important global health problem according to me is

When it comes to deciding upon a single issue as the biggest global health problem, quite a
few health-related concerns compete closely for this title. The nominee list for this notorious
label includes everything from insidious monsters like HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and cancer to
rampant and so-called modern epidemics of diabetes mellitus and ischemic heart diseases.
However, the biggest mammoth under the umbrella of Global Health Issues and hence the most
important global health problem according to me is the unequal distribution of the health
Needless to say, access to health services is a basic right of every human being. Surprisingly
enough, one billion of our fellow human beings are deprived of this basic right. There is a huge
disparity between the quality and standard of health facilities available to the residents of the first
and the third world. The healthcare opportunities offered to the rich and the poor; and the urban
and rural dwellers also contrast strikingly.
In a typical village of the Indian Sub-continent, even an uncomplicated case of myocardial
infarction needs to be rushed to the nearest metropolis hospital, which is quite often at least a
couple of hours drive away. The value of these first two hours in case of any medical emergency
is quite obvious and does not need special emphasis.
The dilemma of the overall lack of primary physicians and healthcare facilities along with an
unequal distribution of these is an issue that has boggled the health authorities throughout the
world. However, whats even more bothersome is that this dilemma exists in several
industrialized countries as well, and is not only limited to the developing nations.
In spite of the marvelous efforts of WHO and its fellow organizations, that have undoubtedly
worked wonders in raising the standards of global healthcare, there is still room for
improvement. A few more surveys to determine the exact magnitude of the problem, a few more
policies to resolve the determined issues and a few more checks and balances to ensure the
implementation of these policies, and we might just as well be looking at a future that is free
from bias and partiality when it comes to provision of healthcare.

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