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Pork wrapped in bacon. Obvious, no? ........................................... 2
How to make bacon better? Add chocolate ................................... 3
Topping a pork burger? What else! Bacon jam .............................. 4
How well do you know bacon? Quiz .............................................. 5
No mere meat on a stick. These are Belly Pops .............................. 6
DIY bacon. Carnivore makes it ........................................................ 7
Let this pintxo pierce your bacon-lovin heart. ............................... 8
Baconfest. You want to be there ..................................................... 8
Win $25 in our Bacon Contest ........................................................ 9
Local avors of fall .......................................................................... 10
Fall: Preparing to stay warm, inside and out.................................. 11
Best pizza deal in town is at Trattoria 225 ...................................... 12
Egg foo young at Lous Peking House ............................................. 13
What food comforts you? ............................................................... 15
Eating carrot tops? You bet. ............................................................ 17
Carnivore, a real butcher shop, for real carnivores. ........................ 18
Soy beans can be bacon too. .......................................................... 20
What: Big Bad John sand-
Pork loin sandwich stuffed with
corned beef and Mollies sauce,
wrapped in bacon & topped with
cheese on a pretzel roll.
Where: Mollies Public House
31 Forest Ave, Riverside
How: Owner Brian Carroll
told me it all began with his love
of pork. I love pork loin. I think
its a nice versatile cut of meat.
After some experimenting in the
kitchen, the Big Bad John was
born, a sandwich with a taste so
amazing it earned Chef Carroll
the moniker of evil genius. The
sandwich was named in honor of
Brians father John, whose nick-
name growing up was Big Bad
John because of his passion for
his 57 Chevy and love of race-
Why: It may not be dainty or
beautiful, but the Big Bad John is
a meat lovers fantasy meal. The
unassuming outward appearance
of this sandwich is the opposite
of its taste. The juicy pork loin
acts as a succulent canvas for the
other bold components. Full of
flavor, the homemade corned beef
inside brings out the salty qual-
ity from the bacon. The cheese
helps hold it all together, and the
pretzel bun stands up to the hefty
piece of meat. Not only is the
outside of the pork loin crusted
with seasonings to add even more
flavor, it is entirely wrapped in
bacon ensuring you get some ba-
con in every bite. Brian calls the
sandwich one of Mollies most
obscure dishes, but I challenge
you to try it. I predict it wont be
obscure for long!
Alicia Plomin prepares to dig in to the colossal Big Bad John sandwich.
Pork wrapped in bacon. Obvious, no?
With the feel of crispness in the air
we naturally start thinking about
the first day of Autumn Sept. 23.
Thinking about foods we enjoy dur-
ing this time of year, comfort foods
probably pop into your head. And
whats more comforting than a salty,
crunchy piece of bacon? Thats why
Im on a Bacon Quest: a search to
find local establishments serving up
interesting dishes made with Amer-
icas favorite pork product.
Bacon Quest promises to be an
exciting, mouth-watering journey
across several neighborhoods. Along the way, Ill be serv-
ing up Bacon Bits interesting and fun facts about the food
we all love to amuse and inform you.
Find out if youre a Bacon Baby, a Baconite, or a Bacon
Aficionado by answering the How Well Do You Know Ba-
con? Quiz on page 9. Plus, watch exclusive Bacon Quest vid-
eos filmed at Autre Monde and Carnivore at
Bacon afcionado
Who needs crunchy
Autumn leaves. Ill take
crunchy bacon!
ON THE COVER: Te Big Bad John at Mollies Public House
in Riverside.
What: Chocolate Bacon Confections:
Dark Chocolate Hickory Smoked Bacon
Strips $2 each
Bacon Pretzel Wands $1.50 each
HOGS Bacon Infused Caramels $2 each
Hulless Caramel Corn $7 per bag
Burtles $4 each
Where: River Forest Chocolates
7577 Lake St, River Forest
How: Some people have a sweet tooth. I
have several. So imagine the joy I felt when
Donna Slepicka, owner of River Forest
Chocolates, said she would try making Ba-
con Caramels after I got back from Bacon-
fest Chicago and brought one to her. But she
didnt stop there! I had caused a snowball ef-
fect, and you, my fellow foodies, get to reap
the benefits.
Why: You may have heard about bacon
making its entrance into the dessert world
as Chocolate Covered Bacon Strips, and
River Forest Chocolates has them. Slepicka
dips thick cut hickory smoked uncured ba-
con into rich, pure, dark chocolate. If youre
looking to start your culinary exploration
of bacon chocolates with a more familiar
texture, try her Bacon Pretzel Wands -- pret-
zels dipped in chocolate then rolled in bits
of the hickory bacon.
The HOGS Bacon Infused Caramels are
creamy with tiny pieces of bacon in them
and enrobed in rich dark chocolate that is
68% cacao. Slepicka uses Swiss Couverture
Bittersweet Chocolate for her creations,
which have anywhere from 32 to 39 percent
cocoa butter. She tempers it herself, ensur-
ing it has a beautiful sheen and firm snap
when broken. The chocolate and bacon fla-
vors tame down the caramel, which some
might consider cloyingly sweet by itself.
She also added bacon to one of her most
popular items, the Hulless Caramel Corn.
It is made with a variety of popcorn with a
smaller kernel that has a more tender hull.
It breaks up into tiny pieces when popped,
so it wont get stuck in your teeth. Plus, hul-
less popcorn also has the reputation of be-
ing easier to digest. A comforting roasty fla-
vor lingers after each bite, and small chunks
of bacon attached to some of the crunchy
popcorn add a surprise hint of salt.
She also invented Burtles: Turtles made
with bacon. Gooey caramel and salted pe-
cans are a well-known pair, but the bacon
adds another texture element in addition
to the salty smokiness we all love. There
is more chocolate and less caramel in the
Burtles than in the HOGS, which makes for
a delectable, luxurious experience.
Slepicka said she enjoyed experimenting
with bacon as a new medium. She loves all
aspects of her job, from the creative expres-
sion to the presentation, and her thoughtful-
ness shines through in the beauty of every
confection she makes.
How to make bacon better?
Add chocolate
Burtles, pecan turtles with bacon. Lef,
dipping the bacon.
Bacon pretzel wands
Hulless Caramel Corn
Chocolate flled pig
7577 Lake St., River Forest
(corner of Lake and Lathrop)
Hours: M-F 11-5 Sat. 10-5
RiverForestChocolates. com
Donna Fantetti-Slepicka
Send a Box of Love
to your child in college!
(o wherever they may be)
River Forest Chocolates
Come in and discover our handcrafted
artisan chocolate confections.
We specialize in event catering!
Like us on Facebook
What: The Three Little Pigs Burger
House ground pork seasoned, seared
and topped with bacon jam, thick cut
bacon, cheese sauce and Sri-Rancha
sauce served on a potato bun.
Where: Scratch Kitchen & Lounge,
7445 W. Madison St., Forest Park
How: We all know bacon has long had
a home atop a burger. But what about a
burger made of pork? That was the logical
next step for Chef-Owner Patrick OBrien.
I wanted to get all the pig I could get into
one sandwich. Hence, the name.
Why: Ever debated getting a burger
because you just werent sure if you
could trust it to turn out juicy? Get ner-
vous when the server doesnt ask how
youd like your patty cooked? I definitely
have. With Scratchs Three Little Pigs
Burger, nothing has been left
to chance. Its their second
most popular item on the
menu for a reason. The foun-
dation is a burger made from
ground pork shoulder thats
been seasoned with a secret
mixture that had my taste buds smiling.
Just the patty on the fresh, fluffy potato
bun would make a satisfying, juicy sand-
wich. But the goodness continues with a
creamy homemade Sri-Rancha sauce,
a combination of Sriracha chilli sauce
and Ranch dressing that I was surprised
to find quite mild. The spice kicks
in with the cheese sauce, made from
scratch and also used for their Mac &
Cheese. This burger is bursting with fla-
vors and marrying perfectly with that is
the unsmoked, thick-cut bacon. Scratch
has decided to poach then dry-roast
pork belly to make their bacon instead
of smoking it so as to not overpower all
of the other thoughtful elements in the
burger. However the pice de rsistance,
in my opinion, is the heavenly creation
that is their bacon
jam. The process of
making it takes five
hours, but it is all
worth it. Pork belly
is poached in bour-
bon for three hours,
then chilled and blended, but not before
adding maple syrup, jalapenos and three
kinds of onions. We really wanted to
make it an indulgence burger, OBrien
said. Let me tell you, they succeeded.
ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Doesnt that ba-
con jam sound ex-
traordinary? Check
out what menu item
besides the Three
Little Pigs Burger
that I request with
bacon jam when I
go to Scratch! Just
find this story at for-
Topping a pork burger?
What else! Bacon jam
Tree Little Pigs burger.
7445 MADI SON, F ORE ST PARK 708. 689. 8427 WWW. SCRATCHF P. COM
Mon d a y s : 1 /2 p r i ce b u r ge r s
Tu e s d a y s : 1 /2 p r i ce d ma c n ch e e s e
* ( d i n e - i n , 3 - 6p m)
We d n e s d a y : F r e e tr i v i a 8: 3 0p m
Live music every
Friday and Saturday nights
Like Free
to 46786
& Pancake House
145 S. Oak Park Ave.
Oak Park, IL 60302
Ph: 708.848.4949
Cell: 847.708.1727
Your Hosts: George & John
How wel l do you know bac on?
1. How much bacon is
produced in the USA
each year?
a. 2 million pounds
b. 4 million pounds
c. 1 million pounds
2. Approximately how
many persons have
the surname of Bacon
in the USA?
a. 36,000
b. 55,000
c. 25,000
3. How many calories
are in 1 thick-cut strip
of bacon?
a. 118
b. 83
c. 61
4. In 2013, how much
bacon was sold in the
United States?
a. $6 billion
b. $4 billion
c. $2 billion
5. Before being labeled
baconit must be?
a. cured
b. seasoned
c. smoked
6. Where and when was
bacon frst made?
a. Italy, 1800 AD
b. Egypt, 3000 BC
c. China, 1500 BC
7. What is the Italian
name for bacon made
from Pork Cheeks?
a. Panchetta
b. Guanciale
c. Proscuitto
8. About how much
bacon does an average
200 pound pig yield?
a. 10 lbs
b. 20 lbs
c. 35 lbs
9. Which of these terms
has NOT been used to
describe an unsliced
hunk of Bacon?
a. Bundle
b. Slab
c. Flitch
10. When were frozen
pork bellies frst traded in
the stock market?
a. 1899
b. 1961
c. 1985
Answers on page 20

Annual Roy Olsen Pastapalooza
Friday, September 26
from 11:00am - 7:00pm
Adults (ages 12+): $7 Seniors (ages 62+): $5 Kids (ages 4-11): $5 To-go Meals (call ahead): $7
Purchase your tickets at the Pav YMCA
Includes: pasta, marinara sauce, meatballs, salad, bread, fruit, coffee & water. Seconds are on us! Additional
beverages & desserts available for purchase. Entertainment for all ages! Its not a dinner...its an event!

2947 S. Oak Park Ave. Berwyn, IL 60402
708.749.0606 Visit
Spin the wheel and receive 50% to 100% off your joiners
fees! Save up to $125! September 22
only! Join now!
One spin per family before 9/30/14. Promotion available Mon-Thur: 9am-9pm, Fri: 9am-8:30pm
and Sat/Sun: 9am-5pm.
No mere meat on a stick.
These are Belly Pops
What: Belly Pops
Cubes of pork belly braised, fried, tossed
in Amelias BBQ Sauce & served up lolli-pop
Where: Amelias Good Food & Drink
7330 Harrison St, Forest Park
How: Chef Greg Houhoulis was inspired
during a visit to a restaurant of James
Beard Recipient Chef Ken Oringer. He or-
dered French-Asian fusion spare ribs that
had small cubes of something on the cor-
ners of the plate, glazed in BBQ sauce. After
some tasting and thinking, Chef Greg ex-
claimed, Wow, thats crazy! I think it must
be pork belly!
The Belly Pops got their name after Ame-
lias participated in the "Tale of Two Parks"
Craft Beer Pub Crawl in March. Ted Bruson,
former host of Chicagos Best, happened to
stop by while they were passing around the
pork belly on a stick and asked what they
were called. Chef Greg described them, but
Bruson proclaimed, Theyre Belly Pops!
BACON BIT: At any given time, Amelias
has 2.5 gallons of bacon fat that Chef Greg
uses to substitute for oil in certain recipes.
Why: First, theres the crunchy exterior
caused by the flash frying. Then, the incred-
ible silkiness from the fat of the pork belly
at the same time as a burst of flavor from
the BBQ sauce. The sauce seemed to have
an Asian influence, reminiscent of teri-
yaki, but more varied and complex. I tasted
it separately from the pork belly, and found
the sauce to be much more tangy with-
out the pork to tame it down. Chef Greg is
keeping Amelias BBQ sauce recipe under
wraps, since hes worked on it for years
and finally perfected it after over 70 trials.
It is sweet while also being both salty and
savory which compliments the pork belly.
Amelias brines the bellies they get from a
small farm in Michigan, then braises them
in their famous BBQ sauce. After that, they
are pressed to push the flavor into the meat,
then chilled before frying. These little Belly
Pops are not only convenient, theyre ad-
dicting! Beautiful packages of handcrafted
culinary excitement.
TIP: Amelias is currently serving their
Belly Pops as a special on select days be-
cause the process to prepare the pork belly
takes three days, so they have a limited sup-
ply. Owner Sarah Houhoulis wife of Chef
Greg said customers often call to ask, Do
you have the meat on a stick tonight?
ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: What other pork belly
dish do I recommend at Amelias? Find out

Concert in the Park,
September 26 @
music starts at 7
A Night at RIV-inia at Guthrie
Park, Music by Guitarra
Azul. The Chew Chew will
have Tapas for Sale. Free!
Touch A Truck,
September 18
4 - 6pm
at Centennial Park. Kids get a
chance to explore the insides
and outsides of public safety
vehicles and more, Free!
Riverside Ride
October 4
8 11am
Hop on your mountain bike, tandem,
chopper, unicycle, fxie, or beachcomber,
and show your love of cycling in Riverside.
Wheel it over to the Green Parking Lot (63
E. Burlington) and join your neighbors for a
relaxed ride throughout the village. Free!
27 Riverside Rd.,
Riverside, Il 60546
What: Home cured and smoked bacon
$17.50 per pound
Where: Carnivore Meat & Fish Shop
1042 Pleasant St., Oak Park
How: Chef Brad Knaub, co-owner of
Carnivore realized, I can make bacon in
smaller batches, with less nitrates, and its
a little bit healthier. The USDA
sets a standard for how much
nitrates should be used for com-
mercially made bacon, but Chef
Brad believes that amount is un-
necessary, adding Well also be
working on a nitrate-free bacon
in the future.
Why: Who doesnt want
crispy and salty in the morning?
Knaub asks. Their bacon is what
you would expect, but better, and
it would be great any time of day.
The whole process of making
their bacon takes five days. He
starts by curing the pork belly
with salt, sugar, and pink salt, which he
uses because its a preservative agent that
helps oxygen bind to certain components in
the meat and gives it a nice pink, rosy color.
It also prevents the fat from oxidizing. The
bellies sit in the curing mix-
ture for four days, then they
are smoked with applewood
chips for 4.5 - 5 hours, depend-
ing on their thickness. The
handmade nature of it gives it
a little more of a special qual-
ity. The difference though, be-
tween our bacon and others,
is really the service you get,
says Brad. So stop by Carni-
vore and taste the difference
yourself. And Knaub might
even give you some sugges-
tions on what to make with it!
ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Watch Chef Brad go
through the whole process of making his ba-
con at
BACON BIT: A farm in Illinois and one
in Michigan provide Carnivore with meat
from Berkshire hogs. Berkshire pigs have
some of the best hams Ive ever seen, Chef
Brad said. Theyre prized for their juiciness,
tenderness and high fat content.
DIY bacon. Carnivore makes it
FROM THE VIDEO: Alicia talks with chef
Brad Knaub about his house-made bacon.
Video of Carnivore
7512 W. NORTH AVENUE ELMWOOD PARK 708.452.7288
One day only!
Come on in to either Burger Boss location,
Chicago or Elmwood Park, for a single cheeseburger
at a prey Boss price of only $3.90!
*Oer valid September 18, 2014 only. Pretzel or whole wheat bun
at additional cost. The addition of premium toppings available for
an extra charge. Unlimited quantity. Please print this email or show
it on your smart phone at time of order. Oer not valid with any
other promotions.
Be the Boss of your next
Burger for only $3.90!
What: Pork Belly Pintxo
Pork Belly, Chimichurri, Greenhouse
Where: Autre Monde Cafe & Spirits
6727 W. Roosevelt Rd.
How: What is a
pintxo? Executive
Chef Dan Pancake
calls it Spanish
food on a stick.
The word pintxo
is based on the
Spanish word Pin-
cho, meaning to
pierce. They are
very popular in
Spain, especially
San Sebastian,
and Chef Dan says
whenever I go,
I never want to
come back. His love for the Spanish conviv-
ial dining experience led him to create three
varieties of Pintxo and one made with a fa-
vorite ingredient of his: pork.
What: This dish, like many on the menu,
shows the influences of Chef Dans travels.
Although the pork belly is the star, the Chimi-
churri sauce gives the dish a balanced, full-bod-
ied flavor. Made with vinegar, olive oil, parsley,
garlic and a little chili flakes, Chef Dan has
created an incredible combination that softens
the richness of the pork belly. He gets the belly
from pasture-raised pigs from the Netherlands.
It all begins by crusting the pork belly in fennel
seed, rosemary and other Mediterranean spic-
es, smoking it in house, then leaving it to braise
with fennel fronds for six hours. The next step
is to chill it before being grilled over all hard-
wood charcoal,
chosen because
they burn hotter
and cleaner than
briquettes. The
whole process
can take up to a
day and a half,
but Chef Dan
does it because
what makes food
from the Mediter-
ranean, and our
food for that mat-
ter, so good is all
of the prep that
goes into it.
Get more of
my description
of this mouth-
watering dish that had me wanting bite af-
ter bite!
David Hammond, food blog-
ger and four-time Baconfest Chicago judge,
joined me on the visit, so youll hear what he
loved about the Pork Belly Pintxo, too. (See
the article below).
BACON BIT: Why does Chef Dan salt the
pork belly both before AND after grilling?
Salt creates a chemical reaction in food.
When you sprinkle salt on raw protein,
a layer of moisture rises to the surface of
the meat, which helps create that well-loved
crust while sealing in the juices inside. With
a protein like pork belly that has such a high
fat content, some of the salt will melt away,
which is why it is important to salt after
cooking as well. Chef Dan finished his Pork
Belly Pintxo with large, broad flaked crys-
tals of Maldon Sea Salt from Great Britain
because salt opens up the taste buds, en-
hancing each meticulously placed flavor.
Video of Autre Monde
Let this pintxo pierce your bacon-lovin heart
See Chef Dan make and explain the Pork Belly
Hear more from Alicia Plomin and David
Hammond on how they liked it
Pork Belly Pintxo grilled, served with chimichurri sauce and topped
with greenhouse sprouts and Maldon sea salt from Great Britain.
Six years ago, my friend Seth
Zurer and some associates founded
Baconfest, an annual salute to pork
belly that draws thousands of en-
thusiasts and has contributed over
$130,000 to the Chicago Food Depos-
itory, money that has helped feed
over 400,000 people.
Ive been privileged to be a judge
at Baconfest for the last four years
now. The sixth annual Baconfest
took place at UIC Pavilion at the
end of April this year.
Each of five judges for Baconfest
was responsible for trying 12-13
items; we each chose our favor-
ite, and all the judges then tried
each of the five favorites. We were
asked to judge solely on the basis
of creativity, or as Zurer put it, to
what extent the dish pushed the
boundaries of bacon.
Of course, though, taste came
into the equation, and however cre-
ative the dish was, it had to work.
At Baconfest, I asked several ba-
con enthusiasts (some celebrities,
some just bacon-loving Joes n Jo-
sephines) one question: What does
bacon mean to you?
The extravagant answers ranged
from essence of life to every-
Dates for 2015 have not yet been
I've included a slide show of past
Baconfest festivitiesand here's
the winner of this year's Bacon Po-
etry Contest, who will be awarded
this coming Saturday at Baconfest:
Bringin' the Bacon Home
A piece of bacon took a pen
To write a little poem
About the way it feels to be
Accepted, loved, at home.
At first he wrote: "I am at home
When I am on a pig.
Within its belly, near the mud
It's quite a pleasant gig."
The bacon paused, then crossed this
It sounded like a lie
To act as if he felt at home
Inside a dirty sty.
And so he wrote: "There is one place
That makes me feel fantastic
It's when I'm in a person's fridge
Tucked into shrink-wrapped plastic."
The bacon paused, then crossed this
And said, "That just won't do.
For though it rhymes quite nicely
I don't think it's strictly true."
And so he wrote: "I am at home
When I am in a pan.
Sizzling hot and spitting fat
I feel like I'm the man."
The bacon paused, then crossed this
It didn't sound correct.
"Who knew," he thought, "that po-
Would be so tiresome to perfect?"
And so he wrote: "I am at home
When I am on a tongue.
Within a human mouth, I feel
Invigorated, young!
For though I die as I am chewed
I know, deep down, I should
Because I sacrifice myself
To reach a greater good.
Indeed, I am a martyr
And when eaten, I dispel
All worry, fear and tragedy
All agony and hell.
I give, for just a moment,
The experience of bliss
I am the springtime robin's song,
The long-lost lover's kiss.
And to those who condemn me
And declare I'm not nutritious
I say, "What's home? More vita-
Nay. Home is what's delicious."
The bacon dropped his pen; he
And said, "Now that's a poem!"
And moments later, he was cooked
And gently taken home.
By Angela Allan
Baconfest. You Want to Be There
Courtesy David Hammond
If you eat pork, and you dont like bacon, something is wrong some-
where. David Hammond
Plus, your answers could be published
in an upcoming issue of Wednesday Journal!
Wednesday Journal!
Alicia wants to know:
Whats your favorite
local dish made
with bacon or
pork belly?
To Enter: Give your
answer in the comments section
on ONE of our sites:,,
One winner will be chosen at random for each of
the three websites. Three winners selected total.
Winners comments, and some others, will be
published in an upcoming issue of our newspaper.
Winners will be contacted at the email used to
make the comment. Limit one entry per person.
Please only answer on ONE of the three sites.
Does your restaurant have a bacon or pork belly dish
you think could make the cut for Bacon Quest? Tell Alicia
and she might consider stopping by on her next adventure!
Email her at
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T, W, Th 4pm-10pm
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Free Appetizer
with the purchase of 2 entrees
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Exp. 09/30/14
r/e /oco/ ]/o-o-s o] ]o//
This crystallized block of maple sugar is perfect for
grating on cupcakes, adding to shortbread - its a
welcome addition to a balsamic dressed winter
spinach salad. The sugar crystals glisten. $25 Careful
Peach, Oak Park
Serve your local cheese and appetizers
with local air. Illinois Sparq slate
platter Careful Peach, Oak Park
Preserves help us enjoy the splendor
of summer and fall all winter long.
Live Fresko spoon sweet jars are the
perfect gift and they do go
great with yogurt. $9.95
Live Fresko, Oak Park
Warm hearts and warm irish bread. Available
fresh every Friday at The Irish Shoppe, Oak Park
Cocoa, amaretto, rich vanilla, cherry crumble -
nothing says fall like warm fresh baked goods.
These were delicious! $3 each. Fiore Cupcake
Boutique, Riverside IL
Harvest spiced tea for chilly fall nights. Eastgate
Cafe, Oak Park
Apple Crumble Bread warm and fresh from the
oven. Prairie Bread Kitchen, Oak Park
Maple syprup is a fall baking staple.
Drizzle a little on fresh pumpkin
bread for the perfect dessert. Three
Queens Maple Syrup $12. Available at
Riverside Foods and other local grocers
Ice cream studded with apples and doughnuts - yes - Ill
have some more. Apple Cider Doughnut Ice Cream from
Brown Cow, Forest Park.
Nothing says fall more than pumpkin EVERYTHING, even
beer. Limited quantities. Marion Street Market, Oak Park
Pumpkin Bourbon Martini. Quincy Street Distillery, Riverside IL
Fall: Preparing
to stay warm
(inside and out)
Leather bound ask - the proper
vessel for inner warmth. $18
Quincy Street Distillery, Riverside IL
Grab a new bag to bring your toast
along. Jayne Forest Park
Warm from the belly up. Journey-
man Featherbone Bourbon Whiskey.
Marion Street Cheese Market
Heat it up with Tru Pickles. $7.99
Schauers Hardware Forest Park IL
Fiery, beer, brittle fantasticness.
Perfect for any fall party. Careful
Peach, Oak Park
Refreshing Riverside Cream Soda
and Ginger Ale go great with a
warming splash of bourbon. Riverside
Foods, Riverside IL.
Add warmth to any dish - locally made,
locally owned, brazilian hot sauce. Taste of
Brasil, Oak Park
Made with Irish Whiskey + pair with German
bratwurst = football tailgaiting with Irish
Class. The Irish Shoppe, Oak Park
Add warmth to any dish - locall
locally owned, brazilian hot sau
Brasil, Oak Park
Made with Irish Whiskey + pair
bratwurst = football tailgaiting
Class. The Irish Shoppe, Oak Park
Street Distillery, Riverside IL
new bag to bring your toast
Jayne Forest Park
from the belly up. Journey-
eatherbone Bourbon Whiskey.
Street Cheese Market
up with Tru Pickles. $7.99
rs Hardware Forest Park IL
beer, brittle fantasticness.
t for any fall party. Careful
Oak Park
warming splash of bourbon. Riverside
Foods, Riverside IL.
Best pizza deal in town
is at Trattoria 225
2 pizzas, $16
A bit ago , Carolyn and I went to Buzz Caf
on Tuesday night to attend a discussion
given by the Peace Corps (yes, were con-
sidering that; senior citizens are making
up a growing percentage of this volunteer
Afterwards, we were walking back to the
car and Carolyn suggested we go to Tratto-
ria 225 for dinner. We hadnt been in a while,
so I thought, Why not?
We ordered a pizza and salad to share, and
then the server mentioned to us, You know,
you get two pizzas for the price of one, and
so I thought again, Why not? We can even
box it for you to take home, she added, help-
Our first pizza was topped with goat
cheese, fennel sausage and pesto, which was
a good combo, all very complementary fla-
vors, and our second pie had roast pepper,
caramelized onion and spicy sausage. I liked
both pizzas and the crust on them was bet-
ter than I remember. It seemed there was a
point in the past, perhaps before the place
changed hands, that Trattoria 225 was using
pre-made pizza crust; the crust on our pizza
was clearly hand-made, fresh and good.
For both pizzas, $16, eight bucks each. Not
bad at all.
Glancing around the dining room, it
looked like a lot of people were eating one
pizza in the restaurant and taking home the
free one. We followed that lead.
Leaving, we noticed the dining room had
a number of empty tables, and thats too bad
because on Tuesdays, Trattoria 225 is offer-
ing the best pizza deal in town.
Trattoria 225
225 Harrison St.
Oak Park IL, 60304
Courtesy Trattoria 225
814 North Boulevard, Oak Park
Make Your
Reservations Today!
Weekday Specials
Mondays Half Off Wine Bottles
Tuesdays Half Off Small Plates *
Wednesdays Dine & Earn for
Our Community *
Thursdays 20% Off Carry-Out
* Indicates Bar Only
Egg foo y oung at Luos
Peking House
Lous generous
portion of egg
foo young.
Courtesy David Hammond
Authenticity be damned
Egg foo young is basically an omelet filled
with a protein and vegetables, fried, and
served with brown gravy.
Egg foo young is usually named as a major
member of the American Chinese culinary
tradition, which are mostly Cantonese dish-
es modified for American tastes. In addition
to egg foo young, American Chinese dishes
Beef broccoli this vegetable is rarely if
ever found in native Chinese cuisine
General Tsos Chicken -- deep frying is un-
common in traditional Chinese cuisine
Crab Rangoon usually includes cream
cheese, which is rare in Chinese cuisine,
probably because many Asians are lactose
Many of us have eaten Tex-Mex food (fa-
jitas, enchiladas suizas, chile con carne) for
most of our lives, and perhaps mistakenly
thought it was authentic Mexican. Similar-
ly, many of us have eaten American Chinese
food, and perhaps mistakenly thought it
was authentic Chinesenot that it matters
Authenticity and taste are two different
things, and just because a dish is authentic
doesnt mean it tastes better.
Still, it may be true, as David Tang wrote
in The Telegraph some years ago, We Chi-
nese certainly dont eat chop-suey in China
and dont call omelettes foo-yungs. I would
not, however, agree with his conclusion that
Its time that the way in which Chinese food
is dispensed in this country is changed.
I greatly appreciate the authentic Huna-
nese cuisine served at Lao Hunan or the
authentic Szechuan cuisine served at Lao
Szechuan, both in Chinatownbut I also re-
ally like American Chinese food. Authentic-
ity be damned.
At Luos Peking House on Marion Street,
I usually order the egg foo young for lunch,
and it is undeniably one of the best lunch
deals in town. I usually get the shrimp egg
foo young, which is always made-to-order;
the egg is fluffy and the fried exterior is light
and slightly crunchy, even though its cov-
ered in gravy. On top, I like to squirt a little
sweet/sour sauce and hot mustard, which I
feel creates a deliciously complex mouthful
of heat, sweet, and sour flavors.
James Beard, the man who gave his name
to Americas most respected food awards,
wrote in 1972 that egg foo young is A Chi-
nese dish which has been pretty thoroughly
Americanized and which inspired one of
our standard sandwichesthe western or
Denver. Both of these must have originated
with the many Chinese chefs who cooked
for logging camps and railroad gangs in the
nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Beard mentions sandwiches made of west-
ern or Denver omelets, and in fact there is a
sandwich made of egg foo young on white
bread (and sometimes pickle and tomato):
its called a St. Paul sandwich and just to
keep things confusing, it was first served in
St. Louis.
If you go to Luos for dinner, and get the
dinner platter with two egg foo young pat-
ties, consider taking one home and have a
St. Paul sandwich for lunch the next day.
Theyre good: the bread soaks up the gravy
and adding pickles or tomato cuts the rich-
ness with light acidity.
The St. Paul sandwich is not authentic:
they definitely do not eat this kind of thing
in China, but when food tastes good, its
hard to get too concerned about its pedigree.
Luos Peking House
113 N. Marion St.
Oak Park IL, 60301
Madison Street Shoes
7500 Madison Street, Forest Park, IL
M 10-6, T-TH 10-7, F 10-8, Sat 10-7, Sun 11-5
Fall starts at
Madison Street Shoes
7423 Madison Street, Forest Park, IL
Mon - Sat 10-8, Sun 11-5
An ageless shopping
adventure of clothing,
accessories and
home goods awaits
Aee Haeeows Eve
Join us For a scary, good time
October 25, 2014
Costume Parade/Contest Will Begin
at The Rec Center at 6403 31
Berwyn, IL
6:00 8:00pm

Bonfire and Storyteller -7:00pm
Pumpkin patch!
Hayrack ride!
Cemetery Cinema Featuring
Hotel Transylvania
Costco Wholesale
Berwyn Public Library
The City of Berwyns Recreation Department
Clovers Garden Center
Scared to you in part by..
5412 W. Madison 773/261-2316
fax. 773/261-6125
Open Daily 7am to 9pm
Breakfast served daily 7am to 11am
Fine Southern Cuisine
What food comforts you?
Comfort food -- kind of like authentic
or indigenous is a term which, though
perhaps poorly defined, is nonetheless in
widespread usage.
I thought it might be fun to get some sense
of what the phrase comfort food really
means. So for the past six months or so, Ive
been writing a series for Newcity about
comfort food. The series is called Comfort
Me. Here are a few recent pieces based on
conversations with chefs about their own
personal comfort food:
For each installment, I chatted with a Chi-
cago chef and had him or her answer a few
questions like, How do you define comfort
food? and Whats your personal comfort
The answers to these questions are many
times revealingly personal, causing people
to reflect on early childhood experiences
that have elevated some foods to the level of
being unusually comforting.
When I started the Newcity series, I began
with a theory that comfort food would likely
be something to eat thats high in fat and cal-
ories, soft and non-aggressively seasoned.
The paradigm of comfort food, by this defi-
nition, would be macaroni and cheese (not
a comfort food of mine, but probably a com-
fort food for many).
As it turns out, comfort food is quite pre-
dictably determined by culture (few Asians
for instance, would likely list anything con-
taining cheese as a comfort food -- possible,
but unlikely), and theres even a lot of varia-
tion among North Americans.
Though there may be some universals,
comfort food is almost by definition idio-
syncratic; theres a lot of variation in what
people consider comfort food to be because
everyone has had a different life.
When I think of comfort food, one food
comes to mind: hamburger. When Im in an
airport, stressed by the security gauntlets,
hassled by my fellow travelers, usually just
a little nervous about making connections,
theres only one thing I want: griddled beef
on a bun.
Im not actually sure why this is, but when
theres tension
in the air, Ive
found that the
way to relieve
that stress is
to sink my
teeth into a
big burger.
Theres some-
thing very
i n v o l v i n g
about holding
a warm meal
in both hands,
enjoying big
mouthfuls of
meat and on-
ions and catsup. A hamburger sandwich is
usually soft, non-aggressively seasoned, and
easy to eat.
For me, the burger doesnt have to be
fancy. In Chicago airports, after passing
through TSA and other checkpoints, Im
quite satisfied to settle into a Burger King
hamburger, which outside of an airport I al-
most never eat I even prefer it to the much
better, tastier, more crafted meals at, say,
Rick Bayless Tortas Frontera. Ive flown
out of the Cancun airport several times in
the past few years, and while Im waiting for
my return flight home, its always Johnny
Rockets. Its the only thing I want to eat. Im
drawn to it like a mom to a van or a hipster
to plaid.
Most of the time, after a heavy workout,
the only thing I want is, yes, a burger from
Five Guys.
For me, this simple meal is comforting,
which is why whenever Im admitted to a
cardiac ward, I make a point of ordering a
If youre so inclined, Id be very interest-
ed to hear how you define comfort food and
about your personal comfort food.
Five Guys Burgers and Fries
1115 Lake St.
Oak Park IL, 60301
Courtesy David Hammond
Celebrate Halloween in the Pleasant District!
Friday, October 31st
S. Marion between South Blvd. and Randolph St. in Oak Park
Wear your best costumes and Trick-or-Treat at Pleasant District businesses.
THRILLER DINNER DANCE: 7:30-9:00pm | $5/person or $8/family (up to 5)
West Cook YMCA - 255 S. Marion St., Oak Park
Enjoy a taco/nacho bar for dinner, then learn and perform the
Michael Jackson Thriller dance!
RSVP for the Thriller Dance by October 21 to Geanetta Edwards - or 708-434-0255.
14th Annual
Saturday, Sept. 20th
Your Olive & Well team, offering you the
worlds best Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars
Store hours: Mon Fri 11 - 6 | Sat 11 - 5 | Sun 12:30 - 4
133 N. Oak Park Ave. | 708.848.4230 |
33 East Burlington, Riverside, IL 60546
Menu and reservation information available at: or by calling 708-447-8781
No reason not to eat the
greens: you paid for them...
and theyre edible
I became convinced of the value of eating
locally grown vegetables from small farms
when I had my first really good carrot from
the Oak Park Farmers Market. It was moist
inside; it glistened when I bit into it; it was
slightly sweet and bitter at the same time,
wonderfully fresh and delicious.
I dont have a problem with paying a little
more for farmers market carrots, but some-
times I find myself paying a lot more than
I would at, say, Jewel. Compared to the car-
rots at major grocery stores, farmers mar-
ket carrots can be sometimes 10 times as
much. Thats not an exaggeration.
So when recently I bought a bunch of
beautiful carrots and was admiring the
greens it occurred to me that the greens are
edible, too. So why not eat them?
In a clay pot preparation of chicken, I
threw in some carrot greens. The fattiness of
the chicken rendered the greens lush and fla-
vorful, though they can become a little chewy
if you dont cut them into small pieces.
Carrot greens are also full of nutrients,
containing many more times the vitamin C
of the actual carrot; they also pack a lot of
chlorophyll, which is thought to purify the
If you want to prepare the greens, be care-
ful about eating too many the first or sec-
ond time around; carrot greens do contain
allergenic substances and there have been
reports of people becoming a little queasy
after eating carrot tops.
But Ive never been sick after eating the
greens from carrots, and if Im going to pay
five bucks a bunch for locally grown, organ-
ic carrots, Im going to eat as much of that
bunch as I can.
And even if youre not going to eat the
greens, make sure you cut off the greens
from the root as soon as you get the carrots
home: the greens continue to draw nutrients
from the carrot itself as soon as its harvest-
ed, so to preserve the flavor and nutrition of
the carrot, cut off the greensand then eat
the greens as soon afterwards as you can.
Oak Park Farmers Market
460 Lake St.
Oak Park IL, 60302
Courtesy David Hammond
Eating carrot tops?
You bet
Friday Fun Night
Friday, October 10 6:15-8:15pm $5 at the door.
Start off October with us and a movie! Join us for a
hot dog dinner, popcorn and a movie. Ages 5-12
Signed waiver required.
Trunk or Treat in the Park
Saturday, October 25 2:00 pm 4:00 pm
$5 to register your car. Free to attend. Park District Park Lot
Come celebrate Halloween with the Park District! Held in the
Park Districts parking lot, participants of our Trunk or Treat event
park their cars together and open their trunks to reveal themed
decorations. Decorate your car and come dressed in costume as
you pass out treats to local trick or treaters. Children can
walk from trunk to trunk to look at the decorations and
receive candy and treats in a family environment.
Please register your car early. Ages: ALL
Hauntin Halloween Dance
Friday, October 31 7:00 pm 9:00pm $5.00
Administrative Building
Come to the Park District of Forest Park for a fab-boo-lous
night out. Its time to dress up and celebrate. There will be a
DJ to dance the night away along with snacks and beverages.
Prizes will be awarded to the individuals with the best costumes
and everyone wearing a costume will receive a door prize.
A signed permission slip with a parent signature is required.
Forms will be distributed through school prior to dance or
they can be picked up at the Administrative building. Come
if you dare! Please register in advance or pay at the door.
Ages: 3rd-5th grade
Kids Spooktacular
Halloween Party
Tuesday, October 28 6:15 7:45 R: $10/NR: $15
Building 4
Put on your favorite costume and come celebrate this scary
holiday with the Park District. The children can dress up and
prizes will be awarded to the best costumes. The kids will
cook some creepy crawler treats and decorate pumpkins.
Ages: 5-10. Please register by October 24 to avoid
last-minute cancellation.
Carnivore, a real butcher shop, for real carnivores
Beef, pork, fsh...produce
Carnivore, Oak Parks new butcher shop, is
now open over on Pleasant Street near Mar-
ion. It was a rush to the finish once all the
permits and inspections were completed. But
co-owners Brad Knaub and Erik Williams
brought the energy to make this happen.
Carnivore is buying whole animals to
break down (theyre real butchers), but
theyve also built up relationships with lo-
cal farms and foragers, so theres going to be
a lot more available at Carnivore than just
meat. Think produce, fish and fowl.
Right now, Knaub and Williams are work-
ing to get the word out. Before opening day
they were making meat on a grill in front
of the store and giving it away. We handed
out 300 hamburgers, said Knaub, all in the
name of creating the buzz needed to get a
new business going.
In Oak Park, years ago, we used to go to
Blases on Lake Street near Ridgeland; it was
a small butcher shop, and we went there a lot,
because my kids and I kind of liked the way
the old-timey butcher cut the meat by hand
in front of us. After a few years, it closed.
Then when Marion Street Cheese Market
moved from the north side of the tracks to
the south, Erik Larson told me that it was
his plan to open a real butcher shop serving
sustainably raised meat and poultry. Then,
the recession hit and those plans were, it
seems, abandoned.
Blue Ribbon butcher shop on Austin
Boulevard has been going strong for many
years, so despite the dashed dreams of Bla-
ses and the aborted Marion Street Cheese
Market butcher shop, theres still a chance
a butcher store can make it in central Oak
Park. Knaub and Williams seem like the
guys who could do it.
As it turns out, I actually met Williams on-
line probably 9 years ago on
Knaub says he used to be a regular visitor to
the forum as well, though he only lurked.
With the addition of Carnivore and, not too
long from now, Sugar Beet, the food shopping
opportunities in Oak Park are looking much
brighter. Got to say, though, with a name like
Carnivore, its likely the market will catch
some heat from militant animal lovers.
Courtesy David Hammond
Brad Knuab and Erik Willams of Carnivore Oak Park.
Carnivore Oak Park
1042 Pleasant Street
708. 383. 3 456 | 6701 W. NORTH AVE. , OAK PARK | WWW. MASTERSHY U. COM
Private lessons
Martial Arts Camps
Classes for all ages
Berwyn Park District
2014 Special Events
Polar Express Storytime Registration Day
Saturday, October 4, 2014
9:00am 12:30pm
Proksa Park
All Hallows Eve
Saturday, October 25, 2014
6:00 8:00pm
Proksa Park
Letters to Santa
November 21 December 15
Special Mailboxes can be found
throughout South Berwyn
Letters to Santa Week
Tuesday, Dec. 2 Saturday, Dec. 6
11:00am 7:00pm (Tues Fri)
12:00 5:00pm (Sat)
Fly Right Gifts, Inc
6902 Windsor Avenue
St. Nick Stockings
Friday, December 5, 2014
6:00 8:00pm
*Make sure that you are home!
Berwyn Park District
Proska Park Activity Center
3001 S. Wisconsin Ave.
Berwyn, IL. 60402
Freedom Park
Administrative Ofce
3701 Scoville Ave.
Berwyn, IL. 60402
Liberty Cultural
6445 W. 27th Place
Berwyn, IL. 60402
2947 S. Oak Park Ave., Berwyn,
IL. 60402
Join The Y & Save! September 22nd-
30th only!
Spin the wheel and receive a 50% to
100% discount on your joiners fees! Save
up to $125!
Theres a little something for everyone and
a lot for your community. Find a class for yourself
or a sports league for the kids. We offer a pool, indoor
track, wellness center, gymnasium, sauna, whirlpool and more.
Roy Olsen Pastapalooza (Sept. 26th, 11:00am 7:00pm): Its not
just dinner, its an event! We have entertainment for all ages with
bingo, balloon animals and more! Dinner includes: pasta, marinara
sauce, meatballs, salad, bread, fruit, coffee & water. Additional
drinks and desserts are available for purchase. Purchase tickets at
the Pav YMCA. $7/Adults, $5/Kids & Seniors, under 3 free.
Fall II registration begins October 8th for members and
October 15th for program members. Classes begin October 26th.
Schools Out Days (October 10th & 13th): Our staff provides days
off from school that are fun and benecial!
Halloween Happenings (October 26th, 7:00-9:00pm): Were up
to our old tricks with new treats this year! Come in costume and
experience our carnival games, haunted house, bounce house and
more! $7/members, $9/nonmembers, adults free with paid child.
Riverside Parks and
Riverside Parks and Recreation
27 Riverside Rd.,
Riverside, IL 60546
Riverside Parks and Recreation has many
fun opportunities for you this fall and winter.
There are plenty of classes for youths and
adults. Check out our new tot tumbling and
dance classes with Ms. Kristi! Sign up for
Mad Scientists and get hands on with some
crazy experiments. Stay in shape even if the
weather gets colder. Join Yoga, Kickboxing,
Step Aerobics or Tae Kwon Do. Join a run club
whether you are 8 to 13 or 18 and older! Mark
your calendars for October 9th, 2014:
Twilight Toddler Trot for the youngins
at 6:30 at Big Ball Park followed by
Field Game Night at Big Ball Park for
Pre-Teens. That same night ladies
21 and over can join us at the Scout
Cabin and enjoy canvas painting
and each others company. Register
in advance for all programs. We are
here to provide the most exhilarating
experiences we can for all ages. Browse the
pages of our Recreation Brochure conveniently
located at and nd something
amazing for you! We look forward to seeing you at our next
program or event and we thank you for your participation and
Rotary Club of Oak Park
and River Forest
Rotary Day Rally
Come out and enjoy Food Trucks, a Beer Garden, Musical
Entertainment and family games and activities. FREE admission.
Sunday, October 5, 2014 from 1:30pm to 6:00pm. The Depot (River
forest METRA train depot)/Keystone Park, 401 Thatcher Avenue,
River Forest. Sponsored by Rotary Club of OPRF and the River
Forest Park District.
For more information,
go to
Tom Holmes Book Signing
Friday, September 19th
from 5pm - 8pm
Counter Coffee
7324 W. Madison Forest Park
Tom Holmes, religion writer for Wednesday Journal and
Forest Park Review, continued his journey of faith with a visit to
Thailand. His new book Forty days along in Thailand chronicles
his experiences learning about Jesus, the Buddha, Thai culture
and himself. Come and enjoy complimentary iced coffee and tea,
wine from Famous Liquors and brownies from Silverland Bakery.
Espresso drinks will available for purchase.
West Cook YMCA
255 S. Marion St.
Oak Park IL 60302
The Pleasant District is your spot for spooky family fun
on Halloween! The West Cook YMCA and the Pleasant District
Association will be holding a special event on Halloween just
for you and your kids. Enjoy trick-or-treating at our local
businesses on South Marion from 4:30-7:30pm, and then have
dinner and learn the Michael Jackson Thriller dance at the Y from
7:30-9:00pm. RSVPs for the dinner are required by October 21 to
Geanetta Edwards, or 708-434-0255.
Evening Networking Event
at Sergios Place
Sergios Place, 6966 W. North Ave, Chicago,
IL 60707
Wednesday, September 24, 2014 - 5 7pm
The West Side Business Network, a collection of networking
groups all free to join, invite you to meet local professionals while
enjoying authentic Mexican cuisine.
Space is limited. $25 per person includes buffet dinner. Beer
and margaritas will be available for purchase. RSVP by 9/22 to
Alicia: (708) 613-3344.
FREE West Side Mens
Health Fair
Loretto Hospital,
645 S. Central, Chicago
Saturday, September 27, 2014 - 8:30am 1pm
Austin Weekly News and the West Side Business Network are
hosting a health fair to educate local men about common health
risks. Attend and learn how to improve overall health while also
having the chance to get free screenings. The event will include
a light breakfast and a panel discussion with mens health
specialists. Learn about support from vendors. Tours of the newly
renovated Loretto Hospital will also be available.
RSVP required. Contact Alicia at or (708)
Fall Fun
Giant Pretzel w/ Beer Mustard 4.
w/ Obatzer Cheese & Zucchini Pickles 7.
Barley Soup, Pork Sausage, Kale 5.
Chilled Shrimp Salad, Watermelon Radish, Boiled Egg,
Rye Toast, Horseradish Aioli 12.

Potato Pancakes, Cured Salmon, Apple Jam, Kohlrabi,
Dill 9.

Steak Tartare, Beer Mustard, Garlic Toast, Cornichons 14.
Pork Schnitzel, Wild Mushroom-Beer Sauce, Spaetzle,
Crme Fraiche, Pork Belly, Fried Onion, Baby Carrots 20.

Beef Sauerbraten, Potato Dumplings, Braised Red
Cabbage, Green Beans, Red Wine Sauce 21.

Alaskan Halibut, Lemon Butter Sauce, Fingerling Potato,
Baby Arugula, Roasted Beets 28.

Baked Bavarian Pigs in a Blanket, Charred Corn Relish,
Horseradish Cream, Bulls Blood, Pickled Vegetables,
Beer Vinaigrette 21.
Baked German Pancake, Warm Apples, Bourbon Syrup,
Whipped Cream, Candied Pecans 7.

Black Forest Cake, Cherries, Kirsch, Dark Chocolate,
Whipped Cream 7.

We will also be featuring a variety of German Beer,
Wine & Specialty Cocktails.
The Chew Chew
33 E. Burlington, Riverside, IL. 60546
ZG Menu
Dont miss Chew Chews German Inspired Food & Beverage Experience
September 20th-30th!
Chew Chews German Inspired Food & Beverage Experience September 20th-30th!
Soy beans can be
bacon too!
Digital Editor
Everyone, try faux
bacon. No. This will
not turn in to a rant
(...I dont think).
No. I am not trying
to make you feel
bad about eating
I am saying, as a
former meat-eater
turned vegetarian,
that trying a slice
of Fakin Bacon
would be good for
your health, the environment and your taste
But, wait. Will this stuff even taste like
To that, my meat-eating friend, I will say
not really. Not at all, actually.
The seasonings on faux bacon may be
similar, the color maybe comparable, there
might even be a slight crunchall though
the compressed soy product that is tempeh
or seitan is rather thick and often the
texture of deli meatit will not taste the
Is anyone ever fooled by pseudo-meats?
I can say, though, that you will be delighted
by health benefits: less fat and sodium and
no cholesterol.
Here are some brands to try at home:
Morning Star Veggie Bacon Strips
Uptown Naturals Bacon Seitan
Lightlife Organic Smoky Tempeh
If you are around town and interested
in indulging in this vegan delight, stop by
Munch, 104 Marion Street.
The vegan/vegetarian restaurant serves
a BLT (you could also add guacamole) that
will have you asking for more.
Its a $10 lunch item that 100 percent worth
And I know this section is not about
sausages, but if you want a substitute for
that pork link sizzling in your pan in the
morning then try Field Roast Apple Maple
Breakfast Sausage.
Digital editor
0 - 3 answers correct:
Youre a Bacon Baby! Welcome to the
wonderful world that is bacon. You have
much to look forward to as you explore new
creations that exploit bacon.
4 - 7 answers correct:
Youre a Baconite! Youve shown your
love of bacon. Now I encourage you to car-
ry out your own Bacon Quest to learn even
more about this amazing food and all the in-
teresting ways it affects the culinary world.
8 - 10 answers correct:
Youre a Bacon Aficionado! Get out
there and boast about your bacon prowess.
As you continue to bask in all things bacon,
be sure to share your most amazing experi-
ences with us at:
1 . A , 2 . C , 3 . C , 4 . B , 5 . A , 6 . C , 7 . B , 8 . B , 9 . A , 1 0 . B
How well do you know bacon?
Map It!
Find your local garage
sales all in one place!
or call maureen at 708.613.3342 to place an ad
Food Trucks Beer Garden
Musical Entertainment Family Games & Activities
October 5, 2014, Rain or Shine 1:30 to 6pm
The Depot (River Forest METRA Train Depot)/Keystone Park
401 Thatcher Ave., River Forest
Sponsored by
Come join us to celebrate Service ABOVE Self!
For more information,
go to or

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