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Lingayen Technological Institute

February 3-5, 2014


Team managers are responsible for the eligibility and conduct of all their players. It is mandatory for every participant to
follow the following rules and regulations:

Schedules for games and game results will be posted on the Information Board of LTI.

All players must sign their Attendance Sheet before game time. OBSERVE PUNCTUALITY.

Players may play for ONE TEAM ONLY. Players playing for more than one team will lose their eligibility and cause
forfeiture for their teams games.

1. All teams must wear a t-shirt of the same color or a Jersey that have a number on the back.
2. Gym shoes MUST be worn. No sandals, doll shoes, or bare feet will be allowed on the court.
3. The following items are NOT ALLOWED on the basketball court:
o No pockets or belt loops on pants or shorts
o No tear away pants
o No metal barrettes or bobby pins
o No Hats
o No bandannas
4. Girls hair must be neatly ponytailed. No hair strands blocking their faces. Headbands not allowed.

To get play started, a team is chosen to serve by coin toss. You must have 6 players present to start the game,
otherwise, LATE PENALTIES SHALL BE AWARDED. At the scheduled start of a game, should a team not be ready to start
at the referee's whistle, 1 point will be awarded to the opposite team for EVERY MINUTE that is wasted. Should both
teams not be ready, 1 point will be awarded to both teams per minute. Late players will not be allowed to join that
particular game once it has started. The game has started upon blowing of the referees whistle. The player is late if
he/she did not sign the Attendance Sheet before game time.

No time-limit will be fixed since the late penalties will be strictly implemented. MATCHES/GAMES ARE BEST TWO OUT

Each team will have two (2) time outs per set. Time outs not used in a set are forfeited. Each time out is for 20 seconds.
Teams can request a time out regardless who is serving, however, it can only be called on dead ball and cannot be called
once the referee has blown his whistle for service.

Injury time out will be limited to 1 minute and should the player not be ready to resume play, he must leave the game
and the rest of the team would have to continue playing without him.

Substitutions are ONLY allowed on a dead ball. Subs must inform the table of a substitution, otherwise, it will result in a
foul; and the opponent team will be awarded 1 point.

Service is only served UNDER-HAND FOR THE BOYS while GIRLS CAN CHOOSE ANY STYLE of serviceand must be served
from the outside line marked on each side of the basketball court. Service touching the net is considered foul and the
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other team are rewarded the service. Service landing on the line is considered in. Server must wait for the referees
whistle before serving. Serve must take place within five (5) seconds after the referees whistle, otherwise, it will be
considered as foul and the opponent team will be awarded with 1 point. Let Serve or return of service that touches the
net is considered in play.

The following are highlighted rules for hitting the ball:
Ball may be hit a maximum of three times on each side of the net.
A player may not hit a ball twice in succession. The only exception is a player who has just blocked a spike or an
If two or more players contact the ball simultaneously, it is considered one play and the players involved may
not participate in the next play
No contact of any kind is allowed to touch the net (except from the ball).Examples: body contact, players
clothing, players hair.
Carrying, Palming, Throwing, etc. are fouls.
Touches of the net with any part of the body while the ball is in play. If the ball is driven into the net with such
force that it causes the net to contact an opposing player, no foul will be called, and the ball shall continue to be
in play
LTI will follow the RALLY POINT SYSTEM. When the ball contacts the floor within the court boundaries or an error or
foulis made, the team that did not make the error or foul is awarded a point, whether they served the ball or not. If the
ball hits the line, the ball is counted as in. The team that won the point serves for the next point. If the team that won
the point served in the previous point, the same player serves again. If the team that won the point did not serve the
previous point, the players of the team rotate their position on the court in a clockwise manner. The game continues,
FOLLOWED. For every set, the team changes court side.

Sportsmanship is a vital component for success in every sports competition. Participants are expected to display good
sportsmanship toward opponents and the sports officials and staff at all times.

The following are highlighted fouls in LTI Volleyball Tournament. It must be understood and always be remembered that
the commission of a foul of a team results in the awarding of a point to the opponent team.
No punching and kicking of the ball is allowed at any time.
Illegal Substitution.
If a player touches the net while the ball is in play, it is considered as a foul.
If the ball touches any part of the players body apart from the hand/wrist, it is considered as foul.
Players are not allowed to cross their feet, hand or any other part of their body across the middle line.
Cussing: The use of profane language is NOTnecessary and will NOT be permitted during a game.
A foul will also be assessed to any player that displays poor sportsmanship.
Interference or verbal abuse from the team bench or crowd supporting the team.
Failure to serve in the correct order or rotation.

A dead ball and one point will be awarded if:
The ball touches the floor of the serving team or a teammate of the server.
The ball hits any obstructions or objects on the serve.
The ball passes UNDER the net or crosses the net entirely outside the antennae on the sides of the net.
The ball touches any obstruction or objects before contacting an opponent or the floor of the opponents
If a served ball lands out of bounds or hits the ceiling on the way over, the serve will result in a side-out and a
point for the receiving team.
For a ball to be considered out, the ball must land outside the perimeter or marked lines without any player
touching it.
A ball must cross over the net area between the posts to the opposite side to be considered in.
If the ball touches the poles during a play, it is considered out.
Let serves (when the ball contacts the net during the serve but lands in play) are accepted and considered

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To sustain and/or maintain the needed DISCIPLINE of students enrolled at LINGAYEN TECHNOLOGICAL
INSTITUTE the school reiterates that aside from these rules, the formulated strict RULES and REGULATIONS signed by
the students are in continuous effect. Any student who violates any of the Rules and Regulations in Lingayen
Technological Institute will be dealt with accordingly. Disciplinary action taken against the violators will depend on
the gravity of the violation/offense.

Moreover, this shall serve as a certification that the following students/players who signed below have read
and understood the LTI Volleyball Tournament Rules this 2
Semester, School Year 2013-2014.
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