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Written Assignment

Cultural Criticism on Everythings Arranged by Siew Yue Killingley.

What do you think of when you think of culture? Culture from the New Oxford English Dictionary
means connected with the customs, ideas, beliefs of a society or country. In Literature

`Everything's Arranged' by Siew Yue Killingley, is about arranged marriages practiced by the
Indian communities. The story is about Rukumani, a young teenages from the Ceylonese
Tamil community whose family has settled in Malaya. Rukumani and Devanayagam are two
young teenagers are really madly in love with each other. Unfortunately in Ceylonese
Communities their behavior are not accepted. Every Marriage in Ceylonese Communities are
arranged by the family and the elders. Arranged marriages are highly considered and respected
by the Indian and Ceylonese families in Malaysia. It is considered as a dignity and a symbol of
family honour. In this story, the writer uses culture criticism as it main literary. She has shown
the reality Indian culture from generations without been compromised by the young generation
and even though it is in the modern world.
The story begins with a young girl named Rukumani, who is from the Ceylonese Indian
communities fell in love with a young man in the university, named Devanayagam. Both of them
knew of that their wrong doing but still they tried their very hard to believe in their love. In
Ceylonese Communities, marriage is more to spiritual thing and love before marriage is
forbidden. The Ceylonese, no matter how educated are them, they still hold to their tradition,
beliefs and family values. Education failed to change their thinking. During their semester break,
Rukumani and Devanayagam knows for real that their marriage has been arrange to someone
they did not know by their parents. They only know that the marriage is with a distance cousin.
Even though they were hurt and sad, both Rukumani and Devanayagam must obey their
parents decision either they like it or not and the decisions cannot be argue or they will face the
consequences. As for Rukumani and Devanayagam, they both did not argue the decisions
made by their parents but both of them are in really stressed. In Indian Culture or in every
culture, children must obey their parents and elders because they know what is best for their
Rukumani tried to seek comfort by writing a letter to Aunt Sally and told her about her
feeling toward the situation. She told Aunt sally that she would like to committed suicide
because of the overwhelming conflict. But instead, Aunty Sally reminded her that how ungrateful
she was to her parents. Aunty Sally advised her to follow her mother's advice and marry the
person whom her parents have arranged. She realized that Devanayagam is not as strong as
she is in her feelings. He might marry the girl of his parents' choice if they were to force him.
Rukumani, thinking that she is going to be married to a stranger so she quickly tells her parents
about her lover Devanayagam. Her parents were shocked about their daughter's `disgraceful
action to fall in love with someone she likes. Rukumani has created a big problem. In Ceylonese
nature, She has ruined her family's dignity and respect to an extend that her parents could not
face the other members of their community ; Yes, falling in love is a great sin, according to her
parents. Both of their parents called off the arrangement.
Rukumani and her mother are two different women who belong to two different worlds.
Rukumani is 22 years old, a university undergraduate specializing in Economics. She is
exposed to other cultures and values. Although she comes from an old fashioned, traditional
Ceylonese Tamil family, due to her university education and the multi-cultural society she is in,
she has a different view about life. She is nothing like her mother. Her good friend is a Chinese
girl, Amy Wong and she feels free to talk to her classmate Johnny Chew. To her it is something
very normal but not for her mother. Her mother suspects her to be in love with her classmate
Johnny Chew when he visits her. She does not believe that a boy and a girl can be just
friends.The evidence show at page 201 line 6 Wehave been Ceylonese Tamils for along
time. Do you thinks you can spoil our blood now?. The evidence shows that In Ceylonese
Nature it is really important to the Ceylonese to protect and preserve their bloodlines because
their sons and daughter are being raise with Ceylonese culture generations ago.
When Mr Sambathan found out about Rukumanis guilty, he accused her wife not teaching her
daughter morals. She offer to commit suicide. Mr Sambathans mother also willing to killed
herself because the family were disgraced by Rukumani. Even Rukumanis mother also offered
to hanging herself or by swallowing poison. Rukumani also has the suicidal tendencies the
evidence show at page 195 Letter to Aunt Sally line 6 At times I think of committing suicide but
I am not sure how to kill myself. My boyfriend has not written to me yet and does not know of my
sorrows. I fear I shall make him kill herself too if I kill myself. The tendencies of committing
suicide has been the resort for the Ceyloneses and happens when they face shame or when
the conflict they face is overwhelming.