ANALYSIS OF THE HUMAN PSYCHE With the greatest pleasure I address to you tonight so that we talk a little bit about psychological matters. We will talk about Revolutionary Psychology... Above all, we must know who we are, where we come from, where we are going to, which is the objective of our existence, why we exist, what we exist for… To work, to eat, undoubtedly it is necessary, but that is not everything. With what purpose should we eat? We need to eat in order to live, but what should we live for? What is the purpose? To live for living without knowing the reason why we must live, it is quiet absurd. We need to know the purpose of our existence, the reason why we are in this world, what for we are in this world. If we observe a person, that doesn’t mean that we know her, we need to get to know her... The physical body is composed by organs, the organs by cells, the cells by molecules, the molecules by atoms. If we break an atom, we liberate energy that is obvious. So, in last synthesis, the physical body is resumed in different types and subtypes of Energy. What is there beyond the physical body? Is there anything else? Are we only a pile of flesh, blood and bones? Impossible, we are something different or we have something different, but what is it? That is what we are going to study tonight… Obviously, the mechanics knows the mechanism of the living cells, but they don’t know about the Vital Stock, up to now THEY HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO CREATE LIFE. If we put on a laboratory table the chemical substances that are needed to create an ovule and a spermatozoon, that means, a pair of masculine and feminine gametes, we don’t doubt that they can create them. But that spermatozoon and that ovule, (created by them, by the scientists), we are absolutely sure that never such gametes could originate life. We really don’t know any Frankenstein, except in the movies. Powerful airplanes that fly from a place to another on the earth have been manufactured, but it hasn’t been possible to create a simple vegetable seed able to germinate. On a certain occasion a materialist atheist discussed with a religious man. The atheist showed very intellectual. The problem was very simple, said the first one: - “Who was first the egg or the hen? If it was the hen, then where did the egg come from? If it was the egg, who laid it, wasn’t it the hen?”... So, it is a vicious circle that never has an end. Suddenly the religious one addressed to the scientific and told him: - “Could you create an egg?” The scientific answered: - “Yes, yes I can, I can do it”... - “Well, you do it!” Since the materialist atheist was a chemist he made the egg, a perfect egg, artificial more than wonderful. Once already made, the religious one told:


-“Now, let us put it in an incubator to see if the chick comes out”. And they put it in the incubator, but the chick didn’t come out. See then, how science hasn’t been able to create life… Suddenly it appears a wise man saying: “Eureka, Eureka, indeed we are creating life, we have achieved to create life”… The public responds with a great laughter. What they have really made is to start from an amoeba and to unite it somewhere to another piece of organism and sustain it during some hours, and that is all the scandal! What a scandal for a piece of amoeba mixed with another piece of another creature. But, what about creating life? Let’s see if it is true that they create it. We give them the chemical substances for making creatures in order to see if they make them. To play with what nature has done doesn’t have any value, what it would be interesting is… To create life and up to now they haven’t been able to create it. Then, science knows only the mechanics of the living cell, but it doesn’t know how to manipulate life, THE VITAL ORGANIC STOCK is the fundament of life… Scientists could make transplants, but they couldn’t create the vital stock. In that branch they play with what it is already done, but they are not capable of making it. They could, for example, make the artificial insemination and to a sterile woman, for example, insert a couple of gametes into her so that a creature gets formed inside her womb, but they are not capable of making the gametes, they are waiting for nature to make them for them. They play with what it is already made. For example they do vegetable implants and then come out big wonderful fruits, but with vital adulterated principles. They are not able to make, for example, a vegetable artificial branch to insert it into a living branch in order to produce a change in the whole plant, that they cannot do it… And then, with what authority do they deny the Divinity? With what proves do they want that everybody believe firmly in the Materialist Dialectic? They cannot demonstrate it, but the religious can demonstrate it. He says that “God is the foundation of all that exists” and he does demonstrate it. The whole nature serves as document for the religious one: the creatures appear everywhere, vegetation arises, everything because of... the Divine. Could the materialistic scientists refute the religious one? There is not any way of refuting him. They are unable to even make a simple vegetable seed able to germinate. But if they don't make a vegetable seed, at least with possibilities of germinating, then, where are the foundations of their materialistic dogmas? With what bases do they dare to deny the DIVINE? Obviously, they don’t have any bases. And the actual science… and the religious ones have won the battle, that is obvious, because the religious ones they indeed can demonstrate it, but the materialist scientists are not demonstrating anything; they haven't been able to displace the Divinity. But let us advance a little bit more after this brief digression. The Vital Organic Stock is interesting. A little ago, in Russia, scientists invented a lens that allows them to see the Vital Stock, now they call it “BIO PLASTIC BODY”. They are interesting the pictures of the Bio plastic Body that is being studied together with the organism and that is also being studied separately… Of course, the discovery of the Bio plastic Body gave a beating to the Materialist Dialectics. In these times they are starting to experiment intensively


in Russia with PARAPSYCHOLOGY. There is not doubt that the greatest productivity of didactic material comes from Russia. This is reflected in the statistics. It means that Russia is coming out of that materialism and entering into a religious era. Of course, the recent regime of the Chinese communists is bothersome and they have already given Russia or the soviets the epithet of the “near to religion”. I want you to know that if the VITAL BODY was removed from a person, that person would die, that is obvious. However, the vital body is not the “I”; it is only a sediment of the organic life. If we photograph the Vital Body, we will discover that it is the sediment of life, a kind of double organism because each atom of the Vital Body looks totally like each atom of the Physical Body, but this Vital Body, or Bio plastic Body (as the Russians call it), is not the “I”. When somebody knocks on a door, he is asked: - Who is it? And he answers: - “I”, but what thing is the “I”, my dear friends? Some Schools suppose that there are two “I’s”. They say that one “I” is “SUPERIOR”, and they praise it, they adore it, they worship it, etc. The other “I” is qualified of “INFERIOR”; such schools think that the Inferior “I” should evolve until it is integrated with the Superior one… It has been also said a lot about the Subliminal “I” of the fear, however, we have to say that Superior “I” and Inferior “I” are only superior and inferior sections of a same thing. Let us take any table, it has two sections: the superior and the inferior part, the same happens to the “I”. Obviously, so many divisions between superior and inferior are completely absurd in the bottom, because the “I” is the “I”; and that is all. Well, here we are and each one of us has his/her own “Dear “I”. It is necessary that we know what thing that “I” is. Will it be Matter? Will it be Spirit? What will it be? Or will it be Matter and Spirit at the same time? That is what we should know. Some philosophers have talked about the ALTER EGO; let us remember the Alter Ego of Cicero... Each one is free of thinking about the “I”: The Materialists will think that the “I” is merely Matter… I believe that this position has already been discarded by the new Russian thought, which is different. Now it is given special preference in Russia, as I already said, to the parapsychology. The Materialistic Marxist Dialectic belongs to the past, it has become extemporary, it is out of fashion. A new form of dialectical thinking is needed. In the New Era, we will probably enter in the field of Energy. In any case the “I” is energy and this can be demonstrated by the same Physics when they break any atom: Energy is liberated obviously. If we break an atom of starch, or of iron or aluminium or of any organism, including the human, we liberate Energy. So in last synthesis, the organism is summarised in types and subtypes of Energy. Through that path pointed out by Aristotle with the name of “ENTELECHY”, undoubtedly, we come to the Organic Energy and to the Values… The “I”, undoubtedly is that: Energy; determined and determining Energy of ancient and new modalities. Determined and determining Energy of new vibratory waves, and that is demonstrated with any device able to capture the vibrations of the terrible Ego.


Energy is Energy, who could deny the Energy? The human body could also become dust (and as a matter of fact, it becomes dust), but are we sure that we can destroy the Energy? And would there be somebody that has discovered any system that is able to annihilate the Energy? Perhaps someone who is present here, in this auditorium? Well, I would like to meet him, if you are, have the kindness to stand up, the one who has been able to end with the UNIVERSAL ENERGY; I would like to meet that colossus, that titan, but I see that they don't appear, neither here nor there nor over there. …Neither the death of somebody solves the problem. “Death is nothing but a subtraction of fractions”. If we do the operation, what will be left? What would continue? The VALUES, right? And any mathematician knows it. The Values will continue for they are energy, those Values continue in the Psychological Space, those mere Values constitute the Ego, the “I”, the “Myself”. A physical organism can be destroyed (it doesn't matter the race to which one belongs) but we cannot destroy the Energy Values. Those Values continue beyond death. Looking at the things from another angle we would say that we are MATHEMATICAL POINTS in the space, that we can serve as a vehicle to certain sums of Values; therefore, “death is nothing but a subtraction of fractions”… Each one of us, the ones here present, I repeat, is a Mathematical Point that serves as a vehicle to a certain sums of Energy Values and the Energy is demonstrated; therefore, the Ego is Energy, it is obvious, determined and determining energy, it is unquestionably. But we should deepen a little bit more regarding the matter of the Values: anger, for example, would be a Value, greed another Value, lust another, envy another, pride another, laziness another, gluttony another; these different types of Values could be analysed more deeply and it is what we want to do. In the East, the different types and subtypes of Values are given an epithet: they are called “PSYCHOLOGICAL AGGREGATES”. Such Aggregates can be visible and tangible through techniques or special lens. For example, in Brazil at this moment, there are very special photographic badges with which there have been studied different forms of Energies that escape from the human organism: for example, thoughts have been photographed, and also the Human Aura has already been photographed. There is no doubt that there is an Aura around the human body; that is undoubtedly. In the future, there will be more perfect devices that will be able to photograph the Energy Values of any organism, their vibrations will be measured, etc. We are progressing in the field of the energy: everyday are invented more and more powerful lens. We have been able to photograph the KMESON, we have discovered that… the K-Meson doesn’t behave according to the Law of Parity. We have understood that the activity of a Parallel Universe located in a FOURTH VERTICAL already interferes directly with the zones of the Meson K. Therefore, we are progressing in the Optics and I am sure that very soon the Energy Values will be photographed. The Egyptians during their diverse dynasties, knew deeply the Energy Values; they denominated those Values “THE RED DEMONS OF SETH”, this is how they called them (very one is free to think however they want). In any case,


it makes us reflect… it makes us think about passage of the Gospel of Christ in which it is said that Jesus of Nazareth threw SEVEN DEMONS out of Magdalene’s body: anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc. From this point of view, I think the Egyptians are right when they name the Psychological aggregates “Red Demons of Seth”. Studying more deeply this matter, thinking about the aggregates, or Red Demons of Seth, or Values (or as you want to call the diverse parts of the “I”, of the Ego) we come to the conclusion that the Ego, in itself, it is not completely individual. I simply want to say that it does not exist a permanent “I” within the human organism. Undoubtedly, the existences of such Values, we either call them “Red Demons of Seth” (as the ancient Egyptians), or simply psychological aggregates, or demons (as the Gospel of Christ says), we discover that truly, really, we don’t have a single “I”, but a multiplicity of “I’s”. In this case, each one of our psychological defects would be an “I”. At this time, Virgil, the poet of Mantua, comes to my mind. He said clearly the following: "Even having a thousand tongues and an iron-roofed mouth we still would never be able to completely number all our psychological defects”… Then, there exist inside us a multiplicity of “I’s”; that is obvious. When the possessed one of the Biblical Gospel is interrogated by Jesus of Nazareth, when Jesus asks him his name, he answers: “My name is Legion”. Would it then be Legion the name of each one of us? If we have multiple “I’s”, living personification of our defects, then, from this point of view, we are like possessed ones. Are we possessed ones?... That is what we have to analyse. We have gathered here a group of people very learned; men and women who have longings, who try to discover what exists inside ourselves etc., and I think that it is worthwhile for all of us gathered here to try to understand all this, that is the main thing… What do we look for? What is the “I”; the myself? What is there inside our flesh, in our blood and in our bones? We are not Materialist and we must investigate even more. Today’s materialists are not like they were before. For that reason I understand that they became devotees of the PARAPSYCHOLOGY AND OF THE EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY. Those times in which the Dialectical Materialism had became an unyielding dogma have already past; now we have entered a New Era, we would say, the era of the Energy. We certainly are here, in a lecture of psychological type, but it is not a reactionary psychology, it is not a merely conservative, nonprogressive psychology; we are talking about REVOLUTIONARY PSICHOLOGY, rebellious, and we need to be revolutionary if we really want to know ourselves. And this point, the “I”, is something very serious. Deep inside we have many “I’s”, and these “I’s” form the human organism, which, subsequently, has become a kind of marionette moved by different “I’s”, (the human body is, obviously, the instrument of different “I’s”); these “I’s” struggle among them for the supremacy, each one of them wants to be the master, the owner, the lord: When an “I” is able to control the totality of the organic machine, he feels being the only one, but very soon he is displaced by another one, and the struggle in the bottom continues... Have you seen an angry, furious person…? I think so: his eyes jump out, the face becomes rosy or better reddish, he closes the fists, his hair is


twitched… which means that he is in a state of awful, delirious frenzy. A person in that condition should be taken to a clinic, shouldn’t he? He is sick, and such an ill person is worthy of consideration. Have you seen a jealous person? In that case the “I” of jealousy has totally controlled the main centres of the organic machine. The poor one suffers terribly. Every look of his lover is for him something awful: He thinks that she looks at somebody else; he thinks that the other will take her from him, he fears to lose her, etc. If she looks out, through a window, immediately he runs out with the gun to the street, it seems to him that somebody is going to take her through the window, he is crazy, terribly crazy. Have you seen a glutton? How terrible! I know many, they are too obese. Recently I was in a very elegant restaurant, there I saw a glutton. I want to tell you that his belly was horribly round and big. He had that curve of happiness. Well, the poor man was eating when I entered. When I left he continued eating. How many more hours did he spend eating? I don’t know… To me he simply was a too fat man; so fat that already one of his legs is failing (the poor leg has to resist the overwhelming weight of such enormous body!). I observed him carefully, he ate and he ate and he ate at every instant, every second, every moment. Poor man! -I said to myself-, wouldn’t he even think of looking at himself in a mirror? How ugly! That is how the glutton is…. Have you seen an envious person? How he suffers, he is worthy of pity! He has a car somewhere, any car, a humble carcass, and suddenly it appears a friend of his youth, he passes there in a splendid car, the latest fashion, he looks at it and the unhappy man almost cry and say:… “Someday I will also have another car like that one, it is not fair that I continue with this old car!” And he cries terribly…. Later on, what? He uncovers the radiator and the water ascends like a gush up to clouds and the poor suffers, he bitters his life terribly. An envious woman, have you seen her? How much she cries! She looks at another one that passes there down the street showing a pretty dress, a necklace of pearls, some delicious rings, she looks at her from feet to head and from head to feet. She looks at herself with a humble dress and says: “So much work and however, look the type of clothes I am wearing, I don’t know why I am so unhappy, woe is me! woe, woe!"… The poor suffers torturing herself alone in life, nobody is provoking it to her, she is the one who torments herself. Have you seen, my dear friends a greed person? How much he suffers and suffers the unhappy one! A little ago there were in the capital city three greed brothers, they had a business in the public road… The poor saved the money; they didn’t spend it not even to poison themselves. Well, one of those many days, they were killed, who killed them? It is not known. The police entered to that old house where they lived and under the mattress it was found the insignificant amount of three million pesos… What a horrible aspect they had! They disguise in multiple ways, they wore strange clothes, they sat in the doors of the temples, wandered on the streets playing the part of blind, all dirty, ragged. How horrible they looked! They were abnormal, that is obvious. And what can we say about a lazy person? You have seen one many times. A lazy one is an individual that doesn’t do anything (somewhere he receives a name that you know well, I don’t say it because I feel ashamed) and undoubtedly he is abnormal, a parasite. He wants to have his wife and he


doesn’t work, the woman does work and then he wants to live from the woman comfortably scratching his belly, do you think that this is normal? That is the way the poor one is!.... Obviously, the psychological defects turn us abnormal, that is to say, the individuals have an ABNORMAL PSYCHE, they are sick, terribly sick, but they don’t realize that. How is their own consciousness? It is bottled among all those psychological aggregates that in a whole constitute the Ego, the myself. Those people think that they are awake, but they are mistaken; unfortunately, they sleep. They drive cars with the consciousness asleep, they work asleep, they walk asleep on the streets, they live asleep, but they believe that they are awake. Have you seen sometime in your life a session of hypnotism? The hypnotist tells to the hypnotised one: “Get undressed because we are in a river and should cross it”. The hypnotised one gets undressed and if the hypnotised one who receives the order to get undressed is a poor lady, she will think it twice; probably she will wake up and perhaps doesn’t get undressed. When one is told that he is drunk, well he will talk like a drunkard; he is told that “a glass of water is a glass of wine, he is ordered to drink it, and he is going to get drunk” because he will believe that in reality is a glass of wine and he will get drunk, therefore the hypnotised person believes in what they tell him, he is crazy, terribly crazy, but nobody tells him crazy, of course, how will they tell it to him? When they already wake him, he has done a play quiet ridicule. However, I am going to tell you something terribly certain: All human beings without exception of race, creed, cast or colour are HYPNOTIZED, you have the CONSCIOUSNESS ASLEEP; you have it totally bottled within the “I”. ` Now you will realize of the reason of the human unconsciousness. If people HAD AWAKENED A 10% OF CONSCIOUSNESS, there would be no longer wars in the world. Unfortunately, humanity has only a 3% of awaken Consciousness; this means that the 97% of Consciousness sleeps deeply. Why is humanity not able to know by themselves, in a direct form, the mysteries of Life and Death? Why don’t people know where they come from and where they are going to? Why don’t they know the reason of their existence? Simply because they sleep deeply, but they ignore that they sleep. Do you think that you know the world? Have they seen it once the way it is? You are mistaken. The day you awaken the Consciousness you will see that the world is not as you believe it is. This world has such…. That you have not seen… and you are perfectly fanaticized by the Three-dimensional Dogma of Euclid. Whoever awakens the Consciousness sees truly the world as it is and not as it apparently is. There are methods that allow us to awaken the Consciousness; and that is the fundamental thing. Above all, the one who wants to awaken should develop in himself the SENSE OF THE PSYCHOLOGICAL SELFOBSERVATION. We need to live alert and vigilant as the watchman in time of war, it is necessary to understand that in the coexistence exists the possibility of the SELF-DISCOVERY; it is very probable that if we learn to Self-Observe from instant to instant, from moment to moment, then we will discover our psychological mistakes. Up to now, we don’t know ourselves, we have a completely wrong concept of ourselves. Possibly, other people see us in a very different way, but


we believe that our concept s are true, when truly, really, we don’t know ourselves. It is necessary to self-discover ourselves in connection with the people that surround us: Either be in the house, in the street, in the field, in the temple, in the school, etc. Those hidden defects appear spontaneously, they come out to the surface and if we are self-observing ourselves, then we see them. We must study every defect that we discover. We need to open it with the scalpel of the SELF-CRITICISM; we need to open such Values in order to know what they really want. Once we have completely understood the defect, it is obvious that we are ready and prepared for the elimination. But first we must have understood it and this is possible through a rigorous analysis. The mind by itself can never understand a defect completely, it is needed the profound SELF-REFLEXION, so that the light of the Spirit allows us TO UNDERSTAND. Once we have understood, then we need to ELIMINATE. The elimination is really possible when we appeal to the most Divine powers that exist in the innermost of ourselves. All the ancient peoples worshipped GOD-MOTHER: she was called “Nut” in Egypt; “Rhea” or “Cybele” in other latitudes of the Earth; “Adonia” among the Hebrews; “Diana” among the Greeks; “Mara” or “Mary” among the Hebrews; “Tonantzin” in our Mexican homeland… It doesn’t matter the name given to her, truly, really, that so amazing Tonantzin… who came from Europe; She is a part of our own Being, but derived. This means that if we concentrate on the Intimate Tonantzin (that flaming power that exists in our psyche) and we beg her to disintegrate… and work on our psyche, then, she will provoke in an extraordinary way the awakening of the consciousness. All the religions of the world talk about the INNER PROFOUND ENLIGHTENMENT. The Buddhists in Asia, for example, they yearn for the Enlightenment; however this is not possible until the AWAKENING OF THE CONSCIEOUSNESS is achieved; an awaked Consciousness is an enlightened Consciousness, a revolutionary Consciousness, rebellious, sublime and terribly divine. Friends, it is urgent to understand that all human beings are hypnotised; there is a Hypnotic Force in all nature that has sunk humanity in the hypnosis. The awakening is urgent! And for that goal, it is necessary that we self-observe deeply. Only on that base is it possible the elimination of the Ego, of the “I”, of the myself. The human body is a machine and we, all of us, look like machines. What is the war? What are wars for? Many times in the Cosmos there is any catastrophe: a world collides with another world, or something …. falls in a Sun, etc., that is, any cosmic phenomenon is enough for bringing certain type of vibrations to the Earth; the human machines receive those vibrations and then they rush to the war, millions of asleep machines against millions of asleep machines in the battle fields. In the flags shine wonderful mottoes, and each one justifies the war in their own way, without realising, those poor human machines, that they have been victims of the vibration that comes from any planet in the space, perhaps a collision of masses, or any other cosmic event. Millions of asleep human


beings, unconscious, living in a painful world, tormenting to each other miserably, reacting incessantly and suffering bitterly…. It is time to awaken, friends; it is necessary that you awaken so that you know the reality of this planet in which you live. Remember that there are PHISYCAL PHENOMENA around us that you do not know. You only perceive one millionth of the phenomena that occur around you. I mean that most of the physical phenomena that occur around you are not noticed by you. You are terribly asleep. The human body is a marionette moved by invisible threads, moved by all those psychological aggregates that we carry inside us. Those aggregates fight to each other, there is not harmony among them, they fight for the control of the capital centres of the human machine. Therefore, as the possessed of the Christic gospel said, “we are legion!” The time has come in which we have to struggle to acquire a true CONSCIOUS INDIDUALITY. Those who teach that we already are individuals are wrong; many times an “I” for example, get in love of a woman, he promises her the sky, puts it to her feet and he makes her multiple promises; suddenly, another “I” takes control of the organic machine and says: “Hell with that woman”! And the fellow walks away calmly, leaving the poor woman disappointed, terribly disappointed. The “I” that today promises love to a cause, later it is displaced by another totally different “I”, and then the guy walks away. How many times for example, an individual enters in a school, in a religion, in a sect (any one), and the enthusiasm lasts until another “I” arrives and says: “I am not interested in that!”. It controls the organic machine and leaves… Well, there is not, my dear friend, an authentic individuality, the different “I’s” that we have struggle for the supremacy. I want you to understand that this poor “intellectual animal” mistakenly called “Man” is a marionette moved by different “I’s”. If we get to disintegrate all those psychic aggregates, the authentic Conscious Individuality comes to us, we will really become SACRED INDIVIDUALS. A Sacred Individual truly knows the Mysteries of Life and Death, a Sacred Individual truly can experiment that which is the Truth. The Truth it is not a matter of theories neither of concepts. The theories that we can forge regarding the Truth are not the Truth; the idea that we have acquired about the Truth, is not the Truth; the opinion, even if it is very serious, with regards to the Truth, is not the Truth. We need to EXPERIENCE THE TRUTH directly as when one puts the finger in the fire and gets burned. This way, my friends, disintegrating the “I”, ending up with the Red Demons of Seth, with the psychic aggregates, with those Energy Values which we have talked about tonight, then, we will be able to experience that which does not belong to the time, that which is beyond the body, beyond the affects and beyond the mind, that which is the Truth… This is the state in which we are. Many Psychological Persons are living inside each person. One can be called “anger”, another “greed”, another “envy”, etc., etc. Each one of these Psychological Persons has its three brains: The Intellectual, the Emotional and the Motor-Instinctive-Sexual. Each one of those persons has its own ideas and whims.


…Much has been said about the Mind. Many Schools want to teach us to manage the Mind, but, what mind are talking about the henchmen of those organizations? Within us there are thousands of minds: keep in mind that each one of our psychic aggregates has its own mind, its own ideas, its own mysteries, its own thoughts. Many psychology books have been written about the Power of Will, but what willpower do they refer to? We must not forget that within ourselves there are thousands of wills, that each one of the Red Demons of Seth has its own will, then, what? The wills collide against the wills inside us, and the minds against the minds. We live inside ourselves in an eternal conflict; we are full of terrible contradictions. If we could completely see our entire body in front of a mirror, just as we psychologically are, we would escape terrified. We are FULL OF AWFUL CONTRADICTIONS: the “I”, for example, of the Intellectual Centre says in a given moment: “I am going to study a book”… suddenly, enters the “I” of the Centre of Movement and exclaims: “No, to open books at this time? No, better I will go somewhere in my bike!”… The “I” …. When the individual is ready to take his bike, then another “I” comes (the one of the stomach) and says: “No, no, no, I am going to eat; first to eat, afterwards will come the rest”… That is to say, we are full of terrible contradictions: suddenly we tell the beloved woman “I adore you, and I would even give my life for you, my darling…” Later on, we are telling the same thing to another lady, then, what are we? The lady… hours later perhaps she is smiling at another admirer, then what? How terrible contradictions! Sometimes we give our word to a business and all of a sudden we retract, “It’s because my mother said no”… We don’t have CONTINUITY OF PURPOSES, my dear friends. At a moment we are thinking in one thing, and a while later, in another thing. We look at the newspaper to see what movies are advertised, and we even decide to go to the movies, or to the theatre, but it happens that somebody told us…. we better don’t go to where we were going to, but we take the car and we go somewhere else. One sick person arrives to the doctor and says: -“Doctor I have a pain here, next to the heart, but it is like if it doesn’t pain me; the liver pains me and it does not pain me. I feel a pain somewhere here, but sometimes I feel it somewhere else”... Then the doctor answers him: - “Take this remedy and don’t take it”. This is the way we are, my dear friends, full of awful contradictions. We don’t have continuity of purposes: we begin to study at the University to become engineers; very happy we go to the first lessons with the book under the arm, together with other engineering students… and later, then “no, better I will become a doctor”, we then register to the Faculty of Medicine and begin very judicious to study Medicine; one of those many days we come back home and we tell mom and dad: “No, I am not good at medicine! That thing of making the autopsy to cadavers it is not pleasant and the worst is that I have had to eat on the belly of a dead body”... Conclusion, my dear friends: neither doctor; and that is how we come to end up as employees of any office (if we are lucky) or behind a clerk desk of a humble store. How terrible contradictions the ones we have!, my dear friends, and this is because our lack of continuity of purposes. But, what are the causes of our


terrible contradictions? Simply, the MULTIPLICITY OF “I’s”, that we have inside. Inside us there are “I’s” of doctors, “I’s” of engineers, “I’s” lawyers, “I’s” merchants, and even Egos apprentices. What type of “I’s” will live in us? We have a kind of a travelling zoo. What I am telling you is not pleasant, is it? But it is true!... It is urgent that we self-explore and that we begin to the work on the DISSOLUTION OF THE “I”. When we achieve it, you will see how different we will be: an awaken Consciousness will transform us into truly Sacred Individuals, into Conscious Individuals. But today we truly are…. …beginning by my insignificant person that is worth nothing. It seems that all of us are cut with the same scissor: Some have their defects in one direction and others have them in another direction. There they go where the “lunatics are plentiful”, like it is said somewhere. It is time to understand that we must pass through a radical transformation. That is urgent, that cannot be postponed… Friends, life in itself is truly like a movie, and if we don’t work our own life, believe me, we are wasting the time miserably. When life ends, when it comes to an end, we simply have returned to the original starting point, then we roll up our movie and to the Eternity with it, to the Unknown Dimension, because I already told you that the Ego continues in the PSYCHOLOGICAL SPACE. Then, later in time (according to another law that is called the LAW OF THE ETERNAL RETURN OF EVERYTHING) the Values return, they come back, they re-embody in a new organism. I already told you that each one of us is a Mathematical Point in the space that comes to serve as vehicle to a certain sum of values. Before the Values are reincorporated, undoubtedly, they continue in the Psychological Space, they are Energy Values that attract and repel according to the LAW OF THE UNIVERSAL MAGNETIZATION. Currently, very interesting apparatuses are being invented. Somewhere I have heard of a catholic priest that has been able to make a fascinating apparatus; that man has managed to capture the SOUND WAVES from the old times and has been able to make that invention. Those waves (undoubtedly I refer to the Sound Waves) break down in WAVES OF LIGHT, and the Waves of Light, then, through such an apparatus, become visible on certain screens. The experiments that the good priest has done are magnificent: He was able, so to speak, to “objectivize”, to display the image of Jesus of Nazareth on a screen; they said that he captured that Sound Wave and he was able to break it down into a Wave of Light, and that Wave of Light was able to become visible on the screen, and then he photographed the face of Jesus in the instant of his death… There is no doubt that with so many experiments they might, for example, photograph Personalities of the remote past. It wouldn’t be strange, for example, that he would be able to break down the word of our past Personalities (because each one of us has a past Personality), and to break it down in Waves of Light; then, the Personality that we had in a past existence would be visible on the screen. That is possible; we are already going in that way! Undoubtedly, that priest is making very remarkable experiments. Unfortunately, he has not wanted to give the apparatus to the scientists


because he says that "people are not prepared and they would use it for the evil”. We hope that this good priest feels a little bit of pity for us and gives us the apparatus; much good he might do, and although there exist the possibilities of doing evil, we don’t deny it, however, I think that using it for the good, it would be worthwhile to have it, that is what I think, and I believe that you also share my opinion. In any case, I tell you that the Values that one has had (or that the dead had, or that the person had in life, and later he died), they continue in the Psychological Space and they reincorporate, later on, in a new organism. They fatten new cells with their perceptions and their sensations. Therefore, the ones who are here, undoubtedly, were in the past; if now we are alive it is because in a remote past possibly in a past century we also were alive. What… is that nobody can remember their past existences if before he hasn’t awakened the Consciousness. By awakening the Consciousness we can evidence the concrete fact that this is not the first time that we exist, but we already existed in a past, and in past ages, and in old ages also. When one returns, when we come back to the world, we forget naturally the PAST EXISTENCE, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t had a past existence. When we return, when we come back, one more law, called “RECURRENCE”, enters into action; that is to say, we repeat our own life again just as it happened, with the old personality. We bring back the same movie of our last existence and we project it again in the screen of this world. The Recurrence makes us to have to repeat the same comedies, the same dramas, the same tragedies of the past. It is urgent, my dear friends, to dissolve the actors of such dramas, of such comedies and of such tragedies. That is possible through the PSYCHOLOGICAL SELF-OBSERVATION and the THOROUGH INTEGRAL COMPREHENSION. If one doesn’t eliminate the actors of those comedies, dramas and tragedies, the repetition will be exact, just the way it was in the last existence. Think, my dear friends, in your present life, remember when you were born and your life in the childhood, the life in the youth, the life in the adolescence, the old age, etc. Do you think that it is very pleasant to repeat it again exactly, in the same way? I don’t think so, it is not pleasant and however, we have to be repeating it according to the Law of Recurrence. All that we are doing now we already did it in our past existence and all that we did in the past existence, we also did it in the previous to the last existence. 108 existences have been assigned to each one of us, obviously; in each existence we keep on repeating the same mistakes of the past and the same dramas, and the same comedies, and the same tragedies. It is urgent, my dear friends, to end up with the actors of such comedies, dramas and tragedies, how are they called? They are all the Egos: the anger, the greed, the lust, the envy, the pride, the laziness, the gluttony, etc., etc., etc. Those “I’s” that personify our mistakes are the authors of those dramas, comedies and tragedies. We need to disintegrate them; we need to transform them into cosmic dust. If we make it, if we smash all those psychological aggregates, the Consciousness will remain awaken, individualised, then we will have converted our life into a master piece.


However, to continue like this, living without working our own life (which is the most important thing); it is really, truly, a miserably waste of time. Look what your life is. And we have to make of our life a masterpiece. Friends, we have chatted thoroughly tonight regarding the Ego, the “I”, the myself. I want to complete this lecture with questions and answers and give the chance to make questions to all the ones here present, on the condition that you don’t get out of the topic. Disciple. You told us… then which is the way to break down those recurrences? Master. The question that the young man has asked me is wonderful, and I hurry to answer him: Certainly, we are repeating now, according to the Law of Recurrence, our past life. The young man asks me what to do to change that because it is not very pleasant to always repeat the same thing. I tell him the following: In a scene of jealousy for example, there is always a triangle: a jealous one, the person that is the object of the jealousy, and a competitor, right? It is true that it is not pleasant to have a competitor in this matter of love and loving, but it is not for the first time that such a fight appears. The same scene also happened in an old existence. What to do in order to change all that? Simply, we have to disintegrate the “I” of jealousy; by disintegrating it the scene ends up. Why? Because if the beloved woman is required by another gentleman then we no longer would dare to take a gun in the belt and go out to look for the guy, etc., etc., etc. and some other herbs. We would say the following: "If she likes that «guy» well then, she can go away with her «guy», and I will find somebody who loves me"… However, one would not think like that, if one wouldn’t have ended up with the “I” of jealousy. Meanwhile, while one has not put an end to the “I” of the jealousy, one has to suffer terribly. Now, let us put a scene not of jealousy, but of anger: In a previous existence for example, in a tavern, let us suppose that we had a fight with another man; in the new existence the “I” of anger, or of quarrel, is in the bottom of our psyche since we were born, waiting until the age of the fight has come, and when that age comes, well, one goes to the tavern, there one runs into the individual of the past fight and the fight repeats in the same way that it happened. But if we are devoted to work …the “I” of anger, to understand it thoroughly, if we analyse it, if we open it to see what it really has, and then we appeal to God-Mother, to Tonantzin, or Isis (or however we want to call her) to reduced such and “I” to cosmic dust, then the event will not be able to repeat because the author of the scene simply was disintegrated. Let us supposed that in a past existence we had a lawsuit by goods matters and that lawsuit was at 40 years old; it is obvious that when we are born that “I” is deep inside ourselves waiting for the 40 years age, and when that age comes, it will appear, it will come out to the surface and will look for that individual, for the one with whom he had the lawsuit to repeat it again. But if in advance we have disintegrated that "I" of the lawsuit, who will go look for that individual? There wouldn’t be who; then the scene will not repeat. Have in mind, my dear friends, that when a child is born the following is processed: We really have a 3% of Awaken Consciousness; that 3% takes care


of the child’s organism. The 97%, which is formed by the psychic aggregates, will turn around the cradle trying to enter inside the human organism; waiting until we have created a new Personality. That Personality is created during the first seven years of childhood and it is strengthened along the time and the experiences. The first three or four years of the child are very beautiful: only the Essence, the consciousness, expresses in the creature; that is why the child is self-conscious, he is awaken. Adults believe that the child is sleeping, and regrettably they are mistaken, they are the adults the ones who are asleep. Haven't you seen how suddenly babies smile delightfully? Haven’t you seen how suddenly babies got terrified, they frighten by themselves? They smile delightfully when they contemplate in the psychological space to the… … of the Superior Worlds. They scream and they got terrified when they contemplate their own psychic aggregates that struggle to enter inside them, but they can’t. Only after the Personality has been formed, the psychic aggregates begin to enter slowly inside the organism of the creature. And those psychic aggregates that were the cause of many fights, of acts, of lust, of hate, etc., in past lives, they remain waiting for the instant, the right age, the moment to enter in action. Therefore, each one is born with a DESTINY and that destiny is formed by the Law of Recurrence. To say that the law of Recurrence is based on the Law of Return is a fact. We all return to repeat our previous acts; the destiny is the same repetition of the previous acts. The repetition of our previous acts constitutes the mechanics of our own destiny. That is why I say: we must disintegrate the actors of each comedy, of each drama and of each tragedy; they are inside us. If we disintegrate them, it only remains in us the Awaken Consciousness, the Sacred Individual, enlightened, with full knowledge of the Mysteries of Life and Death. When the Ego is reduced to cosmic dust; then in our interior remains the joy, the happiness, the inner beauty of the Being… Is there anybody else who wants to make another question? D. A lady makes a question that we consider it is urgent to clarify; it is for Master Samael Aun Weor, it is the following: You say that there are Seven Dimensions and we only know three, which ones do we know and which ones we don’t? M. With the greatest pleasure I will answer to the lady who has asked me this question. The humanity is bottled within the Three-dimensional Dogma of Euclid: length, width and height. Do you see this table? Here you find width, length and height, those are the three Dimensions, but how long ago it has been since the carpenter made this table? Here it is a Fourth Dimension. Thus, my dear friends, the FOURTH DIMENSION is a fact. It has been said that it is the Time. Beyond the Fourth Dimension exists a FIFTH VERTICAL (the Eternity); and further beyond of the Fifth Vertical there is a SIXTH DIMENSION (is that which is beyond the Eternity and Time); and lastly there exists a ZERO DIMENSION or Seventh Dimension, unknown. I want to refer to the world of the Pure Spirit. Conclusion: there are Seven Dimensions, the world has Seven Dimensions, but the humanity due to the hypnotic state in which they are,


unfortunately, they only perceive Three Dimensions; and that is why the humanity is bottled in the dogma (already enough discussed) of the TriDimensional Geometry of Euclid. D. I…but I refer to this… … but in the Seven Planes that exist, in each Recurrence that we have, have we the possibility to step up each one of those planes and get to a Universal Consciousness? M. I am going to give an answer to what this intellectual young man has asked me. In the name of the truth I have to tell you the following: the psychic aggregates are processed in Seven Levels, that is obvious. As we are working on ourselves in order to disintegrate the psychic aggregates, obviously we have to pass to Levels of the Being each time higher and higher. We cannot deny that the highest Levels of the Being, the Sixth an the Seventh Levels are very difficult. However, through CONSCIOUS WORKS AND VOLUNTARY SUFFERINGS it is possible to disintegrate the psychic aggregates that we have in the Sixth an Seventh Levels. Whoever achieves it, will actually get the Absolute Enlightenment, the most complete Awakening of the Consciousness. It is not superfluous to clarify the following: the MACHINERY OF THE RELATIVIY in which we all live exists. It is obvious that it is very painful. One can realize that in the Relativity, there exists the LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT. Such a cause originates such an effect, it cannot exist an effect without a cause, neither a cause without an effect. The Orientals call “KARMA” to this law; they say that “every action has its consequence: a good action will have a good consequence, and a bad action, the Orientals say, will have a bad consequence." Conclusion, we live in a world of causes and effects, actions and consequences. If we got (as here says the young man that has asked the question) to eliminate the psychic aggregates in all of the Seven Levels of the Being, then, we would achieve the Perfect Enlightenment. A man like this would be… to fall immediately in the ENLIGHTENING VOID. So, there are two great aspects in the Universe: one is the World of the Relativity, the other is the Enlightening Void. Obviously, the Enlightening Void is beyond the body, the affects and the Mind. It is inexhaustible happiness, inconceivable Joy. However, beyond the awful Machinery of the Relativity (in which we all are in) and further beyond of the Enlightening Void, there it is THE GREAT REALITY, the Tality, the Truth, that which is not of the Time. Whoever really wants to get the FINAL LIBERATION will have to disintegrate all the psychic aggregates that exist in the Seven Levels of the Being. Thus… it allows us to fall within the bosom of the Great Reality, within the bosom of the Life Free in its movement, within the bosom of the greatest Happiness of the Universe… Is there any other question? Let us see… D. What is there beyond the Levels of Being, beyond those Seven Levels? I ask this because according to mathematics there is an infinite number of Dimensions, isn’t there? One, two, three, four, up to the infinite, beyond the seven that have been mentioned. M. With so much pleasure I will give an answer. We have talked of the main Seven Dimensions. If we intended tonight to talk about the multiple Dimensions of the Universe, simply we would need to stay here all the day, and tomorrow morning they would bring us the breakfast and they would give it to us through under the door, and we wouldn’t finish in 20 years because truly the


Universe is a whole succession of sums and subtractions and multiplications and divisions of Dimensions. We cannot deny this. Let us limit ourselves… Heptaparaparshinock, we are speaking in synthesis by these times, thus it is convenient before a numerous public, but beyond the main Seven Dimensions, there is no doubt that the Enlightening Void exists. The Enlightening Void contains all that is, all that has been, all that will be. The Relativity exists due to the Enlightening Void. If the Enlightening Void wouldn’t exist, the bodies of the Relativity, the forms of the Relativity (all that is conditioned) wouldn’t exist. Yet, looking at things from the point of view of a Vedic Philosophy, we get to the conclusion that the Universe is illusory because in synthesis it has to dissolve itself, and the only thing that will remain is what always has been and what always will be, that is to say, the Enlightening Void. However, I repeat, the Tality is beyond the Enlightening Void. The Tality, the Great Reality, is precisely what interests us, that is to say, the Final Liberation, the Truth. I conclude in this way, do you understand? If there is any other who wants to ask, please do it with the most completely freedom. There I see a lady… D.... M. With the greatest pleasure I will answer to the gentleman. We have never denied the PSYCHO-PHYSIOLOGY. I understand that the psychological processes are accompanied by the physiological processes, this is obvious, to deny it is to tear down the Psychology, and there are many investigations regarding the Psycho-physiological matter. Concerning this matter of the psychic aggregates, and talking in synthesis, we will say that the ANALYSIS is fundamental, it is necessary to use the scalpel of the SELF-CRITICISM to open the Values, in order to know what they really are. Those Values are related, anyhow, with the different organs of the body, we cannot deny it. You know very well that for example, than if one has a burst of anger during dinner… SAMAEL AUN WEOR


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