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Hemant Ritucharya;

After rainy season starts winter,this is Visarg Kal. Body power is best in this season. There are long
nights, so we get hungry often in the morning. Softness, coolness & smoothness comes in atmosphere.
Excessive "Pitta" goes slow down in this ritu.
Now the hunger ( jadhragni) is so high that we should take sweet, sour & salty, ghee & tail mixed dishes.
We should do more exercise, full body massage, take bath with lukewarm water, wear woollen clothes.
Shishir Ritucharya;
There is increase in cooling. Started storage of cough. All "Doshas" are balanced. The hunger is quite
normal. So can take diet like Hemant ritu, but take more food which produce more heat; like Brinjal, rice, til
etc. Use mild hot water for drinking and bathing. Do more exercise. Wear woollen clothes also.
Basant Ritucharya;
In this ritu, days becomes longer than night. Avoid bulky food, rice. Use more ginger, black pepper, garlic,
chilli & musterd oil, so thathunger increases. Use oil instead of ghee. Use buttermilk instead of curd. Take
food of normal quantity & drink boiled water. Avoid day sleep and do light exercise.
There are some cold problems like asthama, flu, sinosytis, cough & cold spreading. "Vaman -Karma" is
best for precaution. By putting dropes of Anu Tail feels better in sinosytis.
Grishm Ritucharya;
In this ritu, the days are long and nights are short.The heat of the sun also increases. Because of dryness
& hot enviornment , be store of "Vat", main symptoms - more sweating, more thirst, less hunger.
We should take light food & in less quantity in this season. Take sweet, sour, bitter taste. Use rice,
wheat, ghee, oil, milk& milk products in proper quantity. Use mango, gooseberry, pickle, jams, squashes.
Avoid heavy meat& egg, can take fish. Use more & more liquids whole day. Pomogranate, watermellon,
grapes should taken. Avoid garlic but eat more onion. Take bath with cold water. Swiming is best. Avoid
alcohol. Can sleep in afternoon.
Varsha Ritucharya;
In this season, hunger is less comparatively. We should take light & easily digestable food.Avoid curd. Use
buttermilk,should eat sweet, sour & salty dishes. Boiled rice,chapati, gram floor & ghee. Avoid exercise. "Drakshasav"
is good in this season. In Panch karma , apply enema procedure.
For indigestion- Take panchkole churna, hingwashtak churna, jirakadyarishta, dashmoolarishta& maha
rasnadi qwath.
Sharad Ritucharya;
After the rainy season comes sharad ritu. Slowly changes in atmosphere.
Use bitter alongwith sweet foods for "Pitta shaman". Use rice, wheat, jwar, moong , gooseberry, ginger
& ghee.Use cold water. Avoid alcohol. Swimming is the best. Avoid garlic, hot spices.
Ritu charya