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Be it enacted by Sangguniang Barangay, that:



SECTION IA. 01. Title. This ordinance shall be known as the General Revenue Code of
Barangay Molino III, Bacoor, Cavite

SECTION IA. 02. Scope. This Code shall govern the levy, assessment and collection of taxes,
fees, charges and other imposition within the jurisdiction of this barangay.


SECTION IB. 01. Definitions. When used in this code, the term:

Business- means trade or commercial activity regularly engaged in as a means of livelihood or
with a view to profit.

Capital- signifies the actual estate, whether in money or property owned by an individual or
corporations; would be liable to its creditor, and which in case of insolvency passes on to a

Capital investment- is a capital which a person employs in any undertaking, or which he
contributes to the capital of partnership, corporation or any other juridical entity or association in
a particular taxing jurisdiction.

Charges- refers to pecuniary liability, as rents or fees against persons or property

Countryside and Barangay Business Enterprise- refers to any business entity, association or
cooperative registered under the provisions of the Republic Act Numbered Six Thousand Eight
Hundred Ten (R.A 6810), otherwise known as Magna Carta for Countryside and Barangay
Business Enterprises (Kalakalan 20).

Fee- means a charge fixed by a law or ordinance for the regulation or inspection of a business or
activity. It shall also include charges fixed by law or agency for the services of a public officer in
the discharge of his official duties.

Gross Sales or Receipts- include the total amount of money or its equivalent representing the
contract price, compensation or service fee, including the amount of charged or materials
supplied with the services and deposits or advance payments actually or constructively received
during the taxable warter for the services performed or to be performed for another person
including discount if determinable at the time sales, sale return, excise tax and value added tax

Operators includes the owner, manager, administrator, or any other person who operates or is
responsible for the operation of a business establishment or undertaking.

Person- means every natural juridical being susceptible of rights and obligations or of being the
subject of legal relations.

Residents- refers to natural person who have their habitual residence in this place, where tha
exercise their civil rights and fulfil their civil obligations, and to juridical persons for which the
law or any other provision creating or recognizing them fixes their residence in a particular
province, city, or municipality where they have their legal residence or principal of business or
where they conduct their principal business or occupation.

Retail- means a sale where the purchaser buys the commodity for his own consumption,
irrespective of the quantity of the commodity sold

Retail Stores- are business establishment with fixed business address in the Barangay where
goods are kept for sale to purchasers for personal consumption.

Revenue- includes taxes, fees and charges that a State or its political subdivision collects and
receives into the treasury for public purposes

Services- means the duties, work, or functions performed or discharged by the government
officer, or by any private person contracted by the government, as the case maybe.

Tax- means an enforced contribution usually monetary in form, levied by the law-making body
on persn and property subject to its jurisdiction for the precise purpose of supporting
governmental needs.

Section IB. 02. Words and Phrase Not Ilerein Expressly Defined. Words and phrases embodied
in this Code not herein especially defined shall have the same definitions as found in R.A 7160
and its Implementing Rule and Regulations as well as in other applicable laws.

Section IB. 03. Rules of Constructions. In construing in the provisions of this code, the following
rules of construction shall be observed unless inconsistent with the manifest intent of the
provisions or when applied the would lead to absurd or highly improbable results.
1. General Rule. All words and phrases shall be construed and understood according to the
common approved usage of the language, but technical words and phrases and such other
words in this Code which may have acquired a peculiar or appropriate meaning.
2. Gender and Number. Every word in this Code importing the masculine gender shall
extend to both male and female. Every word importing the plural number shall extend to
one person or thing.
3. Computation of Time. The time within which an act in to be done as provided in this
Code or any rule or regulation issued pursuant to the provision when expressed in this
shall be completed by excluding the first day and including the last day, except in the last
day falls on a Sunday or Holiday in which case, the same shall be excluded from the
computation, and the next business day shall be considered the last day.
4. References. All references to Chapters, Articles, Section are to Chapters, Articles in this
Code unless otherwise specified.
5. Conflicting Provisions of Chapters. If the provisions of different chapters conflict with
each other, the provision of each chapter shall prevail as to all specific matters and
questions involved therein.
6. Conflicting Provisions of Sections. If the provisions of different sections in the same
chapter conflict with each other, the provision of the section which is last in point of
sequence shall prevail.

Section 2A. 01. Imposition of Tax. There is hereby levied an annual tax on stores or retailers
with fixed business establishments

(a) For barangay in a Municipality

On stores or retailers with Amount of Tax
gross sales or receipts for the Per Annum
preceding calendar year of

P 30,000.00 or less One percent (1%) of
Such gross sales or receipts

Section 2A. 02. Time of Payment and Accrual of Tax. The tax imposed herein shall accrue on
the first day of January of each year as regards subjects then liable therefore. However, tax due
may be paid on semestral and/ or quarterly basis without the imposition of corresponding
surcharge or interest on the unpaid amount.

Section 2A. 03. Collection of Taxes. The tax must be paid to, and collected by, the Barangay
Treasurer or his duty authorized representative before any business or trade activity herein
specified can be lawfully begun or pursued and the tax shall be reckoned from the beginning of
the calendar year. When the business is abandoned, the tax shall not be exacted for a period
longer than the current quarter and the business, or trade activity, is abandoned, no refund of the
corresponding to the unexpired quarter shall be made.

Section 2A. 04. Surcharge for Late Payment and Interest on Unpaid Taxes. Failure to pay the tax
prescribed in this Article within the time required shall subject the taxpayer to a surcharge of
twenty-five percent (25%) of the original amount of tax due.

Such surcharge shall be paid at the time and in the same manner as the original tax due.

In addition to the surcharge imposed herein, there shall be imposed an interest of Two percent
(2%) per month from the date it is due until it is fully paid, provided that in no case shall be total
interest on the unpaid amount or a portion thereof exceed thirty-six (36) months.

The Sangguniang Barangay, however, through a resolution, may extend the time of payment of
such tax without penalty or surcharge for a justifiable reason or cause, provided that extension
shall not exceed six(6) months.

Where an extension of time for the payment of the tax has been granted and the amount is not
paid in full prior to the expiration of the extension, the interest aforementioned shall be collected
on the unpaid amount from the date it become originally due until fully paid.

Section 2A. 05. Administrative Provisions, Rules and Regulation.

a.) Requirement. Any person who shall establish, or operate any retail store in this Barangay
shall first obtain a Mayors permit and pay the fee prescribed therefore and the business tax
imposed under this Article
b.) Issuance and Posting of Official Receipt. The barangay treasurer shall issue an official
receipt upon payment of the business tax imposed herein. Issuance of the said official receipt
shall not relieve the taxpayer from any requirement being imposed in this barangay under
existing municipal ordinances, rules and regulations.
c.) Invoice or Receipt. All person subject to the taxes on business, shall, for each sale or
transfer of merchandise or goods, or for service rendered, valued at five pesos(P5.00) or more at
any one time, prepare an issue sales or commercial invoices and receipt serially numbered in
duplicate, showing among others their names or style if any, and business address. The original
copy of its sales invoice or receipt shall be issued to the purchaser or customer and the
duplication to be kept and preserved by the person subject to the said tax, in his place of business
for a period of five years.
The receipt or invoke issued pursuant to the requirements of the Bureau of internal Revenue for
determination of National Internal Revenue taxes shall be sufficient for the purposes of this

d.) Sworn Statement of Gross Receipts or Sales. Operators of business subject to the taxes
imposed therein shall submit a sworn statement of their gross sales or receipts as pre-requisite for
the Issuance of Mayors Permit.
The barangay treasurer may examine the books, accounts and other pertinent records of any
person subject to tax in order to verify the correctness the sworn statement of gross sales or
receipts of concerned tax payer.

e.) Issuance of Certification. The barangay treasurer may, upon presentation of Satisfactory
proof that the original official receipt has been lost, stolen or destroyed, issue a certification to
the effect that the tax has been paid, indication therein, the number of the official receipt issued,
as provided for under Section 4A. 01(6), Article A, Chapter IV of this Code.
f.) Transfer of Business to Other Location. Any business for which the barangay tax has been
paid by the person conduction it may be transferred and continued in any other place within the
territorial limits of this barangay without paying any additional tax during the period for which
the payment of the tax was made.
g.) Death of license. When any individual paying a business tax dues, and the business in
continued by a person interested in his estate, no additional payment shall be required for the
residue of the term for which the tax was paid.
h.) Retirement of Business. Any person subject to the tax on business imposed herein shall, upon
termination of the business, submit a sworn statement of the gross sales or receipts for the
calendar year.
For purposes hereof, termination shall mean that the business operations are stopped completely.
Any change in ownership, management and/or name of the business shall not constitute
termination as contemplated in this Article. Unless stated otherwise, assumption of the business
by any new owner or manager or registration of the same business under a new name in the
barangay will notify the municipal treasurer for record purposes in the course of the renewal of
the permit or license to operate the business.

The Barangay Treasurer shall see to it that the payment of taxes of a business is not avoided by
the termination or retirement thereof. For this purpose, the following procedural guidelines shall
strictly be observed.

1.The barangay Treasurer shall verify every application for termination of business and inspect
the address of the business on record to verify if it is really no longer operating. If he finds that
the business is simply placed under a new name, manager and/or new owner, the Barangay
Treasurer shall recommend to the Punong Barangay the issuance of notice
Accordingly, the business continues to become liable for the payment of all taxes, fees
and charges imposed thereon under existing tax ordinances of barangay, and;

2. In case of a new owner to whom the business was transferred by sale or other form of
conveyance, said new owner shall be liable to pay the tax or free for the transfer of the business
to him, as provided for under section 3A, 01. Article A, Chapter III of this Code
If it is found out that the retirement or termination of the business is legitimate, and the tax due
there from be less than the tax due for the current year base on the gross sales or receipts the
difference in the amount of the tax shall be paid before the business is considered officially
retired or terminated
Provided that, the Mayors permit issued to a business retiring or terminating its operation shall
be surrendered to the municipal treasurer who shall forthwith cancel the same and record such
cancellation in his books.

Section 2A, 06. Newly Started Business. In the case if newly started business subject to this
Article; the tax shal be fixed by the quarter. The initial tax for the quarter in which the business
starts to operate shall be one fourth of one tenth of the one percent (1/4 of 1/10 of 1%) of the
capital investment of One Hundred Pesos (P100.00),whichever is higher

In the succeeding quarter or quarters, in case where the business opens before the last quarter of
the year, the tax shall be based on the gross sales of receipts for the preceding quarters at a rate
of One Percent (1%) of such gross sales or receipts.


Section 3A, 01. Imposition of Fee. There is hereby levied a fee on the transfer of retail store
subject to the preceding Article through sale, donation, barter, or any other form or mode of
conveyance at the rate of One Percent (1%) of the total consideration or, in the absence of
specific consideration. the gross sales or receipts of the preceding calendar year on file at the
Barangay Treasurers records, or the fixed amount of Two Hundred Fifty (250.00) Pesos,
whichever is lower.

Section 3A, 02. Rules and Regulations

1. The new owner to whom the business was transferred shall be liable to pay the unpaid
taxes, fees or charges due to the former owner, if there is any.

2. The permit issued to the former owner shall be surrendered to the Municipal Treasurer,
through the Office of the Mayor, who shall cancel the same in his records

3. Any person who has granted a permit to operate or conduct a retail store in this
barangay who transferred his business to another shall inform in writing the Barangay Treasurer
or the Punong Barangay, within ten (10) days of such transfer and submit a sworn statement of
the gross sales or receipts of his business for the current year.

4. The Punong Barangay shall issue other necessary rules and regulations for the effective
implementation of this Article

Section 3A, 03. Time of Payment. The fee imposed in this Article shall be paid to the Barangay
Treasurer by the buyer, or heir before the business or trade undertaking is operated, conducted,
or pusued.
Section 3A, 04. Surcharges for Late Payment. Failure to pay the fee imposed in this Article on
time shall subject the taxpayer to a surcharge of Twenty-Five Percent (25%) of the original
amount of fee due and such surcharge shall be paid at the time and in the same manner as the fee

Section 3A, 05. Penalty. Any violation of the provisions of this article shall be punished by a fine
of not less than Two Hundred Pesos (P200.00) but not exceeding One Thousand Pesos
(P1000.00), at the discretion of the court


Section 3B, 01. Imposition Fee. There hereby imposed a annual regulatory fee on outdoor
advertisements displayed or maintained in any place exposed to public view within the territorial
jurisdiction of this barangay, at the following rates:

(a) Billboards or signboards for advertisements of business, per square meter or fraction thereof:

Single faced .. P50.00
Double faced .. P100.00

(b) Billboard or sign for Professional, per square meter or fraction thereof
.. P50

(c) Billboards, signs, or advertisement for business and professions, painted on any building or
structure or otherwise separated or detached there from, per square meter
thereof .. P50

(d) Advertisments by means of Vehicles, balloons, kites, etc
-per day or fraction thereof .. P40
-per week or fraction thereof .. P60
-per month or fraction thereof P80

Additional impositions
For the use of electric or neon light in billboards, per square meter or fraction thereof
.. P50

Privilege panles shall be subject to one-half (1/2) of the rates of prescribed above

Section 3B, 02.Exemptions. The imposition of the above prescribed rates is subject to the
following exemptions:
1. Signs, signboard, billboards, advertisements, including stick-out streamers, lighted signs and
other electronic media, posters, privilege panels, store signs, placards, price strips, buntings and
the like, belonging to manufacturers or producers or professional, but displayed

Registration Fees
Section 4A, 01. Imposition of Fee. There shall be collected for the issuance of a clearance
or certification by the Punong Barangay or his duly authorized representative the following fees:
1. Barangay Clearance for any business or activity for purposes of securing Mayors Permit

Category A:
a. Private Schools/Condominium/Land for lease/Banks
b. Apartells, Inns, Motels
c. Betting Stations
d. Lending Institution (Pawnshops/Money Changer)
e. Gasoline Stations
f. Supermarket
g. Fast Food Chain
h. Market Operator
i. Resorts
j. Drugstore w/ Convenient Store
k. Hardware
l. Auto Sales & Display Center
m. Tiles Center
n. Communications Center
o. Promotion Agencies
p . Videoke Bar
q. Junk Shop

Category B:
a. Computer shop (internet cafe more than 6 computers)
b. Groceries/Convenient Store
c. Water Refilling Station
d. Motorcycle Sales & Display Center
e. Auto Supply
f. Softdrinks Dealer
g. Rice Dealer
h. Restaurant, Dine Inn Eatery
i. Funeral Parlor
j. 2nd Hand Retailer Shop
k. Apartment (6 doors & above)
l. Medical/ Dental Clinic/ Lying in/ Maternity Clinic/ Pharmacy
m. Law Office

Category C:

a. Computer Shop (Internet Cafe / Less than 5 computers)
b. Apartment (5 doors & below)
c. Furniture Center
d. Photo Developing Center
e. Machine Shop/ Motor Repair Shop
f. Battery Retail Shop/ Tire Retail Shop
g. Paint Dealer/ Retailer
h. Bakeshop/ Bakery
i. Forwarding Center/ Ticketing Outlet
j. Laundry Shop
k. Services