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Events this term:

Come and talk to a wide range

of graduate recruiters at the
Careers Fair in the Amex Stadium on 5 November 2014. Over 100
employers will be attending including Baker Tilley, CRCC Asia,
Deloitte, BMW (UK) Manufacturing Ltd , LOreal, Scientifica and
Toyota (GB) plc. More details at

The Graduate Careers in Africa, Asia & Middle East event in
London on 8 November 2014 is aimed at African, Asian or Middle
Eastern students studying in the UK seeking a career in their country
of origin. Entry to this event is by ticket only, go to the web site to

September 2014
Welcome to the University of Sussex and welcome back to those of
of you returning from the summer break. This newsletter is
produced twice a year to inform International Students about
events and opportunities provided by the Careers and
Employability Centre.
We offer free impartial careers advice, study skills help, a chance to
meet employers and help with applications. We can also help you to
find part time work, graduate jobs, internships and placements.
You can find us on the ground floor of the Library, were open
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm and until 7pm every Wednesday.
Other events include..

16 September - Working while
you study

29 September - Career
Development for Masters

8 October - International
Students - Job Search Strategy

15 October - International
Students - Apply Your Skills in
the Workplace

16 October - SEO London:
Assisting students from under-
represented ethnic minority
communities secure amazing
internships and graduate roles
in the City.

29 October - International
Students - Communicating
Effectively with Employers

30 October - Social Media for
the Job Search

13 November - Getting an

10 December - Working in
the UK after your studies

Visit our web site for more
information and to book!

News from the Careers and
Employability Centre
Stop press! Dont miss the Careers Fair 2014, Amex Stadium , 5 November 11am-3pm
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For International students

Applications open soon! Visit

Your questions:

Im a postgraduate
student and Im confused
about what part time work I can
do and for how many hours.
Tier 4 visa holders are allowed to
work according to the restriction
on your visa. Your Tier 4 visa
should say 'WORK 20 HRS MAX
IN TERM-TIME'. During term-time
you can work for 20 hours
maximum a week. Working hours
must be limited to those allowed
each week and can't be averaged
out over a longer period.
You can work in your spare time
while studying but this should not
exceed 20 hours per week (pg
students can't work more than 20
hours a week until they have
completed their studies the
normal vacation periods dont
apply to pg students).
There are restrictions about the
type of work you can do please
check before applying!

For more information go to:

Internship opportunities:
Looking at what to do next
summer? We have information
about finding and applying for
summer internships.
The University can help fund
your summer internship with a
local SME (Small to Medium
sized Enterprise). See our page
on funded internships for the
benefits of working for SMEs
and to register your interest.

This internship experience has
really boosted my confidence
because Ive never worked in
an English speaking
environment before. Now Im
ready to apply for different jobs
afterwards. I also think that it
was a bit scary for employers
to see that on my CV I didnt
have any experience from an
English speaking environment,
but now I have something to
show them!

Claire Braun (MA Media and
Cultural Studies 2013)
Customer Marketing
Associate, Scramboo
(February 2014 to May 2014)

Have you thought about
Many international student
choose to volunteer. There are a
wide variety of roles available on
campus and in the local
community. Volunteering can
help you to make new friends,
build confidence, have fun, gain
experience, learn new skills and
boost your career options.

For more information go to:

Need help identifying work
options, both at home and

Going Globals 80,000 page
database contains Country
Career Guides, USA and
Canadian City Career Guides,
corporate profiles, and
worldwide job and internship

You can now access Going
Global on the international work
and study page at

The Careers and Employability
Centre, The Library
Tel: 01273 678429
Twitter: @SussxUniCareers

Work as an International student ambassador !
This is an exciting opportunity to work for the International Office.
If you are an International student of any year of study at the University
of Sussex, or a UK/EU student that has studied abroad for a minimum
of a year at the University of Sussex, you can apply. We are looking for
confident and reliable students to work flexible hours around their
studies. Amongst many other things you will welcome international
visitors to the campus, speak to prospective students from around the
world about student life at Sussex and help the International Office
team members on a variety of tasks.
The pay will be 7.73 an hour.
Closing date is 3 October at 5pm. Please see link for more details and
how to apply: