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Buying a Company In Canada : Business Purchase Finance Problems Are

Solved Like This

Can Buying A Company In Canada Be Easily one ! Ac"uisi#ion Financing $%$
&'E('IE) * In+orma#ion on buying a company in Canada, These business
purchase +inance solu#ions - #ips and #ricks .ill make your ac"uisi#ion success+ul
Buying a company in Canada may be an easier process than you might think... if you're
aware of certain financing and valuation pitfalls that many purchasors either don't know
about, or worse, choose to ignore. Let's dig in.
In many cases it safe to say that that amount borrowed to fund the purchase will often
dictate different levels of complexity. Many businesses in Canada that are under the
Million dollar range in annual revenue can actually be accomplished with the government
/ SBL / loan.
!ere though the loan cap is " #$,$$$.$$ so that again dictates that in some cases
additional financing strategies on top of that loan might be re%uired. In our experience
many franchises are well suited to purchase under that #$k cap. &nd by the way the
general terms and conditions of that loan are very competitive and attractive.
If you are borrowing from a bank- a commercial +inance company- or even .i#h some
level o+ seller par#icipa#ion ' aka ' the vendor #ake back / ( there are some solid ' top up
' financing solutions available . )hey include e"uipmen# +inancing- cash +lo. loans 0
secured and unsecured- .orking capi#al #erm loan deb#- asse# based credi# lines- and
even mone#i1a#ion2s o+ S(3E research credi#s if in fact they exist on your
*hile many prospective business purchasers focus on taking on debt or moneti+ing assets
of the business in %uestion they often overlook the fact that a significant amount of cash
can be generated by better management of company assets. ,ou would be surprised at
how improving &-. turnover, turning inventory faster and managing payables better will
improve cash flow.
*hen buying a business study ratios of S&- Inven#ory #urns- and a4p days
ou#s#anding, )hey will give you a strong sense of where there is room for improvement.
/ver all this new found cash flow will limit some of the ongoing working capital you
0aluing the fixed assets will also maximi+e financing potential, and this is typically done
via the services of a third party appraiser selected by yourself, or more commonly the
1o issue in Canadian business financing could generate more discussion with your lender
than the dreaded / Personal 5uaran#ee /,
*hile every situation will differ it's safe to say these are negotiable to a certain extent if
the overall optics of your purchase are positive.
2urchaser and seller may well wish to consider a vendor #ake back of some sorts. *hile
sellers can often demand a higher purchase price in this area buyers have the comfort of
knowing they have secured some additional ' financing ' with someone who is very
incented for you to succeed3
)he absolute fundamentals of buying a company and arranging business purchase finance
include having a solid business plan- good cash +lo. pro6ec#ions ' conservative is
better3( and ensuring that in some manner you as a buyer have some personal e"ui#y in
the transaction . It's the proverbial ' skin in the game'.
*hen it comes to that cash flow carefully consider realistic revenue expectations and
your ability to collect client receivables in a timely manner. 4uilding in the need for
future asset purchases is critical also.
4oth buyers and sellers can benefit from the use of an outside advisor when it comes to
actual valuation of the business. Ta7 issues around asset vs. share financing, earn outs,
goodwill, etc can be complex.
*ould a co5pilot help6 Consider seeking out and speaking to a #rus#ed- credible and
e7perienced Canadian business Financing Advisor .i#h a #rack record o+ success
who can assist you in making more complex financing issues easy to understand.. and
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