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Comprehensive Electromagnetc Solutons FEKO is a product of EM Software & Systems - S.A. (Pty) Ltd

Antenna Design and Placement with
FEKO and Antenna Magus
A case study, showing the design of an array antenna for the proximity fuse of an air
defence missile, is performed to illustrate the combined use of Antenna Magus* and
The array synthesis tool in
Antenna Magus is used to design
a linear array with a 45 scan
angle and a Dolph- Chebyshev
excitation taper (the latter
chosen to control the side
lobes to below -20 dB). Due
to conformal requirements, a
microstrip patch antenna with
FR4 as substrate is selected as
the radiating element. Antenna
Magus is used to estimate the
performance of the array. These
results are saved in a FEKO
le format. The antenna model
is exported from Antenna Magus to a CADFEKO le format for further analysis in FEKO.
Two simulation methods are used to test the antenna design in FEKO:
A model based on the MoM planar Greens function (MoM-GF) to quickly verify the
design. This method takes into account mutual coupling, but not fnite ground plane
A model based on the FEM-MLFMM, a full-wave solution method that includes both
mutual coupling and nite ground plane effects, to accurately determine performance.
POSTFEKO is used to compare the antennas predicted performance, estimated with
antenna theory in Antenna Magus, to its performance accurately simulated with FEKO.
The results show good comparison and conrm that the antenna adheres to design
The nal part of the case study investigates the functioning of the antenna in its
intended operating environment. The antenna is integrated onto a mock-up of an
air defence missile in CADFEKO. The problem can be dealt with effectively using the
FEM-MLFMM hybrid formulation, treating the complex conformal dielectric antenna
and the cavity it resides in with the FEM and the electrically large missile with
the MLFMM. The analysis shows that the antennas performance is not degraded
signicantly by conforming it to the missile body and little spurious effects are
introduced by the proximity of the missile.
Estimation of array performance using the
array synthesis tool in Antenna Magus
The currents owing on the missile body
and the farelds radiated by the conformal
array, plotted in POSTFEKO
*Antenna Magus is a product of MAGUS (Pty) Ltd. It can be obtained through FEKO distribution channels.
The main lobe of the mounted antenna
(blue) has the required 45 squint,
comparing well to the planar antenna (red)
CADFEKO model of a mock-up air defence missile with
conformal microstrip antenna array Copyright 2013 EM Software & Systems - S.A. (Pty) Ltd
Antenna Magus* is a software tool that assists engineers in the process of designing and modelling antennas. It has an extensive,
searchable collection of antennas that can be used with ease to design an antenna for a given set of specications. The models of
the designed antennas can be exported to FEKO for further analysis.
Antenna Magus is suitable
for a broad range of
applications due to the large,
ever increasing number of
antennas in its database. Its
feature set is aimed at helping
engineers in the early stages
of a design by providing a comprehensive overview of literature, general information, design guidelines and rst approximation
results. Customised antenna designs and information can be added by the user, for later redesign or to share with colleagues.
Antenna Magus also provides antenna engineers with utilities such as an array synthesis tool, a chart tracing tool and substrate
and waveguide libraries.
Its seamless integration with FEKO quickly leads the design engineer to the customisation phase of an antenna design. After
visualising performance graphs and validating the initial design, a parametric model can be exported to FEKO for customisation
and in-depth analysis. These
features simplify the day-to-day
work of antenna designers and
creators of electromagnetic
models, ensuring that projects are
completed within specication and
on time.
The combination of Antenna
Magus with FEKO also provides
a powerful solution for antenna
placement analysis. Representative
models of customised or standard
third party antennas can easily be
exported from Antenna Magus into
FEKO where they can be placed
onto platforms for comprehensive
performance analysis in their
operating environments.
Verify performance by simulating accurately
Customize for optimised performance
Consider operating environment
Create nal design
Build and
Select suitable antenna conguration
Create rst order design
Estimate performance
Export parametric CADFEKO model
Antenna Magus
Explore Estimate performance
*Antenna Magus is a product of MAGUS (Pty) Ltd. It can be obtained through FEKO distribution channels.
Where does Antenna Magus t into the design process?
If you are interested in learning more about Antenna Magus, please visit the
Antenna Magus section of the FEKO website.