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The INTEROCEAN group was launched by Captain Kailash C. Saigal in 1961 with the
formation of INTEROCEAN SHIPPING COMPANY as a Ship Broking house. After years of
success in the industry and some pioneering cargo fixtures, the group diversifi
ed into various other activities. Following companies were formed to assist this
growth :
The Groups corporate office is based in New Delhi with branches spread along the
Indian Coastline, Chittagong (Bangladesh) and Colombo (Sri Lanka). Our guiding p
hilosophy is to continuously set the bar higher, set new benchmarks in advancing
quality and professional services on all fronts. In this extremely competitive
environment, INTEROCEAN has carved a niche for itself due to our competence and
All operational issues are directed by the Management Committee under the dynami
c leadership of the C.E.O. Mr. Arjun Saigal. The Group of Companies collectively
employs over 700 personnel worldwide.
ship agency
Handling more than 2000 port calls annually via our extensive network of own of
fices (Interocean does not use sub-agents anywhere), our Agency Division has bee
n growing in strength each year based on our uncompromising quality of services
and unbiased reporting. With real time updates and close liaison with all conce
rned, we provide a smooth turnaround for all vessels, keeping our principals alw
ays in control of the port operations. Interocean offers services as Owners Agen
ts, Charterers Nominated Agents or as Charterers / Owners / Shippers / Receivers
Protective Agents.
Our offices are manned by senior marine personnel and highly experienced staff w
ho are equipped to handle all kinds of issues pertaining to a vessels port call.
Continuous in-house training and pre-induction deputation to other commercial
departments with-in the organization gives our operations executives useful know
ledge of relevant Charter Party clauses which enhances their understanding of th
e principals expectations from an Agent.
A centralized control from the head office in New Delhi ensures that our princip
als receive the advantages of fluent communications and a single point of contac
t for all matters including operations, finance and any other vessel requirement
s. All queries are handled promptly by our competent staff in close liaison wit
h the port office concerned.
The extensive data bank that we maintain for various commodities moving in / out
of India and reports generated therein are relied upon by all major Trading Hou
ses and Ship Owners across the world.
In-keeping with the growing demands of the Indian market and to cater best to ou
r client's specific requirements, the division is segregated into the following
desks :
DRY Desk : For handling all Dry commodities including Fertilizers, Ore, Metals,
Coal, Coke, etc.
TANKER Desk : For handling Clean Petroleum Products, Crude, Chemicals, Liquefied
gases, etc.
AGRI Desk : For handling all Agri commodities including Veg Oils, Molasses, Suga
r, Meals, Grains, etc.
CREW CARE & SPARES Desk : For handling crew changes, medical emergencies, spares
delivery and other such husbandry requirements
ENQUIRY Desk : For prompt handling of queries from our principals pertaining to
port operations, restrictions, load / discharge rates, estimated PDA, etc.
ship owning
Apart from assisting our principals in acquiring all types of new buildings or s
econd hand vessels, Interocean also maintains its own fleet of specialized tonna
ge specific to the needs of the Indian Market. These operations are handled via
Group Company Interocean Navigation Ltd. We are constantly looking at acquisit
ion of additional tugs and specialized crafts.
Our previous fleet of Tugs operating off the coast of Gujarat were recently de-c
ommissioned after years of exemplary and reliable service along the Indian coast
Interocean Navigation Ltd has now diversified into speed launches, a concept uni
que to Indian Ports. These launches not only ensure quicker trips to and from th
e ship thus resulting in shorter port stay but also are a more reliable and safe
option for the vessel's crew.
The first of the series, KCS-1 is deployed at Kandla port and we shall in due co
urse expand this service to all the other major ports in India.
oil gas exploration & drilling support
We have been involved in the Indian Oil and Gas Exploration industry ever since
ONGC commissioned its first commercial oil exploration at Bombay High. Being inst
rumental in the purchase and deployment of their first drill ship THE DALMAHOY, we
have since maintained a close association with ONGC and other Indian Government
agencies engaged in oil and natural gas exploration.
We service the requirements of Owners of drilling platforms, manufacturers of oi
l field equipment and simulation software as well as suppliers of other related
equipments and services. We also provide shore and on-board support to various s
emi-submersible and jack up drilling rigs and conclude charters of anchor handli
ng supply vessels for ONGC.
Additionally, we have been involved on behalf of our principals in supervision a
nd survey of the construction of new building multi-purpose supply vessels in In
dia and Overseas. This division also represents global manufacturers of oil fie
ld equipment and specialized consultancy services in providing laboratory equipm
ent, computer software and arranging training for oil & gas industry technicians
in Canada.
supply of ship spare
The procurement of good quality used and unused ship board equipment is facilita
ted by Interoceans wide spread presence in the demolition yards of Alang (India)
and Chittagong (Bangladesh). The spare parts are procured from the demolition si
tes and carefully inspected and certified at our stockyards in Alang, Kandla and
Mumbai before being shipped worldwide.
Against specific requirements, we may also supply other good quality equipment s
uch as bearing pairs, heat exchangers, fresh water generators, pumps, motors, an
chors, chains, fire fighting equipment, communication / navigation equipment, de
ck equipment, other cosmetic fittings, etc.
Delivery of Spares is very Time Critical and essential for effective fleet manag
ement. This fact we at INTEROCEAN fully understand and take it upon ourself to e
nsure that a cost effective and reliable solution is made available for our clie
Our team of technical experts present at the demolition yards have tremendous ex
perience in this field and diligently source the best.
crewing and managment
We are involved in Crewing and Management services for various clients and suppl
y officers and crew for all types of vessels.
Good Officers and crew are must for effective functioning of any ship. We realiz
e this very crucial aspect of Crewing and Management and ensure that well qualif
ied, fully trained and experienced personnel are provided to our clients.
Besides offering Crewing and Management services all across the Indian coast thr
ough our office network, we can also arrange for specific courses, appraisals, c
ertification and other such requirements of our clients.
In addition to providing marine personnel for sea going vessels, we are also act
ive in management of Offshore Marine Crafts and other support and service vessel
s being used for Oil and Gas Exploration, Drilling and Production.
Marine, Industrial & Insurance Surveys
This division conducts surveys on behalf of various principals including Manufac
turing Industries and Underwriters located in India and overseas. Our experience
d team comprising of Master Mariners and engineers are fully equipped to conduct
all types of surveys.
We conduct hull & machinery surveys and cargo inspections on behalf of Ship Owne
rs, Charterers, Shippers, Receivers and Average Adjusters. Where required, we ca
n make available Port Captains and Superintendents to attend to vessels at most
ports east of Suez.
Empaneled with the four subsidiaries of General Insurance Corporation, we also p
erform technical surveys for local insurance companies as well as correspondents
of foreign underwriters. These include loss assessment, risk inspection and sur
veys for insurance claims filed under marine, engineering, fire and other insura
nce policies
Consultancy Services
Our complement of experienced Senior Executives comprising of Master Mariners an
d former senior management of relevant Government Undertakings (Ports, etc.) who
hold a wealth of knowledge is able to provide reliable and proficient Consultan
cy, Project Reporting, etc. to various commercial sectors including the Shipping
Industry. Areas of consultancy offered are :
Voyage calculation and comprehensive guidance for Ship Operation. Inputs are als
o drawn from our Ship Broking, Ship Agency, Ship Management, Survey and other di
visions so as to execute the business successfully.
Formation of Shipping Companies, feasibility reports, economic projections, fina
ncials, etc.
Representation of foreign vendors for negotiating supply contracts with Indian c
ompanies including Government undertakings.
Project Development, Marketing Surveys, Research & Data Compilation.
Non Destructive Testing
We provide an extensive range of Non Destructive Testing services for radiograph
ic examination of machinery, components, storage tanks, pipes and vessel weld jo
ints, semi-submersible and submersible pipelines. Our range of services include
Radiographic Testing (RT)
Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging for Corrosion Checks by D Meter
Magnetic Particle Testing
Stress Relieving
Liquid Penetrant Testing (LPT)
However, depending on our clients specific needs, other kinds of inspection / tes
ting, like visual inspection may also be performed by our team of expert Radiogr
aphers operating out of our offices spread across India. Our list of clients inc
ludes reputed domestic and international industries, accrediting agencies, oil c
ompanies, Government undertakings, etc. with whom we have been associated for de
Power Projects
Ever increasing demand of power, pollution levels and cost of mineral fuels has
created an urgent need for establishing renewable sources of energy. Wind Energy
Generators are a cost effective and environment friendly source of power.
The advantages of wind energy are many. It is clean, non polluting and is also
a renewable resource while fossil fuels are not. It does not produce any green h
ouse gases or causes depletion of ozone layer. Besides it is also economically e
ffective for a nation like India which is dependent on large imports for it's en
ergy requirements.
Interocean operates ten such projects in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and
Gujarat with plans to install more of these generators in the future.
Our Trading Division is equipped to develop all proposals with no limitation of
product or value. A team of dynamic Trade Executives is available to successfull
y develop and execute proposals received by them.
Our longterm association with most reputed and reliable suppliers, manufacturers
and buyers both in India and across the globe helps us in sourcing the best qua
lity goods at the most economical prices.
With the knowledge, experience and confidence gained over the years, we are capa
ble of conceptualizing the requirements of our clients and arrange sourcing exac
tly as per their specifications and budgets. Committed to achieve the highest le
vel of customer satisfaction, our team is capable of providing innovative soluti
ons to all your needs anywhere in the world.
The port offices across the country assist in sourcing suitable and competitive
products as well as to earmark manufacturers or consumers of products to be trad
ed. With inputs from the in house Ship Broking and Port Agency divisions, we are
able to identify the trade patterns into and out of India as well as to establi
sh the reliability, financial stability and available infrastructure of the Indi
an buyer or seller. This proves to be a significant guiding factor for concluding bu
siness and avoiding wastage of time and resources.
Travel Services
INTEROCEAN Tours & Travel is fully licensed by the government of India as well a
s accredited by IATA. This division caters to in house travel requirements inclu
ding those of our visiting guests, clients, joining and off signing crew, etc.
Additionally the division also offers comprehensive and cost effective travel so
lutions, ie. air/rail/road transport solutions, accommodation solutions, sight s
eeing and visa management etc. to both business and holiday travellers within In
dia and overseas.
The Travel desk also provides specialized crew care services to on / off signing
crew and officers for vessels calling Indian Ports. Our trained executives arran
ge quick clearances and smooth transfers for the crew to join their vessels on t
Logistics & Freight Forwarding
Our Freight Forwarding & Logistics Division is relatively young but growing rap
idly. Through our fully Owned offices spread across India, Colombo and Chittagon
g and a World Wide network of well established partners we are confident of prov
iding a very reliable and competitive service to our Customers and partners alik
e. Registered with Ministry Of Shipping, Government of India, with an MOT Licens
e and Insured via IFFCO TOKIO we are fast gaining a reputation for prompt and re
liable service in the market.
Our Division offers services in :
Container Freight
Key partners world wide and very strong relationship with all the major shipping
lines provides us an opportunity to offer our customers cost effective services
which are complemented further by our knowledgeable partners who also ensure th
at our service offered world wide is as one would expect from an INTEROCEAN's ow
n office. We handle consignments of any size, whether FCL or LCL. be it from Cus
tomer's premises to port or port to receivers door, all get our fullest attentio
n and reporting. Our unique multistage reporting system ensures that our partner
s and customers are duly aware of their shipment whereabouts at any given time.
Our motto is to provide LIVE INFORMATION to our customers.
Air Freight
Our extensive network within India and world-wide delivers what the customer and
our partners demand from an Air Services provider for their time sensitive deli
veries. We have built close relationships with leading airline companies so tha
t efficiency and speed are ensured with cost effectiveness.
Project Logistics
Need time critical spares for your product line from various suppliers within on
e country or spread over various countries? Call you local INTEROCEAN office. Ou
r world-wide network of efficient offices and ware-housing would arrange for pla
cing your orders to your various suppliers, arrange for their movement to a comm
on warehouse and then move them to the destination as a single shipment to keep
your work flow going smoothly.
Interocean Foundation
Established by our founder Capt. K.C. Saigal, INTEROCEAN Foundation has been inv
olved in various charity initiatives besides giving a boost to traditional India
n medications. The research and publications undertaken by the foundation lead t
o some pioneering work in Naturo-Therapy both in India and Nepal.
The Foundation is now also involved in :
To sponsor educational, vocational and sports facilities in rural and undevelope
d areas
To sponsor institutions for welfare and relief of the disabled, aged, orphans, w
idows, etc.
To sponsor charitable hospitals, dispensaries and health centers for the under p
Relief and re-habilitation work in times of natural calamities, human tragedies,