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Dates for your Diary:

St.Brigids National School
A Few Reminders!

Contact Details: Please inform us of any
changes in your contact numbers,
addresses and family circumstances so
we can keep our records up to date.
Nut Products: Some of our pupils suffer
from nut allergies, so it is vitally
important we keep our school nut-free.
Please ensure that your child does not
bring food that contains nuts to
school. We also welcome your support
in convincing children that lunches
should never be shared or swapped. For
the same reason birthday cakes are not
permitted in school.

Birthday Parties: Parents are asked to
ensure that birthday invitations are
NEVER given out in class or on the
school grounds. In the past, this has led
to exclusion and hurt. We also ask
parents collecting a group of children
for a party to do so away from the
classroom doors.
School App: For the latest news
download the school app from google
play/itunes or visit our school website.
Cad Mle Filte
Dear Parents and Guardians,
Cad mle filte ar ais ar scoil. Welcome back to the 2014-2015
school year. By now the dust of the summer holidays is well settled,
teachers and pupils have got to know each other and a lovely calm and
purposeful climate has spread through the school. We extend a special
welcome to all those who are joining us for the first time - our new
pupils in junior infants and in other classes, our new parents and
guardians and our newly appointed teachers. We hope that you will be
very happy here in St.Brigids.
2015 is a special year for our school as we celebrate the 150

anniversary of the opening of the first St. Brigids N.S., Castleknock. A
number of events are currently being considered and any suggestions
from past-pupils and the community would be most welcome.
One of the strengths of our school is the strong unity of purpose
that exists between home and school. We look forward to building on
this together in ensuring that every child has opportunities to unearth
their talents and to reach their potential.

I look forward to a great year ahead.
Yours sincerely,

Denis Courtney.
Closed - 1 week

Mon. 27
to Fri.
of Oct.

Closed - 2 weeks
of Dec.
to Fri 3
of Jan.

Thurs. Oct. 2nd
Come support the
PTA at 8pm in
the Hall

A U T U M N N E W S L E T T E R 2 0 1 4
Parents Talk
Wed. Oct. 8

Talk by Joseph
Dreissen at 8pm.
in the Hall.

Talk for Parents:
Parent Teacher Association
Our PTA provides valuable support to the school,
reviewing policies, organizing social events and raising
much needed funds. Please let us know if you would like
to join the committee or help in any way. We would love
you to see you at the A.G.M. on Thursday, October 2
Educational Expenses
If you require assistance with books, uniforms, school tours
or other educational expenses, please telephone the office to
make an appointment to see Mr. Courtney. All requests
will be dealt with in strictest confidence.

Castleknock School of Music

Eileen Brogans Mini Music Academy Classes will
commence after school shortly. Application forms are
available on the website: or
by phoning 01 826 1100

Community Games

Last year a small but energetic group of parents
rekindled the Community Games in Castleknock. Our
initial focus was athletics and this proved very successful
both at local and county levels. The Community Games,
catering for young people aged 6 to 16 years, promote a
wide range of sporting and cultural activities in local
communities, with a strong emphasis firmly placed on
fun, participation and community spirit. Having seen
the huge benefits and the enjoyment children derived
from this initial involvement, we feel that we should
now look at widening the range of activities on offer.
However this will also require more adult organisers and
helpers. If you are interested please leave your name
and contact details in the school office.
Joseph Driessen, a renowned educational speaker from
New Zealand has been invited by the PTA to speak to
parents on Wednesday, October 8
at 8pm.
We want our school to be a happy, safe and
effective learning environment for children. This
year we have drawn up new codes of positive
behaviour for school and the yard. These are
printed in the journal so parents can discuss them
with their children before signing the page.

We ask you to talk to your child regularly about
school and to listen to their comments and
anxieties. If your childs safety or happiness is
threatened deliberately or persistently then the
class teacher or school principal should be
advised promptly.
Health and Safety
Now with better facilities and local expertise at
hand, we are hoping to continue developing and
widening the range of after-school activities
available to pupils. Mindful of the time
committed to after-school activities and allied to
the activities and classes organised in our local
parish centre, we are hoping that parents will have
a varied and comprehensive choice locally.
Among the pursuits available in school this year
are: Speech and Drama, Art, Music, Irish
Dancing, Fiddle, Cookery, Chess, Mini-Tennis,
French, Cumann Gaeilge, Fit Club, Table Tennis,
Basketball and Homework Club. Please email and we will contact
you with more information.

Guided Reading
The following is a rough guideline of the upper limit of time that should spend on homework.
Infant classes -10 mins 1
classes 15 mins 2
class - 25 mins 3
- 40 mins 5
- 1 hour
Children are encouraged to complete their work with care and to take pride in their presentation.
Reading is a crucial part of homework and children are encouraged to read each night. Parents of less enthusiastic
readers are asked to read to/with their children nightly.

Safety is always a priority in our school. At home time, Infants
will not be released to minders, neighbours or friends without the
prior written permission of parents. We feel definite collection
arrangements should also be in place for 1
and 2
class pupils.
If your child contracts a contagious illness e.g. measles, mumps,
rubella, etc. we would like to be informed. There are children in
the school who are at increased risk of contracting these illnesses.
Children are encouraged to bring a sensible nutritious lunch to
school. Crisps, fizzy drinks, sweets, chocolate, popcorn and
chewing gum are not allowed.
Children are required to bring their lunch wrappings home .
Childrens hair should be checked regularly for head-lice. Please
notify the class teacher in the event of any health/hygiene issues.
Girls who have longer hair MUST tie it back in a
Heelies are not allowed in school.

Extra Curricular Activities

In 1
class this year we are beginning Guided Reading. In guided
reading the teacher meets the children in small groups and using the
correct level of text, teaches specific reading cues and comprehension
strategies. This approach helps the children to problem solve as they
read and accelerates their progress to independence.


Administration of Medicines
If a child has any special medical needs or health problems, it is
vital that the class teacher and the school are notified early in
the school year. We believe that medicines should only be
administered in school when absolutely essential and cannot be
given at alternative times. Medicines will not be stored or
administered without the prior written permission of the childs
parents and without the authorisation of the B.O.M.
Parents should keep pupils at home when they are unwell and
children, who have been sick, should only return to school
when fully recovered.
Morning Supervision
Supervision is provided in the Infant, 2
and 3
class yards
from 8.40 a.m. Parents are asked not to drop children before
this time and children should not enter the school buildings
before the bell rings.
Teachers should be informed if your child is absent either in
writing or by using the school app. We are obliged by law
to notify the E.W.B. of pupils who miss 20 or more days for
any reason. When a pupils absences exceed 15 days, the
school will inform parents by text.
24 hour insurance cover for your child can be
arranged through the school if you wish. An
insurance application will be given to each pupil next
week. If you require insurance, please return the
form and fee to your childs teacher. We strongly
recommend you avail of this cover.
We ask all parents to please show due consideration
to residents when parking in the locality. Please do
not obstruct local residents driveways.
Full school uniform must be worn at all times with the exception of designated P.E. days when the school tracksuit is
worn with a white polo-shirt. School shorts and polo shirts can be worn in September, October and after Easter.
Order forms are available from the school office. Bulk orders are made periodically. The manufacturer will not accept
individual orders. The next closing date for orders is September 26th.
In the interests of pupil safety and comfort, parents are asked
not to bring dogs, even on a lead, into the school grounds.
All Ireland Final
Did you know Martin O Reilly, our
new 4
class teacher is on the Donegal
Team for the All Ireland Senior
Football Final on Sunday? We wish
him the very best of luck against our
other favourite team!