R. G. Taylor I + 1 0 1 $l d o n t r o s e B l vd .. H o u s t o n , T e x a s ?


Llter ar y

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ECHOING Echolng resounds the llterate m o m e n t sr e v e a L , r e v e r b e r a t e , naln characterr s attrlbutes. posltlonfs emotlonal traits, behavloral oonfllcts lnwhlch unguariled true about the

the archetype anrletles


Begullenrent fuses i!,to a second tempered disformer belng the consolous nodel, Istter the

unconsclous sample.

One vlvld

6g0 story-book tenperlng represents/noderates has not III fated

forced. energy-ln-actlon

that the other oharaotery created. lntellect clashlng oonpetttlon' lntegrated

yet expresecd awareness ln open partlsanshlp transfuslon reflects of confJ-lcttng spllt facet fron

personaLltles, the oentral

by one mlnor oue'

a stirrlng

flgure. alnost ltgelf

D o o & e du n l v e r s a L p r o b l e n s . histrlonle stagy obllvlon.

repeat !n each other, The obllvlous

a mlndful nlngtlng, r epeats

p syo h l o h l sto r y

over and over ln s tr ong The secondary scenarlo has under clr cular c hec k ed

p a s s l o n s , d e t e s t a b l - e , e n b a t t J - e d .s e n s t b l L l t l e s .

th e n e c e s s a r y p e rso n a d e ve L o p n ent, however , r enalnlng c ondu o t ( n e v e r e n d l n g p ro b l e n a ti os) ,. another allnged. lnto unrestlng reprod . u c e d . g ro wth . Ch a ra o te rl zl n g the pr lnat

Llf e fabr lcatlon

com m and.s one


but not betraylng

the template role en} arges l nnate ter nper A

p e rpetual- inner flaws lnsuatlons tr ansfer

essentlall- y

T h e l n trl ca te

yl e l d i n g

fr onr the centr al analogous effects. the sequentia}

ament to stlLL ancther featureil wrltten p ro J e o t l o n o f th e d o ml n a n t re n i ftlcn

synbol for into

mlr r or s

]- e s s er pl ott



a franework inBell,lng for the lnclted


bulldtng from a slile story.

The sid,e llned mlnor lncentlve lnfluenees passloaateLy represent heartrend.ering ad.aptatlons dlrectl-y fron the orig!-nal verslon. echolng eccentrLo lntlnate These wIIlIy and' the mannerlsns ad.alto the provoklng ollnar

prlnary paired concepts develoBlng sorlpt-wlse.

The notlve force classlo

text ldtosyncrasy always persecutes another petsonage whlIe ln aotuaLlty trylng to rrrn away fron al-ter ego tn flux, self turnoll untold woebegone' An rurfol_dlngforthrlght opus ldeallztng reclprooaL Lnterpretatlons of clestlnc seLflshness oreateg the antagonlst/protagonlst at odds categoryr oneness, antlo antlpathy. Each anti-hero gelf-hood antlollnatlo ancl forth chronlo].ed dlspatoh blends baok as one, the sane ln tone, moodl,to express blseoted perfunctory lncllrect aots galn sahlsn f orce fron the fragreBerousslons. al1 b].ead.ed. puzzllng parts, a buclcllnggestaLt, as held d.eepwlthln A blokeaoh aooountedloLlng1ng oonstra!.nt, sbaredl aohe as lt were begone' val-uest erlng d,ialogue, oontradlctlon to eaoh otb,errs personar terns of Llfe present a lnrad.or-ln-parts. il.ranatloally, truly Thig forolble lronlo sltuatlon oonos aLive the fonentlng fury wlthln

nents oontalnecl ln lts

forebod,lng nanlfestatlons

charaoterf s oum obarlena0

The powerful- presense of assoclated twln nanls or \ resorve of the dJnouenent. forle a d.eur oan be oonsored. onry partratr.y rn the to the The rlvery echorng of synptoos adds crafty crlreotlonar,.everopnent thematlehlntsfoundlnal].herolonarratlvegagagc rilrr].lan traurknerr g strean-of-consclousness rfiaster notrf narratrons rn past aad over-Ilowerlng present sou*D At$DTgE ruRy ecboes the stressfur tlne



day wl?hi n the nane Quentln, aftfodal erenp l l f y


both tbe uacle and' young glrl.


yoknaBatawpha place nane and, personhood, t h e p e rce p tl ve trauna, e o h o l c wor ds, tr ansfir ed Ayn Rand re;rresents reallty

sueh as Jason andl Candacet twofolil Lnflnltug.

Transfglng oonfllct into

one long mono3-ogueexcltable

ooupled. illscourse

vla ATL,ASSIRUGGED. John Galtt s taLes in Dagny Taggart, establlshes each verlslfasolnatLont

liieas and, speeches echo rucllnentary erenplun ad.d.en6un. The reslllent n lllt ud e

oautlonary nagnetlsn


o o n n €ctl o n sp e l l b tn d .tn g to one another , alaruns aLoucl. peal runbles

a for nallzed.

appeaS-lng stretohy

Ald.ous Hurleyf e alarun nallz e d l n c o n pl e te n e sE ,

tenlnar s atavlstlo



u p o n n eetlng

outoast Iohn Savage, whose synbol l o as BRAVEIIEW WORLD a tttle lnpetus

nane, wBg-of-llfe


each other.

paral.l.eLs interpersonal cllctator


whtLe satlrlzlng

the new-nanhood' cllreotor-

vltro oppresses others for

the very sattre nolstakes oonnrltted by hls caclr e above or ltlcal soclety res tr al nts ) . oontr ol

o wn to p - 1 s o "I

xl e rso n n e l n u cl e u s ( nts

So c l a l o r l tl o

l l e n rl .o l b se n fur ther

eLuoldates how oonver satlons

eaoh other oollectlvel-y hlnself

wben Greggars ltferle perseoutes HedwlS whlLe fLeelag rest part heavy on of the

in the d.rana, r$u $lIrD DUCK. Th,e slns of the fathes of a llfe-Lle self-ldentlty. shared. by every eventful

the ohlLd ln the forn clramaturgy search, for

qd.ysseus sel-flsh3,y shows hLs arouslng lus t y l d . e n t l f l o a tl o n w h e n o l rce offer s

lmpersonatecl lnner-nake-up



al- L that

hls sublfunlnal or av l ngs tlfe-Iong oonpetltlons


eonpares, oontrasts, TIJE oDyssEl-y


whloh ghowease the fuLt

range of hunan nature


to orercone aclverslty


tr/ tr/ tr/ r*/ t*

T h e b n d l . e s s s ea rch fo r a l l b y 6t tn a

h u manklndfs cathar sls,

tongue- la- cheek

o bs er v edl r om antl -

H o n er, d .e scrl b e s e n ta n glecl Llalson mythos ln gr eat detall A II- d l re d l so retlons dlsposs€ss patter neil

olz e c l g r a n i l e u r. u n b ld d e n w l t h l n e n b o d y l n c a r n a te Ert ren e

speoim en v ol l tl on

e ve ry ca n e o o a paclty goal pr esentecl. fre e -w l l 1 o p tl ons that aotuall.y) exter nallze typlfles

C]- ose afflLlations thelr klndr ecl r eLev anoy .

p r o p e n sl ty

(p o n p o sl ty

uLtr a

sbowy oonsequenoes to r eLatlons hl ps

t he u t n o s t sole }y

s e q u e l sl g n l fl ca n t

outcone, nlcbe oonfid,entlal

benuged"o unve;illng exanrlnatlon lnto

Bcholng extends anusing related. Llterary ad.rlot areag of ingenlous lnages, revealed

by the lengrosslng ?er sonalltles

lndlvlduallzed lnter - r eaott one

p re o o o u p a t i o n o f cri tl ca L share unwlLLlngly a blnary

l l te ra tur e ldenttoal

analygls, thought,

unknowlngly nlnlolng

anotherf s absorbed. ounnlng" s earc h l n g l n t o

Thls acourseil prototype

proJeotl-on of soulenJolns a o as ual lnter-ilepenilence. gl v ee €x -

a n o th e r a ssa ye cl lnper sonated, char aoter y d.eslgp, llnkeil

rldtouble naclneBerrt nelod.ranatlo A reB e r t o r y

by sensltlzei[

€ n o o re d l u a L l ty Jo l ns tbelr

r evoloecl Per sona.


pres s l o n t o d a ml n g butld subtle

a n d t cl a u n tl ng deep- seateil sp]- it or isls notlf

r egpon"nos that ln genrles,

synbo}s towarcl the asslnllated n a rra tl o n g .


m o d e s , p a r t l o r .l l -a rl l y

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