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FacilityCode: 275
Date of Inspection: B iosecurityInspector: Location: Scope To verifr compliancewith MAF Bio 154.03. Containment 04 Facilities

MAF BiosecurityNew Zoo Antmals Facility Containment 104ContainmentFacilities for

The faciliti

ard appliVsto zoo animalsthat are new organisms,i.e. those that ved for releasein New Zealand(e.g. lions and rneercats) have containmentapprovalunderthe HazardousSubstances (HSNO)Act 1996. organismsare not eligible for releaseinto New Zealandand the yputpose of containment to preventtheir escape.They are defined is 'restrictedorganisms'in the BiosecurityAct, 1993and arerequiredto be held permanentlyin a containmentfacility approvedunder this Act. The EnvironmentalRisk ManagementAuthoritg (the Authority) may impose additional controls under Third Scheduleof the.Hazardous Substances and New organisms(HSNO) Act 1996for containment a zoo animal. of ZionWildlife Gardens approved, is under section39 of the BiosecurityAct 1993,for the holding of zoo animalsthat arenew organisms.As part of the approvalprocess, facility hasnominateda personresponsible the the for


entitled 'Containment Facilities for Zoo and operatingrequirements containment for . It specifieshow thesefacilities and their by the Director General(DG).

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pursuant section of facility who hasnow beenapprovedasthe operator 40 to the BiosecurityAct I 993. This visit determines requirements /? of whetherthe structuralandoperational MAFBNZ Standard 154.03.04 andany controlslaid down byr,$RMAare {A being tulfilled. This report outlinesthe actions(if any) tha(!{y/Xdr t@<e \) to complywith the aboverequirements.


Jeff Storey(AWG) attended this visit to follow up issu visits. Mark Montgomery(DOL) andtwo V for part of the audit. All memberswere Husband(appointed June2009), and The facility was last auditedin Fe inspectionon June9. The enc alongwith internal audit and as per the annualreporting
management plans were $i



present tor Tim ia Busch. - up enclosure ain during this visit registerwas provided and facility

Key findings
The following from the MAFBNZ Standard
Zoo Atttmals.

5.4 Des

ogramme is to be implemented, the time scale

;freshercourses. ilable to new and existingstffi Documenttraining of and ensurethat staffarefamiliar with the requirements
d any containment controls for zoo animals in their care.

2009 audit, animal handlerswere requiredto be ableto e practical competencyaspart of the training requirements.In n, the numberof hourstraining wasto be loggedin staff dailydiaries reviewedby the Senior Big Cat Handler and Zion Management. in Changes procedures have resultedin changes the training requirements to andthe aboverecordingsystemhasbeendispensdd with. Staff meetings since which have a training and internal auditing focus [ave beensuspended the deathof the SeniorBig Cat Handler. The Operatorplans on having new training recordsdevelopedshortly that will address trainingrequired following proceduralchanges the facility. A the at copy of the templatewas requested review. for
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5.5 fnturnal Controls (abridged) Theoperatorshall carry out an internal audit of itsactivitiesat leastonce

The daily diarynotes staffwere rnm*"Wn* which on
and what was done in addition to routine cleaninglhsue*bNqd aXdprogress to address toaddressthemisnoted. themis noted. 5.6 Version (excerpt) (Jpdates tobe approvedtl1 Updatesare be are to approved byr&{.ilr@ffi by


date ofthe coPY manrtat'

@r Sohotdanupto


the facility. Themanu{''foQeHi9lt(N$

The operations Manual ^<l)\'/-(\\" fiWrerator *pffin

was returned to

"r{1p}ffi' f,'#i,1"sbandry
The 2006 be compli Operator had a

atzion;the isno scope longer

areas and,with thechanges in

tainment Manual needsurgent review to andphysical requirements. The al and was unsureif the Managing Director the Inspectorwould supply a copy if it could not be


tognodificdtions to an enclosurethat affectscontainmentwill require supervisor.A major modification is deJinedas a iodifi@ t potentially affectsthe integrityof the containmentor alters the structttre of the enclosure.

an enclosure

/ r )\ Y

(SnrfrtY"rvisor witl be required to inspectthe new enclosttreto checkthat it ^ with this Standard.Minor modifications shall be recordedby the S\Mdies and checked the supervisorat the next visit. by D&rrotor Modifications to the barn enclosurewere discussed during the last visit and it was sightedduring the current facility walk rou*rd. However, the completion of this enclosure was not notified to the Supervi"sor. The entry gatedoesnot have a hardenedfooting and, while it is suitable;forholding animalswith limited digging ability, such asthe de-clawed animal's onsite,it would not be a sufficient barrierto preventdigging by cldwedanimals. The Operatorneeds to look at future-proofingall enclosures clawedlion and tigers. for



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6.2.7Enclosares are TVte operationmanualshall showhow the EnclosureStandards addressed eachspecies, with spectficreference to: for ...howthefoundationof the barrier has been hew"'*"-*-/1, fixed...and 8.2 Enclosure standardsfor Felids and Ursidae (, 8.2.2 Physical containment 'l'he The enclosures mustmeetthefollowing reqttireme Jollowing requtremel!\ Thefoundation of any containment barrier shall@<( materiglin sucVa fixing into theground or by hardened
animals cannot breach containment bv di



lion and and 2.2.1oftheFacilityContanfrfi7$aJ{\alsgaq{tSafall Hon Section Sg/lil a concrete, tiger enclosures wouldhaver.""p.-Ndrff"/@bh$'ith piping fd@)'YhiddhN$ retainingwoodor steel Xro bethe
g requirementfor underneath 6.2.4Muintenanceof e


instfuqidifir Clearmaintenance

q6eb@b%nts of thefunctioning systems

^()) R) by except)A\e{orffrg



oJ the nce to preserve the integrity of topreserve integritv

is The perime4l.{./Wi#d E tplq\r*iare checked daily, notificationof issues


into arelogged the dailydiary.



(excerpt) and ats waste
incinerated or deeply buried.

emantcould not confirm if one tiger was buried inside the Manual 7.1-5)or on farmland ffi (Facility Containment This information needsto be provided andthe Inspector fio. sheis prepared talk to the staff memberdirectly involved if to

of Zoo Animals (excerpt) conciledregisterthat accounts births, deathsand transfersshall be for availableat all times. Theoperatorshall regularly verifi the accuracyof this registerat a minimumof six monthlyintervals t The registerwas up-to-dateshowinghistoric andcurrentinformation including all health checks. This is a large andunwieldy documentand the Operatorplansto developa recofdingsystemfor individual animals.


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8,2.2 Physical Containment All enclosures were visitedwith the following itemsnoted: Holding areas between3&4 had damaged panelling. While there is mesh

behindthepanelling, wasinstalled prevent it to aggression betw.enmerr;.ffts of theWild Prideandothergroups animals. of With thefuakup of th,ftftq Pride, likelyhoodof aggression reduced thert{sfirsgshol@"^ V the is but repaired prevent to dental (Nhqbddo- dt\.beJtbnt damage chewing if occurs pullitoffcompletely. ,\()" $f ,?\\ /^\ \ \"1 to Rrw}Ng access B the den. with the unsettledlegal proceEd{@*aq0thpqobtrrtE'g access a of disgruntledex-employeeto the prope4'Ndair-to tt{i6 Ubr\r,}6uldassistin

Thenightdenattached 6 hada damag.a to "*#rrfuil breachcontainmentthere is only one laye;-e{plywoYd


maintaining containment the e4t66/.iy.d"aufis5Mtd'C and box.
The holding areabetween1l the internal fenceson the c cheetahbut not lions. Thi The holding side of thg fenceon the lion sid heightwire on both sid the height of t$ AS

e ry$dlXifuheightexternal fencebut
are ient height to contain ig\dpoles installedbut not wired. bat shoulder)electricwire. The n for outriggersand has a mid is no immediateplan to raise lions do not havethe ability to climb. wire which would widen the distance limiting the ability for contact between

the anima animals,i

A ragetank was dislodgedwhich may affect the zoos and the movementof deerup and down the sreek. Deer particulate presence Qe,-ggk facilitatesbank erosion, increasing water. The creek should be fencedoff or deer should be €bQfr# the Tphere they canotaccess creek. Riparianplantiag would also points and prevent roaming along the length of the creek.

of Gorrective,Actions
Gbrrective actions (CAR: a correctiveaction requestfor a non-compliance that is not a seriousrisk to biosecurity.Workwitl bepermitted to continue but thefacility will be given a specffied period of time to rectify the nonconformity,e.g.procedures eccess are not d$ailabteat the entrance.) for 1. Locate andrevisethe zoo manual(escalated from recommendation due to CAR 2). Review shouldbe submittedas soon aspossibleand no later than Septemb 25k 2009. er

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of Reinforcefooting of barn enclosure meetthe requirements the to due from recommendation to Facility Manual (escalated Containment non-compliance with the manual). 2009. Completionof work to be notified by 18 September

are Recommendations(The following comments reco yott to enfuc) Theyare non binding and are noted to assist of with the requirements the st, maintain compliance madeby the auditor during the on observations 1. Confirm locationof animal burial; rev/franual if


to cover

burials. tuture thisand
2. 3. 4.
Patchnight box enclosure6. Add extralow level wire to Submitplan for height alterationsand develo

{(D N N\


and enclosure six months.

Zionwildlife Garffriqcontlnu requiq46$t\ ) structural
requirementsto meet enclosure there is concernthat the Operatorhad Manual and thereforehasno liance with approvedproceduresand bf changeatZion in the past 3 months,it is pdatedasoften asrequiredto reflect these

notseen uriyftffi
protoco lmperatl

very managerhas a desireto leavetheir mark and, as management uld be easyfor aspects the operational of be suspended during a changeover due to lack of familiarity . There are also difficulties presentedby learning and new approaches when the currentonesare familiar and seemto just as effectively. Thank you for your time during my review of your facility. On the basisof my audit of your containmentfacility on the 4th August 2009,I am recommendingto MAF Biosecurity New Zealan$that they continue your that your audit frequency approvalto this Standardwith a recommendation if remain at six monthly. This may be reconsidered a longer term plan is implemented. management


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Yours sincerely,

Crystal Lange BiosecurityInspector PO Box 966 Hamilton 3240 Ph. 07 9578319 Fax. 07 957 8317 Email: crystal.lange@maf,govt.nz




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