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Media Technologies

Broadcast Operations, IT, Advanced Technology, Production, Post, Engineering,

Sales Technologies, Systems Programming, Content Management, Workflow,
CODEC and Digital BO&E Technology

Broadcast and Media Technology Executive Search
Media Broadcast Distribution, Production and Post Operations, Workflow, Sales Operations, Facilities, Engineering IT and
Emerging Technologies.
Filcro Media Staffing identifies specialized media and broadcasting technology executives with broad strategic, operational,
distribution, production, engineering, sales, programming and maintenance responsibilities from a software and hardware
management perspective.

Broadcast Operations and Engineering (BOE), Broadcast Operations Canters (BOC),Network Operations Centers (NOC) ,
Television Operating Centers (TOC), Electronic News Gathering (ENG), Video On Demand (VOD), Content Management
Systems (CMS), Communications Security (COMSEC), High Definition (HD), 3D, Holographic Conversion (HC) , Digital
Radio (DR), In Band On Channel (IBOC), All TV & Radio Subcarrier, Broadcast Robotics and Automated Production
(BRAP), Set Top Box (STB), Workflow Automation,(OEM) Original Equipment Manufacturer Integration, (OTT) Over The
Top Integration, (CDC) Cloud Distribution Centers, Multiplatform Automated Delivery, Library & Storage, MPEG(x) All
Compression, (MME) Mobile Media Engineering, Multiplex Distribution, Encoding, CODEC Development, Broadcast
Mechanical & Facilities Engineering, Broadcast HVAC, Telecom & MSO Network Integration and all VoP, RTP, VOFR,
ATM, BPL, and VTOA. Specialized Media Technology and Workflow Sales Group - Client Technology Rosters -
Technology Group Profile

The media technology listed above is specialized broadcasting, MSO and Telecom technology nomenclature relevant to the
recruitment and executive search practices of Filcro Media Staffing.

This diverse technology subject matter reflects the scope and granular practical understanding that Filcro Media Staffing
utilizes to recruit media technology executives. Media and Communications companies seeking talented media technology
leaders for single platform or multinational multicast multiplex multiplatform entities are Filcro Media Staffings clients.
With the growing influence of IT facilitating the efficacy of convergence; telecommunications and broadcasting
interests experience similar benefits from implementing change management and succession planning through
our focused identification. Filcro Media Staffing as a media broadcasting executive search firm understands
media technology and media technology people from a tactical and strategic perspective.
Filcro Media Staffing has broad strategic and granular IT and engineering
recruitment acumen specific to the media industry. From actual code for custom
programming and systems environments that develop their own solutions for every facet of the
broadcasting industry to distribution and sales operational initiatives, Filcro Media Staffing offers
highly specialized technology recruitment. Traffic, broadcast operations, inventory, production,
Americas U.K Australia Canada China Hong Kong
India Indonesia J apan Philippines Napal New Zealand
Singapore Taiwan

Global Broadcasting Executive Search
Filcro Media - Media Technology Executive Search Group

post production, library management, sales, sales operations infrastructure, distribution, research
analytics, NOC automation, satellite control systems, CODEC development for in-house and or
off the shelf box development are all areas relevant to Filcro Media Staffings technology clients and specific to the firms
recruitment proficiency on tactical and strategic levels.

Filcro Media Staffing is a global executive search firm and our clients utilize our global recruitment experience to attract
talent from the primary technology centers all over the world. Our capacity to identify, recruit and attract technology talent in
not limited by geographic boundaries. Some areas of exposure for the firm:

Software and hardware Engineers, Managers, Programmers, Directors, Sr. Directors, Vice Presidents, Scientists and CIO,
CTO, CXO level media technology executives are identified with the appropriate experience, acumen and skills. Our
commitment to "best practices" in this group and our ability to identify executives when "change management" is essential
in sophisticated technology environments is proven.
Filcro Media Staffing maintains up to date information from organizations like SONY,
Panasonic, GE, Harris, Scientific Atlanta, Lucent, Cisco, SUN, HP, Microsoft, Oracle,
INVISION, TRW, Pioneer, J VC, Grass Valley, Philips, Motorola / GI and others to
establish our own internal guidelines for hard skill sets for each technical search. When
the firm identifies and recruits a CIO, CTO, Senior Vice President of Network Broadcast
Operations or a Director of Network Distribution and New Technology for a Multi-Plex,
single network or their integrated x.0 compliant web property, Filcro Media Staffing assures that that individual's skills and
business capabilities are everything they should be now and going forward.
Every search in this practice group is conducted by an Officer in Charge of Search (OIC) with a minimum of 15 years of
technical recruitment experience who is also a former Satellite, IT, MSO, TV Network, or technology sales executive with
extensive industry knowledge related to a clients needs. Theoretical and practical knowledge of current and future MSO /
network distribution, fiber, digital, production/post, mobile, OEM, satellite and RF technologies facilitates rapid and accurate
identification of talented technical employees in every media market in the United States or OCUNUS. The firm stays up to
date with legislative and technical FCC mandates for spectrum license allocations including wireless for private/public
applications, digital sub carriers and emerging BPL technology. COMSEC and INFOSEC searches are assigned to the
appropriate search executive based on the nature of the organization. Client Rosters

Mobile Cable TV & MSO Broadcast TV Radio & Music Online Multicast & OEM DOOH
Location New York, NY - USA
Search Firm Filcro Media Staffing
OIC Tony Filson Reporting to Board of Directors, CEO, CTO & SVP HR
Client Diversified U.S. Global Media & Entertainment Conglomerate
Client Situation Succession Plan & Upgrade of Global IT Across all Media Platforms
From initial build-out to recovery to security to operations to integrating legacy platforms for monetization with digital
properties and accommodating technological growth, Filcro Media Staffing is the most comprehensive broadcasting and
media executive search firm CONUS or OCONUS to identify and secure proven media information technology and
engineering leadership. For Tony Filson OIC Roster - For CTO / CIO
Programming executive searches for all operational, engineering and application development recruitment include but are
not limited to: SAP, ASP/, VB/, .NET, Perl, Linux, C++, Oracle, UNIX, SAS, J ava/J 2EE, SQL Server. Please
note that Filcro Media Staffing only recruits programmers with related media, broadcasting, telecommunications and
entertainment experience. Also visit our specialized Media Technology Sales Group.

A Filcro Media Staffing
Media Technology Executive Search Review
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Global Broadcasting, Motion Picture, Cable & Interactive Networks

Executive Search Committee Industry and Business Sector Inclusion
Television Networks - Cable & Broadcast - International, National, Regional & Local
Radio Broadcasting Networks - International, National, Regional & Local
Wireless / Mobile Content Producers - International, National, Regional & Local
Online Interactive - International, National, Regional & Local
Network & Syndicated Programming Producers - TV, Radio, Interactive, Mobile, Film
Motion Picture Studios - Domestic & International
The executive search committee (ESC) of the client company was comprised of the
President, CEO, current CTO and SVP of Human Resources acting as the liaison for the
(ESC). The (ESC) identified Filcro Media Staffing (FMS) and Tony Filson (TF) functioning
as Officer in Charge of Search (OIC) to conduct a national search to identify and review
the proper technology executive capable of facilitating the current CTOs succession plan
and the board of director's desire to enhance the global technological resources of their
media holdings across all media platforms.
The CTO had a clear vision of where the diverse media holdings needed to be technologically in international, national,
regional and local markets and he was exceptionally articulate in what he was seeking strategically and tactically to assure
that his successor could manage this global media and entertainment conglomerate, well into the future.
The diversity of the company's global media portfolio would require Filcro Media Staffing to recruit a CTO with broad media
acumen and a sophisticated comprehensive overview of advanced multimedia, multicast and multiplex broadcast
technologies. For terrestrial distribution, MSO, OTA & Satellite relationships and FCC mandates this new CTO would
require exceptional hard and soft skills to evangelize technology internal and external to the organization. The new CTO
would review and manage many IT and broadcast vendor relationships across three continents; this would require a fiscally
mature media IT executive with extensive build-out, operations and maintenance experience globally.
With a large multinational and multi language IT engineering staff reporting into this technology executive, a noted and
adept mentor with the ability to manage soft and hard assets remotely would be essential. Media technology issues
associated with international government regulations, business affairs and monetization were complex and we required an
executive who could utilize the firms extensive legislative resources effectively to manage these areas with autonomy.
Some of challenges facing the new CTO
Global Dissemination Across Multiple Media Platforms
Optimizing and Upgrading Resources for TV, OD, Radio, Interactive and Wireless Normalization
Change Management
Vendor Management in International & Domestic Markets
Optimizing Sales Technology to Enhance Revenue Across All Platforms
Centralize Control of International Technology Assets
International Government and Domestic FCC Compliance
Management of a Diverse Multinational Staff
Attracting and Mentoring Staff to Facilitate Technology Initiatives
Implementing IT Best Practices Internal & External to the Organization for Assimilation, Dissemination & Production
Integration of media platforms for monetization of multicast products and services
Based on Filcro Media Staffings recruitment experience with prior advanced media technology
searches and an awareness of other global media organization's technology infrastructures;
compiling, verifying and vetting the entire initial search universe and including the ESC in the process
took less than three weeks to complete. With a finite number of appropriate media technology
executives capable of moving the organization globally to their next generation of technology across
all their targeted media platforms it was apparent who was qualified from a mechanical perspective
well before the initial round of interviews in New York, Atlanta and California to understand each executive's capacity
The OICs (Tony Filson) objective was to attract the proper media technology executives to fit well within the organizations
unique technology culture. Every ideal media technology executive identified was currently under contract, happy and well
vested within their respective media conglomerate. The current CTOs succession plan was essential while recruiting to
attract the ideals who were talented and well sought after Media IT executives. All exhibited the career progression and
stability sought in the new CTO to maintain continuity and facilitate growth in the clients global technology organization.
The current Chief Technology Officer CTO required extensive assurances that this incoming executive would assume the
initial transitional role prescribed before taking over the CTO position at the cadence prescribed. Maturity and sound
judgment during a brief transition alloted would afford the organization and their vendors and affiliates continuity during the
new CTOs ascension. An extensive round of interviews in New York with the CTO, CEO and other senior level executive
of the hiring company provided a unanimous consensus that the proper media IT executive to assume the CTOs position
had been identified and that he was indeed uniquely qualified and the single most qualified candidate for the position.
Successful CTO Recruited
The executive recruited and attracted by Filcro Media Staffing - Tony Filson (OIC) for the organization
was currently managing (7) seven major TV broadcast and cable entities for one of the largest U.S.
based multinational media and entertainment conglomerates in the world. In his previous roles this
technology executive managed across every media platform relevant to the organizations diverse
global media infrastructure to include: Multicast of Cable TV, Broadcast TV, Radio, Interactive, On
Demand, OOH, Mobile and Wireless assets.
The executive was currently managing over 70 senior technology employees across The Americas, Europe and Asia with
total technology and financial controls within these geographics for global dissemination. His total reports on a dotted line
and vendor management exceeded that of any other candidate by two fold.
With a proven history of efficacy in managing and introducing new media technology from a hard asset and human
resource perspective he was respected below, on and above line by everyone who came in contact with him personally and
professionally. This level of respect by his peers and those who reported into him would also be an asset in attracting and
retaining highly valuable media technologists for the client company in the future.
Mobile Cable TV & MSO Broadcast TV Radio & Music Online Multicast & OEM DOOH
One of the most challenging aspects of this media technology executive search was negotiating the timing of the
executive's release from his current contract due to a media industry merger. At all times, this media IT executive exhibited
traits inherent to someone with a fine character, intelligence and honor. It was a pleasure working on this search with the
current CTO and attracting such a fine senior media IT executive to carry forward the firm's reputation as a leader in global
media technology and broadcasting entertainment.
The incumbent CTO left the firm as designed in his succession plan and the new CTO apparent reported directly into the
new CEO.

A Filcro Media Staffing Review of
A SVP Sales Operations and Media Technology Executive Search
Senior Vice President
Multimedia Network Sales Operations & Technology
New York, Los Angeles, Chicago - USA

Online, Mobile, OD and On Air Platforms Sales IT & Operations
Filcro Media Staffing with Tony Filson as OIC reporting to the President of TV Network Sales
A diversified U.S. based multinational media and entertainment conglomerate.
A Senior Vice President to lead all national sales operational infrastructure across all media platforms for multiplex,
multicast monetization optimization of the TV Network.
Client Situation
Client through a multi-billion dollar acquisition of on line and on air media properties needed to upgrade infrastructure to
optimize revenue.
The objective was to have the Agencies, Clients, Network Traffic, Network Inventory, Network Sales Staff and Network
Planning across multiple platforms: On line, On Air, On Demand & Mobile all functioning seamlessly.
The multiple media groups wanted to be able to offer integrated revenue management optimization while reducing internal
redundancies when serving clients who were buying across multiple media platforms.
Industry and Sector inclusion for Universe Compilation
Broadcast Television
Cable Television
Satellite Networks
MSO Operators
Radio Broadcasting
Online Interactive
On Demand & Multiplex Broadcasters
Advertising Agencies
Technology & Media Management Consulting
Mobile Technologies & Providers
Subsequent to Filcro Media Staffing being retained
The Filcro Media Staffing OIC Tony Filson participated in a number of meetings with line
personnel and senior management to map out the media technology (IT) and human
resource (HR) objectives going forward. The OIC created a merged HR & IT org chart
for clarity on redundancy.
The redundancy to be eliminated and future hiring needs were agreed upon to support
the tactical and strategic autonomy that the new Senior Vice President would be granted.
Filcro Media Staffings merged organizational charts and current technology overviews of traffic, inventory, sales planning
and the current metrics utilized for Analytics were key in proper universe compilation for identification, recruitment and
New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Detroit were analyzed individually to provide each key client and
agency's preferred modality and IT functionality during technology upgrades and operational improvements for Traffic,
Inventory, Sales, Sales Planning, Research and Client Services.
Some of the challenges facing the new Senior Vice President
Change Management
Best Practices
Technology Integration Across Multiple Platforms
Directing IT with Off-theShelf Modifications and New Program Development
Training of Staff on New Systems and Software
Agency and Client Awareness of the Benefits and Advantages
Redundant Systems Operating Through Integration
Hiring of Additional Staff to Facilitate New Programs and IT Programming
CMS OD Content Sales System Integration w/MSO, Satellite and Mobile
Filcro Media Staffings Recruitment Solution
Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to Identify organizations with specific "best in class" reputations on individual platforms.
As this was a new initiative to the industry, no single executive to date had successfully implemented an environment with
such efficacy across these multiple media platforms: Broadcast, Cable, Satellite, Interactive, Mobile, OD, Out of Home
Recruiting from the identified universe proved to be fruitful. The greatest challenge was having to determine capacity Vs.
experience as we were recruiting for a compilation of objectives that had never been fully realized in the industry before.
Successful Senior Vice President Recruited
A Vice President of Sales Technology from another multinational media and entertainment conglomerate.
This Vice President was responsible for global (IT) technology initiatives across TV, Radio, Interactive, Motion Picture,
Mobile and legacy platforms.
With 8 direct reports and a staff of 62 on a dotted line this VP had built and developed with internal and external resources
one the most respected technology environments in the media and broadcasting industries.
With broad experience in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago this executive welcomed the challenges in each location
across the United States to integrate systems and human resources to facilitate the clients business goals and the
optimization of revenue.
The timing of the search coincided with many of the executive's personal and professional desires to build a new
technology infrastructure that would allow for recognition throughout the industry. His current environment could not afford
him this opportunity based on the logjam of senior management he reported into, preventing him from from functioning with
the strategic autonomy he desired and deserved.
The Senior Vice President was successfully attracted and relocated. Filcro Media Staffing with Tony Filson as Officer in
Charge of Search participated in the employment contract phase and the Senior Vice President has proven to be a vital
resource for current and future initiatives.

Mobile Cable TV & MSO Broadcast TV Radio & Music Online Multicast & OEM DOOH

A Filcro Media Staffing media technology executive search review by Tony Filson OIC
for multiplex broadcasting cable television networks and MSO operations

Director Global Distribution
Engineering and New Technology
Global Multiplex Multiplatform Channel Environments

Based New York, NY - USA
The Search Firm Filcro Media Staffing (FMS) with Tony Filson (TF) as officer in charge (OIC) reporting to Technology
Human Resources in New York, NY - USA
The Client Company
Cable broadcasting environment of one of the the Worlds largest media and entertainment
conglomerates with global and domestic terrestrial distribution. This Multiplex is considered the
Worlds eminent technological leader and premium programming provider in the broadcasting
industry with unsurpassed MSO and cross-platform dissemination modality. These 14 networks
(as of search initiation) enjoy international market dominance and are SUB not advertising driven.
This New York City based national executive search was strategic to assure the combined
Networks and MSOs continued global dominance with regard to broadcasting distribution and
advanced operational technology.
Executive Search
Senior Director TV Network Global Distribution
Director Engineering and New Technology (DENT)
Client Situation
The Vice President of Network Technology Distribution (VPNTD) was referred to Filcro Media Staffing from corporate
human resources. The VPNTD had searched for over six months through other executive search firms and was unable to
identify an appropriate Sr. Director. Filcro Media Staffing was called in when the situation became critical for the Network(s)
distribution and MSO properties based on affiliate adaptation deadlines of proprietary broadcast signal assimilation and

With synthesizing technology through the entire global distribution chain form NOC to Affiliate(s) being of timely and
paramount importance based on set-top-box (STB) and new CODEC roll-out, Time Warner required aggressive, creative
and media focused recruitment indicative of Filcro Media Staffings recruiting modality and efficacy.
The skill sets, experience and media technology specific to global broadcast distribution required existed in few
environments and there was virtually no success prior to Filcro Media Staffing being retained. Other search firms from
inside and outside of New York did not produce results. Due to the immediacy and nature of the search Time Warner
requested The Officer in Charge of Search (OIC) at Filcro Media Staffing be Tony Filson (TF).
It was the consensus of FMS-TF that a national search was not required based on Tony Filsons knowledge of technology
succession planning at two ideal environments to draw from that were located in New York City. However, additional
national candidates sourced with proper technology leadership experience were also presented by Filcro Media Staffing to
assure success if the ideals could not be attracted from within New York City based on a perceived compensation issue
that ultimately was moot.
Media Industry and Media Sector Inclusions for Candidate Universe Recruitment
Cable Television Network(s)
Multisystem Operators (MSOs)
The Major Broadcast Television Networks - OTA
Super Stations / Regional Station Groups / National Station Groups
Broadcasting Industry Technology (IT & Engineering) Consulting & Vendors
Filcro Media Staffing is Retained
Filcro Media Staffing Officer in Charge Tony Filson and the FMS Director of Research spent time in person at the clients
New York City Executive Offices with Technology Human Resources. From the onset Filcro Media Staffing was familiar
with the client technology culture and technological infrastructure from a business and IT perspective. Tony Filson created
a engineering topography review to be utilized during identification and recruitment. Human Resources gave detailed
guidance that was formulated in conjunction with the VPNTD to determine the desired experience, soft and hard skills. The
departments culture was equally as important and presented challenges if the autonomy capacity of the new Director was
lacking even if the technological acumen was above the mean. A search document was quickly established and the clients
ideal was apparent to Tony Filson from the onset. Filcro Media Staffings broadcasting focus and experience with similar
TV network technology searches was utilized immediately to set a positive course of action and cadence.
Filcro Media Staffing was provided with an overview of all Network technical (IT) and (BO&E) operational facilities for
terrestrial distribution. Based on the fact that this was a multiplex environment and few other competitors enjoyed their
current technological superiority, a flexible compensation structure was understood that could be market driven to attract
an ideal executive regardless of a competing Networks nomenclature without running into parity issues within the same
department. Filcro Media Staffing evaluated all distribution facilities as they relate(d) to the new DENT and affiliate issues
to include security, budget, current and future CODEC development and vendor considerations for STB, OD, Mobile and
Wireless. The reporting line was not an issue as the position was strategic and required calling upon existing staff,
departments and affiliates to work in synergy with the DENT to implement all New Technology and Change
Management. This technology executive would have unusual autonomy based on their technological acumen and capacity
to implement business initiatives.
This level of strategic autonomy is normally afforded to a VP of Technology within the client's competitors and we were
recruiting and attracting a high-pot Director level executive.
The Network's objectives with regard to domestic and international Cable TV, DBS, HITS, OD, broadband, etc. were timely
and to assure proper deployment and continuity of service we needed to identify an executive who could evaluate new
distribution technologies and make recommendations based on past BO&E experiences. CMS distribution acumen created
challenges as others in the industry were a full generation behind the client company.
The VPNTD was very hands-off during the identification phase and let Filcro Media Staffing function with unusual
autonomy during universe compilation, recruitment, attraction and tiering. Human Resources played a very active role to
facilitate attraction based on the firms recommendations and they ultimately provided the catalysts to bring the search to
Due to the Network(s) being six months behind schedule prior to engaging FMS, the firm gave FMS unusual latitude to
facilitate very aggressive sourcing, identification and recruitment.
Some of the biggest challenges facing the new Technology Director
Strategic implementation on a Network and global affiliate level
Continuity during new distribution technology implementation
New business development with non-technical partners
Representing the Network to the industry from the Networks point of view
Domestic and international PPV / OD and new business development support
Maintain Network technology leadership in the broadcasting industry
Gaining Internal and External consensus with regard to vendors and affiliates
Cross platform multicast for the entire family of muliplex Networks & products
Filcro Media Staffings Solution
Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to Identify best of class technology executives from major
U.S. television networks that shared facilities and resources that contained multiplex
environments for substantial cable TV and OTA Network technology holdings. There was no
doubt that very few technology executives on the Directors level existed in the United States
with the perfect experience or knowledge. An additional technology executive was identified
in Hong Kong as a safety net but the cost of relocation was prohibitive and our ideal was the
New York candidate. The Asia based candidate with equal acumen and experience was
second tiered.
Through the identification, recruitment and screening process the executives sourced were so
specialized and their environments so specific based on technology, that the only logical
criterion for precluding executives had to be based on strategic limitations as opposed to
tactical. What differentiated these strategic executives, and was seen as a solution for the
client, was a perfect hard and soft skill mix that others had overlooked. Access to O&D charting and awareness of
technological capabilities and vendor relationships of the targeted companies was essential here.
The Peter Principle could not come into play for this executive looking at a 5-10 year plan based on technology and
succession planning. There would always be something new to learn and teach others technologically internal and
external to the organization. The ecology of this executive had to match the ecology of the client technology being rolled
out for implementation and the development of new systems in BETA. Noted as one of the most advanced technology
environment in the industry, the new technology executive would have to present as a someone who loved and respected
technology well beyond the norm.
The distribution and IT issues with vendors and affiliates required an executive who could function as a facilitator, advocate
and catalyst for new technology initiatives to drive revenue on the PPV and OD side. The media engineering, soft skills and
new business development implementation required a very well balanced executive who could advocate for the firm to
vendors and the broadcasting community as a whole.
The affiliates were so fragmented from a technological perspective that the new executive had to play a role that allowed
vendors into each affiliate to roll-out new technology that enhanced distribution and new business initiatives by corporate
mandates that could ultimately benefit OD / PPV & proprietary revenue streams that were previously not monetized. The
mix of MSO and Network interests created many experience and skill set variables.
Specific technology and broadcast IT vendors can be very challenging to work with and required was a person who was
current on cutting edge broadcast software and hardware issues who could speak with a vendor, affiliate and the industry
as a whole to leverage the Network(s) in such a way that a new standard could be implemented to cause others to
financially take technology initiatives that would ultimately benefit the Network and the affiliates. This capacity to sell and
evangelize new technology was essential as hundreds of millions of dollars of technology buy-in was hanging in balance.
Effectiveness through transparent persuasion based on technological, budget and media business acumen would be
Successful Director of Distribution and Advanced Technology Recruited
A Director of Distribution Technology from a Major TV Network.
This executive had an intimate knowledge of every technological tactical and strategic aspect of the position. It was
apparent to everyone involved in the search that this was a high potential person who could facilitate the future of Network
Technology for our client. However, the unusual cultural fit was also excellent. He was able to assimilate easily into the
new organization and bring with him numerous global industry contacts and followings that immediately benefited the
Network. His broadcast IT and Engineering acumen were equal to his skills in quickly gaining internal and external
consensus of those he collaborated with. This was a passive candidate, who had to be recruited and attracted by Filcro
Media Staffing and the OIC.
The new broadcasting technology executive having extensive engineering experience was also an accomplished business
executive who would be able to implement the Networks New Business Revenue Streams through successful enhanced
implementation of OD / PPV and proprietary projects that would be facilitated through increased affiliate technology
adaptation and new CODEC development.
His ability to facilitate monetization through technology was proven. He was skilled at selling advanced technology he
conceptualized, built and brought to fruition internal and external to the organization.
This executive was so familiar with the broadcasting community as a whole that he was also a fit to Chair appropriate
groups that would benefit the Networks attempt to set a new standard for distribution technology on a terrestrial level.
This media technology executive's strength was developed from a very hands-on but not micromanagement approach in his
previous environment. His thought provoking demeanor that made others feel at ease as opposed to being under pressure,
was very refreshing. He had an unusual ability to make others feel as if they had found the solution, even if he had to step
in to put out the fire himself. This strong soft skill set in a technology environment facilitates a more collaborative process
when he is involved and everyone seems to be more productive with his positive reinforcement. His technology acumen is
so astute that in his previous environment vendors looked to him for leadership when rolling out new products. His
exceptional soft-skill sets were ideal based on mentoring required across multiple business lines internal and external to
the Networks technology environments. His strength with vendors was essential as he had to evangelize large technology
spends all the way down the affiliate chain.
Mobile Cable TV & MSO Broadcast TV Radio & Music Online Multicast & OEM DOOH
This executive scored very high on Filcro Media Staffings proprietary technology and behavioral profiles. The balance of
hard and soft skills was apparent, and confirmed, in person and on paper.
With this broadcasting technology executive coming out of a major competitor of our client company, Human Resources
was very helpful in attracting their ideal though creative incentives that avoided any parity issues. When a media
technology driven hiring entity has the resources to facilitate a mission statement of global technological superiority and
leadership, Filcro Media Staffing performed with aplomb to meet their critical demands.
The cultural fit of the new executive placed HR at ease when it came time to use the tools they had set aside from the
beginning to attract their ideal. Since this TV executive was identified in the same city, there was no need for relocation.
The executive experienced a smooth transition to the new Network and is performing exceptionally well on all levels. He
has become a vital and respected member of the company and he is looked at as a leader of technology and new business
development in the global broadcasting community. He has also been promoted in advance of the clients initial succession

A Filcro Media Staffing director broadcast engineering executive search for review
Major TV Network
Broadcast Operations and Engineering Technology (BO&E)
Based New York City, NY - USA based
Search Firm Filcro Media Staffing with Tony Filson as OIC
Reporting to Vice President Network Operations Engineering, New York City, NY - USA
A diversified U.S. based global media and entertainment conglomerate with major television network,
sports, cable TV, radio, Motion picture, publishing, outdoor advertising, entertainment and media
holdings. The firm operates media businesses globally and this search was relevant to all domestic and
international distribution of their broadcast signals on multiple media platforms.
Director Distribution
Network Operations and Engineering Technology
Client Situation
The Vice President of Network Operations and Engineering had been searching for a Director with exceptional IT skills for
over six months through other resources and was unable to identify a candidate that met all the technology criterion
required for the Network's future plans for global distribution to stations, affiliates, MSO, SAT and wireless partners.
Mobile Cable TV & MSO Broadcast TV Radio & Music Online Multicast & OEM DOOH

Filcro Media Staffing had conducted previous searches for Manager, Director and VP level technology and engineering staff
in the past and made the Network aware of an opportunity at a competitor that could be to the Network's advantage, while
working on another engineering and information technology search.
Industry and Sector inclusion
Network Television Broadcasting - Engineering and IT
Cable Television Broadcasting - Engineering and IT
MSO Distribution - Engineering and IT
Radio Network Distribution - Engineering and IT
Satellite Network Broadcasting - Engineering and IT
Filcro Media Staffing Recruits
The Filcro Media Staffing Officer in Charge of Search - Tony Filson (TF) identified, recruited and attracted the candidate to
meet the following criterion:
Design, implement, and manage transmission plans for television events worldwide and guide IT projrct
management for implementation.
Supervise the installation of complex systems and software for remote broadcast and telecommunications facilities
Evaluate the most cost effective, reliable, and appropriate method of transmission routes and services operating in
a zero tolerance-for-defects environment.
Hire, train, and manage IT and engineering technical personnel and transmission service providers.
Generate detailed budgets and quotes and approve and monitor spends to ensure financial goals
Execute technology-driven project management responsibilities for implementation and operations guidance
Coordinate the analog to digital and High-Definition conversion of remote satellite backhaul and fiber optic
transmissions; including cost analysis, vendor selection, equipment procurement, and integration.
Manage fiber network connectivity between the Network, studio, and broadcast origination facilities.
Work internal departments on installation, activation and maintenance of new and existing circuits.
Manage Disaster Recovery plan fiber infrastructure.
Manage the annual budget process for the operating, staff travel, IT, expense, and capital budget lines for the
Transmission and Broadcast Operations departments. Track and report variances.
Create, compile, organize, and analyze key technical data and operational trends.
Provide business analysis, reports, and recommendations to improve business and operational efficiency.
Assist with long term strategic planning and new technologies research, traffic and facilities scheduling, vendor
negotiations, and staff training. Maintain long-term contracts database.
Provide information and analysis in response to technical inquiries for the global fleet of satellites.
Some of the challenges facing the new (BO&E) Broadcasting Operations Director

Locating resources internal and external to the organization and getting them to work in a cooperative manner, on
time and on budget
FCC Reporting
Negotiating competitive business terms with IT vendors and clients
Reviewing current operating expense statements, analyzing costs and developing new financial structures for
Maintaining the accuracy of the delivery inventory and resources across multiple media platforms.
Negotiating lease cancellations, subleases and contracts for idle delivery assets to be leveraged toward future
delivery needs.
Change Management
Best Practices
Advanced (IT) technology implementation that integrates all platforms globally
New CODEC adaptation and development across multiple platforms
Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to Identify, recruit and attract a "best in the industry" broadcast
operations and engineering executive who had worked in an advanced technology Network
distribution environment for one of the Network's closest competitors.
Filcro Media Staffing completed the search in 3 weeks.
The executive has made a smooth transition to the CBS Television Network and has proven to be a valuable asset in the
global distribution and advanced technology surrounding the organization's broadcast operations and engineering divisions.

Chief engineer
A Filcro Media Staffing broadcasting chief engineer executive search for review by Tony Filson OIC with Filcro Media
Staffing reporting to the TV Network CEO
Client Company
The Home Shopping Network - HSN, Inc. (Nasdaq: HSNI) is a $3 billion interactive multi-channel
retailer with strong direct-to-consumer expertise and operates two business segments, HSN and
Cornerstone. HSNi offers an innovative, differentiated retail experience on TV, online, via mobile, in
catalogs, and in brick and mortar stores. HSN delivers a curated assortment of exclusive products and
top brand names, and broadcasts live 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 364 days a year, reaching
approximately 96 million homes. is a top 10 most trafficked e-commerce site that creates a
unique experience by leveraging content, community and commerce. In addition, HSN is an industry leader in transactional
innovation, offering services such as HSN Shop by Remote, the only service of its kind in the U.S.; mobile applications,
including HSN apps for iPad, iPhone, Android; and HSN on Demand. Cornerstone is comprised of leading home
and apparel lifestyle brands, including Ballard Designs, Frontgate, and Garnet Hill. Cornerstone operates eight separate e-
commerce sites, distributes more than 300 million catalogs annually, and has 11 retail and outlet stores.

St. Petersburg, FL - USA.
Client Situation
The Network CEO was seeking a honed TV engineering executive to assume the role of Chief Engineer. Based on the
advanced technology build-out, cross-platform dissemination and technological leadership continuity required it was
essential that the Network identify a Chief Engineer capable of formulating, executing and bringing to fruition the Networks
current and future media and broadcasting technology needs.
Industry and Sector inclusion for Universe Compilation
Broadcast Television - Networks, Station Groups & Stations
Cable Television Networks
MSO - Multi-System Operators
Technology and Media Conglomerates
Technology Vendors to the Broadcasting Industry
Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to Identify Chief Engineers, Vice Presidents of Technology and Directors of Broadcast
Engineering and Operations from the surrounding geographics and moving outwards.
Based on Filcro Media Staffings experience with similar broadcast engineering executive searches it was apparent through
O&D charting compiled internally that there was a rich pool of candidates for the firm to review in the Miami, Atlanta,
DC/MD/VA, New York and New J ersey markets enabling identification, recruitment and attraction from the primary East
Coast targets.
With OTA, Satellite, MSO and Online all being of relevance it was essential that cross-platform, multi -cast be part of
this engineering executive's experience.

Many affiliate relationships were contingent upon the Networks NOC implementing new standards for CODEC
development. The varied platforms required different modalities and project management skills with internal clients,
vendors and affiliates would be essential.
As the Network built and implemented this new technology it would require a technology executive who could speak on
behalf of the Network to the broadcasting industry, vendors and attract IT and broadcasting engineering personnel as
needed. Mentoring skills were very important so a proper succession plan could be implemented from the onset of this
technology initiative.
Based of the Network's culture this Chief Engineer would have to exhibit strong soft and hard skills. There was no
technology cocoon and this technology executive would be implementing business goals and monetization through
technology needs that were not being conveyed by technologists.
The ability to report into a technology savvy CEO with media technological vision for monetization on business and creative
levels was extremely important.
Successful Chief Engineer Identified, Recruited, Attracted
A resourceful, innovative professional technologist with over 20 years of Broadcast Engineering and Operations
Management experience within both domestic and international arenas that included 12 years executive level experience at
a multi-billion dollar interactive multi-channel network with 27 owned and operated TV stations. He held P&L responsibilities
with expertise in initiating projects and programs that boost efficiency, productivity, and sales revenue through state-of-the-
art technologies. He was a hands-on Broadcast Engineering Manager with proven skills in analysis, coordination,
conceptualization, negotiation, budgeting, building, and improvement of operations through policies that promote creative
thinking, new avenues of business for the company, superior customer service, and a positive result for the corporate
bottom line.
He managed all technical aspects of a TV station function including engineering, operations, IT, post production,
distribution, recruitment, hiring and training of staff, budgeting, P&L, scheduling work and activities, establishing policies and
procedures, performance evaluation and motivation of employees.
As a sincere technologist he researched the latest technologies and best practices to develop an 18-month proactive plan
to transition a network to High Definition broadcasting across multiple media platforms. He succeeded in a 13-month
completion time and $1M under budget.
Efficiency, productivity and profitability were all synonymous with his name. At one point in his career he lead the design
and rebuilding of over 27 television stations in different markets, within different parts of the country. Identified needed
technologies and successfully created state-of-the-art tech facilities and studios. His work always increased consumer
viewership, product sales and revenue dollars for the company.
This technology executive knew how to monetize technology through sound planning and project management in
collaboration with or directed by business and creative executives who did not speak technology.
He also reduced operating expenses by coordinating the movement of post-production services from outside vendors, in-
house. Managed all aspects of the movement to internal needs achieving annual savings that were equal to the current
technology vendor budget..
His financial reporting skills were strong and allowed for a multitude of budgets to be adjusted and vendor contract to be
renegotiated as substantial saving to the Network.
Leding a legal, technical and facilities negotiation team for acquisition of broadcast carriage in Puerto Rico, Mexico and
Germany. He Successfully launched Hispanic and European Cable Networks.

The Chief Engineer was successfully attracted and relocated to St. Petersburg, FL.
He has exhibited the technological and business leadership skills desired by the CEO and created a technology
environment that is highly respected by the media and broadcasting communities.
It was a pleasure reporting to the Network CEO who was so instrumental in continuing to lead one of the World's most
recognized brands in broadcasting and merchandising.

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