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Hame 3G Wi-Fi Modem Review, Manual

Settings for Non Chinese Users

The Hame 3G Wi-Fi Router is the next best thing to happen to my traveling
escapades after purchasing my current Samsung Galaxy Note.
I love this pretty affordable device that has been a very big asset to me. To some,
the name Hame as a brand could be so strange to them, well that was how it was
with me at first.
The Review
Hame 3G Wi-Fi Router is a 3G Wireless Modem from a top Chinese
Company,Hame Technologies.
Since the production in early 2012, there has been series of models, the most
popular one being HAME MPR-A1.
The HAME MPR-A1 3G Wi-Fi Modem is 100% compatible with 3G, HSPA+,
HSPA, CDMA 1X EVDO USB Modem, iPhone and android.
It is also compatible with all latest versions of Microsoft windows starting from
Windows 2000, It can also run on Linux operating system.
The HM-A1 Wireless Router also has a built-in battery of 1800 mAh capacity
which provides a continuous operating time of 3 to 6 hours.
You can charge the battery using a mini USB port or through a power adapter. It
can also be used effectively as a power bank for charging mobile phones including
; iPhone, android and most Chinese phones.
Another awesome feature of this device is the ability to connect an iPhone to it for
sharing your internet connection without having a 3G USB modem.
Features of HAME MPR-A1 3G Wi-Fi Router
The Hame MPR-A1 3G Wireless Modem can work as Mobile power bank for
charging iPhone, android phones, tabs, iPad and other smart phones.
It comes with a built-in Ethernet port, which allows it to convert cable broadband to
Wi-Fi. You can also use it to extend other Wi-Fi network instead of purchasing a
different access point.
It is fully compatible with more than 420 kinds of 3G USB modems
including Huawei, ZTE, Alcatel, Vodafone, D-Link, TCT, Epivalley and many
other brands .
It also Supports the sharing of data plan via iPhone.
Features in Bullets
Mobile Power Bank
With a Built-in 1800mAh Li-polymer battery the Hame MPR-A1 3G Wireless
Router supports the charging of iPhone battery, Powers 3G hotspot for hours
without direct power or USB connection.
You can easily find out how much battery power is left by pressing the battery
indicator button.
Mini AP, ADSL/DHCP Access Automatic Recognition
The Hame MPR-A1 3G Wireless Modem comes also with a Built-in Ethernet port
that makes it very easy to convert LAN to WiFi.
It also lets more people surf the internet under the WiFi coverage area by serving as
an access point used for extending WiFi connections.
3G Router, WiFi sharing
We have already outlined several 3G modem thats fully compatible with Hame
MPR-A1 3G Wireless Router.
It makes the making of WiFi connection seems so easy.
Need more features?
The video below will guide you in English Language and you can also ask us any
question using the comment section.

Guide and Manual Setup Instruction For Non-Chinese
When I first purchased the Hame MPR-A1 3G Wireless Router, I was shocked to
see only Chinese manual with no single English references in it.
I visited their website and found that one even harder than the guesswork I was
doing all night trying to figure out a way to manually add my local APN settings to
This tips should guide you on basic settings needed to get all your Hame 3G Wi-Fi
Modems working properly as a non-Chinese customer.
At the end of this section, you should be able to;
Change the admin dashboard language from Chinese to English
Change both your admin and Wi-Fi Password
Create a unique name (SSID) for your Wi-Fi
Change your APN and Mobile Network related options
Setup Firewall and other dashboard related stuff
How to Change from Chinese to English Language
Maybe Hame didnt expect their product to go as for as Africa, Europe and
America without remembering theres eBay, aliexpress and Dhgate.
Any way, thats left for them to worry about. Now to Configure your Hame 3G
Wireless Router to use English instead of Chinese when using the admin
dashboard. Kindly follow the steps below;
1. Turn on the Router by pressing the power-on button by the side
2. Open your favorite web browser and enter
3. Use hame or admin as the password depending on your device (mine was
4. If requesting for both username & password, combine both either ways
(hame/hame or admin/admin)
Now to change Your admin and Wi-Fi Password
Continue from the dashboard by hovering over admin select management and
change the settings under Administrator Settings to your own preferred variable.
(default is hame/hame or admin/admin)
Changing Default Wi-Fi Password
This is very much like that of the admin details ==> Just hover over Wireless
from the main menu and select WIFI Settings ==> Change Network Name
(SSID) and Pass Phrase from there. Remember to select a security mode or leave it
at the default option.

Creating a Manual APN Settings to Match your Mobile Internet Service
Everything about Hame 3G Wi-Fi Router is automated from setup to connecting to
the internet, but most mobile telecoms operators do not support automatic profiles
and as such will need a manual APN configuration.
Hover over internet from the main menu and select WAN Network
Choose 3G as type and Check the Manual APN box
Enter your Access Point Network details as required and hit apply button
to save

APN Settings for all Network Providers in Nigeria
If you are using this modem in Nigeria or using any of the Nigeria telecoms service
provider, here is the various APN settings that should work for you.
Glo Nigeria
APN = gloflat
Dial Up Number = *99#
Username = flat
Password = flat
MTN Nigeria
Dial Up Number = *99#
Username = web
Password = web
Etisalat Nigeria
APN = etisalat
Dial Up Number = *99#
Username = blank
Password = blank
Airtel Nigeria
Dial Up Number = *99#
Username = internet
Password = internet
If you are outside Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Germany, France, Mexico
and Jamaica, you can visit here for a more comprehensive list of APN settings or
get them from your network providers over the phone or from their various
Other advance features thats available in the Hame 3G Wi-Fi Modem admin
interface can be tweaked following the above examples.
I have also uploaded the Hame 3G Wi-Fi Modem English Manual here for
Drop your challenges below, if theres any.
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I have disabled the wifi button off in wireless section to connect back how to
open the setup page. im unable to find the fix please advice
o Obasi Miracle
Opening the setup page is quite easy..
Type in your address bar and log in to access the
setup options let me know if there are other issues ASAP
Hi I am trying to access the address as specified but the wifi is
off in settings page from then im unable to communicate with
hame router. Obasi Miracle
Is your Hame device turned on? is your pc wi-fi driver
properly installed? if both is positive a pc restart may be
necessary. let me know if you need other
troubleshooting options
Thank you Miracle,
I know and sorry, may be you are not the person I
should ask technical things. I Really appreciate
your prompt response to my comments and
helping me.
Also guessing you might have faced issue what
Im getting.
I Google and found to reset the device. I did about
8 times then it got restored and able to reset WiFi
But having the same issue HAME router is not
accepting more then 1 device the reason why i
turned WiFi button off.
Is there any why to make HAME to accept more
then one device to connect. I have two android
and one Symbian mobile and PC.
I am successfully able to connect to PC and one
android (2.3.5) mobile, another android(2.3.5) and
Symbian devices are not able to find WiFi, if
found not been connecting.
Sorry for a long story. if interest please respond or
delete the comment u have rights to do..
cheers.. Obasi Miracle
Hi Vinod,
I understand how frustrated you are with
my not providing a satisfactory answer in
my previous reply to your challenges..
Trust me, I didnt mean to do so and that
doesnt mean Im new to tech gadgets and
how to troubleshoot them ..
Your question
Hi I am trying to access the address
as specified but the wifi is off in
settings page from then im unable
to communicate with hame router.
suggested your pc isnt able to
communicate with your 3g router, that was
what actually prompted me to advice you
check your driver and other wireless related
Concerning your new challenge; I will
advice you log on
to from your favorite
browser and ==> change the SSID and
security mode ==> toggling from
dynamic frequency to a specific (static)
one can also aid your troubleshooting.
One you switch to something new, save
and check if that works in positive
Normally, up to 20 devices can connect and
use your 3g router simultaneously ..
I havent personally faced this problem
myself, hence, my reason for providing
only tips and idea ..
1. Can you provide further details like what
error message you normally get when
trying to add a new device?
2. Have you tried using the WPA-open (
Wi-Fi Adhoc, open) without success?
My first question to you was the After
turning off the Hame router WiFi in
settings page. But that doesnt addressed
the issue so i found a reset option which
resolves the issue but except other mobile
device I am able to connect hame router to
another rmobile and PC.
I will try u solution..
Liveen Simons
Have you tried contacting their support
@ or any of their
retail store?
Yes, I did found at Hame site FAQ section
to reset device to restore the WiFi settings.
The retail store where i brought no one get
faced to it nor they know how to resolve.
hello there
I stupidly did the same thing and clicked
wifi off
How did you reset to restore wifi settings
I am not able to connect the HAME router
to PC/mobile.. its not transmitting the wifi
signal. the blue indicator bulb is dim (not
bright). please help me Obasi Miracle
have you tried resetting the device?
Yes , I have reset it , still its not
transmitting the wifi signal. my
laptop/mobile is not detecting the signal(i
have checked mobile/laptop wifi setting).
the blue light is blowing in dim (low
brightness) .
Repeat the reset untill see the red blink
goes and blue blink starts and do make the
device full charge dont leave it connected
to charge even its full charged.
any idea? Obasi Miracle
locate the tiny hole and gently insert a pin
to reset
Hi, I did reset no of times then it got reset
and get proper working now. from few
days the device is getting reset by itself. I
dont know what is the reason.
Hi did u managed to get ur wifi issue
resolved & if yes how
Hi Vikas, I did reset with papaer pin hold
for 10 seconds untill the red indicator start
blink remove the pin and see the blue blink
indication continuously then connect with
ip and do settings of your data card.
Mine is Reliance data card #777, user
namme and Pwd data card number and
works great.
In WiFi settings WPA section TKIP/AES
for non-android or other devices to connect
Now it rocks.. no issues till now
I am not able to connect MPR-A1 3G Wi-Fi Router after setting up the
password. I am getting error : Authentication error occurred in my
mobile/Laptop while connecting. I need help to reset the router to factory
settings or if I can get over this error. Thank you so much in advance.
o Obasi Miracle
Hi Peeyush,
resetting your modem is quite easy, all you need do is ==> locate the
tiny hole by the side or back of your 3g modem.
Gently insert a needle or pin inside to reset to factory default, let me
know if you still need help with this
wdin mas
Dear All, Im facing problem to login for the setting. Can anyone help me to
setting this device
wdin mas
Hai, Im facing problem to login for setting. Is there anyone can help me, I
have tried to login for this 2 days but still cant login
o Obasi Miracle
What message do you get on
visiting ?
wdin mas
still cannot login.whyoops google chrome could not
connect to Obasi Miracle
Try firefox or reset your modem using the small hole at
the bottom or side
What firmware are you running?
Hi, my device unable to establish a connection with my dongle. hope you are
able to advice thanks.
o Obasi Miracle
What message do you get and have you tried resetting the device?
btw have you connected this device successfully prior to this time?
Thanks for sharing valuable inputs .
I have Hame MPR A1 which was working well with Tata Indicom CdMA 3g
stick but could not work with Vodafone ZTE stick. On check found that the
perticular ZTE model is supported by Mpr.
Please tell me how to resolve the issue.
Please mail ur recommendations at
Waiting. For reply .
o Obasi Miracle
What message do you get when connected with the Vodafone ZTE
Unable to access the IP address provided, the error message is Internet
Explorer cannot display page. I tried connecting to LAN cable and I had it
reset using a paper pin for the no. of times but still no internet connection.
o Obasi Miracle
Its yours a wi-fi modem?
and have you tried connecting via the wi-fi adapter on your pc using
the troubleshooting option that came with Window to find out what
the issue might be?
Let me hear your feedback concerning this two.
Its Hame MPR A1 trying to connect it via LAN in my office
that has internet connection but using as a WIFI in my iphone i
cannot connect with the internet. I tried resetting it for a couple
of times but still unable to access the internet. So i tried to
trouble shoot it using the installation guide using the step 3 in
the Computer settings which is to paste the IP address but i cannot access this
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