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This 62-page book was written with an aim of providing researchers in molecular biology, whether at their beginner or expert stage, with a handy reference for challenging the problems associated with PCR setup and optimization. Since it is a laboratory guide, the emphasis was done on the technical aspects of employing PCR as a tool in molecular biology laboratories. In the Background chapter, we shortly talk about the history of PCR and the basic science underlying it. The Procedure chapter describes what PCR is on the bench level starting with detailed description and tips on primer design and continuing with what are the standard protocols used to perform PCR nowadays. Various types of modifications of the standard protocols are described the Troubleshooting chapter. The pride of this book are the unique Good Practices and Tips chapters that are indispensible for a beginner and are something an expert would like to have a look at. The Special Cases chapter is describing several extraordinary applications of PCR and their optimization and troubleshooting. One of your favourite parts of this book will be the extensive Appencices, which are listing several useful tables, figures and key protocols. Our customers thank us for such a useful publication and ask for similar guides for other techniques such as RNAi and Westen Blotting, which are on their way...

1. Preface 2. Chapter 1: Introduction a. A Bit of History b. What is PCR? 3. Chapter 2: Procedure a. Primer Design b. Standard PCR setup c. Controls d. Cycling Parameters 4. Chapter 3: Good PCR Practices 5. Chapter 4: Troubleshooting 6. Chapter 5: Tips 7. Chapter 6: Special Cases a. Long-PCR b. RAPD-PCR c. Multiplex PCR 8. Appendix A: Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Protocol 9. Appendix B: Silver Staining of DNA Gels 10. Appendix C: Plasmid Miniprep Protocol 11. Appendix D: Restriction Enzyme Digestion Protocol 12. Appendix E: Protocol for DNA Concentration Estimation by using Hoechst 33258 13. Appendix F: Formulas 14. Appendix G: Primers for Common Promoters, Housekeeping Genes, Reporters, etc. 15. Appendix H: Tags 16. Appendix I: Thermostable DNA polymerases 17. Appendix J: Example of a Daily PCR Log 18. Appendix K: Common Buffers and Solutions 19. Useful websites 20. Figure Table of Contents 21. Glossary 22. Index 23. Acknowledgements.

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PCR Guru - PCR Troubleshooting, Optimization, Tips, Tricks, Good Pra...



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PCR Guru - PCR Troubleshooting, Optimization, Tips, Tricks, Good Pra...
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