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Executive Summary

RZT - Root Zone Temperature optimization

IBC Irrigation by Condensation systems and methods
Sustainable, natural and efficient agricultural systems/products to increase
agricultural yield coupled with substantial water and energy saving

Strong global trends are creating extraordinary new opportunities in the areas of
agriculture, water and food production. These trends include the rise of a vast middle
class in emerging regions and dramatic increase in food demand. These in turn,
increase food prices, strain food supply chains and add additional strain on water and
energy resources. Unexpected, but significant, local climate changes expose
agricultural crops to either extreme cold or heat stress that diminish agricultural
production and yield, adding instability for the farmers income. Modern solutions to
enhance water supplies and add stability to crop production through climate control
(such as sea water desalination, or climate control with air heating/cooling in green
houses with fossil fuels), exerts additional energy requirements and hence - additional
pollution load on our globe.

Our company developed and patented a variety of simple, reliable, low cost and
environmentally friendly solutions to increase agricultural crop production coupled with
substantial water and energy conservation.

We have already demonstrated in field tests (conducted in collaboration with Netafim

– an Israeli company, worldwide leader of drip irrigation) a substantial agricultural yield
increase using our Root Zone Temperature optimization product. Our field tests
• A temperature difference of 10Co + between experimental and control root zone
temperatures during the winter and summer,
• Significant reduction of extreme heat loads on plants during the summer
resulting in the maintenance of high levels of moisture at root zone level, water
saving and greater yield,
• Reduction of damages to crops during cold winters, substantial increase in
yield, improved product quality and shorter growth cycle.

The RZT is a low energy consumption technology based on a closed cycle, one time,
and low cost installation. Field tests on 6 different crops, when compared with control,
yielded a dramatic increase between 20% - 240% in production (Melons, Papers,
Strawberries, Cucumbers, Lettuce, and Beans), early maturity, better crop quality,
water savings during the summer and greenhouse heating energy savings during the
winter. Therefore, a high ROI is ensured to the farmer.

Our second, "ground breaking" product, a patented Irrigation by Condensation

technology, is a closed cycle, solar (or any other energy) operated irrigation system that
irrigates by condensing water from moisture contained in the soil and in the air on pipes
with cold water. Our Irrigation by Condensation Solar technology was chosen by
NASA Tech Brief's Magazine as the technology of the Month of September, 2008.
The IBC technology will enable farmers to:
• Produce agriculture crops (also in remote locations), characterized by long
rainless summers, high relative humidity and ambient temperature,
• Multiply X2 or 3 the total yield,
• Work off existing water and energy grids, or in parallel to existing irrigation.
This system needs additional technical validation before launching sales.

The RZT coupled with the IBC are cutting edge agricultural technologies that will enable
farmers to increase income, reduce environmental uncertainties relating to climate
control, produce more crops and make more money.

Our technologies have been granted 2 USA parent patents. PCT of one or two of the
technologies was approved in Australia, Canada, South Africa, China, India, EU,
Mexico, Argentine and pending in Israel. Validation process in the EU includes major
food producing countries is in process.

Following 4 years of successful field tests, mostly financed by the inventor, we are
seeking collaboration in various parts of the world to commercialize our products and
finalize the R&D. We are also looking for additional investment in these promising Clean
Tech and agro-technology products.

The company is owned by Boaz Wachtel, MA (marketing and management), Inventor,

entrepreneur and a marketing expert and Sharon Devir, Ph.D. (Agricultural Engineering), an
entrepreneur and the former CEO from inception of the technological incubator NGT in

For additional details please contact Sharon Devir Ph.D. CEO at, +972
522 825482.