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250 Financial Planning Handbook PDP

Personal Details
Annexure 2:
Carry out this exercise for yourself & a college of your practice
251 Financial Planning Handbook PDP
Financial Concerns
How concerned are you about the following?
A high number indicates greater concern.
1) Not concerned 2) Slightly concerned 3) Concerned 4) Very concerned 5) Extremely concerned
How concerned are you about having your portfolio keep pace with inflation?
Tax Efficiency
To what extent are you concerned about getting tax relief that is legal, logical and suitable?
To what extent are you concerned about capital stability of your investments?
How concerned are you that cash be made available to meet emergencies or investment opportunities?
Current Income
How concerned are you about generating maximum income from your portfolio?
Ease of
To what extent are you concerned about your investment portfolio being easily managed?
To what extent are you concerned about maximizing the value of your estate?
Other Information
Have you before invested in shares? Y N
Will you worry if some of your investments go down in the short term but have the potential for long-term
growth? Y N
Regarding your income needs, do you wish to:
n Live off income, preserve capital
n Live off income & capital, no need to preserve assets for estate
n Live off income & capital, but like to have some assets left to estate
Other financial investments
(include such things as bank a/c, fixed interest/term deposits, debentures, equity, mutual funds or real
252 Financial Planning Handbook PDP
Indicate how well the following statements reflect your attitudes or beliefs using a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being
most true and 5 being least true).
Are you satisfied with the investment
If so, why? If not, why not?
What is most important to you in investing your money
(return/safety of principal/diversification etc.)?
Are there any investments that you would like to
rule out for yourself?
Are there any investments that you would prefer over others?
What is your attitude towards investment risk?
How have you chosen the investments in your portfolio?
: I would rather work longer than reduce my standard of living in retirement.
: I feel that I/We can reduce our current living expenses to save more for the future if needed.
: I am more concerned about protecting my assets than about growth.
: I am comfortable with the investments that promise slow, long term appreciation.
: I dont brood over bad investment decisions that I have made.
: I feel comfortable with aggressive growth investments.
: I dont like surprise.
: I am optimistic about my financial future.
: My immediate concern is for income rather than growth opportunities.
: I am a risk taker.
: I make investment decisions comfortably and quickly.
: I like predictability and routine in my life.
: I usually pick the tried and true, slow and safe, but sure investments.
: I need to focus my investment efforts on building cash reserves.
: I prefer predictable steady return on my investments, even if the return is low.
253 Financial Planning Handbook PDP
Investor Profile
In conjunction with your advisor select the appropriate investor profile below that suits your requirements:
254 Financial Planning Handbook PDP
Investment Needs and Objectives
Rarely will two people have identicale needs and objectives. The following are mentioned only as a guide,
as there may be other areas that have been discussed during the course of collecting this data. Please
mark those which are appropriate to your goals.
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260 Financial Planning Handbook PDP
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268 Financial Planning Handbook PDP
List and rank your five most important goals in order of importance.
1. ______________________________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________________________
3. ______________________________________________________________
4. ______________________________________________________________
5. ______________________________________________________________
What are the main problems with which you want this process to assist you?
1. ______________________________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________________________
3. ______________________________________________________________
4. ______________________________________________________________
5. ______________________________________________________________
List and rank your five most important personal goals in order of importance.
1. ______________________________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________________________
3. ______________________________________________________________
4. ______________________________________________________________
5. __________________________________________________________
269 Financial Planning Handbook PDP
1 stands for totally dissatisfied. Whereas, 5 stands for fully/very satisfied