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... through Bertha Dudde

Grasping and discarding thoughts
according to Gods will ....
Fear of death ....
All thoughts flowing to ou are grasped ! our will. The true,
God-devoted will always eliminates that which is not
intended to be written down.
Therefore, you will only receive such proclamations which
utterly comply with Gods will, et partl onl intended for
ou and partl gi"en as a pure doctrine to hu#anit.
$he #ore diligentl and de"otedl ou carr out our wor%&
which is intended to !e a !lessing for the hu#an race& the #ore
worth will ou !eco#e of the grace to recei"e Gods Word. For
e"er happening has a wise #eaning with God .... 'e is
incessantl at wor% to open those earthl childrens ees who are
still !lind& for the (ords lo"e for 'is li"ing creations is infinite.
Anone who entrusts hi#self to this lo"e is constantl protected
! 'i# and carefull loo%ed after.
(ife offers the earthl children #ost di"erse changes& !ut the
onl contri!ute towards not forgetting their )reator. $he would
li%e to spend their das on earth without worr and not needing
to fear an end for their !od .... And thus the onl e"er stri"e
for #aterial goods and gladl push an thoughts of death far into
the !ac%ground.
*"en so& the for#er is detri#ental for the soul+ death& howe"er&
!eco#es a thought of fear or unease as the grow older ....
And this is not in line with di"ine order. Anone who !ears his
soul in #ind on earth will not !e frightened ! death& for he will
onl loo% at it as a li!eration of his soul and an entr into
e"erlasting peace.
$he )reator is si#pl and solel concerned with #a%ing the
earthl child understand that the earthl acti"it is onl the
s#allest part of preser"ing the di"ine creation and that the wor%
of i#pro"ing the soul is a persons #ost i#portant tas% on earth.
*"erthing which helps to #aintain the !od and a good li"ing
standard will sooner or later fall pre to transience& et what a
person does for the sal"ation of his soul is e"erlasting& ,ust as the
soul itself is e"erlasting.
$he soul can ne"er cease to e-ist+ howe"er& it is of para#ount
significance in which condition& that is& in which state of light& it
will enter the !eond& !ecause the respecti"e state of light is the
decisi"e factor as to whether the soul will suffer or en,o
hea"enl !liss.
.t is incredi!l painful for the soul to desire the light and ha"ing
to do without it due to its own fault. And then again& it will #a%e
the soul e-tre#el happ if it is allowed to enter the regions of
light and there! ta%e part in the hea"enl Fathers nearness ....
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