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We welcome you to [your] journey through the Arcturian !orridor. Since you re-
entered our orridor! we h"ve #een educ"ting you "#out the many inter-dimensional
portals "ound on the body o" #aia$ We wish now to educ"te you "#out the inter-
dimension"l %ort"l in your own %hysic"l #ody! your %ine"l gl"nd$ &n %re%"r"tion 'or the
"ctiv"tion o' your (erson"l (ort"l! we wish to e)%"nd " #it more "#out the m"ny
vorte)es th"t "re o%ening in your re"lity$
*ec"use o' the %rogressive "ltering o' the third dimension"l l"ws o' s%"ce "nd time!
more vorte)es "re #ecoming visi#le! #ut usu"lly only in the corner o' your eye$ +ntil you
c"n ,#elieve, these visions! they will dis"%%e"r when you loo- "t them str"ight on$
.us%iciously! there "re m"ny events th"t will soon #e occurring which will stretch your
"#ility to #elieve in the ,im%ossi#le$, For e)"m%le! your /"l"ctic F"mily is communing
with more "nd more o' its ground crew in hum"n 'orm! "s well "s m"-ing their %resence
more visi#le in your d"ily li'e$
Furthermore! "s more o' you "w"-en! you will discover the truth o' the m"ny %"tents 'or
technology th"t h"ve #een su%%ressed$ 0nce this technology #ecomes "v"il"#le! it will
ch"nge your world$ 1hese %"tents include 'ree energy! "nti-gr"vity "utomo#iles! the use
o' -nown miner"ls th"t "#sor# to)ic su#st"nces! the cre"tion o' inter-dimension"l
%ort"ls "nd much more$ 1hose who 'unction 'rom ,Service to S23F, h"ve too long
governed your world$ .s more citi4ens o' 2"rth commune with their 5ultidimension"l
S23F! other "w"-ened ones! /"i" "nd their /"l"ctic F"mily! they will reg"in the %ower
"nd cour"ge to con'ront the lies th"t h"ve ruled them$
1here "re two %"rts o' " vorte)$ 0ne %"rt is the unseen source th"t gener"tes the
vorte)$ 1he other %"rt is the outer "%%e"r"nce o' the s%ir"lling "rms o' energy th"t
e)tend out 'rom th"t source$ 1hese swirling "rms! much li-e those o' our g"l")y! m"-e
the vorte) %erceiv"#le$ . vorte) in the 9orthern :emis%here will rot"te in " cloc-wise
'"shion! where"s " vorte) in the Southern :emis%here will rot"te in " counter-cloc-wise

. vorte) is "lso -nown "s " wormhole! %ort"l! corridor "nd;or st"rg"te$ . wormhole is "
hy%othetic"l tunnel connecting two di''erent %oints in time s%"ce! which "llows you to
tr"vel through the wormhole 'ree o' the third dimension"l limit"tions o' time$
(ort"ls "re vorte)es th"t e)ist in ,%l"ces, where the tr"nsmut"tion into the 'ourth
dimension h"s #een com%leted$ /"i" reson"tes to the 'ourth "nd 'i'th dimensions in
di''ering "re"s o' :er %l"net! "t di''ering times$ 1he times "nd %l"ces ch"nge "ccording
to the #elie's "nd e)%ect"tions o' the *eings in the "re"! "long with stell"r in'luences$
ert"in (ort"ls "re only o%en during cert"in lun"r "nd stell"r "lignments! where"s others
"re o%ened solely #y the e)%ect"tions o' the *eings in close %ro)imity to th"t ,%ossi#le
We use the term ,*eing, 'or there "re m"ny li'e 'orms o' gre"t %ower th"t visit "nd live
on your 2"rth th"t c"n only #e %erceived #y your e)%"nded %erce%tions$ 5"ny o' you
"re #eginning to %erceive these *eings now$ 1hrough the corner o' your eye or in "
sound so su#tle th"t you m"y #elieve your thought it inste"d o' he"rd it! you c"n
%erceive these inter-dimension"l *eings$
*ec"use these *eings "re 'ully connected with their 5ultidimension"l S23F! they "re not
limited to c"rs! %l"nes! tr"ins or "ny vehicle th"t moves se<uenti"lly "cross s%"ce in
order to re"ch its destin"tion #y " cert"in time$ &nste"d! they c"n e"sily %erceive
(ort"ls! just "s m"ny o' you "re #eginning to! "nd c"n o%en them with their e)%ect"tion$
:owever! "s we st"ted! some (ort"ls will o%en only when there is " celesti"l in'luence$
1hese (ort"ls "re usu"lly inter-%l"net"ry "nd inter-g"l"ctic$ 1he intr"-%l"net"ry "nd
inter-dimension"l (ort"ls "re ty%ic"lly inde%endent o' celesti"l in'luence "nd o%en with
the e)%ect"tion o' the *eing whose consciousness reson"tes to " high enough 're<uency
to recogni4e "nd o%en the (ort"l$
(071.3S .9= 09S&0+S92SS
*"sic"lly! i' your consciousness is high enough to %erceive the (ort"l! you c"n o%en it$
We s"y ,%erceive!, "s it is not just your vision th"t determines the loc"tion o' " (ort"l$
1o %erceive (ort"ls! you m"y 'eel them! he"r them! -now they "re there or see them
with your e)%"nded %erce%tions$ .t 'irst! you will only %erceive them with your
im"gin"tion! "s you m"y h"ve to rele"se old %rogr"ms o' third dimension"l thought
#e'ore you c"n "llow yoursel' to 'ully identi'y them$
("rt o' the re"son why tr"ns%ort"tion on your %l"net h"s #ecome so %ro#lem"tic is
#ec"use it 'orces your ment"l %rogr"mming to "llow the conce%t o' the e"se o' entering
" (ort"l$ &' you thin- something is ,%ossi#le,! you c"n c"li#r"te your consciousness to
the 're<uency o' re"lity in which it n"tur"lly occurs$ 0n the other h"nd! i' you thin-
something is im%ossi#le! it is$ &t would #e wonder'ul i' you could e"sily m"-e the shi't in
thin-ing to ,%ossi#le,! #ut while you "re still holding " third dimension"l #r"in! some
conce%ts must #e gr"du"lly "cce%ted$
Fortun"tely! you "re "ll downlo"ding your 5ultidimension"l 0%er"ting System$ :owever!
the ollective onsciousness is still using the 1hird =imension"l 0%er"ting System$
Since you "re "ll 092! the 'orce o' the collective #elie's is still restr"ining those who
h"ve 'ully integr"ted the 5ultidimension"l System$ >ou! de"r ones! "re the %ioneers who
"re sh"-ing o'' the in'luence o' those who still #elieve in! "nd live! the old %"r"digm$
1here "re "lso %l"ces on the l"nd! which "re tem%or"ry (ort"ls! such "s our cro% circles$
1hese (ort"ls "re inter-dimension"l$ :owever! i' " *eing! such "s " *eing 'rom "nother
%l"net "nd;or g"l")y! is not #ound #y 2"rth?s collective consciousness it c"n use our
tem%or"ry cro% circles "s "n inter-dimension"l (ort"l$ *eings who @90W they c"n use
our cro% circles 'or th"t %ur%ose c"n o%en "n inter-dimension"l (ort"l through which
they c"n tele%ort themselves to their St"r Shi% or :omeworld with the %ower o' their
e)%"nded thoughts! 'eelings! #elie's "nd e)%ect"tions$ 1hey c"n "lso tr"ns%ort to St"r
Shi%s other th"n their own! "s we in the Feder"tion coo%er"te "nd "ssist e"ch other in
every w"y$ We "lso "ssist "nd coo%er"te with our m"ny grounded ones$ Some o' our
grounded ones "re visiting your %l"net! "nd others h"ve #een ,#orn, into "n e"rth
For more in'orm"tion on cro% circle %ort"ls! clic- the lin- #elow to listen to "n e%isode o'
the .rcturi"n .scension (rocess$ 1he show 'e"tures "n interview with A"c<ui "llis "nd "
guided medit"tion through " cro% circle %ort"l$

077&=07S .9= S1.7/.12S
We will s%e"- now o' orridors! such "s our own$ . orridor is " (ort"l th"t is not
connected to " l"nded "re"$ &t is " (ort"l in outer s%"ce$ 1here "re other inter-
dimension"l (ort"ls; orridors such "s our own! #ut we "re in your "re" #ec"use your
%l"net is on the verge o' "scension into " higher dimension"l e)%ression o' itsel'$ We c"n
move our orridor! 'or our reson"nce is #eyond the limit"tions o' time "nd s%"ce$
1here'ore! we c"n h"ve "s m"ny orridors in "s m"ny ,%l"ces, "s "re re<uired$
:owever! #ec"use we reson"te to the 092! we %erceive th"t we h"ve 092 orridor with
o%enings to m"ny di''ering re"lities$
We underst"nd th"t m"ny o' our mess"ges "re not e"sy 'or you to underst"nd$ 0n the
other h"nd! the %rim"ry re"son why you c"nnot underst"nd our me"ning is #ec"use
they "re new conce%ts$ When " new conce%t enters your cognition! it is not lin-ed into
your cognitive 'orm"t$ 1here'ore! it is di''icult to underst"nd or seems im%ossi#le$
:owever! i' you re%e"tedly "cce%t this cognition into your "w"reness! you will gr"du"lly
lin- it into your o%er"ting system$ .s more "nd more o' you "ctiv"te your
5ultidimension"l 0%er"ting System! the ollective #elie' in ,im%ossi#ility, will #e
overwritten #y the @nowing o' your Soul$
St"rg"tes "re g"tew"ys 'or inter %l"net"ry "nd inter g"l"ctic tr"vel$ . St"rg"te is circul"r
o#jects constructed o' the elements o' the world on which it is %l"ced$ 1hese St"rg"tes
"re constructed #y technology "nd "re not n"tur"lly occurring "s the "#ove vorte)es
"re$ 1here were m"ny St"rg"tes constructed on your %l"net th"t connect you to m"ny
other worlds! most o' which "re o' " simil"r reson"nce to your e"rth vessel$
St"rg"tes "re #"sed on the '"ct th"t s%"ce "nd time "re illusions o' the third dimension
"nd %rim"rily o%er"te #y con'using the consciousness o' the ones entering the st"rg"te
to #elieve th"t they tr"velled '"r through s%"ce$ &n re"lity! they tr"velled through the
90W o' the 092 to enter one o' the myri"d %"r"llel worlds th"t reson"te to e"ch
're<uency #"nd o' re"lity$ &' the tr"veller is not conscious o' multidimension"l n"ture!
their e"rth vessel c"n #e gre"tly con'used "nd h"rmed #y the misuse o' " St"rg"te$
1hose in le"dershi% o' your world discovered these St"rg"tes long "go$ +n'ortun"tely!
they used the St"rg"tes! "nd other simil"r devices th"t come in v"rying sh"%es "nd
si4es! with neg"tive "nd sel'ish intention$ 1here'ore! they c"used d"m"ge to the
hologr"%hic m"tri) o' your third dimension"l re"lity! which could #e dis"strous i' their
m"l-intended use continued$ Fortun"tely! most o' these St"rg"tes h"ve #een
dis"ssem#led$ &t is #est to tr"vel inter-dimension"lly vi" the multidimension"l
consciousness o' your Soul;S23F$ 1he third dimension"l ego;sel' is '"r too %rone to see-
%ower-over others$ Since "ll energy tr"vels in circles! th"t neg"tive intention will return
to the loc"tion o' the sender! "nd they will receive th"t which w"s sent$

0(29&9/ >0+7 1:&7= 2>2
.ll o' you h"ve " (erson (ort"l! which is your %ine"l gl"nd$ >our %ine"l gl"nd! crown
ch"-r"! is in the centre o' your #r"in! #ehind the %ituit"ry gl"nd o' your #row ch"-r"$
When your @und"lini Force h"s risen 'rom your 'irst ch"-r" "t the #"se o' your s%ine into
your si)th ch"r-" "t your #row! you "re "#le to o%en your 1hird 2ye$ 1his o%ening
occurs #y com#ining the %hysic"l energies o' your 'irst through si)th ch"-r"s with the
multidimension"l energy entering the %ine"l gl"nd o' the crown ch"-r"$ When your 1hird
2ye is o%ened! your (ine"l (ort"l #egins its slow or swi't return to 'ull "ctiv"tion$
1o 'ully underst"nd the %rocess o' o%ening the 1hird 2ye! %le"se clic-:
@und"lini "nd the =ivine 5other
1he Si)th h"-r" "nd 0%ening the 1hird 2ye
1he 1em%le o' your 1hird 2ye
>ou h"ve "ll t"-en myri"d inter-dimension"l journeys through out your li'e! es%eci"lly
when you were " child$ :owever! you h"ve 'orgotten most o' them #ec"use you could
not incor%or"te these e)%eriences into your d"ily li'e$ 9ow! more "nd more children "re
#eing #orn with o%ened 1hird 2yes! "nd 'ully "ctiv"ted %ine"l gl"nds$ Since your re"lity
is more ,"w"-e!, these children will not h"ve to ,shut down!, "s m"ny "dults needed to
do in order to continue with d"ily surviv"l$
=e"rest ones! we wish to remind you th"t ,surviv"l, is " term th"t will soon #e deleted
'rom your voc"#ul"ry! 'or you "ll will remem#er th"t you c"nnot die$$ >ou "re on the
cus% o' 'ully remem#ering th"t you .33 "re &n'inite *eings o' the 092$ >our %ine"l gl"nd
is the inner vorte) th"t "llows you to tr"vel inter-dimension"lly while still m"int"ining "
%hysic"l e"rth vessel$ .t the time o' %l"net"ry "scension! your %hysic"l #ody will #e
re%l"ced #y your light #ody "nd inter-dimension"l tr"vel will #e considered ,norm"l$,
>0+7 (&92.3 (071.3

&n the me"ntime! your %ine"l gl"nd serves "s your (erson"l (ort"l through which your
5ulti-dimension"l S23F enters your e"rth re"lity$ &t is "lso the (ort"l through which you
return to the myri"d re"lities o' your S23F$ >our (ine"l (ort"l is 'illed with " li<uid light
"nd micro-cryst"ls o' c"lcite$ . cryst"l is " solid su#st"nce in which the "toms!
molecules or ions "re "rr"nged in "n orderly! re%e"ting %"ttern$
=r$ 5"rcel Aose%h 6ogel
et;leg"cyEo'Em"rcelEvogel$htmD ) demonstr"ted th"t cryst"lline growth could #e
modi'ied #y %"tterns o' hum"n thought w"ves #ec"use hum"ns thin- in %"tterns$ 1hese
%"tterns o' thought tr"vel energetic"lly "nd h"ve cert"in 're<uencies$ Fe"r-'illed %"tterns
o' thought c"rry " low 're<uency! where"s love-'illed %"tterns o' thought c"rry " higher
*ec"use thought w"ves tr"vel energetic"lly "t " cert"in 're<uency! they c"n #e %ic-ed
u%! stored "nd tr"nsmitted #y cryst"l! such "s the micro-cryst"ls in the %ine"l gl"nd$
Furthermore! cryst"ls h"ve " memory$ 1here'ore! just "s cryst"ls c"n #e used to hold "
com%uter so'tw"re %rogr"m! they c"n #e used to hold " %"ttern o' thought$ &n this
m"nner! the h"#it o' 'e"r'ul or loving %"tterns o' thought is stored within the ,h"rd
drive, o' your #r"in to encour"ge you to re%e"t th"t %"ttern$ 1here'ore! " history o'
'e"r'ul thin-ing cre"tes " h"#it o' living in 'e"r! where"s " history o' loving thin-ing
cre"tes " h"#it o' living in love$
1he micro-cryst"ls o' your %ine"l gl"nd serve in much the s"me w"y "s "n old-'"shioned
cryst"l r"dio$ :owever! most o' the 're<uencies received vi" your %ine"l gl"nd "re
outside o' the hum"n %erce%tu"l r"nge$ 1here'ore! they c"n #e %erceived "s colours "nd
sounds$ *ec"use o' this! m"ny o' the mess"ges you receive 'rom the higher dimensions
"re colours "nd tones$ .lso! i' your thought %"tterns "re 'e"r'ul! they c"rry " low
're<uency! which c"li#r"tes your (ine"l (ort"l to " lower 're<uency o' light$ 0n the other
h"nd! when your thoughts reson"te to the 're<uency o' love! you c"li#r"te your (ine"l
(ort"l to the higher 're<uencies$ .s you g"in 5"stery over your thoughts! your (ine"l
(ort"l will #e c"li#r"ted to the higher 're<uencies o' loving thoughts$ 1hen you will #e
"#le to tr"nsl"te more o' these light "nd sound mess"ges into 3ight 3"ngu"ge$
When you 'irst o%en your (ine"l (ort"l! you m"y %rim"rily receive "uditory mess"ges$ &'
you wish to convert these mess"ges into light! "ctu"lly 3ight 3"ngu"ge! you would need
to r"ise the 're<uency o' sound #y 'orty oct"ves$ :ow c"n this #e "ccom%lishedG 1he
"nswer is th"t "s you e)%"nd! you surrender to your Soul$$ Since "ll energy is rel"ted to
the s%eed o' light! 2instein?s 2Hmc s<u"red! when two 're<uencies meet! the higher
're<uency will r"ise the reson"nce o' the lower$
1here'ore! when you surrender to your Soul;S23F you "llow the cosmic light "nd
uncondition"l love to enter your (ine"l (ort"l! "nd this energy will r"ise the reson"nce o'
your #r"inw"ves! consciousness! thought %"tterns "nd %erce%tions$ :ence! #y
surrendering to your Soul! you will r"ise your consciousness enough to %erceive the
higher oct"ves o' 3ight 3"ngu"ge$ &n '"ct! it is common to e)%erience " downlo"d o'
3ight 3"ngu"ge once you h"ve 'ully o%ened "nd "ctiv"ted your (ine"l (ort"l$
.nother im%ort"nt %oint reg"rding your (erson"l (ort"l?s "#ility to receive light
mess"ges is th"t your %ine"l gl"nd?s micro-cryst"ls h"ve %ie4oelectric %ro%erties$
(ie4oelectricity is the ch"rge which "ccumul"tes in cert"in solid m"teri"ls! such "s
cryst"ls! some cer"mics! #ones! =9. "nd v"rious %roteins$ &t is #ec"use o' this %ro%erty
th"t cert"in cryst"ls "re used 'or %ressure g"uges! oscill"tors! reson"tors "nd w"ve
st"#ili4ers$ ryst"ls "lso h"ve the "#ility to rot"te the %l"ne o' %ol"ri4"tion o' light into
the higher 're<uency o' ultr"violet$ +ltr"violet is the highest 're<uency o' the third
dimension"l light s%ectrum$ 1here'ore! it serves "s " g"tew"y into higher dimensions$
Scientists h"ve theori4ed th"t the /lo#"l System 'or 5o#ile 1elecommunic"tions (/S5)
w"ves constitute " new mech"nism o' tr"nsduction on the %ine"l mem#r"ne vi" the
micro-cryst"ls$ /S5 is " digit"l technology th"t en"#les u% to eight simult"neous
tele%hone convers"tions to #e held on the s"me ch"nnel$ 1his indic"tes the %otenti"l o'
your (ine"l (ort"l to receive multi%le mess"ges within the 90W$ &n '"ct! your %ine"l
gl"nd controls your 'ocus o' "ttention on the inner worlds o' slee% "nd medit"tion or the
outer worlds o' %hysic"l re"lity$ 1here'ore! this "#ility to %erceive multi%le mess"ges c"n
"ssist you in tuning into your inner S23F while you simult"neously m"int"in " connection
with your %hysic"l li'e$
1he cere#rum o' your #r"in is your %erson"l ,slee%ing gi"nt!, "s it the centre o' your
e"rth vessel?s electro-m"gnetic reson"ting %ower$ 1he %ine"l gl"nd is the %ositive
cont"ct %oint "nd "cts "s the neuro-endocrine tr"nsducer! which tr"nsmits its
multidimension"l in'orm"tion to the %ituit"ry gl"nd$ 1hen! your %ituit"ry gl"nd "cts "s
the neg"tive cont"ct %oint to receive the in'orm"tion "nd distri#ute it throughout the
cere#rum$ 9e)t! the cere#r"l corte) g"thers the v"rious 're<uencies o' in'orm"tion into
the #r"in cells th"t "re design"ted to convert electro-m"gnet 're<uencies into electric"l
currents$ 1hese electric"l currents dict"te your thoughts! "ctions "nd #eh"viours "nd "re
%rojected out into your re"lity vi" your intentions$
When this tr"nsmuted cosmic energy collides with the current 2"rth grid! it is re-
"#sor#ed #y your %ine"l gl"nd in such " w"y "s to cre"te the illusion o' the line"r
s%"ce;time o' third dimension"l re"lity$ :owever! " new 2"rth grid
Chtt%:;;hiddenlighthouse$word%ress$com;c"tegory;e"rth-grid;D will #e "ctiv"ted in
IJ1I th"t will "llow your #r"in to "#sor# "t le"st two more oct"ves o' light w"ves
through your %ine"l gl"nd$ . new rece%tor will then grow in order to "ccommod"te the
"dded 're<uencies o' light w"ves$ 1his will %roduce "n "ddition"l dimension"l e)%erience
"nd dr"m"tic"lly tr"ns'orm our re"lity$
grid;Chtt%:;;hiddenlighthouse$word%ress$com;c"tegory;e"rth-grid;D )
1:2 29=07&92 S>S125
1o "ssure " higher st"te o' consciousness! the hormones o' your %ine"l gl"nd cre"te "
sense o'

%e"ce! c"lm "nd even #liss$ 1he hormone mel"tonin collects the light into the ,eye,
within your (ine"l (ort"l$ &t is this light th"t you see within when you "re medit"ting or
in st"tes o' #liss$ Serotonin! the hormone th"t m"-es you 'eel c"lm "nd centred! is "lso
'ound in the %ine"l gl"nd$ 5et"tonin "ssists you in #eing ,"w"-e, to your dre"m st"te!
"nd =51 (dimethyltry%t"mine) "lso 'ound in the .y"hu"sc" %l"nt used 'or Sh"m"nistic
journeys! "llows you to ,see, other dimensions "nd re"lities during slee% "nd;or
.s your %ine"l gl"nd sh"res the incoming light mess"ges your %ituit"ry gl"nd! your
%ituit"ry gl"nd (5"ster /l"nd)! sh"res th"t gi't with your entire #ody vi" the ductless
gl"nds o' your endocrine system$ .s this cycle o' multi-dimension"l light "nd
uncondition"l love %roduces higher consciousness! "nd thus loving thoughts "nd
emotions! the reson"nce o' the m"tter o' your e"rth vessel continu"lly r"ises$ &n this
m"nner! you "re gr"du"lly tr"nsmuting your %hysic"l #ody into " light #ody$
For more "#out the %ine"l gl"nd %le"se the #elow e)cellent youtu#es:
(ine"l /l"nd .w"reness K .w"-ening 1hird 2ye htt%:;;www$youtu#e$com;w"tchG
vH191re#E34iLM'e"tureHrel"ted Chtt%:;;www$youtu#e$com;w"tchG
(ine"l /l"nd 1J1: (ine"l /l"nd .ctiv"tion htt%:;;www$youtu#e$com;w"tchG
vH65cN<o/L'O5M'e"tureHrel"ted Chtt%:;;www$youtu#e$com;w"tchG
1o summ"ri4e! you were you #orn with your (ine"l (ort"l o%ened! #ut li'e in the third
dimension h"s "ll #ut closed it$ :owever! m"ny o' you h"ve re-o%ened your (erson"l
(ort"l #y r"ising your reson"nce through medit"tion! s%iritu"l %r"ctice "nd he"lthy
living$ Furthermore! due to /"i"?s higher 're<uency! m"ny children #orn tod"y "re '"r
more li-ely to #e "#le to m"int"in " 'ully 'unction"l %ine"l gl"nd "nd o%ened (ine"l
1his o%ened %ort"l sets their #"seline #r"inw"ves! not on the B= #et" #r"inw"ves! #ut
on the multidimension"l thet" #r"inw"ves "nd "#ove$ &' you h"d " choice o' tr"velling
through the cosmos "nd s%e"-ing with your Soul! would you w"nt to cle"n your room!
do your homewor- or get re"dy 'or schoolG 1he +niverse is the school 'or these
"w"-ened ones! "nd 'ew mem#ers o' your educ"tion"l system "re "w"-e enough to
connect with these children in " me"ning'ul w"y$ ("rents "lso struggle with this
:owever! this issue will soon ch"nge "s more "nd more ,"dults, "w"-en "nd "w"-ened
children grow into "dults$ 1hese "w"-ened "dults will "lso %re'er to so"r the higher
dimensions "nd visit with their /"l"ctic F"milies$ /oing to wor-! driving in tr"''ic! %"ying
#ills "nd cle"ning the house will not hold the s"me "ttr"ction "s tr"velling inter-
dimension"lly "nd multi-dimension"lly cre"ting " new re"lity$ 1hus! wh"t "re you! the
conscientious %"rents "nd wor-ers o' 2"rth doG 1he "nswer is! >0+ ch"nge re"lity!
which you "re doing 90W$
.72 .9= 5.&9129.92 0F >0+7 (27S09.3 (071.3
>ou c"re 'or your %ine"l %ort"l in the s"me w"y th"t you c"re 'or your %hysic"l #ody #y
choosing good nutrition! e)ercise! medit"tion! "de<u"te slee%! stress m"n"gement "nd
time under the Sun$ 1ime under the 5oon is good! too$ 1ry moon #"thing$ >our %ine"l
gl"nd is your inter-dimension"l %ort"l to your 5ultidimension"l S23F! "nd it t"-es "
he"lthy #ody to integr"te the ch"nges in your li'e when you o%en th"t %ort"l$
. 'ully o%ened %ine"l gl"nd cre"tes " st"te o' dee% medit"tion (thet" #r"in w"ves)
during ordin"ry w"-ing hours$ 1his is why you m"y 'eel ,s%"cey, "nd ,disorient"ted, "s
you "djust to ordin"ry li'e "t this higher reson"nce o' consciousness$ 1he gre"test
ch"llenge is to st"y grounded in your %hysic"l re"lity while living " ,norm"l li'e, with
thet" w"ve consciousness$ Fortun"tely! thet" consciousness c"n cre"te everyd"y
mir"cles #y sh"%ing energy with %ositive intention "nd uncondition"l love$
1he ,'uel, to -ee% this %ort"l o%en is the #ody?s 2ndocrine! or :ormon"l! System$ 1he
hormones o' the 2ndocrine system tr"nsmit the multidimension"l light "nd uncondition"l
love throughout your entire #ody #y entering the cere#ros%in"l 'luid "nd #loodstre"m$
1hese hormones regul"te the energy "nd 'unctioning o' the %hysic"l #ody$ &' the
2ndocrine system is over stimul"ted! it %roduces energy surges "nd im#"l"nces$
5"ny o' you "re e)%eriencing ,%ower surges, in your %ine"l gl"nd #ec"use o' the myri"d
electrom"gnetic emissions 'rom the /"l"ctic entre$ 1hese %ower surges c"n e"sily
over-stimul"te your 2ndocrine System! which cre"tes stress! "n)iety "nd diminishment
o' your immune system$ 1he %ine"l "nd the %ituit"ry gl"nds wor- together "s the #io-
energetic ,circuit #o"rd, 'or your #iologic"l com%uter #r"in$ 1he %ine"l gl"nd receives
the torsion w"ves 'rom the /"l"ctic entre "nd then tr"nsmits them to the %ituit"ry
1he %ituit"ry gl"nd regul"tes the secretion o' hormones 'or the entire 2ndocrine System$
When it receives the cosmic light 'rom the %ine"l gl"nd! it distri#utes it throughout the
entire #ody to m"int"in hormon"l #"l"nce$ &' the %ituit"ry is over stimul"ted! it c"n
tem%or"rily over stimul"te the thyroid gl"nd (thro"t ch"-r") "nd the "dren"ls (root
ch"-r")! %roducing surges o' energy "nd the 'eeling o' #eing on " ,high,$ 1his energy
surge im#"l"nces the #ody! "nd i' this continues 'or too long it c"n %roduce "dren"l
#urn-out or stress e)h"ustion$
0ver-stimul"tion o' the 2ndocrine System c"n "lso %roduce e)treme %hysic"l e)h"ustion
"s the thyroid moves #etween over "ctivity "nd under "ctivity! in "n "ttem%t to regul"te
the energetic 'luctu"tions o' the #ody$ &t c"n "lso %roduce de%ression "nd "n)iety! "s
#r"in chemic"ls such "s serotonin "re "lso %ut out o' #"l"nce$ .s " result! the individu"l
c"n e)%erience e)treme %hysic"l "nd emotion"l sym%toms "s the #ody see-s to co%e
with this new surge o' evolution"ry energy$
1he thymus gl"nd rules your immune system! "nd is the energy %ort"l o' the :igh :e"rt
where the multidimension"l light c"n #e e)%erienced "s uncondition"l love$ &t is #ec"use
o' this connection th"t ,love he"ls$, 1he he"rt ch"-r" "lso rules the lungs$ :ence! the
"ct o' %hysic"l #re"thing through your :igh :e"rt elicits the 'eeling o' uncondition"l love
"nd "ctiv"tes your immune ch"-r"$ &n other words! 3ove :e"ls$ &n '"ct! the #est w"y to
c"lm your entire #ody is through your #re"th$
When you #re"the &9 through your o%ened 1hird 2ye! you %ull in the cosmic torsion
w"ves interl"ced with serotonin to c"lm you! 5et"tonin "nd =51 to enlighten you$ 1hen!
when you #re"the 0+1 through your :igh :e"rt! you e)%"nd your e)%erience with
uncondition"l love! "s you sh"re your gi't with "ll o' li'e$ 1his ty%e o' #re"thing "lso
courses multidimension"l light "nd uncondition"l love through out your entire #ody$
1his 'eeling counter-#"l"nces the e)cess electric"l stimul"tion "t the (ine"l #y %roviding
" 'eeling o' c"lmness! %e"ce "nd love$ 1he more you le"rn to #re"the dee%ly! to #ecome
" ,conscious #re"ther,! the more you will "ctiv"te the 'unction o' the 1hymus! which not
only enh"nces 'eelings o' uncondition"l love! it "lso su%%orts your %hysic"l immune
7emem#er! your (ine"l (ort"l goes two w"ys$ &t t"-es in the torsion w"ves 'lowing 'rom
the /"l"ctic enter! "nd it t"-es you :ome 'or " visit with your S23F$ 1o #est c"re 'or
your %ort"l! visu"li4e your sel'! not "s " hum"n who visits the higher dimensions! #ut "s
" light who visits your e"rth vessel$ &n other words! see yoursel' "s "n individu"l %hoton
in the uni'ied 092 o' 5ultidimension"l 3ight$
. (:0109PS S107>

& h"ve #een tr"velling through the /"l"ctic entre "nd h"ve come to "ssist the
2"rthlings in their "w"-ening$ &n '"ct! & "m see-ing " hum"n who will "llow me entr"nce
through his or her rown h"-r"$ >es! there "%%e"rs to #e " hum"n who is re"dy to
o%en their 1hird 2ye$
(erh"%s & c"n #e o' "ssist"nce$ & enter through the %ine"l %ort"l "nd w"it just inside the
hum"n?s #r"in$ & wish to enter this hum"n?s consciousness so th"t & c"n sh"re my gi't o'
multidimension"l light "nd uncondition"l love$ :owever! Free Will 2"rth rules st"te th"t &
c"n?t do so without "n invit"tion$ 1here'ore! & will w"it$
& res%ect hum"ns! 'or they h"ve survived the third dimension "nd "re in the %rocess o'
.w"-ening$ 1hey h"ve #een cut o'' 'rom the 092 'or eons$ >et! somehow! they "re now
"w"-ening$ Fortun"tely! my w"it is short #ec"use my %resence in the %ine"l gl"nd h"s
stimul"ted the %ine"l gl"nd to %roduce =51! which is cre"ting " sense o' eu%hori" "nd
consciousness e)%"nsion 'or the hum"n$ Serotonin is "lso #eing rele"sed in res%onse to
the %ositive sens"tions$
&n res%onse to these sens"tions! the hum"n is welcoming more$ 1here'ore! & h"ve #een
invited to enter the e)%"nding consciousness "nd rush into wh"t "%%e"rs to #e " d"r-
c"ve$ Shortly! & enter " huge c"vern in the sh"%e o' "n inverted tri"ngle$ 1he entire
c"vern is 'illed with " li<uid glimmering with cryst"ls! "nd & c"lmly enter it$ &nst"ntly! my
gre"t 3ight illumin"tes the 'ormerly d"r- c"ve$ 0n the long roo' o' the c"vern & see
myri"d lights th"t "re 'l"shing to " 're<uency '"r lower th"n mine$
& cont"in my 3ight so "s not to h"rm this %erson$ .t wh"t "%%e"rs to #e the 'ront o' the
c"ve! " circul"r vorte) seems to #e h"nging 'rom the ceiling$ 1his vorte) "%%e"rs to #e "
dis%enser o' %ower'ul chemic"ls "nd hormones$ *ehind me! "nother cone-sh"%ed vorte)
h"ngs 'rom the ceiling$ 1his! too! "%%e"rs to #e " hormone '"ctory$ >et! where"s the
other vorte) seems to dis%ense! this one "%%e"rs to receive$ &t is this second vorte)! "t
the #"c- o' the c"vern! th"t is my destin"tion! 'or it "%%e"rs to #e the rece%tor o' higher
dimension"l 3ight$ .s & "%%ro"ch it! & re"li4e th"t it w"s "lso my entry %oint$
First! however! & 'eel " need to enter the other gl"nd! "t the inverted %e"- o' the c"vern!
"s & -now it is the m"in control centre o' this vessel$ .s & "%%ro"ch the vorte)! &
discover th"t this %erson c"n "cce%t " only 'ew "m%s o' my 3ight "t this time$ 1here'ore!
"'ter " s%eedy run through this vorte)! & return to my 'ormer destin"tion "t the re"r o'
the c"vern$
& 'ind th"t my #rie' visit! to wh"t & now -now is the %ituit"ry gl"nd! w"s enough to give
me "ll the in'orm"tion & need "#out this %erson$ & now -now e)"ctly how much light this
%erson c"n "cce%t without overlo"ding the vessel?s li'e su%%ort$ :ence! & slowly
integr"te my %hoton S23F into wh"t & now -now is the %ine"l gl"nd$
.s & integr"te into the (ine"l /l"nd! & "m " #it sur%rised to 'ind th"t & dri't #"c- into the
'luid o' the c"vern "s " ch"nged %hoton$ & 'lo"t through the c"vern "nd! then! through "
sm"ll circul"r tunnel to enter yet "nother sm"ller c"vern$$ & do not linger here! "s & "m
inst"ntly integr"ted "g"in into the hum"ns v"scul"r system$
Within " 'l"sh o' light! & .5 the #lood 'low "s & enter every cell "nd "tom o' this
#iologic"l vessel$ &t is " uni<ue 'eeling 'or me to e)%erience gr"vity "nd density$ & -now
th"t even though this %erson m"y not re"li4e wh"t h"s h"%%ened! & h"ve initi"ted "n
e)treme ch"nge in his;her consciousness$ 1his e)%"nsion o' consciousness will! in turn!
initi"te " gre"t tr"ns'orm"tion o' the e"rth vessel$
& 'eel sorry th"t my higher vi#r"tion is c"using discom'ort! "s the %erson now "%%e"rs to
#e <uite uncom'ort"#le in his;her #ody! mind "nd emotions$ :owever! & -now th"t these
sym%toms "re tem%or"ry "nd th"t the %erson will soon "d"%t to their "cceler"ted
9ow th"t & h"ve toured the entire vessel vi" the #lood 'low! & decide th"t & will ,set u%
c"m%, just inside the! soon-to-#e o%ened! 1hird 2ye$ From here! & c"n gr"du"lly "nd
s"'ely incre"se the 're<uency r"te o' this e"rth vessel$ & settle in "nd rel")$ >es! this will
#e " gre"t show$ & will get to w"tch this %erson! "s well "s the entire %l"net! r"ise their
vi#r"tion into the 'i'th dimension$
& 'eel good th"t & might h"ve #een o' some sm"ll "ssist"nce$ (erh"%s more o' my
%hoton 'riends will "lso enter this %erson$ Wh"t " %"rty you will "ll h"ve "s we loo- out
"t 2"rth through this %erson?s 1hird 2yeQ & wonder i' this grounded one will ever -now
th"t & "m :272$
. :+5.9?S S107>

& h"ve #een 'eeling "s though something is sitting inside my he"d! m"-ing things s%in!
"nd slowly turning u% the volume$ When this h"%%ens & get sn"%%y with "ny one who
distr"cts me 'rom 'inding out wh"t is going on in my he"d$ 1hen! o' course! & 'eel sorry!
"s & "lso -now th"t there is " 52 th"t no longer needs to ,get sn"%%y$,
.t le"st my he"rt is 'eeling 'ine now$ &n '"ct! it 'eels "s though something is growing or
#looming inside o' it$ &t sounds -ind o' cr"4y! #ut it 'eels "s though & "m st"rting to love
mysel'$ .ctu"lly! & "m st"rting to love mysel' uncondition"lly$ Suddenly "ll the things
th"t & should do! "ll the w"ys & should #e! or should -now or get! "re 901 im%ort"nt$ &
"m 'ine! right now! e)"ctly "s & "m$ Wow! wh"t " di''erence$
9ow! i' & c"n just do something "#out th"t 'u44y 'eeling in my 'orehe"d! the cotton in
my e"rs "nd the #lurry vision! & will #e 'ine$ 9o! & "m "lre"dy 'ineQQ & will just 'eel #etter$
& wonder i' the new love in my he"rt h"s something to do with my he"d$ ould it #e th"t
#ec"use & love mysel' now "nd no longer c"re wh"t ,they, thin-! th"t & "m #ecoming "
higher version o' mysel'G
& don?t -now i' & should s"y this! #ut & h"ve #een he"ring voices l"tely$ 0ddly enough! &
he"r the voices in my he"rt$ 9o! "ctu"lly! & he"r them in my mind! #ut & underst"nd
them in my he"rt$ 1he voices "re s"ying th"t & "m more th"n & thought & w"s$ 1hey "re
s"ying th"t " light is coming into me th"t is o%ening " %ort"l "t the to% o' my he"d$
1hey s"y! i' & c"n continue to love mysel'! & c"n 'ollow the ,'eel, o' th"t uncondition"l
love to 'ind the %ort"l o' light into "nother version o' re"lity$
.ll right! now th"t the c"t is out o' the #"g! & might "s well tell you th"t & "ctu"lly did it$
& "ctu"lly 'ollowed the 'eeling o' love to 'ind " %ort"l "t the to% o' my he"d! or w"s it the
centre o' my #r"inG 0nce & got close to the %ort"l! & lost "ll sense o' time "nd s%"ce "nd
didn?t re"lly -now where & w"s! #ut it w"s wonder'ul$ :owever! 'irst & 'ollowed the love
th"t e)%"nded #eyond my he"rt s%"ce down into the 2"rth$ 1he voices told me to #e
sure to get grounded! so & thought "#out my '"vourite %l"ce in n"ture "nd sh"red my
love with it$ 1h"t %"rt w"s e"sy$
1he di''icult %"rt w"s surrendering to the 'low o' the love "s it c"rried me u%w"rds into
the un-nown$ .t 'irst & resisted "nd #ec"me very nervous! even " little sc"red$ 1hen &
thought! ,wh"t do & h"ve to loseG & w"nt " new li'e! "nd & "m willing to even '"ce my
'e"r to get it$, &t w"s then th"t the voices reminded me th"t & won?t ,get, it! & will
,cre"te, it$ >es! th"t did sound much more em%owering$ & "m %retty new to loving
mysel'! so my thin-ing %rocess needs " re#ooting$
With " sense o' inner %ower! & continue my journey$ 0nce & let go o' my 'e"r "nd
surrendered to the love! & 'elt " #e"m o' light (th"t "lmost seemed to #e w"iting 'or me)
c"rry me into wh"t loo-ed li-e outer s%"ce$ 1he voice told me it w"s inner s%"ce 'or "ll
inter-dimension"l tr"vel occurs within my S23F$ Somehow! th"t g"ve me com'ort! "nd &
w"s "#le to com%letely rel") "nd enjoy the ride$
.nd wh"t " ride it w"sQ 1here is more th"n & c"n remem#er "nd much more th"n & c"n
%ut into words! #ut & le't$ & le't who & h"d #ecome "nd returned to who & re"lly w"s "ll
"long$ 1he 'in"l scene in IJJ1: . S%"ce 0dyssey where the "stron"ut #ec"me "n in'"nt
'in"lly m"de sense$ & #ec"me "n in'"nt to my new S23F! "nd the #eginning o' my new
li'e #eg"n$
&9 30S&9/
=e"r /rounded 0nes! we the .rcturi"ns! -now wh"t gre"t 'ortitude it t"-es to m"int"in
'"ith "nd ho%e "s you w"tch the world "round you coll"%se #it #y #it$ 2very d"y there is
" new story in the news or on your &nternet! which s%e"-s o' the down'"ll o' yet "nother
system th"t you once thought would l"st your entire li'e$ Fortun"tely! #ec"use o' your
"w"-ening! you "re "w"re th"t this ch"nge is "ctu"lly " sign th"t you "re correct in your
-nowing th"t /"i" is "scending! 'or where else is She to goG :er hologr"%hic m"tri) h"s
#een t"inted with the virus o' 'e"r 'or too long! "nd the third dimension"l systems
c"nnot toler"te the 're<uency "nd s%eed o' the new energy th"t is const"ntly coursing
through :er %l"net"ry #ody$
1h"t?s why there "re m"ny new ,dise"ses, occurring which #"''le your medic"l
%r"ctitioners "nd scientists$ 1hey "re con'used #ec"use there is not "n e)%l"n"tion 'or
these ,dise"ses, in their third dimension"l %"r"digm$ 1his is! o' course! true$ >our re"lity
no longer reson"tes to only the third dimension"l hologr"m! which is u%setting the
hologr"m! cre"ting 'lic-ers o' disru%tion through the entire %l"net$ We wish to remind
you th"t these ,disru%tions, "re "ctu"lly (ort"ls into your new world$
When you c"tch " glim%se o' " %ort"l! you m"y thin-! ,&s this re"lG!, which le"ves you
with the "ge-old <uestion$ ,Wh"t is re"lG, 0ur de"rest ones! we s"y th"t >0+ "re re"l$
Wh"tever you hold in your he"rt "nd mind is 72.3 'or >0+ cre"ted it$ >es! we -now th"t
our st"tement r"ttles the rem"ins o' your 1hird =imension"l 0%er"ting System$ /oodQ
For it is within this 90W th"t you rele"se the sh"c-les o' the old %"r"digm "nd "cce%t!
integr"te! ground "nd live the true re"lity o' your S23F$
SW&1:&9/ :.9923S
We wish to give you " techni<ue th"t will "ssist in "d"%ting to your ,downlo"d, o'
cosmic light$ .s the gre"ter love "nd light enters your consciousness "nd 'orm! old
h"#its "nd memories o' 'e"r "nd d"r-ness "re %ushed to the sur'"ce to #e rele"sed$
5ost o' this 'e"r is "ncient! #ut it loves to "tt"ch itsel' to "nything in tod"y?s li'e th"t is
v"guely simil"r$ 1here'ore! it is #est to de"l with the 'e"r "s "n energy 'ield$ 1o "ssist
you in rele"sing this "ncient 'e"r! im"gine two ch"nnels o' re"lity in your #r"in$
0ne ch"nnel is on the le't side o' your 'orehe"d! which is sym#olic o' the old third
dimension"l thin-ing o' duty! guilt! worry "nd stress$ 1he other ch"nnel is on the right
side o' your 'orehe"d! which is sym#olic o' %e"ce! c"lm! 'low "nd uncondition"l love$
>our o%ened 1hird 2ye is in-#etween the two! "nd it monitors your myri"d ment"l
mess"ges$ .s " 'e"r'ul mess"ge inv"des the le't side o' your 'orehe"d (the le't;'e"r
ch"nnel)! sim%ly switch ch"nnels over to the right side o' your 'orehe"d (the right;love
ch"nnel)$ =on?t try to "n"ly4e the 'e"r "t "ll! just switch ch"nnelsQ 1ry it$$$
1he long-term go"l is to st"y in-#etween the two ch"nnels! 'or th"t is the ("th o' the
Flow o' the 092$ >ou c"n %r"ctice 'inding th"t centre when you "re in the %rocess o'
rele"sing 'e"r$
Won?t it #e glorious when you don?t h"ve to rele"se 'e"rG Won?t it #e wonder'ul when
you @90W you "re s"'e! loved "nd guided in every moment o' your li'eG When you "re
'ully centred! you 'eel connected with your S23F$ :owever! when you "re stressed "nd
'orging your w"y through d"ily li'e! you 'eel disconnected 'rom your S23F! others "nd
the %l"net$ 1h"t is when you c"n ch"nge emotions;reson"nce #y t"-ing " <uic- moment
to switch over to the love ch"nnel$
>es! emotions "nd reson"nce "re the s"me$ 1"-e " moment to 'eel your stress! "n)iety!
de%ression or wh"tever '"ce Fe"r is choosing right now$$$
7emem#er th"t much o' this 'e"r is 'rom the ollective "nd;or (l"net"ry onsciousness$
9e)t! indulge in your 'e"r "nd 'eel how the reson"nce o' your #ody lowers$$$
9ow SW&1: :.9923S to love$$$
Feel how the reson"nce o' your #ody rises "nd your consciousness e)%"nds$$$
With this higher st"te o' consciousness! your inter-dimension"l tr"vels will e)ceed your
gre"test ho%es$
W2 W&33 S22 >0+ &9 1:2 F&F1: =&529S&09
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& .5 S077> 5> .(S 30@ &S *ro-en! 5> F&7S1 3+&= =72.5 & W.S 6&S&12= *y B
#l09de h"ir #3+2 2>2= :>*rids who r"n/ 1:2 =007*ell o' my home the secon= &
@9ew i w"s in . 3+&= =72.5$ t:&S &S W:29 everythin/ S1.712=$ 1:2> 100@ 52
0+1S&=2! .3&/.107S .9d #&7=S S+770+9ded us "n= 1:2> S:0W2= 52 W&1:0+1
S%e"-in/ . W07= 1:.1 W2 .72 .33 09e$ then & *eg"n .S17.3 (70A21&9g$ & did this
'or " while$ & h"ve h"d %ositive "n= 9eg"tive thin/S :.((29$ "'ter i w"s "w"-en2= &9 "
deminS&09 th"t loo-ed simili"r to ours #+1 1:272 W272 /72>S S1.9din/ .roun= 5>
*ed holdin/ 52 =0W9 with some sort o' en27/> 7&9/s i slowed down 09 "S17.3
17.623$ 0@ & S1.712= 10 72.3&O2 S0521:&9g$ it w"s cr"4y th"t i c"me "cross this
"rticle this morn&9g$ i 1:&9@ i @9ow how they h"ve us "ll stuc- in 1:&S B=$ &1S
*ec"use o' time! "n= :0W W2 .9 n2627 S30W =0W9 "n= W2 :.62 10 @22(
1:&9-in/ .*0ut tommorow$ i didn1 S322( F07 . 0+(32 =.>S! .9d my su#09sious
turn2= 09! "n= 5> *.c- u% motors st"rted to turn .9= guess wh"t h"%%en2=$ & /0
0+1S&=2 .9d sen= 3062 29ergy to my en1&72 9.i#07:00= 2627>9ight$ i con92ct to
the st"rs "n= S29d love "n= .W.729ess th"t they "re "live! "n= 1:29 i sen= 1:2
S.52 3062 .9d "w"ren2SS 10 1:2 (3.9ts "n= 1722S .9d then & S29d "s much love
"s i c"n 10 5> 9"&*ors "s they slee%$ & w"s l"yin/ &9 the ro"d! "n= & S.W 1:2
S:.=0WS 05&9/ closer "n= 30S27$ i9ste"d o' h"vin/ F2.7! & S29t them love! "nd
1:29 they got closer "nd 30S27! & :2.7= 1:&9gs w"l-in/ +( 10 52! .9d i closed my
eyes #+1 S1&33 S29t love en27/>$ .33 0F . S+==29 i st"rted to s%in$ S30W3>$ i S(+9
u% "n= +( .9d u% "n= &5 9ot 1JJ %ercen1 S+72! *ut the three #309de h"ir #3+2
2>2= (20(32 F705 5> =72.5S i *elieve were li'tin/ 52 +( 0+1 0F 5> (:>S&.3 .9d
showin/ 52 :0W 10 72.12! *.sic"lly " shi% out o' my s%irit #0=>$ they li'ted me in10
S1.7S 1:.1 W272 9ot ours$ they were #3+2$ 1:2 W:032 1&52 & *elieve they were
showin/ 52 W:29 en= 1&52S 052! 1:&S &S W:.1 W2 W&33 :.62 10 32.79 when
1:&9gs st"rt to hit the '"n$ W2 .9 en127 1:&S 62:&32 09ly threw love en27/> .9=
then W2 W.&1 F07 1:.1 29ergy to #2 721+79ed to us #> 1:2 2.71:$ &1 W.S
.5.O&9g$ there is much much much much more i w"n1 10 1233 >0+! & :.62 :.= S0
5.9y un*eliev"#32 1:&9/s h"%%en 10 52! 10 1:2 (0&9t i w"s "#32 10 72.: 1:72W
5> *ody "n= & W.S (+72 3&/:1$ 52 .9d " 'rien= W272 09trollin/ 1:2 W2.1:27!
.9d the s"me ni/:1 1:.1 & W.s #2&9/ li't2= +( &9to the s-y! #2F072 1:.1
:.((292d! the clouds were turn&9g in10 607128?2S .9d there were stories #2&9/ told
threw the clouds "nd 1:2 5009$ &m IN$ & h"ve #229 con9ected "n= .W.72 0F &1 F07
. 627> 627> 309g time! "nd i write r"% lyrics$ & -n0W 1:.1 S0+9ds dum#! *ut the
thin/S & W7&12! /7.* your soul$ they "re so #2.+&1F+3 stron/ .9d %ure! th"t
everyon2 1:.1 :2.7S 1:25 A+S1 1:&9@ its un*eliev"#32$ i 1:&9@ th"t is why im here$
to w"-e u% the %eo%le$ "n= 1:72W :&( :0( W:&1: &S n2/.1&62! i 1:&9@ i n22= 10
/0 7&/:1 &9to the root o' the %ro#325! .9d #"1132 1:25 1:272$ i5 9ot sure$ & n22=
:23($ /+&=29ce$ & c"n =0 1:&S! us with these gi'ts n22= 10 052 10/21:27 .9= use
our gi'ts! i #23&262 &1S .350S1 1&52$
omment 3in- 5ednesday2 %& April 2%13 11:$6 posted by
1his is "ll true$ & h"ve seen it too$ &t?s " sort o' intuition$ &t just c"me over me one d"y$
. strong sense o' sel'lessness "nd ego de"th "nd then incredi#le insight into the world
"s it is$ .nd the ne)t d"y it w"s gone$ & thought & h"d just gone cr"4y$ 1hen it h"%%ened
"g"in "nd this time & w"s with " 'riend$ & m"n"ged to #ring them into this st"te i' only
'or " 'ew seconds "nd then we communic"ted "ll our thoughts "nd emotions inst"ntly$ &t
w"s tele%"thy$ &t went even 'urther th"n th"t$ & suddenly #ec"me "w"re th"t & h"d
in'luence over the %hysic"l re"lm$ & -new th"t things would h"%%en "s & e)%ect them to$
& "lso -new th"t & couldn?t "ctu"lly ch"nge "nything #ec"use every time & loo-ed "t
some#ody else! their #elie's would #e re'lected in me "nd would h"m%er my #elie' in
this in'luence$ & "m just so "m"4ed th"t more %eo%le -now "#out this$ Wh"t?s the ne)t
ste%G Wh"t c"n we do "#out thisG & would li-e to st"rt living in this ,multidimension"l,
re"lity$ 0nce you?ve seen it! once you?ve understood wh"t ,science, re"lly is$ Aust
%"tterns$ &t could re"lly #e "nything$ &t just h"%%ens to #e wh"t it is$ We construct these
%"tterns "nd "ttem%t to investig"te things li-e "toms 'urther "nd 'urther - &t will never
end$ We will continue to discover elements sm"ller "nd sm"ller "s long "s we #elieve
th"t they "re there$ .lso & #elieve there is no ,m"ss,$ &t doesn?t m"-e sense$ 5"ss does
not e)ist "nd the %hysics 'ormul"s in which m"ss is considered " '"ctor "re only
"%%ro)im"tions$ 1h"t?s why we c"n?t 'ind " uni'ying theory o' ,everything,$
omment 3in- .onday2 16 .arch 2%13 13:26 posted
by7niverse +07*
+niverse 30+2$$$we "re now re"ched %l"net e"rth$
We "re here to guide 3062 to 30+2
omment 3in- (hursday2 13 8ebruary 2%13 %%:%% posted by
9risten s
i "s-ed my #rother to do hy%nosis on me yesterd"y! (#ec"use he?s " hy%nother"%ist)
"nd during the hy%nosis everything w"s " #right white! li-e the light#ul# w"s in my eye
"nd i 'elt mysel' rising! re"lly high "nd '"st$ i w"s " little sc"red #ec"use i never
e)%erienced "nything li-e this #e'ore "nd i descended " little "nd o%ened my eyes " #it$
i closed my eyes "g"in "nd continued to rise$ i 'elt %e"ce! something so une)%l"in"#le
"nd i 'elt s"'tey! i didn?t w"nt to le"ve$ i thought i w"s dying "t 'irst! #ec"use o' the
white light #ut i -new it w"s not de"th$ i coutinued to rise! so high "nd i w"s surrounded
#y this white light 'or "t le"st N-5 minutes$ then i s"w " #l"c- vertic"l rect"ngle move
'rom my right side to my le't in " slow '"shion "nd dis"%%e"r$ i 'elt no 'e"r! i w"s just
o#serving$ then everything turned into " grey;#l"c- "nd then it w"s #l"c- with " %ur%le
vorte) in the center$ it w"s turning counter cloc-wise 'or " while$ when i w"s "t the
visuli4"tion %oint o' my hy%nosis! i could visu"li4e " river with multi%le 'l"h#"c-s! 'or "
s%lit second$ i' i concentr"ted re"lly h"rd! i could hold them #ut it w"s o' " river "nd "
'orest$ i w"s st"ring "t mysel' 'rom "#ove! l"ying on " roc- loo-ing "t the s-y #y "
w"ter'"ll trying to 'ind %e"ce within my sel'! i s"w the s"me visuili4"tion o' mysel' in "
me"dow$ then! i c"me down "nd i could see mysel' "nd my #rother 'rom "ll "ngles$ i "m
1F ye"rs old! "nd this is the 'irst time i h"ve ever h"d "n e)%erience "s dee% "t this!
es%eci"lly in hy%nosis$ it is e"sy 'or me to visu"li4e mysel' out o' my #ody! 'rom Brd
%erson! i could do it very e"sily i' i w"nted to$ %le"se let me -now i' you c"n m"-e "ny
sense o' this$ i "m trying to 'ind my s%iritu"l %"th "nd guide "nd im " little lost$ i -now
the "nswers "re within mysel'! #ut i 'e"r to -now them
omment 3in- .onday2 3% /eptember 2%13 %1:26 posted by
WowQ So much to "#sor#$
>our thoughts on the %ine"l gl"nd
"re '"scin"ting to s"y the le"st$
So gr"te'ul 'or your %ost$
1h"n- >ouQ
omment 3in- 8riday2 1& :uly 2%13 %3:23 posted by 1athalie d !
/od! "nd & thought & m hoing cr"4y$$$ therevisc" time in the morning where & get "ll this
though! li-e o-! we "re soul in " vessel! on e"rth$ We -now "ll the instinct things! #ut
where is the m"nu"l to o%en "ll the things we c"n do$$$ when & w"s sic-! in my #ed & c"ll
my %"rents! & w"s semi "w"-e! "nd the im"ge hoe c"me on to% o' me w"s li-e "liens!
they show me how to %ut my h"nds on e"ch ch"-r"s! s"ying something! m"-ing 'eel
"nd rele"se ! & dont remem#er "ll! #ut "t the ne)t chec- u% & w"s "ll good$$$ 1his
morning & w"s re"lly on to 'ind hel% to underst"nd$$ .s m"ny time when & thin- o'
some#ody! they cont"ct me in the ne)t 'ew hours! i' & dont 'eel to give " session (im "
m"ss"ge ther"%ist) the client will c"ncel it! its h"%%ening so o'ten this is $$$ connected
"nim"ls si4e -id! & c"n underst"nd them! me"n 'eel wh"t they 'eel!$ =oes "ny#ody h"d
"ll this h"%%ening$G & #elieve th"t there is " gi"nt connection #etween "ll o' us! #ut th"t
we "ll h"ve to do our %rogress "lone$$$
omment 3in- .onday2 16 :une 2%13 12:23 posted by
1here "re " num#er o' w"ys to o%en ( "ctiv"te G ) the %ine"lgl"nd using di''erent
methods such "s sound! medit"tion etc$ there "re " list o' ide"s here &' you "re
omment 3in- .onday2 21 :anuary 2%13 %1:3$ posted by
=uring medit"tion & s"w wh"t loo- li-e the universe 'ull o' st"rs "nd other g"l")y then &
s"w " %ort"l & s"w my ste"l #orn child "nd "rch"ngel miche"l connected 'rom the "#ilc"
cord then & s"w "ll these other '"ces th"t didn?t even loo- hum"n then #ehind them &
s"w this #right light then & s"w so m"ny colors then & s"w "n im"ge th"t w"s o' one o'
the "ngles then there "re times when & h"ve visions "nd in my visions & see he#rew
l"ug"ges #ut yet & -now wh"t it #e s"ying & c"n even remem#er$ 1hings "#out my %"st
li'e not to mention & c"n re"d %eo%le & -now " lot "nd & see " lot & "lso tr"vel in my slee%
"t night & see s%irit & communic"te with the de"d$
omment 3in- .onday2 1% ,ecember 2%12 1$:$3 posted by
Wh"t you write "#out here is e)"ctly wh"t h"s h"%%ened to me$ & #eg"n he"ring voices
in IJJT! or w"s it my whole li'eG & "lw"ys thought & w"s t"l-ing to mysel'$ &?ve #een told
th"t &?m here to hel% the hum"ns$ & "m to he"l the sic- "nd %oor$ & h"ve visions o'
%o%ul"tions st"rving "nd dying$ & "m very dee%ly "''ected #y these visions$ &?ve h"d
dre"ms where & "m "mongst "n un-nown grou% o' %eo%le$ &?m he"ling them somehow$
&?ve "lw"ys #een "nd 'elt di''erent 'rom others$ &?ve curiously w"tched them$ & never 'elt
th"t 2"rth w"s 'ollowing the code o' l"ws in my he"rt$ &n Auly o' IJ1I! & met " str"nger$
& recogni4ed his eyes! voice! movements$$his soul$ & 'elt " vorte)! vi#r"tion! he"t$$$"
very strong %ulling 'rom my he"rt tow"rds him$ & loved him dee%ly #e'ore we s%o-e$ &
then h"d visions o' him "nd & "s lovers$ & #eg"n dre"ming o' him$ & sto%%ed e"ting
me"t$ :e h"s #een with me ever since then$ 2very d"y & 'eel him$ & c"n he"r him in my
mind$ & t"l- to him every d"y$ We do not h"ve " rel"tionshi% in the tr"dition"l sense$ We
h"ve #ecome lovers$ 0ur %hysic"l connection is the most "stounding & h"ve ever 'elt
with "nother %erson$ & h"ve no desire to own him or -ee% him$ & see him li-e " %ure
#eing! li-e /od to me$ & love him uncondition"lly$ &n 0cto#er & h"d " medit"tion where &
"s-ed who this m"n w"s to me$ & w"s guided #y voices on how to #re"th "nd wh"t to do
through my own mouth$ & s"w " tri"ngle o' white light$ & s"w " %ur%le vorte);%ort"lG &
%"ssed though it$ 1hen & s"w mysel' somewhere else$ &?m not sure where & w"s$ 1hree
di''erent scenes were shown to me$ 0ne on " shore o' "n oce"n$ I in 'orests$ & tr"veled
#etween the scenes through %ort"ls;w"ves o' white light "nd moved li-e w"ter$ 1his
m"n w"s with me in e"ch scene$ 1his w"s the most incredi#le e)%erience & h"ve ever
h"d$ & w"s liter"lly so##ing o' joy$ & loved him so dee%ly$ & w"s told th"t he is my
#eloved$ & w"s told th"t we h"ve s%ent m"ny li'etimes together "nd th"t & will never lose
him$ & w"s told to w"it 'or him to underst"nd! "s & h"ve w"ited #e'ore$ So & "m$ &?ve "lso
h"d "nother medit"tion "s-ing i' &?m on the correct %"th to com%leting /od?s mission 'or
me$ & went into the s"me -ind o' dee% medit"tion$ & w"s guided "nd t"l-ed to$ & w"s
s%inning very '"st "nd s"w "ll colors$it reminded me o' "n "#olone shell$ & w"s told th"t
& need to remem#er who & "m$ & w"s told th"t & "m " he"ler$ & w"s " he"ler 'rom the
#eginning "nd will continue to #e " he"ler$ & w"s told & "m " m"ster " white light$ &?m
not sure wh"t this me"ns yet #ut & h"ve #een se"rching$ & w"s told & need to m"ster my
'e"r$ & w"s told & must m"ster my every thought! "ction! "nd word$ & w"s told th"t the
love & 'eel 'or my #eloved & must use in the s"me w"y to he"l "ll o' hum"nity$ &?m so
gr"te'ul 'or these e)%eriences$ &?m still on my <uest$ (le"se get #"c- to me i' you c"n$
3ove "nd (e"ce to you$ 7eni"
omment 3in- /aturday2 2& /eptember 2%12 %$:$1 posted by dymar
>our ide"s "re #e"uti'ul$ & h"ve long sus%ected th"t there is "n "ctu"l g"tew"y within
the #ody th"t gives scienti'ic legitim"cy to the notion o' ?soul %"ss"ge?$ &t cert"inly
de%ol"ri4es otherwise con'licting schools o' thought "nd su%%orts my notion th"t e"ch o'
us h"s #een "round 'or " very long time! w"y #e'ore out e"rthly #irth$ 1h"n- you 'or
sh"ring your ins%ir"tion"l mess"ge$

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