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The Da Vinci School of Science and Engineering is a 14-18
Studio School in Stevenage. We opened in September 2012 to
provide an innovative curriculum offer for students excited and
enthused by a future career in science, technology, engineering
and mathematics (STEM).
Our Studio School offers a unique opportunity for students to
work alongside employers from the STEM sector in a range of
imaginative project based activities. These genuine experiences,
created alongside our industry partners, will ensure our students can stand out from
the crowd when entering the workplace. Da Vinci students will not only achieve
academic success during their time with us. They will be required to demonstrate
fair, creativity, resilience and confdence, attributes that will ensure they can succeed
throughout their lives.
Thank you for taking the time to visit The Da Vinci School of Science and Engineering.
We are confdent that you will fnd us to be a welcoming, friendly and purposeful
community, proud of our unique curriculum offer, and ambitious for the future of every
student that joins us. We hope you will choose to send your child to The Da Vinci
School of Science and Engineering.

Mark Lewis
Executive Principal
Message from Mark Lewis
Executive Principal
01462 443040 @davinci_school
A warm welcome awaits you at the Da Vinci Studio School of
Science and Engineering. This pioneering school is for 14-19
year olds and is sponsored by North Hertfordshire College.
01462 443040 @davinci_school
A very warm welcome to Da Vinci School
of Science and Engineering.
It is a great privilege to be leading such a
successful and innovative school. We offer a unique
opportunity for students in Stevenage to achieve
not only the very highest academic success but
also to experience real work-based learning that
will be invaluable to them in securing the very best
opportunities in the world of work or higher education.
Our style of teaching and learning is also unique in that it offers students the
opportunity to learn in a hands-on environment and helps them to see the
connections between the subjects they are learning and their application
to the real world. We also give students the opportunity to experience
Project Based Learning which gives them the opportunity to solve real
world problems using skills gained in a range of different classroom and
curricular experiences.
As well as achieving high academic standards we also want our young
people to develop into confdent young adults who have great skills in
teamwork, problem solving and resilience. In addition to our work-placement
programme we also offer a range of enrichment activities to ensure that
our young people beneft from a truly broad and balanced educational
Our school motto is Imagination in Action. I hope that having read this
prospectus you will feel inspired to join us and take the next exciting steps
in your career.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by phone or email or come in
to school to see us in action.
With best wishes
Miraz Triggs
School Principal
Message from Miraz Triggs, School Principal, The Da Vinci Studio School
01462 443040 @davinci_school
What is a Studio School? P06
How will I learn? P07
What will I learn? P09
Key Stage 4 P11
Post 16 P13
What skills will I develop? P15
What employer links are anticipated? P17
What enrichment activities are available? P19
What else do I need to know? P21
Will it be right for me? P22
As a parent how can I get involved? P25
What about uniform? P26
How do I apply? P28
Admissions for Key Stage 4 P31
Entry requirements for Post 16 intake P32
Everyone is equal P37
Protecting young people P37
How to fnd us P39
01462 443040 @davinci_school
How are Studio Schools
different to other schools?
Studio Schools are for students aged 14-19 and are smaller in size than the majority
of other state funded schools. You will join classes of 20 to 25 students in a school
which at full capacity will contain 400 learners.
The most signifcant difference is the way the curriculum is delivered. There is a
strong focus on practical, enquiry based learning i.e. on learning by doing and
applying what you have learnt to real life business contexts. Students can select
a blend of academic and vocational qualifcations which will be taught through a
series of exciting and innovative enterprise projects.
Qualifcations are vital, but it is how the skills and knowledge can be transferred
to the workplace that will set you apart from the rest of your peers when looking
for your future job. In a Studio School you will learn in a unique, business focused
environment where employers and students work side by side. You will also access
regular and purposeful work experience. From the age of 16, these placements may
be remunerated.
We offer a unique
practical and enquiry
based approach to
learning with enterprise
projects and real work

01462 443040 @davinci_school
How will I learn?
The curriculum will be delivered in a range of different ways. Learning
coaches are similar to teachers and they will facilitate subject delivery;
a large proportion of your time however, will be devoted to working
on both personalised and team cross-curricular projects, sometimes
involving employers. At the end of each day, students participate
in enrichment activities, which bring breadth, personalisation and
enjoyment to the school experience. The Studio School day is slightly
longer than traditional schools and this is deliberate, designed to help
students develop resilience in their working practices and to have
the opportunity to undertake assignments. It mirrors the real world of
work and students will be timetabled to attend from 9:00am to 5:00pm
Monday to Thursday and from 9:00am to 4:15pm on Friday.
Although planned teaching sessions will take place for 38 weeks of the
year, the school itself will be open for learning for 51 weeks of the year.
This enables students to have access to support and to the facilities
outside of their timetabled activities.
01462 443040 @davinci_school

01462 443040 @davinci_school
What will I learn?
We hope to encourage you to think creatively. This is crucial
since we need scientists, engineers and technologists
who can work together to solve problems and make the
most of our resources to create a sustainable future.
We are seeking students who have a love for science,
mathematics, technology and engineering and a thirst for
wanting to understand our world, how it works and how we
harness and control it.
A broad and balanced curriculum will allow students
to attain national qualifcations as well as study more of
what they enjoy in science and technology. A range
of qualifcations across the disciplines will be on offer
alongside the core curriculum. Students will also develop
fnance and enterprise skills by setting up their own student
ventures. The curriculum is enriched with many clubs and
societies and students will regularly take part in events
across the science and engineering calendar.
We are seeking students who have a love
for science, mathematics, technology
and engineering and a thirst for wanting
to understand our world, how it works and
how we harness and control it.
01462 443040 @davinci_school
01462 443040 @davinci_school
Key Stage 4
Examination subjects include:
GCSE Mathematics (Double award in Methods and
Application is available)
GCSE Science (Students will be guided in selecting
Double or Triple Science)
GCSE English Language and Literature
Additional options choices include:
OCR Level 2 Engineering
GCSE Applied Business
GCSE Computer Science
GCSE Environmental and Land Based Science
GCSE Electronic Products
GCSE History
GCSE Product Design

A whole host of awards can be selected to supplement GCSE
study, for example:
Project Qualifcations
Finance Award
Sustainability Award
Welding Award
* Courses will run subject to demand
01462 443040 @davinci_school
Students make good
progress from their
different starting points
and achieve well.
The British Chamber
of Commerce believes
that stronger links between
schools and employers
are crucial for the future of
businesses up and down
the country. Studio Schools
will do just that, involving
local and national business
in all aspects of this
innovative curriculum
model. David Frost
Chair of the Studio Schools Trust
(Ex-Director General, British Chamber of Commerce)
01462 443040 @davinci_school
Post 16
Students are encouraged to select from a suite of Level 3 or Level 2 qualifcations.
A-levels: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Product Design are offered within the school
and students have the opportunity to select additional subjects from the Renaissance Consortium offering to complement their
learning. The range of A-levels in other subjects in the consortium include Psychology, Communications and Culture, Sociology,
Anthropology, History, English Language and Literature, Media Studies, Law, English Literature, Citizenship and Film Studies.
A-levels will be negotiated with you according to your aspirations, progression and strengths.
Vocational Diplomas or Extended Diplomas in Applied Science or Engineering are available. These will be offered at Level 3
(equivalent to up to three A-levels) and Level 2 (grade C+ equivalent). Students on Level 2 programmes will also work towards
achieving their English and Mathematics at GCSE grade C minimum. It is possible to study an A-level alongside a Vocational
Diploma at Level 3.
Most Post 16 students will complete the Extended Project Qualifcation.
Information and Creative Technology, Enterprise, Project Qualifcations, Sustainability and Finance awards will all be available in
the personalised extension studies.
01462 443040 @davinci_school
01462 443040 @davinci_school
What skills will I develop?
Everyone is different and has their own strengths, which we will celebrate. We will also
help you to develop the skills sought by employers. Here are a few examples:
The ability to communicate well and present to a variety of audiences
How to adopt a professional approach to everything you do
The ability to recognise what you are good at and work on what needs improving
The ability to approach problem solving techniques to help you
Techniques needed to plan projects and take responsibility for learning new skills
Knowing how to work well in teams and understand how your actions infuence others
The desire to be enterprising, looking for opportunities, and to be creative
Resilience to help you cope when projects dont work out as youd hoped
Techniques to help you improve your approach to problem solving
Techniques to help you make the most of your enrichment time to learn or
experience new things
We help you develop these skills using a tool designed by the Studio Schools Trust
- Create, and also by working with employers and with your personal coach.
01462 443040 @davinci_school
As an aspiring
engineer, my son has
beneftted so much from
his work placement at
Astrium Email from parent
01462 443040 @davinci_school
How are employers involved?
01462 443040 @davinci_school
Strong links with local employers lie at the heart of our curriculum. Employers are keen to support the school, to grow new talent and to shape
their workforce for the future. Industry specifc employers are involved with:
Advising on the content of the curriculum and the qualifcations we are offering
Delivering sessions or master classes to students
Mentoring students and providing careers guidance
Delivering mock interviews
Designing real life project briefs
Sponsoring enterprise competitions and providing prizes
Supporting educational visits to their premises
Crucially, students will spend a signifcant portion of the week in real work, which goes far beyond work-related learning or work experience
offered by traditional schools. In Years 10 and 11 you will participate in a minimum of one day of work experience per fortnight. In Post-16 study
you will participate in up to two days of real work each week for which you may be remunerated.
As a result, you will gain real understanding of how businesses work, and the skills and the stamina that are required to succeed in this
environment. You will also become more informed about future careers you may like to take.
01462 443040 @davinci_school
What enrichment
activities are available?
Studio School students will be able to
follow their own interests in science,
the environment, enterprise and
engineering by completing enquiry
based projects and joining clubs and
societies. In addition, the enrichment
calendar will bring fun and ftness
activities on a daily basis.
Non-sporting enrichment activities
include clubs such as the Gazelle
STEM centre, photography, drama,
creative crafts, and guitar. The
activities on offer change according to
the interests of the students who are
asked to help design the programme
of activities. It is a perfect opportunity
to try something new.
The Da Vinci Studio School will also
have access to a multi-use games
area and the gym owned by North
Hertfordshire College (5 minutes walk
away). Other ftness activities take
place in the Community Hall at North
Hertfordshire College and include
team sports, Zumba and so much
more. Students will keep a simple log
or blog of these activities so that they
can use these experiences to enhance
their applications for the next stage in
their education or career.
Students also have the opportunity
to participate in a variety of visits.
Last year we visited the birth place
of Da Vinci in Florence, Italy. We also
visited the Science Museum, The Big
Bang Fair, Engineering Your Future,
Leicester Space Centre, Brayfordbury
Observatory, Britvic and Tesco.
01462 443040 @davinci_school
01462 443040 @davinci_school
The Studio School opened in September 2012 and
immediately established a waiting list for places.
It used accommodation within North Hertfordshire
College during its frst year, however, we are now
based in a brand new, purpose built school in
Stevenage. Students not living in Stevenage will
be able to use the Uno Bus link. This will cost a
maximum of 2 per day. (Please visit www.nhc. for more information)
The Da Vinci Studio School of Science
and Engineering
Monkswood Way
What else do I
need to know?
01462 443040 @davinci_school
We want the best for our students and we
know that choosing a school is a big decision.
However, be assured that this new model has
been developed in partnership with local and
national employers who are telling us that we
need to take action to support students in
preparing for life, progression, studies and
It is suitable if you:
Want to develop links between different
technical felds
Enjoy a multidisciplinary and problem solving
approach to learning
Want to work in a mature and business-like
Like the idea of having a personalised
programme and working closely with
teachers (learning coaches)
Prefer to attend a smaller school
Will it be right
for me?
01462 443040 @davinci_school
Its good to
have a more
interactive way
of learning rather
than sitting in
a classroom
looking at the
board all day.
The different
style of learning
is much
better than a
Sixth form student
01462 443040 @davinci_school
01462 443040 @davinci_school
As a parent
how can I get involved?
We will ensure that you are kept in touch with the life at the Studio School by:
Producing a weekly blog on the website
Making sure you have all the curriculum information you need to help you support your
child in discussing their studies at home
Events and exhibitions
Providing an opportunity to be involved in the clubs and societies
Holding parents consultation evenings
Publicising our policies via our website
Working with parents who, as employers, wish to be involved in curriculum projects
01462 443040 @davinci_school
What about uniform?
Students are expected to dress smartly as we
are preparing you to progress easily to work,
apprenticeships or higher education. We do
expect our students to comply with the full uniform
policy which is available on our website.
To summarise what this might
mean for you:
Both Key Stage 4 and Post 16 students are
expected to have a black suit, shoes, and wear
our branded Da Vinci business shirt. All branded
Da Vinci apparel is obtainable directly from the
Studio School.
01462 443040 @davinci_school
01462 443040 @davinci_school
How do I apply?
Studio Schools are designed to be small, and we will grow over the frst few years to a maximum
of 400 students. If you would like to enter at Post 16, please apply directly to the Studio School
using the application form available on the website. We will then send you the information you
need. If you are currently in Year 9 and wish to apply to start in Year 10, please complete the
Hertfordshire Local Education Authority in-year transfer application form. Information is available
on the website. Please return the form to Hertfordshire County Council and ensure deadlines are
met, since on time applications are always processed ahead of late applications.
Feeling sad
that my
son has nearly
fnished at Da
Vinci. He has
had an amazing
time at this
fantastic school
Tweet from parent
01462 443040 @davinci_school
01462 443040 @davinci_school
Learning never
the mind.
Leonardo da Vinci
01462 443040 @davinci_school
Admissions at
Key Stage 4
Students currently in Year 9, who have an interest in
STEM subjects and a willingness to work hard and
embrace this new method of learning are encouraged
to apply using the application process outlined on the
website. As an inclusive school, we do not stipulate
formal entry requirements, although we seek to attract
highly motivated students who are aspirational and
ready to work hard to succeed in life. Once places
have been allocated by Hertfordshire County Council,
the new intake of students will receive a congratulatory
letter from the Principal and will be invited into The
Da Vinci Studio School of Science and Engineering to
participate in induction activities, meet the staff, and
make new friends.
01462 443040 @davinci_school
Entry requirements for Post 16 intake
All applicants for Post 16 will be invited to a meeting to discuss
their requirements.
Those students wishing to enter Year 12 will need to meet set
entry requirements for specifc courses. Entry requirements are
a way of helping us negotiate the best options, to make sure
that you take on something in which you can be successful. We
will also ensure that students accepted at Post 16 who do not
possess at least a grade C (this is Level 2) in GCSE English and
Mathematics will achieve, or work towards achieving, a Level 2
qualifcation in these two subjects.
Students need to have fve GCSEs at grade C or above
including Mathematics, English and Science to access
any Level 3 programme (AS levels and Level 3 Engineering
or Applied Science). Certain subjects will require higher
grades and we will discuss this with you in your guidance
meeting. We have Level 2 programmes to cater for students
who need to study further at Level 2 frst. Level 2 courses
require you to have passed your GCSEs with most grades
at grade D minimum. Whatever your results, come and talk
to us for advice on how to make the most out of your next
01462 443040 @davinci_school
One student
told inspectors
go that extra
step. Because
they care, we
care. Students
previous work
shows teaching
has been
since the school
01462 443040 @davinci_school
To access Level 2
vocational programmes:
You must have achieved, or be predicted to
achieve, at least four grade Ds at GCSE.
To access Level 1 vocational study
Our sponsor organisation has a very wide range of
Level 1 programmes and students not yet ready for
Level 2 or 3 will be referred to North Hertfordshire
College for guidance.
01462 443040 @davinci_school
Entry requirements are set by employers
who will recruit their employees and then
work with us on the training programme.
Entry requirements do vary considerably,
however, applicants for apprenticeships
in science and engineering are normally
expected to have GCSEs at grade C in
English, Mathematics and Science. Some
apprenticeship providers will favour students
after completion of Post 16 studies due
to their increased portfolio of experiences
and skills.

However, to balance this, there are
apprenticeships in allied industries with
a lower technical requirement that offer
very attractive options for students. It is
clearly an area where each student needs
personalised advice. This can be provided
at the Studio School by working with North
Hertfordshire College.
01462 443040 @davinci_school
01462 443040 @davinci_school
At the Da Vinci Studio School, we provide appropriate
opportunities for everyone to maximise their potential, regardless
of background, circumstances, faith, gender, sexual orientation
or disabilities. We will promote a supportive environment free
from discrimination.
Everyone is equal
Protecting young people
Student safety and well-being are paramount. We are required to take any reasonable
action to ensure the safety of our students.
If teaching or non-teaching staff are concerned that one of our students may be subject
to ill-treatment, neglect or any form of abuse, then we will inform the designated
Safeguarding Offcer at the Da Vinci Studio School. Our policy is consistent with
national standards for safeguarding procedures.
The adult style
relationships with the
staff have suited my
daughter well, as this
has been balanced
by a no-nonsense
approach to expected
standards of behaviour
Email from parent
01462 443040 @davinci_school
01462 443040 @davinci_school
The Da Vinci
Studio School
Stevenage Centre
Monkswood Way
How to fnd us
01462 443040 @davinci_school
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