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2013 KGSP Graduate Program FAQ

1. If my country doe not !a"e a #uota for t!e 2013 KGSP graduate $rogram% can I till
a$$ly for a graduate $rogram&
No, you can't. Under our current policies, this is not allowed. The quota for each country will
be decided in the GKS committee on the basis of the mutual cultural or educational
agreements, !Us, !"#, etc. !nly those who hold a citi$enship of the listed countries are
eligible for the program.
%. & am going to finish my master's course in Korea by #ugust %'(). #m & eligible for
application to this program*
No, you are not eligible for application to this program. #ccording to the Guideline No. +,
Applicants who have enrolled in or graduated from a university in Korea will be
disqualified from applying to the KGSP program. Specifically, an applicant who has
previously enrolled in or graduated from an undergraduate program, a master's program,
or a doctoral program including e!change program" anyone who has hold #$% visa in
Korea" cannot apply for this program.
&owever, a KGSP scholar who has graduated or will graduate from a Korean university as
of August '(st, %)(' can apply for this program again only via the embassy if only he*she
holds at least +,P-K .evel / and obtain another recommendation within the allottment
from the Korean 0mbassy of his*her respective country of origin re$application is limited
to one instance".
3. I am going to fini! my mater' coure in Augut 2013. (ay I a$$ly for t!e 2013
KGSP P!.). $rogram&
&f you submit a certificate of e,pected graduation officially issued from the uni-ersity at
which you ha-e enrolled, you can apply for the %'() KGS.. /owe-er, you cannot apply if
your school does not issue an official certificate of e,pected graduation by the application
deadline. &f you are selected as a final KGS. grantee, you must submit the official certificate
of graduation to N&&0" by #ugust )(st, %'(). No submission of the official certificate in time
will cause the cancelation of your scholarship qualification.
*. I am going to get my mater' degree in Se$tem+er 2013. (ay I a$$ly for t!e 2013
P!.). $rogram&
No, you can't. !nly those who are e,pected to get a master's degree by #ugust )(st, %'() are
eligible for the %'() .h.". program. 1ou may apply for the %'(2 .h.". program.
,. I am getting t!e GKS c!olar!i$ for elf-funded tudent of e.cellence. (ay I a$$ly
for t!i $rogram.
No, you can't. !nly KGS. scholars who ha-e at least T!.&K 3e-el 2 can apply for this
program again if they are re4recommended by the Korean embassy within a quota of that in
their country of origin.
/. (ay I a$$ly for t!e $rogram t!roug! t!e 0II1) directly&
No, you may not. #..3&5#T&!NS S/!U3" 60 #"0 T7!UG/ the (st S0305T&!N
.lease refer to the following guidelines8
1--0# and 2oreign embassies in Korea are not (st Selection -nstitutions and do not
accept applications.
1--0# accepts and 3udges only the candidates recommended by the (st Selection
-nstitutions. 2Guideline 113
4. 5!en i t!e deadline for a$$lication&
The e,act deadline will be decided by the (st Selection &nstitutions. &t will be around mid4
arch. 1ou must as9 your respecti-e (st Selection &nstitution regarding its specific deadline
.lease refer to the following guidelines8
#eadline of Submission 4 +he date set forth by the (st Selection -nstitutions within 5arch
#eadline for the recommendation of candidates to 1--0# by the (st Selection -nstitutions
is April (%th, %)('.
-f the respective (st Selection -nstitutions do not submit their candidates' documents to
1--0# on time, they will be e!cluded from the e!amination of 1--0# Selection
6ommittee, and their quotas will be substituted by the other (st -nstitutions' reserve
candidates. 2Guideline 113
6. 5!ere can I u+mit my a$$lication&
6asically, applicants submit their applications to one of the (st selection institutions. The (st
selection institutions should be o-erseas Korean embassies and designated Korean
uni-ersities. 6efore deciding on your (st selection institution, you ha-e to carefully read the
%'() KGS. Graduate Guideline for #pplication, which is posted in the GKS
website:www.studyin9orea.go.9r;< it is better to e,amine the #pplication Guideline first, and
then decide to which institution you will submit your application. 1ou can submit your
application to only one institution.
7. I am a Korean ado$tee 8!o !a a foreign nationality. 5!ere can I u+mit my
a$$lication for t!e KGSP graduate $rogram&
=irst, you ha-e to chec9 whether your country is allotted the adoptee quota in the #pplication
Guideline. &f you country is allotted the adoptee quota, you can submit your application only
to the Korean 0mbassy in your country. There is a special portion of scholarship support
reser-ed for Korean adoptees :total )' grantees in %'();.
10. S!ould I u+mit t!e certificate of language $roficiency 21ngli! or Korean3 8!en I
a$$ly for t!e KGSP&
The certificate of 0nglish proficiency :T!0=3 or &03TS; or Korean proficiency :T!.&K; is
optional for the KGS.. That is to say, you can apply for the KGS. whether you ha-e it or not,
but you may be preferred in the selection if you submit it. /owe-er, when you apply for
admission to your desired uni-ersities after passing the %nd selection round :the N&&0"
>udging committee;, you might be requested to submit a certificate of language proficiency to
the specific department to which you applied. &n that case, the language certificate is a
required document for the admission to your degree program.
11. 5!at !ould I fill out in t!e +ranscript section of Peronal )ata &
1ou can fill out only your G.# which you obtained each semester or term. &f you completed
three terms in one year, you can fill out each G.# in the respecti-e three blan9s: ? ;. 1our
G.# will be posted in the front of slash: ? ;, and the full G.# will be posted in the rear of
slash: ? ;. .lease refer to the e,ample8
year 2
year 3
year *

:erm 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3
;ac!elor 3.,<*.0 3.,<*.0 < 3.,<*.0 3.,<*.0 < 3.,<*.0 3.,<*.0 < 3.,<*.0 3.,<*.0 < 3.,<*.0 70<100
(ater < < < < < < < < < < < <
12. =o8 many recommendation letter !ould I u+mit&
!nly one for most applicants. &t should be requested and recei-ed from one of the professors
in your pre-iously attended academic institution. /owe-er, you might submit an additional
recommendation letter if your applying uni-ersity department requires two recommendation
letters. &n that case, you can submit all the recommendation letters to your (st institution. &f
you apply for this program -ia a Korean embassy and pass the %nd selection round, N&&0"
will send all your documents to your applying uni-ersities.
13. S!ould I 8rite do8n a $ecific $ro$oal in t!e tudy $lan&
&f you ha-e concrete ideas, it's much better you can ma9e a proposal in the study plan. &f you
don't ma9e a specific proposal. &nstead, you'd better state your goal, study plan, your future
direction, etc.
1*. According to t!e Guideline% I !a"e to u+mit one original document $ac>age and
t!ree $!otoco$ied document $ac>age. =o8 can I $!otoco$y my trancri$t and
recommendation letter& :!ey are already ealed +y t!e iuing c!ool and t!e
1ou ha-e only to submit only the original document without the photocopied ones if a
specific document is sealed by the issuing institution or indi-idual. The (
institution is supposed to ma9e ) photocopies of the sealed document and send them to
N&&0" after the (st selection. &f not, you must submit one original copy and three
photocopies, which must be certified to be the same as the original copy by the issuing
institution, the selection institution, or notary's offices.
.lease refer to the following guidelines8
-n case of submitting photocopied documents, applicants must submit the original to the
(st Selection -nstitution and have the original one and the photocopied one collated. +he
confirmation of collation should be indicated in the photocopied documents.
1,. If my document are not 8ritten in 1ngli! or in Korean% !o8 !ould I u+mit
KGS. requires that all documents must be translated into Korean or 0nglish, and then be
authenticated by the issuing institution or by a notary's office. &f your country has >oined the
apostille system, your documents can also be apostilled.
.lease refer to the following guidelines8
#ocuments should be presented in their original form. #ocuments not in 0nglish or Korean
must be accompanied by a complete 0nglish or Korean translation authenticated by the
issuing institution. :Guideline ((;
1/. I am ?a$anee +ut I am 8or>ing in @ietnam. (ay I a$$ly for t!e $rogram t!roug!
t!e Korean 1m+ay in @ietnam&
Sorry, but you can't. 1ou should apply for the program through the Korean 0mbassy in @apan.
&n addition, the Korean diplomatic missions of the countries where scholarships are not
a-ailable are not empowered for selection of the candidates of the program.
14. I !a"e t!e A!inee citiBen!i$. According to t!e Guideline% t!ere are only t!e
uni"erity #uota in A!ina. :!erefore% !ould I a$$ly for t!e $rogram "ia t!e Korea
#ccording to the mutual agreement between Korea and 5hina, 5hinese applicants should
submit their application to 5hina Scholarship 5ouncil:5S5; affiliated with inistry of
0ducation in 5hina. 1ou can contact the person in charge in 5S5. :6ei>ing;. 5$ech applicants
should also submit the application to their inistry of 0ducation according to the mutual
16. I am American li"ing in Co Angele% Dnited State. I am going to a$$ly for t!e
$rogram "ia t!e Korea 1m+ay. =o8 !ould I u+mit my a$$lication to t!e 1m+ay
in 5a!ington. ).A.&
Under the discussion between N&&0" and the 0mbassy, you can submit your application to
your nearest Korea 5onsulate. &n case of you, you can submit it to the Korea 5onsulate in
3#. 0mbassy and regional 5onsulates in the United States will cooperate to select the
prospecti-e candidates. &t's a-ailable only in the United States.
<Dni"erity Admiion>
17. 5!en I a$$ly for a mater' or doctoral $rogram% may I c!ooe any field of tudy in
my deired $rogram&
6asically, you can choose a field of study only listed in 7niversity -nformation, and it should
be the same ma>or as your pre-ious degree course. =or e,ample, it is recommended that you
apply for the economics program for your master's course if you ma>ored in economics in
your undergraduate course. &f you apply for a program that is totally different from the ma>or
field of study in your pre-ious degree course, you may not get admission to the program to
which you apply under the KGS.. Ae strongly recommend that you ma9e inquiries to your
desired uni-ersity of the ma>or in ad-ance.
20. =o8 many maEor and uni"eritie can I a$$ly for admiion&
1ou ha-e to apply for only one ma>or in a uni-ersity if you apply -ia a domestic uni-ersity.
!n the other hand, you ha-e to apply for up to three uni-ersities :one ma>or for each
uni-ersity; if you apply for -ia a Korean embassy.
.lease refer to these guidelines8
0ligible 7niversities4 +he 8) listed universities or institutions" as designated by 1--0#.
Applicants including Korean adoptees" who apply for this program via Korean 0mbassies
must choose ' desired universities out of the 8) universities listed below.
Applicants who apply for this program via the designated universities may choose only (
desired university out of the 8) universities.
Available 2ields of Study4 Applicants must choose their desired fields of study from the
listed programs in the 7niversity -nformation. :Guideline );
21. I am going to a$$ly for t!e $rogram "ia t!e Korea 1m+ay in my country.
A$$lication guideline ay t!at a$$licant !ould c!ooe u$ to 3 $referred uni"eritie
and de$artment 2or maEor3. I !a"e no idea !o8 to c!ooe t!em. Aould you gi"e me
any good ti$ for c!ooing my 3 uni"eritie&
=or information on the uni-ersities a-ailable for %'() KGS. scholars, you must refer to the
attachments named 'Guidelines for %'() KGS. Uni-ersity #dmission' and '%'() KGS.
Uni-ersity &nformation'. #fter reading them through, please contact and get consultation from
uni-ersity staff in charge of admissions. &t is ad-isable to choose uni-ersities suitable for your
abilities and disposition. Some uni-ersities are -ery competiti-e and many candidates do not
get admission from those uni-ersities. &t is strongly recommended that you should choose
three different le-el of uni-ersities to a-oid not getting admission from any uni-ersity. =or
reference, more than (B graduate program candidates in %'(% was not accepted to our KGS.
scholarship grantee finally due to the failure of getting admission.
<Korean Canguage Aoure>
22. I it mandatory for all KGSP grantee to $a at leat Ce"el 3 in :FPIK after one
year of Korean Canguage Aoure&
1es, it is. &f a grantee does not attain at least 3e-el ) in T!.&K :Test of .roficiency in
Korean; after one year of language course, he?she cannot start his?her degree course and must
ta9e an additional C months' language course. &f he?she does not get at least 3e-el ) in T!.&K
after the additional C months' course, his?her scholarship will be cancelled.
23. Aan I +e e.em$ted from t!e Korean Canguage Aoure&
&f you ha-e attained at least 3e-el B in T!.&K, you may be e,empted from the language
course and you can start your degree course in the immediately coming semester under the
permission of N&&0". 1ou can also recei-e ('',''' won as an additional scholarship e-ery
month only after starting your degree course.
<)egree Aoure>
2*. (ay I c!ange my final c!oice of a uni"erity for a graduate degree during t!e
$reliminary Korean language coure&
No way. !nce the announcement of the final successful candidates has been made, changing
uni-ersities is N!T #33!A0" 70G#7"30SS != #N1 5&75UST#N50S. Therefore,
please pay attention and caution when choosing preferred uni-ersities and filling out the
application forms in which you should state your choice.
.lease refer to these guidelines8
Transferring to a different uni-ersity after confirming the host uni-ersity is not permitted in
any cases. &n regards to changing ma>ors, it would be permitted only under the mutual
agreement of the departments concerned only within the same uni-ersity, with the scholarship
period unchanged. :% years of aster's, or ) years of doctoral, in total;. /owe-er, quitting a
program and applying for a new one is not permitted. :Guideline ((;
2,. I it $oi+le to e.tend my c!olar!i$ for my diertation com$oition e"en after my
c!olar!i$ $eriod i terminated.
0o. 9ou may not. Since %'(% :definitely %'() KGS. graduate scholars;, all KGS. graduate
scholars cannot e,tend your scholarship after the termination of scholarship period :% years
of aster's, or ) years of doctoral, e,cept the Korean language period;.