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Lesson 1: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1-6

Introduction to AutoCAD

o AutoCAD Purposes & Abilities
o How To start and Exit AutoCAD
o AutoCAD User Interface
o Preliminary Settings of The Drawings
o Creating New and Opening Existing Drawings
o Controlling The Display Area

Lesson 2: ------------------------------------------------------ 7-15
Introduction to Draw Commands
o Creating Objects
o Drawing Lines
o Coordinate and Coordinate Entry
o Changing Line types
o Editing commands
o Direct Distance Entry
o Selection Options

Lesson 3: ------------------------------------------------------- 16-19
Basic Display Commands
o Drawing Circles & Arcs
o Zoom & Pan Options

Lesson 4: ------------------------------------------------------- 20-22
Setting Up Drawings:
o Inquiry Commands
o Units
o Limits, Scales and Paper Sizes
o Plotting Basics: Plot Device, Plot Settings, Scale and Size

Lesson 5: -------------------------------------------------------- 23-26
Further Editing Commands
o Quick Editing with Grips
o Fillet and Chamfer
o Divide and Measure
o Rectangular and Polar Array

Lesson 6: --------------------------------------------------------- 27-31
o Single Line Text
o Justifications
o Text Styles
o Editing Text
o Multiline Text
Spell Checking

Lesson 7: ---------------------------------------------------------- 32
Object Properties
o Object Properties Manager
Editing with the Object Property Manager

o Bhatch Command & Quick Hatch
o Advanced Hatch
o Hatch Edit
o Inheriting Properties
o Solid Hatching
Regions and Boundaries
o Boundary Command
o Creating Regions
o Boolean Operation
Construction Techniques
o Construction Line
o Ray

Lesson 10: --------------------------------------------------------------------- 44-45
o Isometric Drawings


Lesson 8: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Creating and Modifying Polylines

o Pline Command

o Editing Polylines: Pedit

Advanced Draw Commands

o Polygons, Rectangles

o Splines

o Donuts

o Ellipses

Lesson 9: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 39-45